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100% fiction!

I am Tony, 28, just married and have a lovely wife in Rita. Rita is also 28 and she has just given birth to our first child. It has just been two weeks since our child was born. Since it is our first child, Rita’s mother will come and stay with us every weekend to help out.
My mom passed away when I was just 18 due to illness. My dad is staying with my elder sister in New York and we are settled here in L.A. Everything has been going on smooth until…………..

One Saturday, I was feeling very horny. I did not have any sex ever since my wife gave birth and I did not enjoy masturbating either. I wanted to feel woman in my arms. I wanted to smell her hair and enjoy every details in her body. Such was the feeling that was running wild in my mind at that time . Just as I was thinking about what to be done and how to satisfy my hunger for sex, I heard my mother in law telling my wife that she was going to take a shower in a short while.

My mother in law, Anna, is a beautiful 44 year old with a voluptuous body. I have never imagined her in a sexual way before until that day. I was starting to have an even greater hard-on thinking of Anna in the shower. I would do anything to see her naked. Then I remembered, there’s a tiny gap between the bathroom door and the door frame. So, I quickly ran towards the door and luckily Anna hasn’t gone in yet. I closed the door and started to inspect the gap. Unfortunately, the gap wasn’t wide enough to see through. Quite swiftly an idea came to my mind. I quickly ran to the basement and got myself a scraper. I then quickly scraped off a tiny chunk from the edge of the door frame which is not noticeable but good enough for my horny eyes to peek through. I closed the door and checked if I will be able to see clearly through the gap. And to my satisfaction, I was able to see almost the entire bathroom with the help of a reflection from the mirror on the bathroom wall. I felt so elated.

Not wasting further time I swept the area clean to cover up any evidence of tampering and left the place immediately. I then sat anxiously in the kitchen waiting for Anna to walk into the bathroom for a shower. In less than 5 minutes, she was there walking past me with a smile in her face gesturing hi to me and walked right into my ‘’ trap ’’.

As soon as the bathroom door was closed, I walked fast towards the door and greedily peeked through the hole. Inside, she was inspecting her hair and the wrinkles on her face. Then, she removed her robe and hung it up on the nail. I was able to see clearly her huge boobs hanging proudly down her chest. Her nipples were brownish and hard. Her body still had that sexy curve and she was voluptuous. And my eyes rolled further down towards the bottom where for me at that time was the most precious looking object in the whole world- her neatly trimmed pussy.

I was not able to contain myself anymore as I quickly took out my fully erected shaft and started to stroke it hard. As I saw the water running down her body as she showered, my
whole body started to shiver with ecstasy. Then she started to apply shower gel. She started from her neck and as soon as she got near her pussy and started rubbing it, my cock exploded with cum. Damn! I made a real mess with the cum. Without wasting any time I took a rug nearby and cleared up the mess. Then I went into my room and pretended nothing happened.

That night, I was not able to sleep. My mother in law ”s nude image kept crossing my mind. I needed to fuck someone and she was that someone. I was planning very hard on how to make a move. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11pm. So, I got out of bed and walked straight to the dining room to get myself a scotch. To my surprise, Anna was there sitting by the window and having a glass of whiskey on her hand.

Me : Mom?

ANNA: Oh! Hey Tony. You are always asleep by this time. Any problem?

Me : Well….err…no..nothing.

ANNA : Huh ha!(laughing)… you sound nervous. Are you sure you are okay?

Me : Well, not really. (I answered while pouring some drink for myself).

ANNA : Well come on over here and tell me what is bothering you. You do look rather lost ever since your daughter was born.

I went and sat next to her. We were just about a feet away from each other. She was wearing a pink nightie, a sleeveless one, and a revealing one too. I was able to get a good look at her exposed cleavage and her silky smooth thigh. Man! I just wanted to fuck her right there and then.

Me : I am ok mom. Do not worry about me. It is just that I feel lonely ever since Rita gave birth. I am…..err…. I need sex. You know what I mean. (Damn! I just blurted out)

ANNA: HaHaHa( She laughed out loud after a brief pause). Poor boy, missing his wife. Having a dry spell, pity you. Another few weeks more and everything will be great. Just…u know…do the usual stuff all guys do to satisfy themselves when they are alone.

(She was already half drunk when she said that but she was still under control.)

Me : But ….masturbation does not satisfy me. I need to make love.

ANNA : (pause)

I had already consumed 3 glasses of whiskey by that time and that gave me courage to make a bold move. I slowly moved my right hand and placed it on her thigh. To that she did not respond but clearly she was frowning. Then I proceed to move my hand deeper towards her
inner thigh and abruptly she pushed away my hand. Then she quickly got up and finished up her last glass.

ANNA : I… leaving. (she said in a shivering voice). Good night.

She started walking away but I quickly got up and ran past her and stopped her on her track. Then I knelt down in front of her and embraced her by her waist and rested my face on her belly.

Me : Please….I need you. (I begged in a whispering sorrowful voice)

ANNA : Please Tony, DON’T! (She replied and tried to push me away gently)

ME : Please….I am desperate and I love you.

ANNA: Oh..dear lord!

Then I slowly got up and hugged her. After that, I started kissing her on the neck to which she resisted. But I held her firmly and continued kissing her neck which was soft and tender while the scent on her neck was a treat to the nose.

ANNA : Tony please, darling, please, control yourself. This is wrong. It is immoral. Its…its incest for god sake!!!

She then pushed me away and started to walk off. But I ran after her and grabbed her from behind. Then I pushed her gently with her back against the wall. Then I put my right arm around her waist and held her firmly towards my body and with my left arm I grabbed her by the chin and started kissing her. Initially, she tried to fight off but after a few attempts she stopped resisting and finally succumbed to the intense forbidden sexual lust. Our mouth met open and the frenzy that followed with a mutual moan of appreciation. Soon my hand was out of control, scanning her body and searching for every inch of sensitive moan provoking, lust increasing patch I could find.

My tongue pierced through her lips looking for her juicy tongue and upon finding it, both our tongues locked against each other exchanging the juice of intimacy. Then I lingered a little longer on her lips as she squirmed in ecstasy. Then I proceeded to her chin, I nibbled on her neck and was gifted with a moan.

I removed her nightie hastily revealing her sexy half nude body and at the same time removed my clothes to take the adventure to the next level. As I looked straight in her eyes, I saw guilt, a sense of shame and vulnerability and at the same time a fire of lust. I did not care for the guilt, nor the shame or the vulnerability but I only cared for the forbidden passion that was as clear as a crystal deep in her eyes.)

Me : ANNA! I love you!

ANNA : I love you too. But….but…we have to stop this. It is….

Before she finished her sentence I was already down her breasts. I placed the tip of my tongue on her hard nipple and teased it before sucking it into the mouth. Then I slowly scraped the erect nipple with my front teeth to which she responded by holding the back of my head with one of her hands, while her other hand got hold of her breast on which I was biting, and pushed it into my mouth demanding more sucking for which I gladly complied. I repeated the whole act on her other breast before proceeding to her belly. ( She is still in a standing position). I blew past her panties and started to kiss along the inside of her thighs.

Then I pulled her panties off and she parted he legs. I drew my face near her mound and inhaled. It was a sweet intoxicating smell. Then I lifted up one of her legs and I could not help myself and I dove in nose first into her pussy. “ OOOOOOHHHHH. AHHHHHHHH” she squirmed. Soon I could taste her pussy and stick my tongue out to probe the insides of her juicy, creamy cunt. She began to grind herself against my face. She started slowly but settled into a constant pace. I penetrated her pussy with my piercing tongue and sucked on every juice that came off her.

All of a sudden, Anna pushed me away until I fell on the floor. I was taken aback by that, but it was a pleasant surprise indeed as she hastily knelt down before me and crawled closer towards me with her face getting in between my legs. She stuck her tongue out, licked my 6.8 inches fully erected horny cock starting with my balls and all the way up to the tip of the cock. Then with a soft ‘’ mmmmm ‘’ moan, she swallowed my dick deep into her soft throat while her hands stroking my inner thighs. That felt soooooo great! She gradually increased the pace of suction while her hands moved towards my balls and started caressing it.

I felt as if my genital was being pampered by an angel. Then she licked my cock all the way down to my balls and managed to put both my balls into her mouth at once and tenderly rolled her tongue around the balls warming them from inside her mouth. She used her tongue to move my balls around inside her mouth ; her lips were completely enveloping my entire sack up to the root of my cock. Then her hands began to stroke my cock. ‘’ MMMMMM ‘’, ‘’ OOOOHHH ‘’, I moaned with sheer pleasure.

Now it was time for the ultimate pleasure. Both of us got back on our feet. She sat on a chair nearby and lifted both her legs up and held them in place with her respective arms clearly paving me the passage to penetrate the most intimate place of hers. I swiftly took the invitation and bent over towards her and rubbed my cock around the lips of here pussy and around her pussy hole before gently shoving the erected massive cock inside her. ‘’ AHHHHHHH…..That feels good….mmmmmmm ’’ she complimented.

My thick hard organ kept rubbing her slick, wet vaginal walls penetrating so deep that both can feel our pubic hair sticking, and my nuts rounding her ass while the pelvic bone pressing against the clits. It was so deep a penetration. I could feel her squeezing my cock with her pussy to increase the intensity. ‘’ OH fuck…fuck….fuck…fuck me hard TONY ! “ She yelled but not too loud. She was cautious enough not to wake her daughter up.

I lifted her up from the chair and walked her towards the kitchen table with my cock still inside her. I laid her on the table, stretched her legs wide and started pounding her in and out and as hard as I could, drawing uncontrollable moans from her mouth and an irresistibly enormous pleasure on my behalf.

Me : ANNA darling, I am gonna cum any minute. Should I cum in you?!

ANNA: NO. Pull out and cum into my mouth. I wanna taste your cum. I love cum. (She said in between gasps).

I could not believe what I was hearing but certainly I was indescribably amused. My mother in law drinking my cum. Damn! That is something!
I was about to cum, so I quickly withdrew my cock from her pussy, climbed up onto the table and lifted ANNA’S face towards my cock and shoved my cock deep into her throat and ejaculated inside her throat. She choked a bit but managed to keep her composure. She pulled out my cock from her throat and started licking the head. She then started to suck and swallow every bit of my cum. She really does love cum. It was evident! I am one bloody, damn, fucking lucky bastard!!!! I thought to myself.

Then I sat by her side, cuddled her and whispered in her ears :

Me : We should do this often.

ANNA : We will see. (She said with a grin)

Me : I love you.

Anna : Love you too, stud !

(Both of us laughed, kissed good night and went to bed discreetly).

p/s : All my stories have grammatical and tense errors and maybe other errors that I may have overlooked. Just to let you know, ENGLISH is not my native. I tried my best though. PLEASE comment to encourage me to write more. Thank you.

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