Swinger’s Diary 4

(Part 1 from 1)

2010 July 8 – Yesterday Night was one of the wildest in my life. Asu went on a visit to audit the performances of the area under his supervision. But he left me badly feeling horny. But as usual I went to the office and resumed my duty. As you know, I am an object of desire for every male colleague in my office, one of them, Vikram Kapoor, is my closest friend in the office. (even closer now than yesterday)

He has an average build and height, good looking and fair. Also he is one of the finest brains in our office. There are always rumors that if and when my boss leaves or gets transferred, he would be the crown prince of the office. That apart, he is a very jolly guy, he is also dedicated and hardworking. If his heart is set on something, he gives his level best efforts to complete it. For example, many a times he has worked hard to corner me in his small cabin for a fuck with me. Somehow I had thwarted his efforts those many times, but still I liked him as a friend, as I secretly liked his persistence in the matter.

Yesterday when I reached office, I was wearing a plain business suit and during lunch time, Vikram approached me. He said, ‘Hi! Sexy!’

I said, ‘Shut up!’

He replied with a mischievous grin, ‘I want to, but I also want to down the pants.’

His joviality was infectious, I said, ‘uh huh! I said shut up, not shirt up.’

He replied promptly, ‘but I still meant that.’ And we laughed together at that. He said after a while, ‘Hey Sexy, why don’t we meet up tonight after office for a dance and a drink? I would you like to, what say?

I was already feeling lonely and horny, so the proposal appealed me a lot and I knew I would agree. But I decided to play it along and said, ‘listen dear, let me think about it and get back to you on it at the time the office breaks for the day.’

He exclaimed good-naturedly, ‘Shit! I thought I could make it this time!’

I asked, ‘Make what?’

He said, his mischievous grin broader than ever, ‘I thought I would ask you out, buy you a drink or two, loaded ones of course. Once under effects of the drinks, I would have played pool with you on the pool table at home!’

I knew what he meant, but still I asked, ‘what has pool to do with loaded drinks?’

Prompt came his reply, ‘you know pool, you put your balls in the holes!’

I punched him lightly and we laughed. He tried to get close and hold me in a light embrace and said sotto voce, ‘what about a kiss dear?’

I pushed him back firmly and said, ‘maintain decorum!’

His actions and words had me turned on and I knew that if we had kissed, I would have been unable to control my urge for sex. Whole afternoon I was unable to concentrate on my work. I was feeling uncomfortable and I wanted a fuck badly. The time was passing unbearably slow for me that day and I sighed in relief when the office time finally came to an end. I had two alternatives, either to go home and masturbate with my dildo and other was to accept Vikram’s proposal. The alternatives were having a tug of war in my mind and I snapped back to reality when I was pulled back by someone as I stepped out of the elevator. I looked up to see it was Vikram.

He asked, ‘Hey Sexy! Forgetting something aren’t we? We were supposed to go on a date.’

I asked, ‘were we? I was unaware!’

He protested, ‘Now, don’t be like that, you had promised that you would confirm after office and I am waiting badly for you answer. I have always wanted to take you on a date.’

I said, ‘I am married you know.’

He said, ‘I know more than just that. I know you are horny with my proposal of playing pool with you. Ok fine you are married, but what’s the harm with a dance and a drink?’

I replied, ‘the drinks are a problem, ‘coz you said they would be loaded.’

He said, ‘Ok! Ok! No loaded drinks! Then what?’

I said, ‘No drinks, period. Discussion closed.’

He said, ‘ok! Fine! No drinks, so what’s your answer?’

I said, ‘come along and we stop over at my house so that I get changed and then we go.’

He said, ‘what’s the need to change? You would look sexy in any outfit!’

I said, ‘I know all that, but do you want to go to a disco with an office bitch or a definitely attractive female is up to you. I presume, we will go there for fun and not to maintain decorum.’

We laughed out loud and he said, as we walked together, ‘Ummmm!! Nice thinking on your part! You do have a quick wit and you haven’t forgotten your reprimand to me in the afternoon, huh!’

We quickly reached my house, made him sit on the sofa and I went to my room to change, but I left the door open on purpose. I wanted him to get a glimpse or two of me while changing. I was wild now and spoiling for a fuck. Maybe he had sensed me right; he walked pussyfooted to the door before I had started taking off my clothes. I saw him in the mirror, he was trying to peek from concealment. It was a big turn on for me. I first took off my coat and hung it on the coat hanger. Then I deliberately undid the buttons of my shirt, revealing my cleavage from the black bra I was wearing. Then I took off my pearl necklace and placed it on the dresser. I slipped out of my trousers and then finally pulled off my shirt. I examined my hot figure in the mirror, all to the benefit of Vikram, so that he too could get a view of my heavenly body.

I adjusted the belt of my bra, bending forward a little. My boobs seemed to pop out along with his eyes. He tip-toed behind me. I knew this was coming, but I pretended that I was oblivious of his presence. All of a sudden I felt his hands grabbing me from behind and his hot short breath on the nape of my neck. His tight embrace nearly crushed the breath out of my lungs. His arms were just under my breasts and he pulled me close to him as he started his kiss assault on my shoulders and neck.

I placed my hands on his. He slid his hand to my tummy and caressed me there as he bit my right earlobe. I didn’t so much as try to break free because I loved the way he was treating my sex craving body. His bulge in the pants ground in my ass. I rubbed it and he hugged me closer.

I turned around and put my arms around his neck. He bent forward and we locked our lips in a long passionate kiss, his hands fondling my breasts. He pushed me on my bed and he kissed my smooth legs up to my cunt. He pulled my panty covering my cunt and kissed my cunt. The feeling was heavenly. He tongue fucked me for some time. I was about to come hard; he withdrew his tongue and kissed my tummy. I whimpered; he kissed my lips as his hands undid my bra. I let him slip it off my body. He smelled it and threw it upon the dresser stool. Next his lips were upon my breasts, kissing and sucking them.

I was thrilled and let him play with my boobs. His bulge was impossibly larger and rubbed against my groin. I unzipped his pants and his cock popped out; long, hard and sinewy. I took it in my hand, God, it was also thick. I started slowly stroking it. He groaned with pleasure and kissed my lips savagely. We had some frenzied lip locking and the next thing I knew was that I had him undressed in a few seconds.

His hand slid into my panty and he rubbed my clit. I squirmed with pleasure. He started sucking my boobs as his finger entered my cunt. I had his head grabbed as his hot breath sent shivers of anticipation and excitement across my body.

He slid down my panty till my thighs and then his toes helped him pull it off me. Now, we lay on my bed, completely naked. We kissed each other, this time fondly and passionately hugging each other, my bare breasts pressed against his bare chest. The hair on his chest felt like pricking my boobs and my chest, but it felt good. I started stroking his big cock as I rested my head on his chest. The sight made me feel funny between the legs. I got up to give me better access to his cock for some pleasure of sucking it, when he pulled me astride his chest so as to get proximity of his mouth to my cunt.

His tongue raked my wet cunt as I took his entire cock in my mouth. I felt a throb in his cock, it was a familiar throb, which made me chuckle and giggle as with his loud groan, my mouth was filled with his gunk.

I licked him dry. He was busy tongue fucking me. At the rate he was going, it wouldn’t be long before I came. I stroked his cock, gripping it tightly, because he was kissing my cunt in a french kiss fashion and biting its lips as well. His tongue felt as if it would tear out my womb. I came hard in his mouth. I got off him and we kissed. The taste of my juice on his lips and tongue made me hornier.

I sat astride his groin, my cunt aligned with his cock. I rested back a little, my cunt lips parting gradually as his cock pushed further in my cunt. When I was finally impaled on his cock, I balanced with my palms on the headboard of the bed and moved my cunt up and down his pole, slowly at first and then increasing my pace. His hands were continuously crushing my soft breasts and occasionally I could feel his teeth clamp on my erect nipples. I screamed and shout lustfully as I stretched my cunt on his cock.

After sometime, he sensed that I was losing my strength and he held me by my waist and pulled me firmly on his cock, our bottoms grinding. He got up, and I put my hands on his shoulders. His hold transferred to a firm embrace and we sat in the position for some time. He kissed my cheek and neck. He also bit the top of my breasts. I was tracing patterns on his back with my fingers and bit his earlobe playfully twice when he rammed his cock twice into me. The force made me gasp, but he didn’t waiver a bit a rammed me till I had my back arched and his mouth got a better feed, my soft breasts. He sukced and bit them, as if a child after throwing many stones on the trees finally gets a mango and doesn’t want to share it with his buddies.

I had my right hand on the bed for support as he ate my boobs and kept his cock deeply penetrated inside me. He put his arms under my armpits and lifted me a bit. Believe you me, the way he did it, his cock never left my cunt. He too moved up as he lifted me and immediately turned sideways, putting me under him on the bed. He got in deeper inside me in the process. We laughed for some time and kissed. I said, ‘enough play for the day. Now back to business and rip my cunt apart with that cock of yours!’

He needed no second bidding as he started giving me angular strokes, fierce and powerful ones at that. Ohhhh! It was so nice, I came in no time flat. His strokes continued even through my orgasm. ‘Wow!’ I said.

He laughed and parted my thighs. His cock pumped in and out of my cunt as if a piston working in the cylinder of an engine. I could feel him squeeze my breasts in between strokes. I had the base of the pillow gripped and it was all crumpled and soggy with sweat. We both were screaming and moaning. Soon he pulled out and rubbed the head of his cock against the lips of my cunt and stroking it at the same time. I knew he would release and soon I had his warm liquid all over my cunt, groin and tummy. I rubbed it on my skin and put a finger in my cunt, some of his juice entering me with it. I masturbated in front of him and he soon had another hardon raging to go inside me.

He took my ass this time and after a fierce ramming of his cock in my ass, he came and filled my ass with his cream. he got up and dressed to leave. I went up behind him and put my hands in his shirt, caressing his nipples. He said, ‘game for more?’

I replied, ‘Uh huh! I am game for the whole night, if you care.’

He said, ‘What happens when your husband returns?’

I said, ‘Stupid! Do you think I would have left the door ajar with a horny bastard in the house, just begging to get inside me all this afternoon, if my husband were in town?’

He said, ‘Hey! Your hubby’s out?’

I nodded in reply and he turned around and grabbed my arms happily. He quickly undressed and we played our sex games all night long on my bed. I let him cream inside my vagina all night and believe me, we were worn out when the dawn came, but our bodies were not satisfied. We slept, his cock in me and him on top of me. When I woke up, it was to a frenzied pounding pain in my lower belly. He must have started fucking me immediately when he got up. We came together and he collapsed on me.

We kissed and slept again in each other’s arms. Now I am getting late, as I have an appointment with him in the bathtub and after some cum storming in my cunt, we would get ready and move for the office.

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