Sue, Mom and I.

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My sister Susan and I began having a sexual relationship when I was 19, and she was 18. It started when our parents had taken a long weekend away, with Sue being the initiator of the relationship! Our parents, (mom Carla and dad Robert) were 35 and 38, respectively. Our folks returned from their “long weekend” on a Wednesday afternoon, and were none the wiser to the fact that Sue and I had been fucking like rabbits in the forest!

Now, the purpose of our parent’s weekend away, was for them to have some much needed “alone” time. Our father had worked as a mechanic from the time he and our mother became married. She was 16 when she became pregnant with me, he was 18. For 18 years dad had worked at a car dealership, just down the road from our home. Earlier in the year (1988), he was laid-off when the dealership closed. After searching for 3 months, looking for a job that paid as well as the mechanic job had, he had given up. He eventually was “re-trained” by the state, and became a “Long-haul” truck driver. Our folks had spent those 5 days away, having as much “personal” time as they could manage. Dad was leaving on the Monday following their return home, to do his training, for the trucking company he had landed a driving job with, and was going to be out there on the road, for at least 2 months!

Now, this was happening in early May. Something else was going on the same week that Dad was leaving. Susan was also going out of town for 10 days with her “Senior Class”. In our town each year, the high school arranged for those senior’s whom wanted too do so, to go on a road-trip to places like Disneyland, Sea World, stuff like that. Places that the average kid would not get to see, unless the family was “well off”. So Dad was hitting the road as a truck driver trainee, and Sis was headed to Washington DC, to see the Smithsonian and the other sights that are there. Times were going to be lean for me.

The next sexual encounter for Sue and I, happened on the Saturday after our parents returned home! That night, mom and dad had several drinks, while we were all out to dinner! Dad had 4 or 5 drinks, which was very unusual for him, and Mom had her standard 3 drinks! Sue and I were both still “to young” to “partake“! =o( After I drove us all back to the homestead, Mom and Dad headed for their bedroom. It was about 9:00 in the evening, and Mom figured that Dad needed to be in bed. The drinks were having their affect on him! As they went down the hall to their bedroom, Sue bumped me with her hip and giggled! “You make some popcorn Butch” she said softly, “I’m going to go get into something comfortable, then we can watch a movie or something!”, and off down the hall she went. Well, before I started popcorn or anything else, I went down to my room and slid into some gym shorts and a T-shirt. I was going to be comfortable too! At that moment, I really had no idea that SEX was on Sue’s mind, but it was, most definitely! When I was changed, I went to the kitchen and dutifully started the requested popcorn.

What a dunce I was! When I walked down to the family room, Sis had the coffee table moved out of the way, comforters spread out on the floor, and pillows down to! She was bent over, looking into the cabinet, checking what movies we had in there to watch. Her pussy was bare and inviting! My lord that pussy gleamed! She looked back over her shoulder at me and asked “Did you really start popcorn silly?” LOL. “Yeah” I said, “I guess that I figured we were gonna watch a move!” “Oooooh!” she smiled at me, “We are going to at least start watching a movie, give Mom and Dad a chance to settle down into some good sleep!” Sis stated. I went to finish up with the popcorn while she decided on the movie. When I came back to the family room, she had Back to the Future plugged in and running, and had moved a comforter up onto the sofa, so we could sit under it, and munch on some popcorn with out making a mess. When I sat down, Sue snuggled up against me, the bowl of popcorn in my lap, and her boobs nestled against my left arm! She was not afraid any in the least that either of our parents were going to walk in and see us!

Well, we hadn’t watched more than 20 minutes of that movie, before Sis had her roaming fingers wrapped around my cock! That damn thing was hard the instant her boobs pressed against my arm, and she knew it! Hell, it was hard the instant I glimpsed her magnificent pussy! Well, one thing leading to another, Sis was soon down on her knees, and my gym shorts were down around my ankles! Sue decided that sucking my cock was going to be better than eating popcorn and watching Michael J Fox! Being the “sexual novices” that we were, Sue was in the learning stages of cock sucking, but for all I knew, she was a “Pro”! Her tongue danced around the head of my rock hard prick, her fingers wrapped tight around the base! She was treating that cock like it was a “lollipop”, running her tongue up and down the shaft, sliding the tip through the slit on my cock-head, and slurping as she took one inch at a time of my 8 inch member into her mouth. Being a novice, she was not yet at the point where she could “deep throat” my cock, but as I laid back against the cushions of the sofa, I closed my eyes and knew that one day, she would take all 8 inches into her steamy mouth! After about 10 minutes, I couldn’t take any more! I needed to get my tongue into her pussy! Lifting her head in my hands, I simply motioned with my head for Sue to get onto the comforter that was on the floor still! Smiling she complied! As I rid myself of the shorts around my ankles and my T-shirt, she shed her own T-shirt, and was laying there, waiting for me!

I slid down between her legs, but before starting to eat her pussy, I began by kissing her lips, then slowly and softly worked my way down her limber body, kissing and suckling at her breasts, each pink nipple erect and firm! Once I was at her moist twat, I dived right in, sliding my tongue through those moist pink folds of lusciousness, twirling her clit with my tongue, which was standing erect, a small drop of dew sitting right at the peak! In minutes Sue was wriggling her pussy into my face, grinding her pussy into my mouth, clasping my head in her hands and directing where she wanted attention at each moment! I was between her legs for 10 minutes, licking and sucking like a crazy fool!

After sending her into at least her third orgasm, I slid up, and grasping her hips, I softly told her, “Roll over! I’m going to fuck you doggy style!” Instantly she was on her knees, a pillow bunched up under her chest, her head down and her hips thrust out for my cock to do it’s job! I slid my rigid cock into her steaming twat, gliding into her pussy the full length of my shaft in one easy thrust! Once I was fully inserted, I grasped her hips gently with both hands, then slowly started to fuck into her pussy, in and out, in and out, watching with amazement as each withdrawal pulled her pouting pussy lips out, then my shaft disappearing into the folds of her golden thatched pussy, as I thrust back into the steaming depths! For 5 minutes I was plunging my cock into that sweet sweet pussy, my nuts slapping into her clit with each inward plunge. Just when her pussy was starting to get really juicy, I looked up, and in the mirror on the wall I could see our mother, standing there in her nightgown, fingers to her lips, a look of shock and amazement in her eyes! Even though she was right there, I had not heard a peep from her! I did not know how long she had been watching, I did not even know if Sis knew that she was standing there! I had thrust into Sue with force just as I looked into the mirror, and Sue squealed! “OH GOD YES!” “FUCK MY PUSSY BUTCH! FUCK IT HARD!” With my eyes on my mother, I pounded into that twat! Stroke after stroke, and for 4 minutes, my mother stood there with out making a sound!

Suddenly I was inspired! I pulled my cock, which was ready to burst, out of Sue’s pussy, and I hopped right down behind her, stabbing my tongue into her juice filled lips! The thought was in my mind, “If MOM isn’t going to be mad, I’m going to really give her a show!” So I started eating Sue’s pussy, sucking, licking and nibbling at it! I took her now fully distended clit into my lips and twirled my tongue around it madly! Sue’s response was to start moaning, her head buried in the pillow, her hips grinding her pussy into my face! As she humped into yet another orgasm, I suddenly felt fingers wrap around my cock! I did not stop my tongue assault on Sue’s pussy, but I was certainly surprised by those soft fingers!

There was only one person they could belong to! That is right, MOM, had softly walked in behind me, reached in between my thighs, and wrapped her fingers around my cock, which was moist with Sue’s quim juices! Mom pumped my cock with her hand for 4 or 5 strokes! Then suddenly, she had my nuts in her mouth! My god! I almost shot my load right then! I continued eating Sue’s pussy, sending her into a writhing moaning orgasm, her pussy grinding at my mouth! Mom sucked at my nuts for perhaps 2 minutes, never uttering a sound, keeping her fingers wrapped around my rock hard cock! Then with out a word, she got up and left! I couldn’t stop then! I rammed my cock into Sue’s pussy with all the force I could muster! Our hips slapped together, and she hissed! “Oooooh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me just like that!” Grasping her hips, one hand on each side, I fucked into her twat with all the force I could. Juice was blowing out from her pussy with each inward thrust, her juices leaking down onto the comforter! Sue was biting the pillow, trying to keep the volume of her moans covered! After 4 minutes of slamming into her pussy, my nuts contracted, the head of my dick expanded, and suddenly I began pumping jizz into that sweet piece of heaven! As the jizz started to flow, I slammed to the bottom of her pussy, and held my cock in place, pumping every last drop, deep into that wet wonderland! Once I was spent, I laid down beside Sue, draping my arm across her back, and hugging her into me!

“My god Butch” she whispered, “Where did that come from? You made me cum a dozen times between eating my pussy the way you did, then pounding that wonderful cock into me like you did!” “I’m in love! I’m in love with you Butch!”, then she kissed me, sliding her tongue into my mouth, twirling my tongue with hers!

Well, I needed to pee! So I stood up, smacking Sis on the rump as I did so, and said, “I will be right back! Let’s move into my bedroom shall we?” With that I walked to the bathroom, which was part of the laundry room. (My bedroom and the family room are downstairs in the basement at our house. When I was 15, I had convinced the folks that I should have the unused room downstairs, then Sis could move out of her tiny bedroom into my larger room. The family room downstairs, takes up half of the basement, my bedroom takes up about 1/3 of the rest, with the laundry and bathroom taking up the rest of the space).
As I walked through the partially closed door, I was shocked to find our mother, sitting on the laundry counter, her night gown hiked up above her hips, her legs spread far apart, and her fingers buried into her wet, brown hair thatched, pussy! I could not believe what I was seeing! She had her head tossed back, her eyes closed, the fingers of her right hand delving into her moist twat, and a soft moan emanating from her parted lips! I needed to piss something fierce, so I went to the toilet and let fly! As my urine hit the water in the commode, my mother’s eyes flew open! She didn’t say a word! She just looked at me, and kept right on masturbating her pussy! Once I was done pissing, and I had shaken the drops from my semi rigid dick, I slid over between my mothers legs, resting my hands on top of each thigh. As I stood there between her parted legs, she pulled her fingers back from her pussy, and looked into my eyes!

“My lord Butch! What did I just see?” she whispered. “How long have the two of you been making love?” “I can not believe what I did Butch! Will you ever be able to forgive me?” she whimpered, her pussy still spread open and totally available to me!

Rubbing her thighs, from her knees to her hips, my body positioned right between them, I just looked into her flushed face, then down into her swollen and dripping pussy! “Momma” I said, “What is there to forgive?” With that I bent my face down, and softly kissed first one knee then the other. Slowly, I kissed my way down her thighs, working my face into her quivering pussy folds! Lifting her legs up over my shoulders for easier access, I slid my tongue into that pussy, thatched in soft but curly, dark brown hair! I slurped at her twat for 3 minutes, driving my tongue through each fold, darting it into her love canal, slurping up the fluid that was there! Then I moved my eager lips to her clit! My God! Her clit was at least 2 1/2 inches long and half an inch in diameter! There was pre-cum leaking from it, and unlike my dear sister, there was more than just a drop! There was a steady stream! I sucked her clit into my mouth, devouring every drop of the slick, salty fluid that was coming from it’s hard shaft! For 5 minutes I ate my mother’s dripping pussy, sending her into 2 hip grinding orgasms! After the second orgasm, one in which her pussy clinched at my diving tongue, she eased my head back, and softly said, “Stop Butch! Stop now, before we wake the dead!” I stood back from her, and she closed her legs, and sliding to the floor, standing erect, she kissed me on the cheek, and silently went up the stairs, to go to her bedroom!

As I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to wonder, “Was I dreaming? Did I really just eat my MOTHER’S pussy?” As I walked out of the bathroom, my cock was harder than it had been when I fucked Susan! I walked into my bedroom, and there my sister lay, on her side, her hands balled up under a pillow, the sheet draped across her legs! With a wide smile, she said “There you are! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to come in!” “And look! Your ready for more!” When I slid into bed, she pressed me down onto my back, and grabbing my cock, which was rock hard and leaking pre-cum, Sue mounted me, guiding the bloated head of my cock, into her wet and willing pussy!

Now, Sue rode me! Thumping her pussy up and down on my stiff cock, building her tempo, thrusting her hips this way and that, driving my cock into her twat! She pounded my cock into her pussy, her fluids draining out, drooling down the shaft, dripping down past my nuts, the nuts my mother had sucked just half an hour earlier! Soon Sue was crooning, tossing her head back and moaning as she humped herself from one orgasm and into the next! As she was popping her pussy down the length of my shaft, I could feel the head striking against a rubbery tightness. Each time she hit bottom, she would moan! Partly in pain, and partly in pleasure! As she was pumping herself onto my cock, I looked at the door, which had swung open just the barest of inches, and there stood Mother, her fingers once more delving into her pussy, watching as Sue humped at my cock, drawing us both further and further into total orgasm! Sue’s thrusts became so hard, and so quick, that suddenly that rubbery resistance gave way! Sue yelped in pain and in pleasure! Her hips bottomed out on my groin, our hair mingling! “Oh god Butch!” she moaned, “Oh GOD! That is the most incredible feeling!” “Your cock is totally in me! You can not go any deeper than you are right now!” Sue exploded then! Her pussy romping onto my cock, forcing it deep into her hot heaven! Then, just as my cock began spurting it’s jizz, she drove herself down, holding my cock in that tight box! Moaning as she lay down on my chest, my cock deep in her pussy, pumping jet after jet of cum, her thighs clamped against mine, her pussy grinding against me! “My god! That was wonderful!” she purred, as she fell asleep there astride me!

I looked at the door, but it was closed and our mother was gone! I was not sure that I even saw her there! I drifted off to sleep while Sue lay on my chest, my semi-hard cock still resting inside her warm pussy. About 1 in the morning, Sue woke up, and softly started kissing and sucking my nipples, bringing me up out of my slumber. As I came awake, she sat upright, flexing her cunt, allowing it to squeeze my rock hard and sore dick. “Mmmmmm!” she purred, “Your dick is so fucking hard Butch!” “Let’s take care of that, then I am going to go to my own bed!” With that, she started a slow ride, humping her pussy on my dick, a soft silent fuck! In 10 minutes time, she had orgasmed multiple times, and soon after, my dick began pulsing, jetting jizz into her clenching love box! Once I was drained, Sue slid up off of me, kissing me softly on the lips and saying, “I will see you when I wake up brother! With luck it will be AFTERNOON!” and off she went, closing the door softly and making her way to her bedroom upstairs. I drifted off to sleep, with thoughts of the incredible fuck that my sister had thrown at me, and wondering if I really did eat my mother’s pussy in the bathroom! I drifted off to sleep content!

I slept soundly, awakening to the soft touch of fingers tracing outlines down the muscles of my back. As I became aware of those fingers, I slowly lifted my eyes open, and turned over onto my side, looking at whomever it was, tracing out a pattern on my back. It was Mom, and she was sitting on the edge of my bed, wearing a light cotton sundress. I looked at the alarm clock, and it read 07:00. I had been asleep about 5 ˝ hours. “Good morning Sweetheart” my mom said softly, “Your father left to go play golf with his friends.” “He wants all of us to be ready to go to his parents house this afternoon when he gets home. About 2 or so, he thinks.” she stated. While doing this, she began rubbing my chest softly with her right hand, her left sitting still in her lap. “We really should talk, while your sister is still sleeping, about what happened last night, Butch!” “I am so uncertain about why it happened, and I am confused by the feelings that I experienced! You seemed so in control and easy, doing the things you did!” she whispered softly. “I have never been with any man except your father Butch!” she said, “He is the only man I have ever made love too!“
This entire time, I am laying there, now on my back, Mom’s fingers tracing a soft pattern on my chest. As I am looking at her, I am waiting for her to break down, to scold me, to do something to indicate that she was unhappy about what happened. As I lay there, I remembered how wonderful I felt when her fingers wrapped around my cock and her lips sucked my nuts into her warm mouth! I also loved the way her pussy tasted! It was incredible! Peaches is what she tasted like!

Her fingers, tracing across my chest and belly, compiled with my thoughts of how wonderful her pussy tasted, brought my cock to attention, rigid and ready to seek adventure!

As Mom murmured her misgivings to me, she traced her fingers down my belly, pushing back the sheet that covered the lower half of my body, pushing it down just far enough, that my pubic hair was now visible! Soon those soft fingers were tracing a pattern back and forth between my belly-button and my groin, stopping just short of running into my hair patch! “Butch” she said, “I am having all these different feelings right now! Part of me knows that finding you and your sister fucking was totally wrong!” “But, I don’t know what got into ME! I can not believe what I did! I can not believe that I sucked your balls, fingered your cock, or that I allowed you to suck on my pussy the way that I did!” Now her fingers are twirling soft circles around my belly button. As she is looking into my eyes, I put my right hand on her left thigh, midway between her knee and her hip (her right leg was hooked under her left thigh, drawing her sundress tight across the gap in her legs.. “Momma” I said, “It’s OK. I am totally fine with what happened last night! Sue and I only started having sex last Friday, while you and Dad were up in the mountains!” “We did not give a lot of thought to what we did Mom, we just did what felt right! And Momma, it did feel so right! I don’t think Sue feels any more guilt than I do.” As I talked with her, my hand slowly started massaging her thigh, softly running back and forth along her muscle, which felt as soft as velvet!. Instead of pushing my hand away, as I half expected her too, she repositioned herself, making it easier for my hand to access that thigh.
As I massaged her creamy thigh, she said “What are we going to do Butch? What we did last night seems so wrong, but my lord, it felt so good!” “I love your father so deeply” she whispered, “But last night, I had feelings like I have not had in years! I can not remember the last time I had an orgasm as intense as the one you gave me!” Now her fingers are running through my pubic bush! Twirling the hair softly, running back and forth across my hips, just grazing the head of my cock, which is pressed flat by the sheet folded across it! As she murmured her words of wonder, Mom bent down and kissed me softly on the cheek and then on my neck. As she did so, I inhaled her fresh “Peach” scent!

Before she lifted her face away, my left hand reached up, and softly holding the back of her neck, I pulled her down closer, and brazenly kissed her full on the lips. First one , then another, and another, soft kiss. On the third kiss, her lips parted, and my tongue advanced into her moist mouth, her body leaning down closer, pressing my head back into the pillows as she returned my kiss! After a minute or so, Mom broke the kiss and sat upright, her hand still under the sheet, brushing through my pubic hair. “Butch” she sighed, “I just don’t understand why I am having these urges!" "I was not disgusted seeing you and your sister fucking like you were, and I should have been! Instead I was turned on by it!” “I just don’t understand.” Now, her fingers are wrapped around my rigid cock, slowly stroking it, her eyes still locked on mine.

My mother is 5 foot 9 inches, with thick dark brown hair, falling down across her shoulders, an hour glass figure, with measurements of about 38, 28, 38! 38D boobs, a 28 inch waist, and maybe 38 inch hips. She has a perfectly formed ass! Her buttocks are not flat, nor are they fat. They have a nice bubble shape to them! Very sexy, once I started looking at them as such! Her legs are satin smooth and creamy white, long and limber, perfectly proportioned to her body! Her eyes are large and almond shaped, a nice hazel green!

While she pumped on the shaft of my dick, which was getting harder than I could imagine, I took my roaming right hand, and slowly undid the buttons of her sundress, starting at the very bottom, and undoing each button in turn. After the fourth button was undone, Mom hitched herself closer to me, allowing the fabric of the sundress to loosen and fall away from her legs and hips! As the cotton fell away, that beautiful dark brown muff-patch covering her pussy, came into view! I could see her puffy pink lips, moist and swollen! I moved my hand back to her left thigh, and soon my fingers had a good hold on her left buttock. Her right hand continued pumping the shaft of my cock, up and down it’s length. My dick was so hard, I am surprised it didn’t explode jizz! Mom pumped at my cock for maybe 3 minutes, her eyes searching my face. Maybe for approval?

If it was approval she was searching for, she understood that she had it, when I flipped the sheet off of me with my left hand, allowing her unspoken full access to my cock, which was drooling pre-cum and red as it had ever been. I looked at her fingers jacking my shaft, then I looked into her eyes. As I squeezed her buttock with my fingers, Mom turned further to her right, and slowly bent her face to my groin. She took a first tentative lick at the head of my drooling cock, sweeping the pre-cum she caught in that swipe, into her mouth. Then she simply swallowed my cock! Her right hand was squeezing at the base of my shaft, fingering my nuts, as Mom wrapped her lips around the head, then simply sank down it’s length, my cock disappearing into her moist mouth! As she started sucking at my rock hard fucker, I flexed it, signaling my satisfaction of her intent! For 5 slow minutes Mom worked at my cock, slurping at it each time she withdrew it from her mouth. Then suddenly, my hand felt her butt tense, as she began the process of deep throating my dick! By now, my fingers were gliding through the moist slit of her pussy lips, and each gag she made as she swallowed my cock, her pussy lips clenched at my finger tips!
One bit at a time, my mother was sucking my cock down her tight throat! She had managed to get maybe the head and an inch of shaft worked into her throat, when I suddenly decided that I was not going to be left out! As I felt her saliva dripping down onto my nuts, I reached out with my left arm, and while my cock was still in her mouth, I lifted my mother fully onto the bed, her thighs parting as her ass swung across my face, her pussy, dripping wet, right where I wanted it to be! In my face, where I could suck, lick and nibble to my hearts content! For several minutes her sundress was still on, then she sat erect, pushing her wet twat down onto my face, as she removed the dress!

Gripping my cock once again, my mother attacked it with gusto, her pussy flicking at my face, rubbing her lips all across my mouth and face, as her mouth sucked at my slowly expanding cock! We stayed in that position for 5 or 6 more minutes, when suddenly I felt my mothers chin brushing in my pubic hair! Mom had the entire length of my cock in her mouth, a good portion of it in her throat! As she gagged several times, holding my cock in her wide stretched mouth, saliva drooling out like an uncontrolled water pipe, her pussy was clenching each time she gagged! Her entire body would shake as she sucked at my dick! Several times I timed it right, and my tongue was as deep into her pussy slit as I could get it! When she would gag and shudder, as she sucked on my dick, her pussy clenched at my tongue! It was incredible! Each time she shuddered, I sucked as hard as I could, getting all the quim from her twat that I could possibly suck! Just when I thought I was going to blow my wad into her throat, Mom pulled up off my cock!
Changing positions without a sound, she turned around to face me, now reaching between her thighs to grip my cock shaft once more, with one full thrust, my mother had my 8 inch cock buried to it’s base in her life giving pussy! As she settled down onto that fat dick, her eyes were closed, and she smiled! She sat there, for about 2 minutes, just flexing the walls of her pussy around my cock, slightly humping her hips, adjusting to get a comfortable position. Then she bent down, her 38D breasts tickling my chest, the nipples as wide as a silver dollar and peaked in excitement, hard and dark pink! When she had her face against my neck, she whispered into my ear, “Now I know how Susan felt! Your cock is wonderful Sweetheart! Your father’s cock is not nearly as long, nor is it as thick! My god! You are filling me up!”
Her pussy felt wonderful! My cock was just fat enough, that she was not super tight, but she was tight! I could feel that the area surrounding my cock-head, was tighter than the opening of her vagina!

Kissing me, sucking my tongue into her mouth, we stayed like that for 3 or 4 minutes, her breasts teasing my chest, my cock getting harder and harder, my nuts bunching up, ready to blow jizz! Just when I had decided I was going to roll Mom over onto her back, she sat back up. Once erect, her back slightly arched, her head back, and her breasts pushed out, she slowly started fucking my cock, rising up and thrusting down, slow at first, building a steady tempo! It was fantastic! Her white breasts firm and erect, her face turned up, a smile warmly spread across her lips! She built her tempo, and soon you could hear the “Thup, Thup, Thup” of her pussy hitting against my pelvis! With each thrust, I was getting the sensation that something firm was hitting against the head of my cock. About 5 minutes into the fuck, my Mother’s eyes flew open as she hit bottom, a loud moan erupting from her lips, as I felt something incredibly tight push past the head of my cock! It was so much like what happened to Susan during our second fuck last night, when Mom had been standing at the door watching! Only it seemed like much more of my cock was involved. It was not just the head and a portion of the shaft. It felt like at least 3 inches of my shaft brushed past that rubbery tightness!

Mom froze there! Wriggling her hips in a circular motion, her juices flowing from her pussy, drowning my pubic hair and coating my nuts in her thick white foam! After several long seconds, she resumed fucking my cock! Humping at it now with force, pulling herself up to it’s tip, then thrusting down! With each thrust, my cock was swelling, begging to explode! She kept up that maddening tempo for 3 minutes, then she began shuddering, one of the most violent orgasm’s I ever watched her experience! She was moaning softly, her lower lip being held by her teeth as she surged through one orgasm after another. Without warning, I felt my cock jolt! Reaching out, I grasped my mother’s gyrating hips, and as she thrust down, I held her in place, lifting my hips to thrust against her pussy, blowing jet after jet into her steaming twat! I counted 12 pulses! But I think I might have missed a couple! As I settled down, Mom laid down on my chest, her breath coming in short huffs, her skin hot and moist! “Butch!” she whispered. “That was the most amazing sex I have ever experienced! You sweet man! That cock did more for me than I could have ever imagined!” While she was laying there, I noticed that even though I had filled her pussy with my cum, my cock was still rock hard! It had never stayed that way, in the experience's Sue and I had shared!

Mom lay on my chest for 4 or 5 minutes, when she suddenly started to giggle! “BUTCH!” she said, “Your cock is still HARD! Oh my god Butch! You can fuck me some more!” Rolling off me, she lay on her back, her thighs spread, her arms open, the fingers on each hand wiggling at me, to assume position between her legs! Flipping myself around, I lifted her legs over my shoulders, but before fucking her again, I bent my face down to her swollen pink lips! I ate her pussy, savoring every drop of liquid I could suck from her swollen lips! As I sucked at her clit, she started grinding into my face, her hands pressing my head tightly into her pussy, as moans of intense pleasure escaped her mouth! I sucked and licked her through two orgasms! Only then did I move to fuck her! My hands had a firm grasp of her parted legs, and spread wide, she guided the swollen red head of my cock in to her twat! When I thrust into her, juices squished out! I fucked as hard as I could fuck, sweat dripping off my forehead onto her face, the liquid sounds of our juices squirting as our hips slapped together, driving me into a frenzy! When I thought I was going to collapse, my cock started bolting! My dick was spurting jizz into my Mother’s hot pussy for the second time in less than 30 minutes! Holding myself into her depths, her legs now wrapped around me, I spent my seed! Once I was done, my cock now going limp, I moved to my Mother’s side, holding her in my arms, her face snuggled into the crook of my neck!

As we lay there, her breath huffing against my skin, her breasts still erect and swollen, she hooked her left leg across me, and I could feel the warmth and moistness of her pussy juices. “Butch!” she whispered, “You are such a wonderful lover!” “I can not describe how wonderful that was!” I didn’t say a word. I did not know what to say! I had just had the most wonderful experience of my life! We lay there, and I glanced at the clock. It was 9:45. Lot’s of time before we had to go to the grandparents house! I drifted off to sleep again, my mother laying there wrapped in my arms, our legs entwined together, as she dozed with me!

We lay like that, softly sleeping, recovering from our exertions, until the sound of the phone ringing, woke us up. As my Mother reached across me to answer the phone, her nipples dragging across my face, I took the opportunity to suck softly at each of them! Mom was speaking to my father. She said into the receiver, “Are you sure you don’t want us to come with you? It won’t be a problem for us to follow behind you dear.” As she was talking with Dad, my arms were encasing her body, wrapped around her mid-section, as my mouth suckled and nibbled at her wonderful nipples! Those nipples were hard and distended, even as she spoke softly to her husband on the telephone! As I enjoyed the sweet reward of her breasts pressed against my face, I heard my Mother say, “All right Honey. You all have a safe drive, and we will see you in the morning! We can come out there if you want us to.” “I love Robert, tell David HI for us.” As mother hung up the phone, her breasts pulling up from my eager mouth, she looked down at me.

“Your father and grandparents are together at the golf course” she said, “They are going to drive out to your Uncle David’s place. He is not feeling well, and can not make it in to town.” (Uncle David and his family, live about 80 miles away, in the neighboring county, on a farm.) “Your father said he will see us in the morning, when he gets home from David’s.” Mother stated with a smile.

Looking at the alarm clock, I saw that it was 11:30. Susan was probably close to waking up, but I had this wild idea in the back of my mind, that I was going to fuck mother one more time before that happened! As she rested on my chest, I slid my hands under her arm pits, and rolled my mother over onto her back. I proceeded to kiss her mouth, then her neck, on down her torso, to her erect and swollen nipples. I kissed all around her luscious breasts, working my way from them, down to her bellybutton, which I suckled at ferociously, diving my tongue into and around it’s expanse! As I worked my way down to her pussy, my hands glided to her breasts, my fingers tweaking at each round and puffy nipple! Soon I was once more feasting on my mother’s wonderful pussy, savoring all the juiciness of that wonderful, life giving organ! My tongue dived into and around each fold, swirling and licking like a starved man! Within minutes, my mother was moaning in pleasure, her hips thrusting to my mouth, her fingers buried in my brown head of hair! “Oh Butch! Oh God Butch! Yes! YES!” she moaned, “Eat that snatch! Make me cum! Oh God Butch!” Her pussy humped against my mouth, as she reached towards another juice emitting orgasm! After I had induced a body tensing orgasm, I flipped my mother over, pushing her soundlessly up to her knees, her pussy opening up before me, her pink folds spreading their puffy wetness out for my pleasure!

Grabbing her hips softly in my hands, I lined my fully engorged cock up to that wonderful piece of heaven, and in one forceful thrust, sank my cock fully into her pussy, my balls slapping into her erect clit! With our thighs melded together, my cock buried to it’s hilt in her twat, I wriggled my hips, twirling my cock minutely inside of her! Then I started to fuck her, one powerful thrust at a time. With each passing second, my hips pounded into her round rump, sending her body jolting forward, her nipples brushing against the sheet on my bed, razzing them to a rosy red peaks! With each thrust, my cock head thumped into her womb, plowing into it’s tight depths, sending her into a moaning orgasm once each minute! “Ooooooooh! Ooooooooh YES!” she moaned! “fuck that pussy Butch! Fuck it hard! OOOOOH YES! OH GAWD” she moaned! For 5 more minutes, I banged my Mother's pussy, finally feeling my balls drawing up, ready to disgorge their seed into her steaming twat! As I was nearing my own explosive orgasm, I felt my mother’s fingers grasp at my nuts! Just as I started to jolt spurt after spurt of jizz into her pussy, my mother’s fingers crushed around those tense balls, milking as much juice from them as she could! I held my cock deep into her twat, spurting every once of jizz I had, into her love canal!

Afterwards, we lay entwined for several minutes! Then Mom said, “My goodness! You are such an awesome FUCK Butch!” “But we better settle down, or you are going to be wore out and sore!” “Let’s go take a shower, and get ready to wake your sister!” she said, “Come on, come shower with me!”

What does a guy do? Of course I went and showered with her! And while we showered, my dick roared to life!

LOL! I came in my mother’s sweet, cock sucking mouth, before we finished that shower!

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