Sucking for the first time

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His name was Sam, he was 20 and I was 19. We met at college, at the few classes we attended together. It was one of those acquaintances that you have in college, where everything is cool and laid back, where you spend time, hang out exchange funny jokes about girls - sexist sometimes, but hey this is part of growing up...

He was not extremely handsome or great looking. But there was something very appealing about him. I found myself sometimes smelling his perfume, some other times staring at his muscular hands as he was sitting next to me. Was I gay i was wondering? No, it couldn't be. i had a girlfriend and sex with her was fantastic. Why would i think like that about Sam? And yet. I did.

It was about a year later after an evening out double dating with Sam that we drove back home after taking our girlfriends to their houses that we started talking late at night in the car. It was one of those nights in which neither of the two girls was in the mood for more so we just had to go back frustrated more than anything.

We were at my place very soon and I asked him up for a drink. We sat on the sofa drinking and not really talking much when i just got this urge to kiss him. and i did. my lips connected with his - he had a thick pair of lips that tasted sweet and slightly dry- and i felt like screaming to myself 'what the fuck are you doing you idiot?'. but then instead of getting my face punched in i felt his tongue entering my mouth and i started sucking it and kissing him like i was kissing the hottest girl i ever met.

This was crazy, yes I knew it was. my cock was throbbing in my trousers as we were kissing, i smelled his perfume i touched his neck with my hand and i opened my eyes to see this moment, to register it truly in my mind. we stopped kissing and started looking at each other. 'i never knew you cared' he whispered and felt for my trousers. my heart was going mad with excitement and i took off his t-shirt revealing a muscular and hairless torso.

I started kissing his neck and was wondering what on earth was going to happen next. how far was i prepared to go with him. and above all why was i doing this? i unbuttoned his trousers and took them off and then took off mine. We were naked on the sofa now. his cock was smaller than mine but very thick and he had a pink mushroom head on top.

I just didn't think twice i went down and grabbed my lips around the head. it was the most amazing thing i had ever tried. everything felt at that moment in place. his pink head was so soft on my lips and i started licking it and lubing it slowly holding the cock with my hand, licking it like a lolly, sucking it like an ice-cream. i started moaning, i just couldn't help feeling this hot for this guy. the smell on my nose was driving me wild, hornier and hornier as i was sucking him.

'look at me with your big green eyes as you suck me' he whispered and i started moving my head up and down, looking at him straight in the eyes, moaning hard as i tasted more and more of his precum. I could hear him pant hard, and he kept on saying things like 'oh man, i love your lips against my cock', and 'faster baby, faster' and all i could do was follow his instructions.

Suddenly i heard him go 'oh shit i am gonna cum now' and i panicked. i didn't know what to do so i kept sucking slowly. i took his cock off my mouth and asked him whether he wanted to cum in my mouth and he screamed 'yes bitch' and so i held his cock head under my lips while i rubbed the length of his cock with my hand like they do in porn movies.

And then he came, and the power of his cum was just amazing. i tried to hold it all in but spurts came out of my mouth dripping down my chin. the taste was salty sweet and i kept on sucking his thick head even after i knew he was totally finished and exhausted.

i looked at him with his eyes half closed with my tongue licking all of his cum and i knew he had enjoyed this so much. my cock was dripping. i also wanted to cum. and i was so turned on that when i touched it i started cumming all over his feet. he looked at me and laughed. 'was this your first time?' he asked. and i nodded.

'let me treat you to something nicer then' he said.

but that is part of another story.

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