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Hi this is Monish here. Am a 26 yr old, single, bi curious guy and have been reading stories on this site for quite sometime from almost all the sections. It makes for interesting read and some of them are really erotic. Let me first thank the site for providing this platform for such varied erotica. As this site has a lot of fantasies, let me also start posting some of mine.

I would be eager to know your reactions to it – I mean my writing and my stories. Whether it helps u in the way u want to while reading them ;) my fantasies relate to both men and women so am starting here with one of my male fantasies. Do sent me your feedback after reading it. My e-mail id is at the end of this story

This happened at a public loo in an international airport in India. I was off to this place for a day’s meeting catching an early morning flight. As has been happening with me, my mind was all filled with thoughts about sex and as a result was hugely deprived of sleep the last night. After the routine at the airport, I got on to the flight and got a seat towards the end of the aircraft and sat in the middle seat with the other two yet to be taken.

After a while I saw this man – bald, clean shaven, a bit fat, wheatish in complexion, not very tall at least no as tall as me in his mid 50’s it seemed, ask me to give him some space to get to his seat by the window. I unbelted and got out to make way for him, as he passed me there was a smell to him which got to me. I don’t know what it was – a peculiar smell, strong, but not very soothing in some sense a bit repulsive too.

That smell got me back to my thoughts about sex, got me aroused. We settled down and the flight took off. The other seat on my side was empty. The aircraft was not full. In fact, empty would be more appropriate. Just a couple of people here and there. We hardly spoke for a few minutes. I was uneasy with him, the aroma and my thoughts so I couldn’t sit still. My cock was reacting to my thoughts and it made me difficult to sit straight. I don’t know whether he was noticing me or not, but he kind of initiated a conversation with me from then.

By first asking my name. I said am Monish. He was Ramesh, we proceeded asking each other what was taking us to this city we were going to. He said he was going to his company’s plant there and would be staying there for a while. I on the other hand told him that I was going there for a day’s meeting. We continued with our conversation asking each other about our lives in general talking about daily events – economic or political, then to a bit personal about careers, family and friends.

Breakfast was served in between so that just added a point of talk too. After the meal, there a bit of silence between us. I thought he was tired like me and wanted to sleep. So I too shut up and tried to get a much needed nap. However, the moment there was some period of silence, I slipped back to my erotic thoughts and sleep avoided me. My uneasiness was I guess visible, so I thought was my bulge too.

I think he noticed it and broke his silence and asked “kya hua?” I replied “kuch nahi bus neend nahi aa rahi”. “kiske bare mein soch rahe ho ki neend nahi aa rahi” he asked with a tinge of naughtiness in his eyes. I was kind of embarrassed as I thought he had seen my bulge and was asking me this in view of it. I blushed and said “kuch nahi bus yuhi”. He continued, “ bataoo na, hamare beech mein kya chupana. Hum toh shayad is flight ke baad kabhi nahi milenge”. I was uneasy, but kind of bought his argument.

However wasn’t still ready to open up. He then mentioned, “is umar mein aise hota hai, tumhara koi khaas dost nahi hai kya?” I don’t know what he meant from it as I had already told him in our conversation that I was shy and didn’t have many friends from the opposite sex and had never had a girlfriend, but surely was hinting at something. I didn’t say much, but my mind was now over-working at the possibility of a fantasy more so what I had in mind becoming a reality.

He persisted, asking” kuch to kaho”. To this I said, “kya kahu uncle, koi khaas dost nahi hai mera”. He smiled at me and said “tumhe dekh kar aise lagtha toh nahi hai ki tumhara koi bhi khaas nahi hoga”. I think we both now knew where he was hinting at. I for one was strangely ok with it. Maybe because it was making me explore a possibility to have something in real that time. I became bolder and retorted, “nahi uncle, koi nahi hai, such. Kash koi hota bada maza aata” I said in a slow soft voice.

He heard it though. And replied, “main kuch madat kar sakta hu kya?”. I instantly reacted “ madat?? Matlab?” he smiled and then took his hand and put it over my thigh saying “ mujhe pata hai ki tum bhi jante ho ki main kaisi madat ki baat kar raha hu” gosh!! It was a feeling of being caught with my pants down. I just maintained my calm, excitement, apprehension at this and didn’t say anything. Just looked at him, smiled.

But he continued “toh..batao na”. I remained silent with the smile. He sensed my fear. “kisi ko pata nahi chalega. Sirf hum dono aur jo tum chahoge jaha chahoge” it was something I had so wanted especially at that moment, guess the next words said it all “ maine kabhi aisa kuch kiya nahi hai, mujhe nahi pata. Aap hi batao. Am ok with jo bhi aap kahenge” I replied.

He smiled, guess it was what he had wanted to hear too. Just then there was an announcement saying that the flight was to land in about 15 mins. He asked me how much time I had in the city. I said not much as I was going back the same day. Had a meeting sometime at this place in about 3 hrs from then. He listened to me intently but was a bit dejected at hearing this. Think he wanted to do so much with his new found “khaas dost”.

He thought about what he had heard and said ”Ok, since time nahi hai humare paas, tum mere saath men’s loo chalna” I was a bit taken aback..i asked “ men’s loo”. He said “ha men’s loo, aur koi jagah nahi hai.. waha ek toilet mein gus jayenge”. I was still uncomfortable “par koi dekhega nahi kya.. I mean log kya sochenge. Agar kisine dekh liya ya pakad liya toh??” He, a bit irritated now, replied “ tumhe yaha koi janta hai kya aur waise bhi logo ko kya padi hai.

Unhe kya pata hum kaun hai kya kar rahe hai. Don’t worry, kuch nahi hoga, main sab sambhal lunga. Just main jaisa kehta hu waise karo.. ok?”. Though a bit worried, I agreed. There was silence then. I was in a lot of emotions – fear, excitement etc.. the flight landed. We got up to get off the aircraft. He was behind me, I sensed him because of that strong smell of his. I suddenly felt his hands on my ass, and he whispered in my ears “ tayaar ho?”. I looked over my shoulders and just smiled.

The ass touch made me wonder what he was going to do with me in the loo. Lot of things went on in my mind then.. Is he going to fuck me in there? That would be difficult I thought and I won’t agree to it I decided. Or will he ask me to suck him or lick his ass.. what did it mean?? or is he going to ask me to fuck him, suck my tool or lick me?

Lots to ponder about.. but not much time really. As we got into the bus that brought us to the terminal, my head had just all these thoughts and no other. He was beside me all the time, with a smile on his face but completely calm. We go to the terminal. Both of us walked in straight to the men’s loo and he led me to a toilet with an Indian style shit pot quickly and closed the door. I was not aware if any one had seen us go in together.

We were in that toilet all by ourselves with a lot of commotion outside. I didn’t have any luggage for obvious reasons. He had a bag and kept it aside. We looked at each other. I was a bit apprehensive. He was calm and excited. The loo was not very clean but dry. The smell was too strong of urine and shit and all that. He then asked me in a low tone “ tum theek ho”. I just nodded a bit but wasn’t looking straight at him.

He came close to me. And held my arms with his and rubbed it. And said “chalo na, kneel karo”. I didn’t move, don’t know what was going on in my head. He then took out a newspaper from his bag and put it over the two sides of the shit pot and put his one arm over my shoulder almost pushing me down to my knees, though he didn’t force. I followed now, and got on my knees over the shit pot. I now had an idea what I was up for. I looked up to his face.

He had that smile on his face about what was about to happen. He sensed the fear in me and held the side of my head with his hand and said “ daro nahi, just sure tumhe bhi mazaa ayega”. He winked and kissed my forehead. It was the first male touch I had like this and that too in a place like this.. my body felt strange, my cock too was hard.. almost not fitting in my pants. But I just didn’t want or try to get it out. I was down there.. looking up to this old fat man standing in front of me about to get me to blow him.

He then stood closer to me and started to un-belt himself all the while looking at me. He then unzipped and his pants fell down to his shoes. He was wearing the loose Indian underwear beneath. I was watching him do all this. He then started to unbutton his shirt which was covering his paunch. As he did that, I could see his hairy over weight chest and stomach as well as the bulge in his underpants.

He moved a bit closer and putting his hand over my head said “chalo..utaro ise ab”. I looked upto him, and raised my hands for the first time to touch his body. It felt like an electric current passed me as I touched him. He was warm and hairy. I then proceeded to do what he asked me.. to lower those under pants.. I did just that and there it was, his circumcised cock with a limping bulge and his balls.. all covered with lots of hair.

Tthe smell of urine and a bit of stale shit smell aroused me. I looked up and he uttered softly “come on, tumhe pata hai kya karna hai..just think of it as a lollipop” I was cold. Though I wanted it, just didn’t know what to do. he saw this and sensed that I would have to be taught how to go about it.

He caught the base of his cock and raised it towards my mouth. It was so close to my mouth I could sense its taste. He then said “kiss karo iske tip ko”. I looked up and then he pushed my head a bit forward with his other hand so I came in touch with his manhood.. was something, my first kiss to a male penis..i had still not opened my mouth, my lips were on it.. he in a bit harsher but low voice “come on darling, kiss it well”.

Then I opened a bit of my mouth and touched its tip, his pee hole.. i could taste the saltiness of it.. I now, started to kiss and roll my tongue over the tip of his penis. He left a slight moan and eased his hand over my head. “muh mein lo ise” he commanded in that whispering tone. I now started to just follow his instructions and gradually his meat entered my mouth. It was something, I could feel it grow in there. He slowly started to set a to and fro motion – as in fucking my mouth.

My hands were on his thighs and I just kept my mouth open for it. He said bit irritated “chooso na”. I looked to him and started to suck on it.. ”hmmm….ha…good” he said.. I kept doing it like an obedient student. it tasted just a bit salty that’s all.. i was so focussed in doing what I was that I couldn’t hear anything apart from his voice and slow moans.. don’t know if I was making any noise as well.. his cock was hard and wet now with my saliva on it.

Because of its length now it wasn’t going all into my mouth although he wasn’t pushing it in too.. as I just moved my hand to hold is cock and try to get it more in..he said “nahi hato se kuch mat karo, sirf muh ko chalao..mazaa aa raha hai”After a while all of a sudden he took the cock out of my mouth.. i could see it now in all its glory hard, wet.. he took the base of it and showed it to me saying “dekho ise, mast hai na…mazza aa raha hai ki nahi?” I smiled looking up to him and acknowledging.

Then he proceeded to put that huge tool of his on my face.. and rubbed it all over.. the saliva and pre-cum on it was all over my face now..he smiled wickedly doing it and making me see it…he then asked me to lick his balls down there.. it was all covered with thick hair.. I don’t know how to do it, but just went ahead and put my tongue into it. It was sweaty and like other things there very smelly. I started on it..

And slowly licked each and every portion of his balls and the area around it.. I could feel his enjoyment by his moans.. this went on for while and then he caught my hair and pulled it back a bit roughly.. I looked up.. there was sweat on his face.. he then asked me “ bus…ab mere lund ko chato”. I again adjusted myself to his cock and started to take it in, when he again took it out and said” chato, chuso mat” I understood.. and took my tongue out and licked his cock…he smiled.. and patted my head in appreciation.

I continued with this until he asked me to take it in again which I did gladly.. after a while I could feel his jerks to my mouth increasing and his cock building up to climax.. I looked up in anticipation and saw him looking up to the ceiling and looking down a while at me..Then in a few minutes or was it seconds.. he took the cock out stroked it a few times and put it back in my mouth..

I could feel his breath getting heavier as he did this and just as he did, a spurt of cum exploded in my mouth with a slightly louder moan from him. I hope there wasn’t anyone hearing it. I could feel a few spurts in my mouth and the warm cum had almost filled it before he took out the tool. But before I could gather myself.. his cock gave a final spurt of cum which landed on my face.. it now shrunk back to what I had not seen it as a normal dark male cock. I had his cum over my face and more in my mouth.. I think I had already swallowed a bit of it but I looked up to him not knowing what to do with the rest of it.

The smile was back on his face and he said “ pee jao, daro nahi, mujhe koi bimari nahi hai” as I was hearing him, I gulped it down my throat. and saw his smile broaden as I did it. He then took my face in his hands with me still kneeling and questioned “ kaisa laga” I just blushed and smiled back.He then wiped my face with his hands, especially a finger and brought it towards my mouth asking me in no words but action to swallow that cum too.. I obliged.

As I was about to get up.. he said “ek minute, bus ab ise thoda saaf kar do, pointing towards his cock which was soaked in my saliva and his cum. I didn’t know how to and started looking for a tissue or paper or what I don’t know. But he almost ordered “ apne muh se saaf karo darling”. I didn’t think much then and did just that sucked up all the cum and left it just wet with my saliva he felt content as I got up he pulled himself together, thanked me and said that he would be waiting outside for me and left the toilet…

I got up.. wiped my face with the piece of paper I was kneeling on. Stretched myself to get rid of the body ache of being in that kneeling position. I looked at my watch it was about 45 mins to an hour since the flight had landed and just for a sec thought about what had just happened. I could still taste his cum in my mouth. I got out of the toilet washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I had just given a blowjob to a stranger in the public loo of an airport.. wow.

I slowly walked out of there to see him waiting for me in the arrival section. I was lost for words, he smiled and thanked me for what i did.. he said “mujhe bahut maza aya” he said that he would have loved to exchange cards and numbers but will not, so that i have the comfort of just thinking about what happened without worrying whether he will bother him ever again. I was still lost for words and just said thank u before we parted ways. Do let me know about what u think about my first attempt at writing erotica. my mail id is monishsahani [at] yahoo [at] com

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