Stephanie & Me !!

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This happened when I was visiting Stephanie in New York. Stephanie is my mom's younger sister, she was 36 year old and I was 18 at that time. I came to New York for my college studies and I was to stay with my aunt. Stephanie never got married, she was a designer and was so busy running her boutique that she never had time for getting married. She had a pretty face with a body to match.

I got there on Friday and was greeted at her door as she was getting to leave for her work. She told me the break fast was ready and I could freshen up and rest a while as she was in a hurry. It was not my first trip to New York. I had visited Stephanie often during my vacations. We both were quite close to each other and had no inhibitions amongst us. Stephanie left for work and I settled down on the couch after a quick shower. I switched on the TV and found an erotic movie in the player. I played the movie, which had a middle aged lady having sex with a younger guy. My cock got hard watching scene in front of me. I realized for the first time about the loneliness in Stephanie’s life and like every horny teenager started stroking my cock fantasizing about my own aunt and her beautiful body. In no time I was cumming hard with my cum landing on the floor. I switched off the TV and cleaned the mess before heading off to bed. 

I woke up to my aunt calling my name as she entered the room. She was in a black silk robe, which ended just around knees. It was perfectly accenting her white skin and the fact she wasn’t wearing a bra made her tits look even bigger. Stephanie used to wear sensual lingerie at home, specially when I used to visit her. I was kind of a voyeur for her, she used to give me a kind of peep show just to know if she still had what it takes to drive men crazy. I on the other hand used complement her with my boner, which used to be quite obvious in my shorts. We settled for the dinner and the rest of the night was quite uneventful as we just talked about home and how mom was doing with her wineries. I had bought her a few bottles of wine which mom sent for her. I had an early day on Saturday so we decided to retire to bed early.

We got up in the morning and got dressed up for our work and left home. I was out till late evening and got back at around 7 PM. Stephanie was already home and was looking stunning in her white silk shirt that barely covered her crotch. She was wearing a black lace panty and the top two buttons of her shirt were not done. I was greeted at her door with a marvelous view of those white tits. They didn’t sagged a bit and were tight. Her nipple were standing out and my cock started growing in my pant with such a view. She asked me to take a shower quickly as the dinner was ready and she was hungry. She winked at me as I looked in her eyes. I got into the shower and started bathing. The view of her tits were revolving in front of my eyes and I felt my cock growing. I started stroking myself and in no time I drained my cock of hot cum.

I got back to the dinner table, Stephanie had cooked a nice meal for both of us and she served us both a glass of wine. We talked about the day enjoying the food and sipping the wine. Her little show was a little bold today as she was leaning a little lower and for a little longer than usual giving me the clear view of her hard nipples. She was wearing a strong perfume, which was getting to my senses. She caught me staring at her tits quite a few times but just smiled innocently. We finished the dinner and both were 4 drinks down when we finally decided that the wine got to our head. We retired to watch the TV, Stephanie took the couch and I got in a recliner along side. She looked really inviting lying on that black leather couch in her white shirt. We were watching a movie for sometime when I realized that she was fast asleep and I noticed her shirt had risen toward her stomach exposing her crotch to my greedy stare. I looked at my aunt for sometime, my cock got hard and my heart begged me to touch and feel her. I got up and leaned close to her crotch, her panties were a lil wet may be she was excited due to our lil peeking games. I took my face closer to her crotch and breathed her soft feminine aroma. I finally decided to take my chance and feel her for real maybe it was the wine that made me so bold but I didn’t cared. I moved towards her face and called her name to make sure she was sleeping. She made no sound and I decided to take my next step. I cupped her tits from over her shirt and fondled those lovely juggs. They felt so warm and tight, her nipples were poking in my hands. I took courage and undid the rest of the buttons of her shirt exposing her naked bust to my view. I just stared at her tits admiring her beauty before feeling her nipple between my fingers. She moaned in her sleep as I rubbed her nipples between my fingers. I cupped her now naked boobs and started fondling them gently. I felt like tasting them but was afraid of being caught in the act, but my horny cock was controlling my body so I quickly got my mouth close to her tit and sucked her nipple in. She moaned “mmmmmmmm”. I was shocked to see that she was awake.

I quickly stopped what I was doing trying to mumble out and excuse. “You better finish what u just started young man,” she said as she pulled my head back pressing it to her tits. I got back to my work with newfound enthusiasm. Here I was making love to my aunt whom I have been fantasizing to fuck since last two days or shall I say since last few years. I was sucking and nibbling at the tits like a starved baby feeding for milk. She was moaning profusely and playing with her pussy all the time. I felt her shiver and moan loudly as she came for the first time. Her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily, I looked at her face that was showing a glow of satisfaction. “ That was good, now get rid of your clothes I want to see how much have you grown up in all these years.” She was staring at my protruding erection. It took me not more than a few seconds to get my clothes off, Stephanie also did away with her already wet panties and shirt and laid down on floor. She motioned me to lay over her. She took my face in her hands and kissed me for the first time, sucking my lower lip in her lips and pushing her tongue in my mouth. I tasted her saliva for the first time, pushing myself against her. She felt my cock poking at her stomach. 

"Mmm that hurts sweetheart, slide a little lower" she said letting go of my lips. My cockhead was now resting against her cunt opening, as she offered me her juicy tits to play with asking me to move a little up. I moved up feeling my cock penetrating her already wet cunt. "Ummmm" she moaned "That’s like it" she held my ass and pushed me deeper into her. I was enjoying the wonderful wetness of her cunt and started sucking her tits, playing with her pink nipples. I felt her pussy muscles moving in a sucking motion as if trying to milk my cock. The sensation was overwhelming my senses and I felt my orgasm building up. "Mmmm, I going to cum soon" I moaned while I played with her tits. "Oh baby do it now, I need to feel your hot cum flooding me" she said jerking her crotch at my cock and I started shooting my cum in her waiting cunt. She kissed me when my orgasm subsided. "I love you Aunt Steph, I never felt like that before " I said kissing her on her lips. "I love you too baby, now let me get u ready for the final lesson." She moved aside making me move under her, she sat up and looked at my spent cock glistening with our juices. She bent down taking my cock in her hand and licked the head, tasting the juices. "Mmmm, it tastes good,” she said as she dived on in taking it in her mouth. Her touch sent new life in my cock and it started to grow hard. My eyes were closed as I was enjoying the first blowjob of my life. I felt a wet finger poking at my asshole, I saw her smiling at me as she pushed it in. "Uummmmm" I moaned in pleasure, my cock pulsing harder. She released my cock after a few minutes of sucking and pumping, realizing it wasn't going to get any harder. Stephanie straddled me raising her ass over my crotch, she placed my cock at her entrance and pushed hard taking it to the hilt in one stroke. I moaned out loud as she pinched my nipples, while riding me faster with every stroke. She bent over offering her tits to my hungry mouth to feed on. I sucked one of the tits while I pulled and tweaked the other nipple. She was already shaking with her orgasm building as she was pushing deeper and faster. My cock was hurting but I didn't wanted this sensation to end. She let out a loud shriek as her body started trembling due to her orgasm. My orgasm was also building up as I held her in my arms. Her cunt muscles were convulsing against my cock and juices trickled down my shaft running all the way to my asshole, the sensation pushed me over the edge and I started cuming hard inside her. She was totally exhausted and fell beside me. We kissed and fondled each other before finally drifting off to sleep.......

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