Suzy's secret revealed to Sammie

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Here I am sitting down in my English class; the teacher’s voice was a mere background noise. I kept reliving what happened to me last night. In just one day, three grown men, including my father, fucked me. The thought alone made me wet my panties. I was turned into a slut and I loved it.

When school was over Suzy and me walked home and I told her what had happened. Then she made a confession to me. She said that she had been fucking her three brothers and father for almost a year.

I could not believe what I was hearing. But Suzy had told me one day that this kind of thing happened to almost every girl in our town and I guess she was included. She told me how it happened.

She said her mom was out of town. She had gone to one of Suzy’s aunts who lived two townships away to help settle a family squabble. She said that her dad who always fondled her, stepped up his exploits one night by kissing her and fondling her heavily. She had been scared and uncomfortable. She had not had sex before and feared the pain of her father’s cock ramming into her virgin cunt. Her dad had lifted her and taken her to the matrimonial bed, stripped her naked and laid her down. He then took of his own clothes and his cock confronted her. She said it was about six inches. He kissed her while he guided his cock inside her, when the head met her hymen he drove his shaft home. Her scream was muffled by his kiss.

She said he fucked her in missionary for about five minutes and then he turned her on her belly and enter her from behind. He fucked her for nearly half an hour and then he came inside her. After that they took a shower together and he demand that she sleep with him in his room. Throughout the night he woke her about three times to fuck her. By morning the bed was loaded with cum. She said she had felt very ashamed especially since she had begun to enjoy being fucked by her father.

While she sat at the breakfast table with her brothers and father, she noticed that her brothers were looking at her differently. Soon after breakfast she understood what it meant. Her father had arranged for her to be fucked by her brothers too. Suzy said she could not believe it and she began to cry, but her father told her that if she refused they would all gang rape her and make it much more painful than it had to be.

So the ordeal began. First Suzy had to give all four men blowjobs. No wonder she was now such an expert. She said they all stood in a circle around her while she stooped in the center and sucked cock till her jaws hurt. She said that her dad had the smallest dick of all, her brothers had monster cocks. 

After the blowjob, she fucked her youngest brother, Jake. Then her father initiated her ass while she rode her brother. Meanwhile she still had to be sucking cock and giving hand jobs.

She said that for hours they reamed out her ass and her pussy until they all collapsed from sheer exhaustion. She was allowed to sleep for a while and then in the night they all fucked her again and again until she was begging for more.
I could not believe what she told me, but listening to her had aroused me.

When I went home my father was waiting for me. He summoned me to his bedroom where he undressed and ordered me to suck his cock. I began to work my tongue around the bulb at the top of his shaft and massage his balls at the same time. He closed his eyes and fucked my mouth with all his might. I was becoming a pro and what was weird was that I liked it.

I blew him for ten minutes then it was time to fuck. But this time, the bed was not enough for my father. He went over to the dresser and with one swipe of his hand cleared the top of it. He put me to sit on it with my legs wide open and then he came between them. My pussy was dripping wet and welcome his throbbing cock between its walls. He fucked me as hard as he could and I moaned loudly with each impact his hips made with my pelvis. He growled as he attacked and bullied my pussy with his cock. Sweat dripped off him in torrents and like a thunderstorm he came. When he pulled out of me cum dripped from my pussy onto the floor. He headed for the bathroom. I headed for my room.

I had dozed off for a bit but was awoken by laughter and chatting. I recognized one of the voices, it was Judd’s. I hoped that my father was not telling him about our earlier exploits. I did not want to have to fuck Judd, I detested him. He was fat and greasy and was downright a stinking pervert. The thought of him sticking his cock in my pussy made me want to puke. Soon my father was at my door, summoning me into the living area.

“Is that Judd in there”, I asked him. “Yeah” he answered. “Daddy, please don’t let him touch me”, I begged. “ He is willing to pay a lot for some ass and we need the money”, with that he dismissed me.

When I got to the living area Judd was already naked. He looked disgusting with his huge stomach almost covering his cock. It stood at about six inches. He was a pitiful sight. My father commanded to suck his dick; I gave a look of defiance and was slapped by my father. It was such a powerful blow it sent me flying across the room. “ Don’t act like you’re to good to suck cock!” he reprimanded.

I got myself together and took my place on my knees in front of Judd. I took his smelly cock in my mouth. It was an excruciating experience as his cock smelled and tasted as if he had not bathed in days. Still I had to suck it and look like I enjoyed sucking it. “ That’s right, suck my cock, love my cock”, he moaned as my head bobbed up and down below his belly.

My father stood watching, all the while stroking his erect member. This was the scene to which the younger of my two brothers Jeff opened the door. My father merely glanced at him and continued to massage his cock. I was ashamed by my brother’s presence but when I tried to get up the asshole I was blowing held me in place.

I was forced to continue my task. My brother just stood there I wished he would go away but he continued to watch. After ten minutes I was told it was time for the fucking to begin. Judd sat on the chair and my father instructed me to straddle him. I protested that my brother was watching but my father dismissed my objections. I put my legs around Judd’s waist; it was almost impossible and then I eased onto his erected member and began to ride him. His large hairy stomach made it most uncomfortable. My pussy was barely wet, I could not get wet for this pig I was being made to fuck. I had been riding his pathetic prick for five minutes when he began to unload his come my pussy. He held on to me until he had no strength left. Cum oozed out of my pussy when I climbed off him, by that time my father and my brother stood fully naked.

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