Sweet Catherine

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Len was a happy, easy going man in his early forties. He worked hard and provided well for his wife. His marriage of six years had settled into a pattern of work, socializing with a steady circle of friends, and predictable, although quite satisfying, sex. A recent move to a different part of town had promised to stir things up a bit though, and it wasn’t a bad thing, he reasoned; Perhaps life has become just a little too settled. The move had been suggested by his wife, Catherine, who he sat watching dig weeds from the garden.

Catherine was thirty two with long blond hair, a slender figure and a pretty face. She smiled up at Len as he handed her a glass of ice water. “Why not give this a rest and we’ll get done up and go out for dinner?” he asked.

“Not yet. I want to at least tidy up this front section… You could help.”

“Err… I guess… just this bit though?”

“Yes. It looks horrible next to Mister Logan’s garden.”

Karl Logan was the neighbor. Len had met him and chatted over the back fence. “Yeah, but he’s got nothing to do but tend to his lawn and flowers.”

“How would you know he has nothing else to do?”

“I know plenty! I know he’s fifty six years old, that he’s a widower of three years, that he’s loaded, and that he likes the look of your legs.”

“He’s a widower?”

“Yeah, his wife was killed in a car accident… Should I start with these?” Len asked, pointing to a patch of weeds along the fence.

Catherine nodded and went back to pulling weeds herself. The thought of the neighbor’s wife having been killed disturbed her. “How old was she?”

“Don’t know… didn’t get that. It happened right there at the corner though. See the flower garden there on the medium strip – old Karl tends that too. It’s sort of a memorial to her.”

“Oh, that’s so sad…”

“He’s ok with it. It must have been difficult at the time but he seems happy enough now. And he’s obviously started looking around again.”

Len was grinning and Catherine felt herself blush. “What do you mean – he likes my legs?”

“He was watching you.”

“Watching me? When?”

“Yesterday, when you were hanging out the washing in that little skirt. That’s when I was chatting with him and he couldn’t stop looking over at you. He’d just told me about his wife so I felt sorry for him.”

“Oh you did? And you decided it was ok for him to ogle me?”

“Well you did look good,” Len chuckled. “You looked good reaching up to peg the clothes and even better when you bent over to get some more.” 

Catherine tossed a weed with a clump of dirt at her husband and it hit him in the back of the head. He jumped her and rumbled her, tickling and making her squirm and roll around on the grass with her house dress up around her waist and her white cotton panties bared for all to see, although no one was watching.

“Get off me!” Catherine laughed, pulling at her dress and trying to cover herself. “God, what will the neighbors think?”

“Don’t care… I’ve got the sexiest wife in town and I want to show you off.” Len had worked himself between her legs and he pinned her arms above her head. His erection was lifting the front of his shorts and he forced it into the crotch of her panties, giving a not so gentle thrust.

“I think we had better take this inside. What if someone walks past?” Catherine said, surrendering to her husband. He clutched her wrists together and with a free hand he hiked her dress back up. She looked around to be sure there were no stray eyes peering over the fence or anything. The yard was quite secluded unless someone deliberately looked in. She could feel her husband’s erection grinding into her pussy. She was suddenly wet. “You can’t have me right here…” she said to him.

“But I can have you?” Len returned evenly.

Catherine nodded. She was rubbing herself up against him.

“I kind of like the idea of having you exposed like this,” Len went on, kissing her and still firmly grinding his bulge into her panties. “What if I take you out for dinner first – will you wear something sexy so I can show you off?”

“Umm… I don’t know… how sexy?”

“Maybe a loose blouse and no bra?” Len tried, rocking his hips and giving a long, slow thrust.

“Can you ask me after you stop doing that?” Catherine smiled through her blush.

“Why? Don’t you like this?”

“Umm… yes! But I’m not thinking clearly and who knows what you might get me to agree to?”

“What about no panties?” 

“No! I’m not going out with no panties… pervert!”

“But you’ll go without a bra?” Len grinned, lifting her dress for a bit of a peep under it.

“God, what is it with you today?” Catherine declared, and she wriggled and bucked until she was out from beneath her husband, who remained laying on the grass grinning up at her.

“Don’t know… just got an urge to be a bit naughty I guess.” 

Catherine ended up agreeing to go to dinner with no bra on. She wore a skirt to mid thigh and a loose fitting blouse that Len pestered her to leave open at the top, and she agreed to two buttons, which meant it folded away from her breasts a little and when she leant forward she felt the restaurant air-conditioning as if she was topless.

Len could make out her nipples through the thin white fabric. He sat across the table watching her read the menu. He noticed two men who appeared to be in a business meeting at the adjacent table were checking her out. He calculated the angle they had and decided they both would have had a view through the open front of her blouse but she was sitting back and her blouse was laying flat so they wouldn’t have been able to see a nipple, other than the texture through the fabric. He wanted her to sit forward so they could see but what was driving him? The idea of showing his wife to other men had burnt to a passion in the past week – ever since he’d accidentally walked in on a friend’s wife naked in a bathroom. He reasoned that in his mind as he watched Catherine reach for her wine glass, and after she took a sip and set it and the menu down he reached across and claimed her hands, drawing them into the middle of the table and drawing her forward in her seat.

She met his eyes and responded as he leant to kiss her. She then looked down at her chest and blushed a little. “Stay like that so the waiter can see,” he whispered to her.

“Why?” Catherine responded nervously. “Isn’t it enough that everyone can see through my top? I can see my breasts completely sitting like this!”

“Really? Nipples and all?” Len stammered beneath his breath.

“I can’t believe you want this! What’s gotten into you?”

“I don’t know… Just go with it for me sweetheart… Here comes the guy now…”

It was a small restaurant. The waiter was the owner, a balding man of fifty or so. He approached and stood beside the table with his notepad and pen. Catherine could feel his eyes but she couldn’t look up at him. 

Len ordered their first courses and picked up a menu as if he was still deciding on the main. He kept Catherine’s hand clasped within his own – kept her sitting forward even though he could feel her trying to subtly pull away. His cock had expanded and it throbbed at his belt. He glanced at her and found her glaring back but he squeezed her hand in an attempt to reassure. He glanced at the waiter’s face. He was staring at Catherine’s breasts over his notebook, entranced.

Len finally completed the order and the waiter collected the menus, leaning right in above Catherine to straighten her cutlery, then he strolled away.

“Satisfied?” Catherine challenged. She sat back and brushed the front of her blouse flat. She could feel her cheeks burning and she was about to say more but she could also feel her belly tingling and the touch of the soft fabric against her nipples was distracting. “I can’t believe you made me do that…” she said but her voice was soft and edged with excitement.

“You liked it.” Len grinned. “Tell me you didn’t get a little kick out of it at least.”

“What did you get out of it is a better question!”

“Got a woody… Want to feel it?”

“No! Pervert!”

“Yep. A dirty old pervert. How about undoing one more button for the two guys just there looking over all the time?”

“How about I do these ones up?”

“No… don’t do that. How’s that having fun?”

“Well start behaving yourself or I will…”

Catherine glanced across at the two men to find them both looking over. She quickly averted her gaze and didn’t look again but she felt them continually watching while she ate and settled to lightly talk and enjoy dinner with her husband. She had deliberately sat back in her seat when the soup was served but when the waiter brought the main course a little later, and after a few glasses of wine, she just as deliberately rested forward and allowed him to have another look at her breasts. Len acknowledged what she had done and she returned a shake of her head thinking, Yes, but don’t get too carried away! 

He ended up pulling her to his lap later in the evening and she let him undo another button. Her blouse was then open to a point below her breasts and the fabric sagged enough that her breasts were visible from the side even when she sat back in her seat. “Just let them have a bit of a look before we go,” Len pleaded and Catherine, feeling absolutely no pain after four or five glasses of wine, submitted to her husband’s desires.

It was the first time Catherine had deliberately exposed herself to a stranger. It was the first time she had ever even entertained the notion. For the next hour she was intently aware of whether or not the fabric of her blouse was touching or whether her right nipple was exposed to the two men. And she was also aware the moisture between her legs dampening her panties. 

The two men stood and left, and shortly after, the waiter returned with a bottle of wine, explaining that the two gentlemen had sent it. He was smiling knowingly and Catherine felt her face flush again. She wanted to clutch her blouse closed but didn’t want to draw any further attention. Len had engaged the waiter in some idle chat, keeping him there beside her. He was right at her shoulder and she could feel his eyes. Len’s foot then snaked up between her knees and she instinctively reached for it but in doing so her shoulders moved forward and her blouse opened even further.

Len kept pressure against his wife’s inner thigh while she pushed against his foot. He was asking the waiter about the night clubs in the local area and listening distractedly to what the guy was saying. His cock was solid as he saw the older man constantly stealing glances down over Catherine’s shoulder, and while Catherine sat visibly self-conscious and wriggling in her seat.

When the waiter left Catherine immediately fastened the buttons on her blouse. Len sat grinning at her. “Fuck that was hot.”

“Embarrassing is what it was!”

“Yeah, but hot too… how much did he see?”

“He saw everything you wanted him to see – satisfied?”

“I will be when I get you home sweetheart.”

“Oh? And you think you’re still getting some?”

Len waved the waiter back and got the check. He paid and hurried his wife out to the car where he took hold of her and started kissing and groping her. She resisted at first but soon submitted and he got his hand between her legs and his fingers into her very wet pussy. “I knew you liked it,” he breathed into her ear and he mauled her neck while working his fingers in and out of her.

Catherine opened her legs and allowed her husband access. She’d though for a moment about complaining but the car park was all but empty and it was dark and quite secluded. She lifted herself while he worked her panties down her thighs and then spread her legs wide again as he worked fingers back into her pussy and started mauling her breasts. She came quickly. She then allowed her husband to force her head down to his lap and she let him fuck her mouth. She accepted his cum and swallowed it, noticing how much more of it there was than usual. Nothing was said on the way home and it wasn’t until they were laying in bed that Len offered an explanation.

“There’s a guy from work you haven’t met, named Geoff. I dropped him off home last week and went in for a beer. He showed me where to find the bathroom and I walked in to find his wife completely naked and bent over the wash basin. I was shocked and she went bright red but she didn’t say anything or try to cover up, and when she came out later neither of us said anything to Geoff. I got to thinking about it on the way home and I think she, or maybe even both of them, planned it. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and I just get an immediate hard on every time I do.”

“Was she pretty?”

“What? Pretty – yeah I guess. Not especially though – she’s good looking for her age... She shaves her pussy!”

“Oh… and you certainly noticed that.”

“Couldn’t help it. She stood up and turned to face me. I sort of looked her up and down – just naturally… Anyway, it’s not the thought of her that gives me a hard on – it’s the thought of some guy seeing you like that.”

“So you want some man to see me naked?”

“Well, yes – err no – I don’t know exactly. I liked what happened tonight though.”

Catherine cuddled up to her husband’s chest. “I kinda liked it too,” she said softly.

Len stroked her hair. Her warm thigh was pressing against his balls and his cock was firming gain. “I hope they saw your nipples.”

“They did… especially the waiter – he could see my breasts completely when you were asking him about clubs and that.”

“He could huh? And what about those other guys – did they get a good look too?”

“I think so… They bought us wine didn’t they.”

Len rolled his wife onto her back and his cock slipped straight into her. “Yeah two guys paid for a look at your tits… Bet they’re both jerking off right now.”

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