Swinging seminar

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Eve thought it was bit funny that she was being sent to the big city on this seminar, but the busy insurance season was close, and her company wanted to be sure all staff were on top of the changes for this year. It was only two days, anyway, and on a full company tab. Might as well listen politely, then have a look around town. She kind of wished I had been able to go with her, and maybe stir up some action in one of the swinging clubs we knew were operating then, but my vacation time had been used already, so she was on her own. Besides even though our home was a two hour ferry ride from the city, we had no shortage of action at home. But we were quite new to swinging, and tended to be like kids in the candy store. So I expected to pick up a fairly bored and wiped out wife at the terminal the next evening.
Eve didn’t , in fact, look at all bored or wiped. And I got a delightful little tale on the drive home.

Eve and another lady, a bit older, had been chatted up at the bar at the centre after the last presentation. Her friend had even gone off to his room with one of the guys, and Eve would have gone with the other, but he was reluctant to take the step of actually suggesting it. So Eve had to go back to her own bed. Her friend came in much later with a smug smirk on her face and was surprised to hear Eve hadn’t got laid too. Still, tomorrow she would be home, and she hadn’t really gone for a strange fuck. Hadn’t even seen it as a possibility given she had been assigned an older workmate as a roommate. She had even thought it might be as a chaperone for her. But who would watch the chaperone?

Anyway, she slept alone, and was awake and alert for the presentations the following day. It wasn’t until the last thank you that she mentioned to the guy who hadn’t seized his chance the night before that she had to catch a bus quickly to make the last ferry and be home tonight. When Bob heard which way she was going he was quick to offer to drop her off. He had to go right by the terminal anyway, and it made his trip home earlier too. So it was that within minutes they were his big gas-guzzling pick-up and on their way. It was a truck, but the luxury would match any SUV on the road, and the half hour ride would be comfortable. And when the big sign at the terminal told them she had half an hour to spare, it was easy to accept his offer to wait with her at the drop-off.

Bob looked so uneasy though, now he didn’t have the duty of driving. What does a guy say to a strange lady in a parking lot? Eve knew the answer to that one. She slid over the centre console and snuggled into him and before he could mount a defence had kissed him rather thoroughly. It turns out Bob wasn’t at all backward or shy. He just had a wife he had the notion he should be true to. But he quickly decided that a little kissing between new friends wouldn’t hurt anything. It was getting to be a very steamy thirty minutes, but there was still fifteen left when Eve noticed that Bob had become very hard in the crotch, and by the bulge, was of a promising size. Bob hadn’t even got to fondling a breast, but Eve made an executive decision. Like the first kiss, Bob’s cock was out before he could object. Even then, he just thought he might get a quick blow or something. Not with Eve. Her skirt was up, her thong was pulled aside, and she was straddling his boner. He got a bit panicky at this point, saying something about a married man, but then he was buried in a very nice pussy and a being smothered by a very open kiss.

At some moment in the next few minutes someone passing had noticed the movement of the truck and laughing had told Bob to ‘pound it to her, boy’, but the windows were too fogged to worry about that. After a minute Bob had been forced to start returning her thrusts, and Eve reckoned that the truck had probably bounced quite a bit before she felt Bob blow up inside her. She was so glad of that. She had the feeling it was like rape, but she had such a nice orgasm herself, she felt a lot better when he had one too. She wondered if he had ever fucked with only his fly open before. Probably not. She certainly never had. Then it was time to run to the ferry, her thong pulled over a wad of Kleenex until she could find a bathroom. She could still see the truck parked as the ship pulled away, and was relieved to see the lights come on and Bob pull away before she rounded the headland. Altogether a fun little adventure, and a fun story to narrate.

It got funner a couple weeks later. A few anxious moments, though. Eve started getting e-mails from Bob, concerned that things might be complicated in Eve’s life after his escapade with her. Poor guy was agonising about having to make Eve an ’ honest woman’, I guess. It was a comfort to know how many miles they were away, plus the ferry ride. Not so many miles, as it turned out. Bob showed up at Eve’s office. He had been sent to deglitch their computer’s new software. I guess it was a bit awkward for him at first. He had no idea which office Eve worked in, so her face was a complete surprise. When they had a moment alone, he showed no regrets, but she could tell he was a bit worried about what she might get up to this time. After all, a girl who would fuck in a ferry drop-off might fuck in the stock room too. When Eve only suggested he should come to dinner with us, he was so relieved he accepted before he remembered he had brought Sally with him. Having Sally in the company of a strange lady he had fucked only weeks before seemed a bit much to him. But Eve beat down his fears. We would be well chaperoned, she told him. What had happened was only a fun little memory between them only.

Sally was just as jolly as her name might suggest. She laughed and made people laugh with her. It was easy to see why Bob was so devoted to her. She was a little rounder than Vogue magazine might have approved of, but still nicely curvy and fit looking. Bob soon relaxed when he saw how easy we all were with each other. For my part I was starting to regret not being able to ravage that body. She had to be fun in bed as well.

After dinner, Bob and I sat watching the girls as they in turn watched a home improvement show Eve was fond of, and which had been mentioned over coffee. I could tell Bob was giving Eve special attention, as who wouldn’t ? Presently I made the comment, “I take it Sally is OK with you and Eve?”

Bob started. “You know about me and Eve?” Panic flicked on his face. “You’re not going to leave her, are you? It was just something that happened, and it won’t happen again” He would have said more but my hand was up and he saw me stifling a laugh.
“Eve will be very disappointed about it not happening again. She quite enjoyed her fling with you.” I watched him absorb this broadside. His face lost its panic and he was thoughtful now as he regarded the girls. I threw some more fuel on the fire of his imagination, “I think you guys should phone and cancel your hotel. It would be a lot more fun here.”

Bob’s eyes were round and incredulous, “Do you think it would work? I don’t know if Sally would sleep with someone else. We’ve never talked about it. Do you think you could get around her? I don’t mind if you do, but I just don’t know.” A thoughtful pause, “Mind you, I never thought I would fuck a strange woman either. How do we handle it?”

I had to admit I didn’t have a clue how we would manage it, but the fact I now had an ally in her husband was a quick and welcome turn around. Who would have thought it looking at the two of them together that he would actually aid and abet in her conquest? The first step was easy, getting Sally to agree she would much rather stay with us than go to a hotel. Eve was put onside with a wink and a surreptitious finger through the donut sign. Never mind, she caught and knew what I meant. I was rewarded with a pleased little mouthed, “OOOH” I still didn’t know how we were going to do it, though. I just knew Sally’s body was getting more and more appealing.

Sally it was who opened the door for herself to step through, when she asked if she might see the room they going to have so she could freshen herself up. A thought flitted across my mind. “We thought we’d put you on the waterbed. It doesn’t get much use since we went to memory foam. Its still fun, though. And it should be nice and warm.”

Sally squealed and clapped her hands, ”A water bed! I’ve never been on one! I didn’t know they were still around. This is going to be so fun,” A look of mischief came over her laughing face, “Do you mind if we, you know, romped on it?”

“Water beds were made to romp on, sweet cheeks. But don’t get hurt.” I let my face get as grave as I could, which wasn’t very, “Fucking might be something you think you know all about, but on a waterbed an untutored person could get into trouble. There are just so many variables.” I paused for dramatic effect. “It might be a good idea if, just until you get the hang of it, I fuck you on the waterbed. Just to be safe. I don’t think any morality would be offended when safety is the objective. I mean, its not like I’m suggesting I fuck you on the couch here.” I watched the incredulity spread over her face as I prattled on. Seeing only amazed amusement, I carried boldly on, “In fact, it would be a good thing if Bob took a tutorial as well by fucking Eve. It’s a queen, but there is lots of room if you don’t mind an odd touch. And its not like Bob has never touched you before.”

Sally’s mouth finally found itself, and trying not to laugh, she gasped out,” This is so wild! But Bob would never do it. I might almost be persuaded, just on the absurdity of it all. I kind of almost wish he was the kind.” She tore her eyes off my face to find her husband and found he had drifted away to the kitchen with Eve as she put together some coffee. She could only gape as she watched Eve reach back for Bob’s hands and wrapped them around her waist,. Sally gulped nervously, “I think Bob tried to tell me that he had some nooky in his truck, but I wouldn’t believe him, and I just thought he was testing me for a reaction.” She looked at me levelly, but still her eyes danced, “Tell me. Do you think Bob and Eve did anything at the conference?”

“No.” I thought I could see disappointment . “They didn’t fuck until after the conference, in, as you said, the truck. Their second time will be on the aforementioned waterbed.” I watched the mischief creep back to face, “Just for safety , you understand. They wouldn’t dream of fucking just for the fun of it. That would be completely immoral, and not to be allowed in this house.”

Eve’s face suddenly burst into her patent smile. “This is so bizarre! A man who I just met is asking me to have sex and I’m not mad or even shocked! And I’m not shocked when he tells me his wife screwed my husband! I’m not even jealous. But I should be, shouldn’t I? “ She studied my calm face. Damn, I wanted that woman, and not just because I’m a kid in the candy store. She continued in a quieter tone, “How do I know this isn’t something that will blow up in my face if I step out of line?”

About this time Eve came in with Bob and coffee in tow. I had had my chance solo. Now it was time for the pro to show me how it was done. “So, Sally, are you as horny as I am? I don’t feel like drinking coffee now, do you? I’d rather teach Bob how to fuck on a waterbed. It’s way better than fucking in a truck, which is saying something, because that was wild.” Sally could only gulp as she watched Eve work on Bob’s boner through his pants.

I whispered into her neck, “Mind you, if you feel this is just too much, you can take a chance on romping with Bob. I think Eve would be put out, though. As would I, of course, and I rather think Bob would be disappointed too. “ I might have rattled on, but her lips were on mine. It was very quick after that. She broke the kiss, pulled me up, and we were on our way to the bedrooms, shedding clothes as we went. It really was a nice body that showed itself to me. Made my boner stand up to its proudest angle. The others were right behind us. Eve had followed our lead, and was starkers as we were and even then was clawing at Bob’s socks. She would never fuck a guy with socks on. Except maybe in a truck.

After a few minutes of writhing bodies, much giggling and gasps, and a few squishy noises, Sally and I paused as the others assumed the classic position, and we watched avidly as Bob slipped into Eve. I never get tired of watching Eve being penetrated, imagining if the new guy feels the same thrill as I do every time. Sally trembled as she watched Bob settle into a rhythm of pumping into Eve, but she made no resistance as I raised her leg and rubbed my cock along her labia

“It just suddenly occurred to me that we are really going to do it.” she managed to gasp.
“What would you rather be doing?” I teased, as I found the opening and ended her marital virginity, “”Should we go see if the coffee is still hot?”

Her laughter could be felt all the way to her pussy, doing magic things. “No, we can nuke it later. But you know, I think the waterbed thing was just a trick to get into me. I’m so glad it worked. I’m a nice girl, but I can be tricked.”

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