Stacy’s Revelation Part II

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“It’s time,” Stacy mumbled between her heavy breathing, “Fuck me now! Fuck me right now!” Stacy was burning with need and want for a black penis, any black penis. After seeing first hand how spectacular the Negro male anatomy presented itself in comparison to its pasty-white counterpart, Stacy was convinced that black was the way to go. Melissa and Jenny approached Andre and then led him by the arm over to the couch where he sat down. “C’mon, Stacy,” Dana encouraged her to come and sit in Andre’s lap. Andre flashed a devilish grin and then sank back into the cushions of the couch causing his long, hard dick to point nearly 10” straight up and into the air. “Have you ever seen anything as gorgeous as this?” Melissa giggled as she and Jenny ran their index fingers up and down Andre’s stiff cock. Melissa wrapped her fist around Andre’s dick and began stroking him slowly, “It’s all waiting for you,” she tempted. 

Stacy pinched her lip as she took another moment to study the towering ebony pole and then tip toed towards Andre. “It’s the most attractive thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on!” she declared as she gracefully worked her way into Andre’s lap, pressing his penis against her thigh. She slowly ran her torso over his solid black body, mindful to maneuver his dick between her tits. “Titty fuck me before you push your dick into my pussy,” Stacy whispered as she forced Andre’s penis up and down the inside of her cleavage. Andre loved watching as Stacy pushed her breasts snug around his penis. “How does that feel?” she asked as she slowly maneuvered her tits up and down his throbbing ebony tower. “Your black cock feels so good against my body,” Stacy gasped as the purple head of Andre’s dick hit the bottom of her chin. Without warning, Stacy licked her lips and lowered her open mouth down over Andre’s powerful pole. “Oh, that’s it, baby!” Andre sighed with pleasure as Stacy drew her lips tight around his penis, “You white girls sure can suck a dick!”

Stacy held Andre’s dick with both hands as she twisted her tongue around his fat cock. She forced her lips down over each budging rib as she attempted to take in its full length. Stacy had never cared much for giving head, but that was before she started sucking on a black man, now she found herself doing the unexpected. Realizing that she was lucky to fit even half of Andre’s penis in her mouth she opted for something else just as delightful: “Shoot a load of your African seed into my mouth,” she demanded. The girls were amazed at Stacy’s enthusiasm as they sat in awe from across the room. Andre was more than willing to entertain Stacy’s wishes as she once again wrapped her ample boobs around his mouth-watered dick. It was shortly into their second round of titty fucking that Andre began to cum. “Here it comes, baby! Here it comes!” he shouted. Without sparing a second, Stacy sucked Andre’s pulsating dick back into her mouth. “Mmm!” Stacy let out as she stroked his dick madly between her lips. “It’s so good! It’s so good!” she bellowed as Andre’s shaft spewed thick African seed all over her face. Stacy hastily sat up and prepared to lower her quivering pussy down over Andre’s dripping dick. “Keep cumming! I want you to fill my white pussy!” Stacy ordered as the moist, waxen lips of her white pussy slid down tight over Andre’s hard black penis. “Oh yes!”

Stacy screamed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Stacy was ecstatic! She drove her body up and down violently around Andre’s cum-shooting penis as her boobs shimmied out of control. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” she screamed even louder as she rode the black cock like a racehorse.

One by one, Melissa, Dana, Cheryl, and Jenny began to undress themselves. Inspired by Stacy’s stimulation they decided to take it upon themselves to muscle in on the action. “We know how black boys love multiple white girls…” Jenny giggled as her boobs fell out of her loosened bra. “Will five white girls be enough?” Cheryl teased as her panties dropped to the floor. Andre smiled wide as Melissa and Jenny nestled their naked bodies up to his left while Dana and Cheryl positioned them selves to his right. “Finnish me first!” Stacy whimpered as she continued to thrust her pussy down over Andre’s well-loved black penis, “Finish fucking me first!” Andre’s dick was showing no signs of wearing down. “Don’t worry, Andre can go for hours!” Melissa casually pointed out as she caressed his chest. “That's true! A black boy’s stamina keeps going long enough to satisfy a white girl time and time again!” Jenny declared as she too caressed his chest. Stacy began to shake nervously as waves of pleasure shot through her body, “Ohhhh…” she moaned as she began to encounter her first orgasm. “Oh, yes!” she shouted with delight. Her white boyfriend had never made her feel this good and never led her to an orgasm before, but he was quickly being forgotten. “Imagine, an orgasm that I don’t have to fake!” she laughed as her body trembled. “A black boy will do it every time!” Dana snickered.

Melissa and Jenny’s lips explored Andre’s hard black body while Dana and Cheryl held Stacy upright in his lap. “I’ve never been fucked this good by anyone before! Everyone’s right, black is better! Way better!” Stacy groaned as she pounced on Andre’s dick, her tits bouncing in every direction. “I want you to shoot another load inside of me like only a black man can!” Stacy begged. “Then we’ll all suck you dry,” she offered as she rocked her body over his penis. Stacy worked Andre’s long black dick for nearly another hour before he shouted, “here it comes… here it comes again!” Andre grabbed Stacy and pulled her down hard, forcing his monster Negro dick deep into her well-worked white pussy. Stacy’s head flung back as she simultaneously reached her second and most amazing orgasm, “Oh, yes! Yes!” she screamed again and again as Andre continued to shoot loads of cum into her snatch.

Once her pussy was filled, Stacy quickly rolled over to Andre’s side as his cock continued to shoot wads of pearly sperm into the air. “Get him!” the girls cheered as each of them swarmed around and began sucking his still fully erected black penis. “Black dick is so incredible!” Stacy giggled as she twirled the tip of her tongue around the dripping head of Andre’s spewing penis. “Who’s the pale sap that said ‘Size doesn’t matter’?” Dana joked as she warmed Andre’s balls. Each one of the girls took repeated turns gleefully slapping Andre’s dick against their lips and licking it clean. “Black men are the best cummers by far!” Cheryl pointed out as sperm dripped from her chin. “I still have a ton of it inside of me!” 

Stacy proudly admitted as she stroked Andre’s thick cock for any remaining juice.

Once Andre’s cock was completely dry the girls collapsed at his side. “We need about ten more black boys around here,” Dana suggested and each of the girls whole-heartedly agreed. “What do you say, Andre?” Jenny questioned as she tossed her hair back over her shoulder, “Do you think that you could match each one of us up with our very own black man?” Andre had to think for a minute. He loved having his own personal squad of young white slave-girls, but he also knew that there were plenty more willing white girls to find. After careful consideration Andre gave his answer, “I’m sure that I can find you some brothers,” Andre expressed as the girls caressed his relaxed pole, “All that I ask for in return is that you all search out and find me some more sexy ladies.” The girls happily clapped their hands and cheered. They knew that it would be easy to provide a endless line of white girls for Andre to fuck. “Most white girls want to fuck a black man, but, like Stacy, they just need the opportunity,” Dana pointed out. “If more white girls are what you want, we can find a bus full!” Jenny promised. And so the search begins…

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