Sweet Revenge - Part C

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I came home early like yesterday, not because I was tensed about my wife getting fucked by a stranger ('cos that had already happened), but because I wanted to make Mark happy. If I was lucky, I would be getting not just another chance to live but also his beautiful slut, Tina, of whom I could JUST NOT HAVE ENOUGH. Ashley opened the door - she peeped out to make sure it was me. I entered, looking lustfully at her lovely body- she had never greeted me with just a thong on before. NEVER.
"Can you help me with my negligee? Its a bit tight"

I was staring at the way her butt moved as she walked across the room and didn't register what she had said immediately.
"What? Yeah, yeah - sure". I walked up to her and helped her with her dress. She had last worn it when we were newly married, and she had put on an inch to her body - she had been too slim for my liking initially- I liked her now. She was sexy, firm, and right now I willingly was getting her ready to fuck another guy for my life. My hips were against hers.

"You're not turned on", Ashley said. She held my chin with her fingers and looked into my eyes "You nervous?"
"No", I replied. Which was quite the truth- she did not know I was the kind who had a turn on when someone fucked her. Or did she? Maybe she had already drawn her implications after seeing her cd with which I had not confronted her for two months, though I knew what was going on. She smiled, her slutty eyes constricting, as if she read my thoughts. "You like giving me away don't you?"
We kissed passionately, after which I drew away and said, "Yes, besides, I need Tina the same way you need Ryan. Lets make this mutual"
"I have no problems. Want to make love to me before he comes?"
I pulled away from her. "No, I want you to be fresh and perform well"
She bit her lower lip and looked at me with wide eyes "Are you sure about this?"
"Damn sure", I replied, moving to the sofa. I added, "I'm sure you'll like him. Tina told me his cock is thicker than mine."
"Then why'd she come to you?"
"'Cos he wasn't giving it to her more than once a month" I smirked, "and besides his cock's shorter than mine"
"Well I don't mind a short cock that knows how to do the job", she seemed to be smiling shyly now,"but I can totally understand why Tina took to you - and it was more to do than with just your cock". She locked eyes with mine.
"Jealous?" , I asked her.
She closed her eyes, tilting her pretty head upward, pointing her chin at me "It's you who should be. Just watch how I'm going to fuck your political friend. He's bound to come back to me begging for more". I had never heard her talking this slutty before and my dick started to rise. I controlled myself, saving the pleasure of stroking it for later.
"We'll see about that", I told her with a wink.
Then the bell rang. It was just 5:45PM. Could it be him? We looked at each other.
"Do you want to attend that?", she asked me, her voice showing a slight tremble.
"No slut, you go ahead- he's yours". This was the first time I had directly called her that, and she knew it. She looked at me her lips parted in surprise, shook her pretty head, then went ahead to open the door.

It wasn't Mark. Instead, three huge goons wearing black suits forced their way into my apartment, shoving Ashley aside, and shut the door. I began to stand, but one of them growled, "Relax, we're just here to make sure everything' s safe for the boss". He eyed my wife with lust. All of them did. They could clearly see her erect nipples through the negligee- were they hard because of lust or fear? "Maybe both", I thought to myself as I heard the doorbell ring again, saving them from extra temptations. So the boss had decided to come early. I didnt blame him. A babe like Ashley couldn't keep men away for long.

My wife rushed to open the door. There he stood, dressed in a t - shirt and shorts. I groaned. He had copied Ryan's dressing sense. Where was the man in him for God's sake? I also noticed he wasn't wearing underwear. Though he only had a six-incher, I saw his thick bulge standing out under his shorts, probably its full height.
"Wondering if this'll hurt your slut?" he smirked noticing where he was looking.
Before I could answer, he took hold of my wife, ran his hands along the sides of her breast, kissed her lips tightly and said, "Tina told me you're huge, but also that you were not thick" he winked."Not one fool has dared cross my path before, and you have actually fucked the most precious thing in my life, and I'm gonna make sure you understand its because of this slut here that you're still alive and well"

I answered, the bulge in my pants becoming larger, "I'm well aware of that sir- please go ahead. She's all yours."
"You better be", he replied, as Ashley led him to a couch opposite mine.
I looked at the pills on the table and hoped I would not have to have Ashley use them.
"You could send your goons outside"
"Sorry cuckold. They stay"
"That wasn't part of the agreement"
"There IS no damn agreement. If I'm not happy with your slut, I will finish you and take her home with me"
I opened my mouth, knew I was asking for it, then shut it before I could say anything stupid. I knew when I was overcome by a situation.

He tried to pull her negligee down but Ashley said, "You should try sucking my nipples through the negligee. I like it that way"
I didn't know why she said it- whether the whore was feeling hot, or whether she was trying her best to save my life. I didn't say anything as we locked sight. I didn't know how she could even keep her eyes open the way he was squeezing and pinching her breasts through her negligee. I couldn't control it anymore. I let my cock out and started stroking it. She looked at it then smiled, and started stroking Mark's hair as he salivated over her curves, the only thing partially protecting his ferocious mouth from her soft skin being her flimsy dress.

I noticed the bodyguards too had their cocks out now- it wasn't the appropriate situation, but I still couldn't help smiling.
One of them was practically pleading, "Boss you always let us have our share. You've never had a beauty like this fucking you before. What about us?"
Mark then drew himself up, noticed that Ashley was enjoying herself, smiled wide, then kissed her passionately. He looked toward his goons.
"Two of you can come over and feel her up- mind you, just caressing. If I see any of your cocks touching her hot body, I will kill you right here"
"More than enough for us boss" Two of them stepped over and started kissing her neck. As if he read my mind, Mark immediately turned toward me, "and dont even think of trying your martial arts with me this time. Thats why I'm not foolish enough to call my third goon to assault your wife, though I'd love to. He will be watching you- once false move and you're as good as dead"

I nodded, feeling nervous for the first time. Now I knew why they say, "Never trust a politician". Even thoughts of having Mark's wife, Tina vanished from my mind. Only the selfish instinct of self survival remained. Then, as soon as it came, the nervousness vanished. My cock grew bigger as I watched Mark exposing her breasts as they kissed with lust. They had made her stand now so all three of them could ravish her. My wife was taking off his tshirt and pulling her naked breasts to his muscular chest. One guy was kissing her naked upper back, while the other was kissing her hips through her gown. She was moaning in pleasure and to add shame to that, I was bloody enjoying the whole scene, my face taut with pleasure, slowly increasing the frequency of my stroking.

"I see..both of y..ou.. are not.. so bad aft..er all" he managed to gasp, looking at me between intermittent gulps of lust from Ashley's mouth. She wouldn't let his mouth leave hers. From pure experience, I knew now from her behaviour that my wife was not acting anymore (if she had indeed been acting so long) but wanted him to badly fuck her. She was hugging him tight- I didnt know if she could feel both the goons squeezing either side of her sweet ass, but she certainly was enjoying kissing Mark with her naked body pressed against him. Both of them were now naked up to their torso. She then told Mark to suck her nipples and that she liked it better if he was gentler and slow, but not too gentle. He fervently nodded a yes, then proceeded to stroke the curves of her breast, growling dirty stuff in her ear, not bothering to whisper the way I would have done.

"Babe, you slut, whats your name? Lushley?"
"I'm gonna fuck you so bad Ashley, and Steve-" he pointed to the taller one, "& Chester here are going to be my aides. You want that dont you? Huh don't you you little whore!?"
"If you want me so bad, you should ask me to rip off that damn negligee- its getting in the way now, you slut"
"I.. I cant.. Its a little tight"

I sat there with pre-cum dripping down my huge manhood as Mark ordered his goons to rip her negligee off. Steve & Chester expertly took out their pocket knives, slashing away without even hurting Ashley and within 5 seconds my wife was standing before us five lust - hungry men, only in her thong. Ashley started pulling down Mark's shorts, but he stopped her short. "Oh no you dont babe, not just as yet- I know you're feeling uneasy that you're the one who's fully naked. I want it that way. I'll let you strip me with your own slutty hands when I say so."
"Anything you say honey" I 'd never heard her call anyone that other than me before. I felt no guilt or jealousy. I was still masturbating hard.

"Look at your stupid husband- he just sold you to me. DO YOU REALLY WANT HIM ALIVE AT THE END OF THIS? WE COULD LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, AND I COULD GET YOU ANYTHING YOU NEED." Steve was now making use of his master's distraction and sucking one of Ashley's light brown hard erect nipples. Chester was kissing her ass, flicking his tongue around. I noticed it was moving closer and closer toward her dirty slit.
I stopped stroking my cock and I could immediately feel it shrink. Was she going to say what I was afraid she would?
She frowned a little, cocking her pretty head to one side. She put one shapely arm around Mark and stroked the furiously sucking Steve's hair with the other, then said, "The fault's mine too- I shouldn't have fucked Ryan. BUT, I want both these guys", she shouted in pure lust, turning furiously toward me."Is that agreed? I want Mark AND Ryan"

The slut was trying to make me jealous, but I was only turned on again. I started bravely stroking my erect monster again and said, "You have my full permission Ash"
"I'm talking about permanently. For life. I want these two"
"I know, as long as you don't leave me its fine"
"Good." she turned toward Mark, smiled like an angel, stroked his chest, then asked, "You don't mind Ryan do you dear? He's just a kid"
"No" he said, his voice hoarse "Oh God, you make me so horny whore! You can strip me now!" With this he angrily punched Steve away. "Find some other portion that interests you, you idiot"
"I was waiting for you to ask me to strip you" replied my wife as she kissed him like the pro she was, letting her tongue dance in his mouth- I could see it make its way, bulging out through his wanton cheeks as he sucked her oral juices. Soon Mark was stark naked and she gasped when she saw how thick he was. I was nowhere near to his circumference. She looked at me and winked, as Mark squeezed her butt and breasts while licking her cleavage.

**********TO BE CONTINUED**************

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He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shoved it deep into her pussy. He heard her cry out (whether or not in pleasure, he didn't know or care) and thurst harder. He shoved his 10-inch cock into her tight pussy, stretching it farther and farther.