Summer Heat

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 The heat was bearing down in Craig’s room and I could feel the sweat pour down my body and onto his sheets soaking them.
Wait lets start back a little further so you can get the big picture.

Craig and I had been friends since our freshmen year of high school and still hung out when we came home for summer breaks from college. Little did he know I’ve had a crush on him the entire length of our friendship?
It was sweet really; see I would get bullied at school cause I was a little wimpy and one day Craig came to my rescue and we’ve been friends every since.
Craig was a very athletic guy; he was about five foot nine with short-cropped black hair and dark brown eyes. His sport of choice was swimming which left him with a very long lean torso that sported an extremely chiseled set of abs. Lets just say he was fine as hell, and most of my time spent around Craig I did so with a hard on anticipating finally getting to touch his taut beautiful body.

Now I wasn’t to bad looking myself, standing at six feet with dark brown hair and brown eyes also, my body may not have been as lean as Craig’s but I had a nice one nonetheless. I had been trying to work up the courage to make a pass at Craig for a couple of years with no success; it seemed liked he talked of nothing but his triumphs with the ‘ladies’, until now.

We started the day off heading down to a pond on the of his parents land It had a little dock we could dive off and also sun bathe on. I had forgot to pack my trunks somehow and decided to just swim in my underwear and to make me feel better and less self-conscious Craig swam in his as well. It was no big deal really, just like wearing skimpy Speedos to swim in except Speedos don’t become see through once they get wet. After swimming for a while we decided to just lie in the sun atop the dock and allow our underwear to dry. We laid there for what seemed like hours just talking and laughing telling stories of our experiences so far in college, just trying to catch up on what we had missed with one another. I then realized I had forgotten to put on sunscreen so I rose up and grabbed the lotion and started squeezing some out into my hand.

“Oh yeah great idea I need to touch up; do you mind?” asked Craig as he rolled onto his stomach.
I tried to gulp when he said this but something lodged in my throat and I may have whimpered a little but I don’t think Craig noticed cause he just kept laying there waiting.
I poured some more lotion into my hands and placed them on Craig’s back.
“Wow that’s cold!” squeaked Craig as he jumped up a little
“Sorry man.” I said as I quickly placed my hands on his back and spread the lotion pushing him back to the ground. He immediately began to moan.
“Now that feels awesome, thank you so much Brian.”
I began to work my hands in circular motions up and down Craig’s back and I could feel his body start to relax. I was finally being able to touch him and wasn’t quite sure how to contain myself, and it was getting difficult to hide the tent that was starting to be pitched in my jockeys.

“Hey, thanks again Brian.” He said as he raised himself to a propped up position on one side.
“Would you like me to do you?” He questioned.
I was thinking god damn right I would but luckily I said.
“Sure man thanks.”

I lay down with my heart racing and my dick aching hoping that he wouldn’t notice either one. Craig lathered up the lotion in his hands and placed them on my back gently rubbing me up and down applying just the right amount of pressure. He spread the lotion on my back for some time before he tapped me on the side as if to suggest he was finished but he had other plans.
“Roll over and I’ll get your front dude.” He suggested as my heart stopped.
“Um that’s cool, I’m fine.” I said while my brain was cursing me.
“Oh come on what are afraid of were just a couple of guys hanging out in our underwear on a dock in the sun and you need sun block on both sides so roll over.” Demanded Craig.
“And if you”ve got a boner or something from the massage don’t worry happens to everyone.”
“Really I said almost jumping up to hear more.”
“Yeah at school the coach gets a masseuse before swim meets so we can relax and be at our best and I see the guys on the team getting hard all time, I don’t think its sexual they just get off on being touched.” Explained Craig.
“What about you?” I asked
“Even me, sometimes.” He responded with a little bit of a smirk.
“And look if your worried about some one seeing then don’t cause were the only ones who come here anymore.”

I knew he was right about no one coming here anymore and I wasn’t worried about that, I was worried he would notice that my hard on was more than just getting off on being touched it was being touched by him and I wanted more.
“Ok but don’t make fun of me cause my dick has a mind of it’s own.
Then as I lay back down out of the corner of my eye I could swear I’d seen Craig’s underwear bulging up.
I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the felling of his hands roaming around on my stomach and chest then he moved down to my legs allowing the back of his hands to lightly brush up along the length of my erection which made it jump.
I could hear him giggle a little, so I rose up to see him staring at my bulge.
“You sure do stay hard a lot Brian.”

I cringed thinking he was going to ask the ten million dollar question, I could hear it already.
“You’re not a fag are you cause I don’t think I could be cool with that?”
But that’s not what happened next what actually happened was the beginning of a great summer.
“Here lets give that thing some breathing room.” Said Craig as he slid his fingers into my briefs and began to peel them off my sweat and lotion covered body.

As my jockeys came down to relieve the pressure that had built in them my dick caught just a little then with a loud plop landed back onto my stomach. A light breeze came through and seemed to caress my dick causing it to twitch up and down a few times; this made Craig giggle again. At this point I was frozen with fear, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next; I knew what I wanted but was still unsure of how to go about getting it.
Craig must’ve been thinking the same thing and that’s when he changed the course of the day and took things into his own hands, I mean literally.
“Brain I have to tell you something but I think that it would be easier to show than tell.” He said this without ever taking his hands off my thighs still rubbing in the lotion.
“What dude?” I asked without thinking it could be of a sexual nature.
“This.” He said and without warning he grabbed my hard dick and swooped down onto the head like an osprey after food from a mile above the earth.

The only thing I could do was hold my breath, I had waited for this for so long and now I couldn’t move. Craig must’ve noticed I was frozen he took my pre come oozing dick out of his mouth and looked at me with a concerned look.
“Sorry Brian I thought this was what you wanted; I mean I was sure you felt the same as I do.” He stammered around trying to find the right thing to say.
So without saying a word I just smiled my sweetest smile pushed him onto his back and lunged at his own dick. Which was a beautiful dick. Craig was about seven in half inches long and about the same round, and so was I, we measured up exactly and I thought that meant we were made for the other.

As soon as my lips touched the head of Craig’s penis a shiny glob of pre cum oozed out I swirled my tongue around his slit hole to gather up that sweet tasting nectar of life. He tasted so wonderful and as soon as his pre cum was in me I lost control. The next thing I knew the entire length of Craig’s hot member was down my throat, I began to loose myself in the erotica that was occurring. I started sliding up and down on his love stick with a quicker pace not wanting to ever stop, but Craig must have been getting close, he lowered his hands to my arm pits and pulled me off his cock and to his lips and kissed me as deep and passionately as I had ever hoped for.
“I don’t want to get off yet, so lets go to my house so we can really enjoy this.”
“Good.” I countered. “I’m actually a little freaked out doing this in the open anyway.”

We gathered up our clothes and put on our pants and headed toward Craigs house.
“So if were doing this then what about all the girls you talk about?” I asked as we walked the path to his house.

“They were all really guys I just changed their names, see I have been trying to get into your pants for a few years I just never had the courage to say anything.” When he said this I wanted to cry and tell him I had been trying the same thing the whole time, but I decided to wait instead I wrapped my arm around his waist and he did the same to mine and we continued our journey to the house not talking just looking at one another and smiling.
As soon as we entered Craigs bedroom the action was on again like it never stopped. Craig had me naked and on the bed with my dick, (which hadn’t lost any hardness since the dock) in his mouth.

Now were back to the sweat soaked sheets. He was like a crazy wild man just devouring every bit of my flesh without once coming up for air. He went on like this for what seemed like an eternity before releasing my dick of it’s moist pleasure prison.
Again he rose up and kissed me deeply and passionately, making my head swarm with desire for more of his tantalizing body. After a few moments of kissing I tore from Craigs hot moist lips and dove once again for his beautiful seven in a half-inch member, he tasted so sweet and salty at the same time and with each decent I made on his cock I wanted more. While still going down on him I reached down and started juggling Craigs balls with one hand and tickling his ass hole with the other, just rubbing my finger in a circular motion changing directions every few turns. This only lasted a few seconds cause the next thing I knew Craigs balls tightened and I could feel his dick become engorged inside me. Then Craig arched his back tensed his whole body then the dam gave way to spurt after spurt of his sweet tasting spunk. With a few quick jabs down my throat he began to relax his body; finally he was finished and I felt like I had just won a quick drinking contest.

“That was amazing Brian.” Craig said with a satisfied smile
“Why thank you, thank you very much.” I tried saying in my best Elvis voice.
“Now allow me to return the favor.” He said while producing a condom from nowhere.
I wasn’t sure I was ready to top for someone but if it had to be with anyone I was glad it was going to be Craig, I honestly never thought he would be a bottom though.
Craig rolled onto his back and spread lube all around his hole smirking and giggling like a little schoolgirl the whole time.
“Go easy; I’ve never let anyone do this before.” Said Craig as I was rolling the condom down my shaft.

I couldn’t really promise him anything though this was every thing I wanted and more and I was excited, a lot.
I got between Craigs legs, holding them up and out into the air I aimed at my target and glided my pulsing cock into his accepting temporary home.
It wasn’t purposely but with one quick thrust I was buried to the hilt in Craigs ass, he began to squirm a little so I remained still to allow his ass time to adjust. I started to move in and out of Craig in slow easy thrust, I could tell he was really enjoying it by the way he kept rolling his eyes back and moaning each time I pulled almost all the way out and gently made my way back in.
“Oh god, please don’t stop that feels so good buddy.” He said as my movements became more wild and sudden.

He was in my hands now and I wanted more so I pulled out which made Craig whimper a little but soon he was moaning again, I rolled him over on all fours and rammed my fuck stick back into his quivering hole without remorse. He jumped and tried to pull a away so I just held on and pushed in further, I began to rock back and forth slowly till he calmed down. At this point Craigs breathing became more and more shallow and then out of nowhere I felt his anus ring tighten around my cock and jets of jism went fling onto his headboard and wall. Craig jerked his flesh violently then fell upon the bed. All of a sudden I felt a heat rising up within me I pulled out of Craig and let out a roar of triumph while streams of cum went flying onto his back. It was the most I had ever cum and I thought I would never stop but with one last jerk of my prick it was over. Not having any energy left I collapsed onto the bed next to Craig, he wrapped his strong arms around me and we drifted off to sleep.

That was the first in many an escapade with Craig; we spent the summer alone and doing hardly anything but having sex. We went our separate ways after college but decided we would get together whenever we could. Tomorrow will be six years and Craigs coming up for a summer break; I can’t wait to have my summer heat back!

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