The Chateau

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Plastics! That was the career advice given to young Ben Braddock by Mr. Robinson in the movie, The Graduate. We don’t know if that advice was taken but plastics certainly worked out well for my father. He developed a polymer that was used by hospitals, the military and NASA, it made him a very rich man but at age sixty he suffered a massive heart attack and died…leaving me, his only son, a very rich man.

That was ten years go, I sold the business and now my wife, Claire, and I keep busy pursuing things we most enjoy; charity work mainly in the area of habitat conservation, travel to wilderness areas and exploring our sexuality. We are not country club types and hate cocktail parties, our friends have been friends for a long time and we share sexual adventures with some of them. Claire and I are highly motivated sexually and enjoy variety both in partners and situations.

I gazed across the room watching Claire’s lovely ass bounce up and down on Derek’s erection as Penny sucked my dick. Derek and Pen have been friends for years and we had arrived in Palm Springs that morning for a few days of sexy fun. Two other friends, John and Amy were scheduled to arrive in about an hour, direct from their trip to France….but we just couldn’t wait to get started.
We’re part of a small, select group of couples who enjoy sex with each other and seek out erotic adventures. Palm Springs is an annual event for the six of us, we spend three days enjoying golf, good food and sexy fun.

Claire got off Derek’s lap and took his cock in her mouth. She is a great cocksucker and after a few minutes Derek pulled his dick away and stood up, ‘Gee, Claire you’re good, I don’t want to shoot my wad before John and Amy get here,’ he said.

Claire and Pen were sitting together on the couch, kissing and fondling each others tits as Derek and I performed oral on our wives when the phone rang. Pen picked it up, smiled and said, ‘Hi John, where are you? Okay, see you in five minutes.’ She hung up the phone and announced that they had just showered and was on their way down from their room. The afternoon passed quickly in our sexual excitement, John teamed up with Claire and Pen while Derek and I concentrated on Amy. The remaining two days were spent golfing and swimming while the evenings were reserved for sex.

John and Amy’s flight left half an hour after ours and while Claire and Amy browsed the airport shops John and I went for a beer. We found a booth, sat down and John handed me what I thought was a business card from his pocket, ‘I think this is something you and Claire will appreciate,’ he said and passed the card to me.
I noticed immediately that it wasn’t made of card at all but a sliver of what appeared to be solid gold with a series on numbers engraved on it. ‘Yep, it’s real gold,’ John said in response to my puzzled look and proceeded to explain. ‘That’s the reason we went to France, it’s the telephone number for The Chateau; very private, very exclusive, very erotic and very expensive….a place where fantasies come true….a retreat for the sexually enlightened and adventurous.’

‘Please tell more,’ he had my total attention.

John continued, ‘Have you ever fantasized about watching Claire in a special sexual situation? I’ll bet you have, well the Chateau can make that dream come true. Here’s how it works; they accept four couples at a time and during the week-long stay each fantasy plays out on a stage on consecutive nights while the other couples watch. There’s a waiting period of about four months during which time they plan and organize the fantasies but I’m sure they run a background check on you also.’

‘Sounds interesting, thanks John, I’ll talk to Claire about it,’ I said and slipped the gold wafer into my shirt pocket.

Bad weather rolled into the northeast resulting in numerous delays and we were exhausted when finally arriving home. We dumped our luggage in the foyer and went straight to bed. The following morning Claire was picking up the clothes we had left scattered about the bedroom floor and the Chateau’s calling card fell from my shirt pocket. She picked it up and after scrutinizing it brought it over to the bed where I was still lounging.

‘Ah yes, forgot about that with all the problems of getting home,’ and I told her about the Chateau.

‘Umm, I like the sound of that. Can we go?’ she said.

Now, Claire is one horny lady but not prone to making snap decisions. This must have struck a chord. She saw my surprised look and said, ‘The thought of me satisfying your wildest fantasy while other people watch is making me very wet and besides, I’ve never been to France.’

‘Let’s find out more about it you horny little slut, come here, I’m gonna’ find out just how wet you are,’ I said and pulled her on top of me.

Thierry answered the telephone and introduced himself as the Chateau’s ‘Events Director.’ He took details and, pending approval, booked the week of April 25. I was to e-mail or fax my fantasy no later than February 6 by which time my application would be finalized.

Claire and I boarded the Air France jet with a good deal of excitement for what was to come. Claire had tried to wheedle bits of information from me regarding my fantasy but it had borne no fruit. For my part, I became erect whenever I thought about it, for most of the way to France my cock stayed hard.

Clearing customs in Nice went smoothly and when we emerged into the airport concourse I spotted a man in chauffeur’s livery holding a card bearing our first names just as Thierry had advised. So far, so good, I thought as we approached the man, he smiled and said in accented English, ‘Welcome to Nice, Monsieur, Madam, my name is Maurice.’

He took our luggage and led us to a Lexus SUV. We climbed inside and before closing the door he indicated that to retain the integrity of The Chateau, the windows were blacked-out but we would be quite comfortable during our one hour journey. We would find champagne, au d’oeuvres, television, radio, magazines and assorted soft drinks for our enjoyment. With that he closed the door and our destination was only an hour away.

Fifty-four minutes later the SUV came to a halt and the door opened. We stepped out and surveyed the scene; a large, elegant chateau stood before us in immaculate grounds surrounded by lush, forested countryside. It was indeed the beautiful, secluded place John had described. We followed Maurice through the impressive front doors and he introduced us to Thierry. ‘Welcome to The Chateau, I trust you had a pleasant journey?’ he said. We answered in the affirmative and he led us into a spacious office off the main hall. He proceeded to go over the schedule, ‘As you are aware, for your stay with us you will be housed in separate parts of the Chateau and will come together only during the fantasy sessions. The first session is tomorrow evening; we may give you suggestions to enhance the erotic experience before the start of a session as we advised in our written communications. I can inform you that all couples here this week have agreed to this so there is no need for hesitation on your part. On your last evening with us there will be a banquet after which you may join the other couples in the playroom for a, shall we say, farewell party. I see that you have requested your experience be recorded by our professional staff. Only one disc will be produced and given to you before you leave, there are no copies. You will find all the information you require in the booklet on the desk in your room. One more item, all the staff here at The Chateau speak English so communication should not be a problem. Now, are there any questions?’

We couldn’t think of any at the moment so Thierry spoke briefly on the phone and within a minute there came a knock on the office door and a young couple entered the office. ‘This is Marie and Rene, they will be your escorts and guides for your stay with us,’ announced Thierry.

Introductions completed, we bid so-long to Thierry and went back to the lobby where our guides collected our luggage. ‘This is where you part company for a while,’ said Rene nodding in our direction.
Claire and I said our farewell with a hug, a kiss and a big smile and I followed Rene down a hallway to the left while Marie led Claire to the right. My guide gave me a brief history of The Chateau as we rode an elevator to my room and upon arrival handed me a key and a cell phone. ‘If you need anything at any time, day or night, press this button, I’m just a couple of minutes away. I will be back in an hour to show you around and introduce you to the other male guests, if that is alright Sir?’

‘Thank you, Rene, that will be fine,’ I replied and he left the room. It was a fine room with ornate moldings, a huge fireplace and a modern, well-equipped bathroom. I found the itinerary on the desk and thumbed through the pages. It included the first names of the guests and the fantasy schedule; Tuesday-Harlan and Angela, Wednesday-William and Liz, Thursday-Perez and Rio, Friday-Cole and Claire.

Rene returned on time and we toured the male section of the Chateau and a part of the grounds. In the lounge I met the other three male guests; Harlan was about fifty and slightly built, his accent was from somewhere in the southern United States. William looked about thirty and was in good shape and had a refined British accent. Perez was 6’ 2” with dark, Latin features and I guessed to be in his mid forties. Then there was me, who at 54 was the oldest of the foursome. It was a good mix; I wondered what fantasies they had brought to The Chateau and what their wives looked like. We engaged in small talk over drinks, no one touching on anything sexual, we were still too new to each for that and besides, I think we all wanted to wait for the actual fantasies to take place before dwelling on sex and risk arousing ourselves too much. Nevertheless, I’m sure we were all scrutinizing one another and running potential scenarios through our minds….at least I was.

I slept well and awoke refreshed at six thirty. After a swim in the indoor pool I made my way to the breakfast room and had an excellent meal with William and Perez.

Rene arrived and said he had a couple of places to show me. We made our way down a wide staircase to the lower level and along the corridor to a set of double doors that led to a large room that looked like a small movie theatre. At one end of the room there were several large sofas and love seats scattered about on an elevated area in front of large curtains. Rene disappeared through a small door to one side and the curtains parted to reveal a sizable stage. ‘This is where your fantasy will take place, Sir,’ he said. ‘The seating is situated so that the audience receives the best possible view of the proceedings and the stage revolves slowly to give the viewer a more complete experience….this way please.’
I followed my guide through a door to the right and was shown into a huge area containing a vast array of props and costumes. ‘The Chateau employs people of many talents to bring you the finest experience,’ he said with pride.

Next I was shown the banquet room and its adjacent party room with beds, couches, oversize armchairs, sex-swings and mirrors on the walls and ceiling etc. ‘You will not be required to use the stairs when you come here again, Sir, there is an elevator…I will show you.’
I thought how very professional and well organized this place was, the prices were top-drawer so I guessed they had to be first class. We hadn’t bumped into Claire or any of the other women on our tours so they must follow a strict schedule to avoid contact. After pondering the reason for this I concluded it must be to sharpen our sexual appetite for the evenings ahead. I lunched with the other male guests then we had a meeting with Thierry. He informed us that the evening would begin at seven-thirty. Silk dressing gowns would be provided for us to wear and our wives would be likewise attired. ‘It will make for ease of interacting with your partner or partners if desired, while watching the fantasies play out,’ he said.

The afternoon dragged in anticipation and after dinner I took a long, hot shower, donned the Chateau-crested, royal blue robe and made my way to the elevator. Harlan was there waiting and was visibly nervous, ‘Hi there,’ he said, ‘It’s finally arrived, I’ve had a hard-on all day just thinking about it.’

I laughed, wished him luck and told him he was not alone.

William and Perez arrived shortly after Harlan and me and each sat on a couch, a tense excitement rippled through the air. The ladies arrived; Claire looked delicious in the short, dark pink robe and I felt my cock begin to stiffen. We kissed and I asked how she was. ‘Very excited and very horny, I love this old place and the other girls are lots of fun,’ came her whispered reply.

I looked over at the others; Liz was about 35, blonde, slim with fine bone structure and shapely legs. Rio was much younger than Perez, about 25, petite, her raven-black hair reaching the mid-point of her back complimenting her sultry Latin features. Her robe was loosely tied and her full breasts were eager to burst free. They seemed too large for her small frame but were magnificent nevertheless and I hoped they were natural. She caught me gazing and ran her tongue around her lips as she rubbed her husband’s crotch then gave me a broad smile. I smiled backed and contemplated how nice it would be fucking the ass off this sweet, young thing.

Harlan was in a fidgety state as he sat alone, his excitement clearly evident in the bulge in his robe. The lights dimmed and the curtains opened revealing a stage-set resembling the inside of a barn. The sound system crackled to life and Thierry spoke, ‘The year is 1851 and the place is the Baxter Plantation, ten miles south west of Atlanta, Georgia. Angela Baxter has just returned from the city with the plantation manager following the purchase of four new slaves. Her husband, Harlan, is in Europe on business and in his absence Angela runs the operation. She has instructed the manager to feed and clean up her new acquisitions and bring them to the barn at 7:30 sharp.’

A man leads four young black men to centre stage and lines them up. They are bare-chested and bare-footed, wearing only ragged pants, they appear to be in their mid-twenties, all look fit and strong. A woman enters from the right dressed in period clothes; long, billowy dress to the floor, tight at the waist and bust. She is in her forties, about 5’ 6” tall with her dark hair in a bun; she has an ample figure without being plump and her breasts appear large in spite of their confinement. She stands in front of the men and the manager addresses her, ‘Here they are, Miss Baxter, all spruced up like you said.’

‘Yes, thank you Morgan, I want to make sure they know the rules here. You made a complete mess of it last time causing much trouble and expense and I don’t want a repeat. I will send them out to the fields when I’m finished, now leave us.’

‘Yes, Miss Baxter,’ replied Morgan and he left.

Alone with the four men, Miss Baxter walked behind them, she stopped at each one and traced her hand lightly along their back muscles before returning to face them. ‘While you are here you will be well fed and treated fairly, if you misbehave the punishment will be severe. Above all you will do as you are told without question, is that understood?’

The men shifted uneasily from one foot to another as they nodded their understanding. ‘Good, then we shall get along fine.’

She stood in front of the first man and her hand brushed across his chest, lingering briefly on his nipples before turning to the second man and repeating the process. When she had finished with the fourth man she said, ‘Now, remove your pants.’ The men hesitated and looked at one another. ‘Remember, obedience without question,’ Miss Baxter said sternly. They stood naked in front of their owner and she muttered, more to herself than the men, ‘Devlin in Atlanta was right, you are big boys.’

Angela faced the men and gazed down at their limp cocks, her mouth opened slightly as she took hold of the man on the left and began stroking him to full erection. She went down the line in similar fashion then stepped back to admire her handiwork. Four huge, fully erect, black dicks jutted out towards her, she ordered the foursome to keep themselves hard as she undressed.

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