Summer in barcelona

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July 2008.

Oxana and I got to meet through Internet a couple of years ago. For the records we live in a beautiful city in Ukraine. She is 23 years old. I am 34. As we started chatting, it seemed to me that a woman with hot fantasies could only be a gift for any man.

My shock started when we manage to see each other. Even though she does not consider it, in the west, Oxana is a real beauty by all standards. She has nice legs, very shapely. She is average tall, has dark hair, dark brown eyes and amazingly beautiful breasts. Her shapes are simply amazing. She has a great smile and a wonderful face. She is not at a party girl. She is shy but after she breaks her shyness she is a tourbillion of passion and sensuality.

A friend of mine found her in a chat. After that I continued talking with her. We met after some time, played and developed lots of fantasies and I must confess that I did not find ever a woman like her in bed. Among our fantasies were putting some other people with men, women and lately us. Particularly at the same time that she started talking to my friend, they started talking as if he was a black guy was requesting her for a date. I continued the story. We joked about it but this became a part of our common fantasies and played with it before actually meeting. I actually would get jealous at the time of actually thinking of giving the step forward to meet other men but since we started meeting I always had absolutely clear that she was with me and without me anything would not happen. A rare total match in bed and in life, Full lovers complicity developed.

As the story grew strong we decided to go for a trip. We chose Spain since I had to attend some friendís party and wanted to show off in front of our guys with such astonishing Ukrainian beauty I had.

We travelled to Barcelona to attend the house warming party of those friends. So rather than spend the entire weekend in Barcelona, we decided to just go for the day since we wanted to spend most time at the seaside.

The drive is just over two hours and we got to the party a bit early. We hung out for most of the afternoon by the pool, drinking. My girlfriend is one of those types that do not drink regularly but when she is away from the house, she can really become fun. By the end of the afternoon, she was slightly drunk and flirty. Some time later I had to pull her away from the party in order to start the drive back home.

About an hour in the trip, the engine light came on in my car. It also seemed to be having trouble accelerating. By this time, we were out of Barcelona, The area we were intended to look a bit depressed, and I was hoping to keep going. The thermostat in the car was also showing that the engine was heating up.

At this point, Oxana and I started considering the situation. I admit that I am not the most knowledgeable about cars and engine problems. Additionally to this inconvenience she had to use the restroom urgently.

The decision was kind of made for me. The car now was having difficulty even doing 50 Km per hour on the road. At the next exit, I pulled off and started to head down the road looking for a Bar or gas station where she could use the restroom and we could look at the car.

In Spain every single exit nowadays has a dozen stores built up right around the exit, but not here. There were some old stores, but mostly it was just a few abandoned homes and grass fields. I figured if I kept going in the direction we would soon find a place.

About two Km down the road, I saw a store and got into the parking lot. The windows were basically covered up with posters and had security bars. I parked near the front and my girlfriend ran in to use the restroom. I opened the hood to see if could figure out what the issue was. While I was standing over the engine, another car entered the store parking lot and parked around the side and towards the rear. Three black guys got out and started walking around to the front of the store.

As they were opening the door to go in, my girlfriend was coming out. They immediately started making comments about how ~fine~ she was looking not realizing she was with me. One said ~mmm, what a body!!~ as they walked into the store. Oxana just laughed. Rather then being afraid, she was enjoying a bit the attention and she smiled me with complicity. I started to laugh. The situation reminded us of the initial fantasies and we both had fun with that.

She didnít seem to be worried after I told her that I could not figure out what the problem was. I decided to call a evacuator. The three guys came out and were walking by back to their car. They asked what the problem was and I said that I had no clue but was going to call a evacuator..

I went inside to ask for a phone book to call the evacuator. The lady behind the desk didnít have a phone book, which I believed, and she wasnít about to help track down any numbers for evacuators.

When I went outside Oxana was in the front seat of the car, with the door open, just sitting back waiting for me. As I was telling her about the fact that I didnít have a evacuator number, the three black guys walked back up to us. They were very bright eyed, obviously due to the cheerful look of Oxana.

The most handsome one asked if we needed any help. I told him our dilemma, and one of the other guys with a strong Cuban accent said his uncle has a towing business. I asked for the number so I could call, but he claimed that he didnít know the number at the Uncleís actual business. But he said he could call the Uncleís house number and track him down. He walked way a bit and talked on his mobile phone and came back.

Apparently the uncle was out on another evacuator service. When he got back in, his house had assured this guy that the uncle would call us. When I asked how long that was going to be, the Cuban guy said he had no idea.

Meanwhile, the most muscled guy is talking to my girlfriend the whole time. She was still leaned back in the front seat with the door open and her feet out on the ground. Her legs were perfect in her blue night party dress, very smooth and tanned, the high heels russian girls love wearing were giving her legs an ultimate touch of beauty. Her dress was stretched out over her big and beautiful breasts. The handsome guy was openly flirting with her, and she loved the attention.

When I interrupted them and asked what she wanted to do, she acted like the answer was obvious. I joked in Russian to watch out with those guys and she laughed. I suggested that maybe we should just try to drive back out to the main road and make it further down the road to the next exit. She considered the idea, wondered why we wouldnít just wait for the one guyís uncle to come get the truck.

The third black guy had gone back to the car and came back with a bottle of fresh mojito. They were being nothing but friendly. I kept feeling like they were trying to be nice to me somehow, but my girlfriend was loving the attention and was talking to them as if she was still at the party. The situation was funny so I was not worried. I warned Oxana joking to be careful. Any time I tried to subtlety drop a hint to her in Russian, they would jump all over asking what I said and making jokes of it.

The guys introduced themselves. They were all in their late 20s. The handsome smiley guy said his name was Juan. He was fairly dark but was obviously in great shape. Juan was muscular and over 1,90 cm tall. He had shaved his head bald and seemed to be overly happy. The guyís whose uncle had the tow business was named Toni He had short hair, was dark, thin and probably my height. He wasnít muscular or intimidating. Toni also seemed to be more serious than the others, not so smiley or cheerful. The last guy was Victor. He had lighter skin, probably Dominican Victor was not tall, maybe 1.75 cm and had dreadlocks.

Juan was now being very obvious with my girlfriend. He would periodically lick his lips and say ~mmm , baby you are looking he though I would not listen. She would giggle and laugh.. Victor said they had nice dancing music back at their car if we were interested. I wasnít at all, but Oxana immediately said ok. The guys laughed about how I was a bit of a jealous guy who needed to relax a bit. My girlfriend laughed and agreed.

As my girlfriend started getting up to go over there, The guys were stating about how lucky I was.. At this point, I figured I would just maybe should get out of the situation. Victor and Juan were sort of holding a small side conversation by themselves as they walked in front. I followed them back to car parked on the side and a bit towards the rear of the store.

Up to this point, we had always been right up at the front of the parking lot in plain view. A few other customers were there, come and gone while we were out front. But now we were headed away from the windows and away from the traffic. The sun was setting and darkness was starting. It was apparent to me that Juan, Victor and Toni were normal. Obviously, I was worried that there were three of them and they were all flirting my girlfriend openly in front of me. The type of exciting and jealousy feeling that I always had when the discussion on putting some other people in bed was coming up.

Back at the car my girlfriend got in the back seat and Juan got in next to her. Victor and Toni got in the front seats. I was still standing outside with the doors open. You could tell they wanted the doors shut and asked me to get in. I slid in next to Oxana. At this point, she was right between Juan and me.

They started music and mojito run.. Oxana was still having fun and was dancing while sitting.

Toni offered me some Mojito . I naturally accepted his invitation. So there we were, outside of Barcelona, in a car with three strangers. Juan kept trying to approach Oxana. His hands would be on her legs and she would remove them., she would hold his hand for a bit but then eventually move it away. They started calling her a tease and asking her to show some skin. We look at each other and we both knew what was going to happen if we did not stop it. We both smiled and started laughing to the surprise of the guys. They could never imagine the situation looked like one of our hot sex fantasy nights. I closed my eyes and thought what the hell. After all she is all mine and Iím in control.

Every time they teased her , she would periodically look over at me and see how I was reacting. She would refuse their requests and let it slip one time ~not while my boy is here!!!!~ . I perfectly know that she would never let them do that if I was not controlling the situation. She was over all mine. Eventually they asked just for her to lift her dress quickly and show them her almost invisible bra. They were asking if that was at least cool with me. I laughed and said nothing, I was excited of how much the tease could get to be. Since I was just tired of their pleas, I told her to show them her bra. With a few more pleas, she went ahead and lifted up her dress and flashed her bra at them. Her breasts were bulging against the bra she was wearing. You could see her nipples were already erect. Under the light bra.

Juan, Toni and Victor were obviously pleased with what they saw. They were telling her everything in Spanish mixed with bad English but she perfectly was understanding the sense. The flash of the bra only encouraged them to get more forward. Juan asked me in Spanish whether she gave a good head. I laughed as if he was joking. Victor asked Oxana if she ever had had a black guy. She laughed and replied, yes, ~. Of course, they started cheering her.

I noticed Juan sort of giving some eye motions to Toni in the front seat a few minutes earlier. Toni suggested that we get another litre of mojito .All three of them claimed that they were out of cash and suggested that I go into the store and get them. I was hesitating, not wanting to leave Oxana alone with them. She said nothing and naturally since I saw they were trying to help us with the car I decided to be gentle as we waited,. I noticed that Juanís arm was draped around her.

Victor then handed me the keys joking ~ take the keys if you are worried about us running off with her!~ Toni then said ~Chico Iíll even go in there with you to make sure we donít kidnap her ! I took Victorís Keys and headed back to the store with Toni.

We got into the store and headed back to the fridge where the mojito was. Toni kept talking, acting if we were suddenly long lost friends. I could tell that he knew the girl behind desk too. They were talking at each other across the store talking about nothing in particular. Every time I took a couple of bottles, Toni seemed to start talking. I definitely had that feeling that I was being delayed on purpose and getting nervous and a bit excited of what might be happening to Oxana. Within a few minutes, I had the bottles and was back up to the cashier to pay.

At his point, his phone rang. He handed the phone over to me, telling me it was his uncle. This was like a weight less to my shoulders. I am not exactly sure how long it had been since we had initially called him, but it wasnít a very long time before Toniís uncle called back. I explained my situation and told him where I was. The uncle talked about how long it would take him. The voice on the other end of the phone said he would be there in about 1 hour. He suggested where it could be towed and said that my girlfriend and I could ride in the evacuator over with him. So there it was, our problem was almost over. To me that phone call seemed like the end of the situation.

At the cash register, I stood there with Toni as I bought the mojito and some chips. The cashier ignored me and just talked to Toni. We took the stuff, left the store and started heading back to the car around the side and back from of the store. As we got about 10 meters away, the rear window went down. Victor was now in the back seat sitting where I formerly had been seated. He yelled over to Toni and said, ~Why donít you guys just keep walking for a bit~.

A sudden wave of nervousness came through me as I kept walking towards him. I asked him what was going on and he said ~nothing, we just a bit busy, thatís all~. At this point, I was close enough to see that Oxanaís head didnít appear to be in the middle of them. I was paralized and at same time waves of excitement were coming to me. A few more steps and I could see into the window that Victor still had down.

In the other seat, right where he had been before was Juan with his pants pulled down around his ankles. And there was Oxana, completely leaned over his legs obviously sucking his cock. Juanís one hand was on her head, playing with her hair as he encouraged her head to continue. His right arm was draped over her back and his hand was cupping her naked breast. His fingers were massaging her nipple and hardening it as she continued to blow him.

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