Sweet Revenge - Part D

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Steve moved down and joined Chester, disappointed to see that the latter had already reached his target- the ass-slit. Steve settled for kissing my wife's legs all the way up from her feet. Ashley closed her eyes and arched her head back in ecstacy at the various sexual stimuli from her breasts, buttocks and thighs. Mark placed a hand on her now- wet- shaved- crotch and growled, "I need your pussy slut"
Ash lovingly looked into his eyes "I'am now your wife as much as I'am his"

I still wasn't angry. I was totally devoid of all emotions but lust. The statement took Mark aback. He immediately became softer.
"I'm sorry darling. I got carried away.. Can I..?"
My wife knew what she was doing!

"Yes you can my hubby", she told him, her eyes filled with lust, her lips pouting out, her head tilting to one side. She had NEVER shown me that expression and I did not know until that day that her cute face could contort to such whore-like proportions. I was still dripping pre-cum. I would have never dripped so much of it in my entire life till then. He grabbed her, holding her tight, pulled her hips to his, and ripped her thong off with amazing strength that reminded me of myself, though I'd never hurt her that way. She gasped in pain for a second, but he didn't bother, as he continued to force his tongue into her mouth, squeezing her breasts and pushing his cock into her now naked hips.

My wife's face was now the embodiment of elation, her lips parted wide, her eyes closed gently, as she pulled back arching away from him as he held her by her sleek hips- her ass was wet with Chester's saliva, and I had caught Steve, unnoticed by his master who had found a new target and was tongue fucking Ashley's cunt from below. Mark, oblivious to what was going on underneath, was now handling my wife gently, stroking her breast, and apologizing for his sudden bout of rashness, as if he was her own husband. My wife just nodded, with the same expression on her face, gasping slightly, indicating with her fingers that she'd like him to continue kissing her. And so, this continued for a while, until I noticed her moan with delight and Steve getting splattered all over his face. He then hurriedly proceeded to rub her wetness against her back before his boss could take his life for what had been going on.

Mark was clearly puzzled as to why my wife was so delighted with just kissing, and attributed it to his own skill. Steve was now kissing her neck from behind, while Chester just seemed stuck on her ass, though I knew that even I, in my two years of marriage collectively, would not have salivated as much as he did so far, over her sexy butt. Mark finally began to feel jealous of them both, and shooed them away.
"You idiots can change- you, Harry!" he motioned to the goon near me. "Come over here!"

He was clearly surprised when he was met with whining pleas from Steve and Chester. "Please at least let us masturbate on her body boss". It was Chester who had said it, and I must admit he had guts. Mark appeared furious for a second. Then his frown slowly vanished, he nodded and said, "Fine, but I'm only agreeing because, in reality, she's not my wife. If you had said this about Tina, I would have had all your heads cut" I laughed to myself - who on earth would not have secretly masturbated thinking of her beautiful body and angelic looks? No guy in his right mind would pass up an opportunity to fuck a babe like Tina.

Mark then gently proceeded to carry my wife to the couch again. He laid her there, then started using his tongue to stimulate her body thoroughly. He started from her face, moved down to her neck, then her breasts. It was not unnatural to know that Ash was getting aroused again. If I could manage to do that to Tina, so could Mark to my wife. I had never forced my wife for sex after she had came. This was the first time I saw her crossing the boundary in front of my eyes (though she had done it several times with Ryan). But now the situation was different. There were four guys! Steve and Chester now stood naked next to the sofa, looking on hungrily as they jerked their cocks, now dripping pre-cum over her lower back and buttocks. Mark proceeded downward and started to lick her shaved hips, slowly moving toward her already tongue-fucked-pussy. (I noticed Steve grinning all over his face) He started to let his tongue into her, when she said, "Dear, I'd much rather have your manhood in there or in my mouth- whichever way you want it" She smiled like an angel, but didn't manage to look like anything more than a slut to me.

In my language that meant "You idiot, your aide just fucked me there, fuck me elsewhere". I grinned involuntarily and Mark growled "Whats so funny?"
"Nothing. Thanks for the major turn -on buddy"
"This is nothing. Watch me FUCK her now. This was just the foreplay you idiot. You really think I'll let her off with just this? After what you did to Tina?"
"I never asked you to let her off dude. I think you make a great pair"
Ashley was furious, "Why are you distracting my lover you coward? You just sold me to him for your crappy life" she screamed at me, "just shut the fuck up, cant you see we want to make love?"
"I'm sorry Ash, please go ahead"

********* TO BE CONTINUED *****************

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