Stephanie's stories - My special birthday surprise

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It was my 18 birthday last week, and what a birthday it was! Don't get me wrong though, it started crappy like my last three birthdays, but it ended in a way I couldn't ever enticipated.

My name is Stephanie, as I mentioned before, I am eighteen years old, I have long straight black hair, don't call me a brunette though cuz it annoys me, it's black, not brown, with sparkly blue eyes...

People usually make fun of my height, when you're only five foot two, it's bound to happen I guess, and I am a mesely one hundred and ten pounds and on my birthday I was... well... I was still a virgin. What can I say? I was a traditionalist, I was waiting for mister right! But something unexpected happened on my birthday that changed my point of view on... well... on a lot of things.

I still live with my parents, well, my mom and her douche bag of a boyfriend really, never liked the guy, he's hot and everything, and closer to my age than my mom's but he's just there to fuck her and live off her freaking money and won't lift a finger around the house. I guess my mom wanted a "boy toy" or something, 'cause he ain't worth a shit!

But enough about him, he ain't important, and it's me I want to talk about anyway.

So, I was looking for my birthday all year, which was this past July, all year long. I wanted to see what my mom had in store for me, I mean let's face it, you only turn eighteen once right? I was becoming an adult, a woman, finally, and I was sure she had the biggest surprise aside for me... Come the day before my birthday, my mom tells me she has plans for the next day with David (My mom's boy toy) and that I'll have to fend for myself coming the day of my birthday, I tried to argue with her and let her understand I was trying to spend time with her on my birthday and that I was so looking forward to it but she just dismissed it and promised she'd make it up to me...

I can tell you right now that that night I pretty much cried myself to sleep.

The next morning I got up and they were already gone, on the fridge was a note that read "I'm sorry baby, I know you're mad right now but I will be back later tonight, at around midnight, if you're still up we'll party or whatever you want, there's a frozen pizza in the fridge, have a good day and again I am sorry, MOM"

So when I finished reading this, tears started to streak down my cheeks when the phone rang, it was Jessica, my best friend, and so I answered.

"Hello" I said, trying not to choke.

"Happy birthday crazy!" My friend answered, and as any good best friend she could tell something was wrong.
"You Ok baby?" She asked, with actual concern in her voice.

"My mom's gone with that fucker David" And yes, I did keep all the bad words inside, believe me.

"Well that bitch!" And no, she never kept anything inside, maybe that's why I loved her so much, if she had something to say, she'd say it, no matter what.
"Well I can't let my crazy friend spend all of her eighteenth birthday alone. So why don't I come and pick you up and we'll have a decent birthday... What do you say Steph?"

At first I didn't want to, I knew Michael would be there. Michael is Jessi's boyfriend, he's nice and all, but he keeps looking at me in a way that makes me very uncomfortable. But what else could I have done on this special day anyway?

After I let out a small sigh I finally answered.
"sure, why the hell not?"

"Good" She answered, almost screaming.
"Pack your shit kiddo and get ready to rock!" Again with the almost screaming, at least she was anthusiastic.

So I changed to be a bit more presentable attire, since I didn't know how many people would show up, if she had plans to call anyone else that is!

Usually it takes her about ten minutes to come and get me but this time it took her twice as long, I was wondering if she got into a car wreck, it would've been the exclamation point to a very bad day, but she finally showed up in her little 2008 blue Saturn, honking fervently for me to get out.
And so I did, locking the door behind me.

I got into the car and hugged my friend as tight as I could, I even heard her make a "oomph" sound when I did, I guess I took her by surprise.

"OK girl, Mike's waiting at home, he can't wait to see you he said."

"I'll bet" I wanted to say but kept it inside.
"What took you so long?" I finally asked.

"Oh I had to make a detour... My birthday girl can't have a birthday without a fucking birthday cake I say... Oh and Mike is cooking something special just for you at home as well."

I have to give it to Michael, he was one hell of a cook, you know, for a guy.

So, ten minutes later we were pulling in the driveway of Jessi's home.

Not a big house but enough for the two of them to live, plus a bedroom to spare, it was smaller than my house though mind you, my mom inherrited my dad's money when he passed away when I was seven... And he had a whole lot of money. And if you think that rich girls are popular in high school, you'd be wrong, thank God it's over though.

When we got in the house I bursted out laughing, Michael was wearing a harpoon that said "Suck the cook" with oven mits, and seeing him like that just made me laugh, maybe it was the trigger I needed to let out the stress I had lately and make me relax, little that I know that later on that night, something else made me relax a whole lot more.

Michael put a tray of, well I didn't know what it was until much later, on the counter and came and hugged me, a bit too tight in my opinion but at least he wasn't trying to cope a feel.

"I'm sorry for your loss." He said.

"Huh?" Was pretty much the only thing my brain could muster after hearing something so absurd.

"Well I heard you lost your mother to some douche bag."

Again with the laughter, he stopped hugging me at this point but I hugged him right back, laughing and crying at the same time... Let's be honest here, I knew he wanted me, and I knew he was my best friend's man but... sometimes I couldn't help myself but to love him, he was such a sweet guy and always knew what to say to change your mood for the better.

In the meantime Jessica was putting the cake, which I never got to see until we ate it by the way, in the fridge and smiling back at me, like a true friend would even if you're hugging that said friend's boyfriend.

It was Noon now and we played video games, we played Rock band and I was the guitarist, Jessi was the bassist and Mike was what he called "singing", sounded more like a wolf howling but hey, it was fun none the less. We played for hours then watched a few horror movies, all three of us were big horror buffs, and then came dinner.

We had lasagna, my favorite, which was by the way a coincidence, there were having that for dinner, and then we had some cake with my friends singing happy birthday to me, I was full, and I mean FULL!
But that's when Michael took his "special" recipe out that he only cooked himself... It was brownies.

I was full but when I saw that, I wanted some but decided to wait it out a little.

So we hung out and Jessi got a couple of beers out of the fridge, now I have to say, I don't smoke, don't do drugs or drink for that matter, but I said to myself "You know what Stephanie? You're fucking eighteen, take one, no, hell, take two!" And so I did, and felt a little buzz from those two beers I drank but tried to hide it from them because I was afraid they'd laugh at me... They, on the other hand, drank a lot more than just two, they drank five each. Finishing the twelve pack... It was getting late, it was already eleven and I needed to go, since my mom was getting back at midnight and she'd freak out if she saw I wasn't home.

So I got up and said...

"Well I need to go, my mom will expect me to be home at midnight."

Jessica took my arm and yanked me back on the couch of the living room where we were sitting.

"Nu huh, you ain't going anywhere missy, you still haven't tried Mike's muffins." She started laughing.
"Not muffin I, I, I mean brownies" She snickered a bit.

Mike got up and came back with a plastic container with the brownies in them.

"OK I'll take one and then I'm leaving, you'll have to drive..." I looked at how drunk she was.

Before I had time to resume my phrase Mike handed me a brownie, and so I ate it, slowly.

"It tastes..."

Mike and Jessie looked at me funny, with a big grin on their faces.

Jessie took another one and handed it to me, then took one and gave it to Mike and took one for herself.

"The one that ate his or her brownie the fastest wins." Mike exclaimed.

"Wins what?" I asked.

"fuck if I know." We all started laughing.

We all counted to three and gubbled down our brownies. That's when I started to giggle and feel funny.

They both looked at me laughing a bit and with a big smile on their lips.

"What's so funny?" I asked with concern.

"Guess what's my baby's secret ingredient." Jessica asked.

I stood there, starting to feel dizzy, but the good kind, I was starting to feel really good.

Before I could answer, even though I didn't have one, Jessica exclaimed, out of freaking nowhere that she had to go take a shower, which kinda pissed me off because here I was, getting more tired by the minute, slightly drunk and ten minutes on car from my house when it's about fifteen past eleven and my mom would be there soon, and then I remembered I didn't leave a note before leaving, something I always did if I had to go anywhere, for a rich woman, she was too dumb to have a cell phone.

And Michael didn't have one either and there was no phone in the house, the only accessible phone was Jessi's cell phone but she was already off taking a shower.

As I was lost in thoughts I didn't realize that Mike was now sitting next to me, almost stuck on me like glue, with his right hand on my left thigh.
He looked at me in the eyes, not speaking.

So I spoke.

"So..." I was getting nervous, I have to say, when you're eighteen and still a virgin and all the friends you have lost theirs many years ago, and then there was this hot guy you fantasized about a couple of times, who was taboo since he was your best friend's boyfriend and you were alone with him and you were a bit drunk... Well needless to say my little kitty was purring at that time.

He kept quite, still moving his hand on my leg, getting closer with every stroke to where they meet.

"What... What was the special ingredient?"

He smiled for a while, then finally spoke.

"You're gonna get mad."


"It was pot!"

I just sat there, like my brain didn't registered what he just said. And than it hit me like a ton of brick, not just the fact that I knew I just took drugs for the first time, but the fact that I had to come back home drunk and high. That's when I had a sunken feeling inside me, and believe it or not, I think I came in my panties a little.

I was known as miss goody-two-shoes and me breaking the rules like that, on my eighteen birthday of all things, made me hornier then ever before, and so I smiled, reached for another brownie and ate it all in about ten seconds.

It made Mike smile and he leaned in and kissed me, licking the chocolate off my lips, and then he did something I didn't expect, he unzipped his pants and let his cock out. Damn, he was already hard. And, bigger than I expected, I'd say a good seven inches. He started stroking it, looking at me with the same stare and smile. I was biting my lips, using all the strength I had to not reach and eat THAT brownie! Feeling high as shit I said...

"Mike, that's just wrong. You're my beastie's bf."

"Come on Steph, you know I want you, and I know you want me to, hurry up before she comes out of the shower."

Again I sat there for what seemed forever until I felt my hand reach for it and then...

My watch beeped... It was already midnight and I was late, and fucked, just not in the way Mike wanted me to be, at the same time we heard the shower stop in the bathroom, so Mike, while letting a sigh, put his still hard cock in his pants, looking at me with anger, worry, disappointment. With an obvious "I'm so sorry" sign on his face.

Jessica came out of the bathroom with just a bathrobe around her waist, what was she doing in a bathrobe? She needed to drive me back home. That's when I understood I had to WALK home, which pissed me off, but hey, at least she gave me a good birthday and she was my best friend, so I stood up and said my goodbyes, hugging both Jessi and Michael, who was still hard, I could feel it, which made me wet again, and left.

I was walking down the street, a bit pissed and very horny, wanting to get back home, get yelled at by my mom and just go play with myself and sleep and forget this day ever happened when I saw headlights appear from behind me, and then, the worst nightmare of a goody-two-shoes, sirens.

I turned around and saw, nothing, just bright lights, then I heard a voice.

"Are you by any chance Stephanie Peterson?" The man voice said.

I didn't want to answer at first, and so I steadily but clumsily walked to his side of the car.

It was a police car as I thought it was, the man sitting in the driver's seat was a man of maybe late forties with short brown hair, that's all I was able to say right now.

I leaned in and asked what was wrong, that was a bad idea, he could smell the booze in my breath.

"Have you drank today miss Peterson?" He asked with a steady, professional voice.

"Maybe I did, what of it?" I answered... for a straight A student... I can be dumb sometimes.
"And how do you know my name anyway officer..."

"Stone, and because your mom called us, she came in earlier than she said she would and found the house empty, I was already on patrol and said I'd take a look, apparently her little girl went on and partied all night huh?" He said laughing a bit.

again my dumb ass retorted...

"Well it ain't your fucking business what I do."

His smile went away as fast as it came and asked me to step away from the door and got out and HOLY SHIT!!!! The guy must be six feet five inches tall, and he was big, and I mean HUGE! Close to three hundred pounds of pure muscles, the guy was scary let me tell you, and when you're only five foot two and a hundred and ten pounds, miss goody-two- shoes who's high and drunk and never got in trouble, well let me tell you I almost shat in my pants.

But there was something else, it never occurred to me before but, seeing him standing in front of me like this made me wetter than I ever been before, was it because he was so manly or because of the uniform or just because he knew how to take control, I don't know, but damn this man was making me horny.

"Ma'am I will ask you to get in the car please, and I will drive you back to your mother, she's worried sick."

I was about to say something but the second I opened my mouth he stopped me by saying...

"No fussing or I will to get my handcuffs little lady."

I whispered "what an ass." Well, I think I whispered, I ain't sure anymore because after I said that he replied.

"OK that's enough."

He turned me around and took his handcuffs and cuffed me, I didn't do anything because at least I had the presence of mind not to make a bad situation even worse, well I think that's why I let him.

So he put me in the back seat and started to drive away when he said...

"Look, I have been doing this job for 18 years now, and I know when a child slips away to get drunk and high, so please, be calm and you'll be with your momma in a few minutes."

"I ain't a fucking child." I responded, being offended.

"Well how old are you than?"

"I'm eighteen, just turned eighteen today actually, what a great day it has been."

I saw him look at me through the mirror and he said...

"Oh, I thought you were younger, you're such a tiny girl, so... you're an adult huh?"

"Yes I am, and I am sick of people thinking I am younger, I'd prove it to you but I can't reach my wallet with those handcuffs on."

"I believe ya."

And then, I am sure of it, he pulled on his groin and even though I couldn't see him, I am sure he had a smile on his face while doing so. And we spent maybe three minutes of silence and then he finally broke it off by saying...

"If you don't mind I have to take a little detour at my house, shouldn't take too long."

"Whatever." It was pretty much the only thing I had in mind as I was falling half asleep back there.

So he drove for a good twenty minutes until we got to his place, nice cozy little place in the woods, good thing that was a cop or I would've been scared shitless. He got out and then opened my door, I just looked at him not understanding the meaning of the gesture. And then he spoke to me.

"Well you think I'm gonna let you all alone in this patrol car? I don't know you and there's a lot of expensive equipment in there. So come on little lady."

He helped me out of the car, put a hand on my shoulder, at first, and at his door it was now just above my butt.

He unlocked the door and we went inside.

It was a nice, very tidy place, not a speck of dust anywhere with tons of, what I presumed was, family pictures on the walls of the entence's hallway.

He unlocked another door inside the house, I peaked in and I saw a stairway that lead down to the cellar.

"Come on girl, don't be shy." He said smiling at me.

I still had my handcuffs on and started to panic, I mean, shit, wouldn't being a cop the best cover for a serial killer?

So we went downstairs, with my pussy being as dry as sand paper now, into a dark room, he turned on the lights and I saw ropes and something that looks like a massage table, but without the hole in it, but with things to put your feet in like in the hospital.

It looked like a dungeon.

He came in from behind me, and grabbed my ass, I yelped as I turned around. He had his belt in his hand, and then threw it on the floor.

"What, what are you doing? Are you gonna hurt me?" I said in a trembling voice.

He looked at me, down at me I should say, and just smiled, he unzipped his cop pants and let out his cock, that was weird to have two guys do that to me in one night when no one has ever did that before my entire life... and OH MY GOD, his cock was limp, but still bigger than Michael's.

"You're gonna get on your knees little girl and suck that cock!"

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