Spoils of War : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

The hotel ballroom was filled with screams as naked women were dragged to the mattresses laid out on the floor for their rape. The six had been chosen by the soldiers from among the wives and daughters of their defeated enemy following a coup in the South American country. Senior officers and NCOs had the first pick. General Alvarez Sanchez stood watching with his arms around Carina Lau Lopez and her daughter Kelly, kneading the smooth bodies.

He was squeezing Carina's firm buttocks with one sweaty hand, while the other played with the teenager's budding breasts and nipples. Carina held her baby son in her arms as she was pawed, her superb body stripped bare to the gaze of all those in the ballroom. Beside them, Maria Valquez, was receiving the attentions of Colonel Manuel Marquez who slipped a finger up her vagina as she winced and twisted in discomfort while he laughed.

The wife of the the overthrown president and a former Miss South America beauty queen, she was in her early 40s but still had a magnificent figure. Her two teenage daughters were also naked, heads bowed crying. Aged 14 and 16, Donna and Carla faced being deflowered by the lecherous Colonel while their mother was forced to watch. Both officers wanted a fuck very badly but would first watch their men raping the women on the floor.

The six women were all being humped under burly soldiers. crying out in pain and humiliation as they were violated. One of them was Carina's cute Chinese friend, Connie, who lay gasping for breath as one of the bastards rode her. The big breasted American blonde, Karen, had two men on her, one between her legs, the other with a cock thrust into her mouth. There were many men impatiently awaiting their turns, anxious to have the rare opportunity to fuck a high class woman.

The ballroom was packed and more soldiers were arriving. Carina and Maria watched in horror as they witnesssed the savage rapes. "You are fortunate," said Sanchez to the two women. "Hundreds will enjoy your friends tonight. They'll all have very sore pussies. Still, your turns will come after myself and the officers have finished with you." He saw the fear on both their faces.

 "Thirty men a day. You have cock teased all your lives and now it's time to satisfy the lust you've caused." He dug his fingers into Carina's backside and felt inside her crack. He had a big hard on bulging out of his trousers. Carina's husband, the defence minister, had long been a hated rival. Now he would fuck his wife and step daughter.

Pedro Lopez was penned with President Valquez and the other husbands and fathers across the room, forced to watch their wives and daughters being whored. They were held at gun point, with several having been beaten with rifles during futile attempts to intervene. The husbands of the six women being fucked on the floor were in torment, taunted by the laughing soldiers. Lopez had witnessed Carina having to strip with Kelly and then being mauled by the General.

The President could not believe it as his beloved Maria was felt by the Colonel, her body exposed to the jeering soldiers. The men raping the women didn't last long in their excitement and were quickly replaced by others with iron hard ons. There was no respite as the victims were mounted again and again, being penetrated front and rear and having to suck cocks shoved into their mouths. Covered in sweat and come, they were soon a mess, their thighs bruised and breasts covered in bites.

Many eyes were on Carina, Maria and their daughters. "Shit, that's what I really want," said one. "We have the mothers when they've been fucked by all the officers. They won't get much rest with a queue of dicks outside the knocking shop evey day." "Just think of screwing that Maria. Always wanted to get up her ass." "Well, there's some good pussy here as well," replied the other looking at the women being pumped on the floor. "Yeah, I want the big tits yankee. Make her squeal." "She squeal a lot already," laughed his companion. "Bitch has had the squealing fucked out of her now."

They looked at Karen who was gasping for breath and wide eyed as a hulking soldier slammed into her.

Sanchez had wanted the two women to see what awaited them. Take away their proudness and arrogance. Now he needed a good fuck. " Come Colonel, it is time for us have our sport." Carina, Maria and their daughters were forced to go up the stairs with the officers, showing off their bare bottoms as they ascended to whistles and jeers. Two of the hotel's luxury suites had been booked for them. "Well, Colonel, you will have enough to keep you busy tonight. You have two cherries to bust, I only one," he said, running a hand over the frightened Kelly. "My general, I will do my best. I'm sure we can arrange to swap them when we've had our fill."

"Indeed, there are certainly things I want to do to the lovely Maria before she is made available for the other officers. As they entered the suites, Carina's baby - which had slept throughout all the terrible events - began to cry. "Shut up the brat," snapped Sanchez. "He's hungry." replied Carina. "Then give him your tit. I will drink from it afterwards." She gave him a swollen breast to suck, while the general took Kelly in his arms. "You are a sweet little thing, my dear," he said. "Tonight you will learn to whore like your mother." She was trembling as he kissed and explored her. "Stop your snivelling," ordered Sanchez.

"You will have enough to cry about when I am inside you." Carina was powerless to interfere as her daughter was crudely molested. The old bastard spared her nothing and soon had his cock out as she sat on his lap, making her stroke it. Kelly was disgusted and scared as she held the big, hard erection in her hand.

"By the time I've finished, you'll know all about pleasuring a dick." said the general. "I'm sure there's nothing I can teach your mother but you have much to learn." She was afraid and sweating, dreading what lay ahead. "I'll have the brat given to one of the maids tomorrow to look after while you're entertaining me," he said to Carina as the child finished drinking from the breast and quickly slept again. "No, you can't do that," she replied. "You'll be too busy fucking in the weeks ahead to have to time to look after him. I should think by the time my men have finished you'll have a big belly again with the next one anyway."

Carina hated him but was powerless as he rubbed his hand between her daughter's legs as she squirmed on his lap. "Right on the bed. I need a suck and fuck.' said the general. Kelly spoke to her mother in Chinese as Sanchez pulled off his uniform to reveal his fat, hairy body. "Ma ma I cannot do this. I feel sick. He is an animal." "I know but we must survive. For us, for the baby." She tried to comfort Kelly while being terrified herself at the thought of what the pig would do to them. "I have waited a long time for this," he said, falling onto the bed and pulling them to each side of him.

"Right, you will show your girl how to give a blow job, then it will be her turn next." Carina's stomach lurched as she heard his command. He could see the revulsion in her face and grabbed her by the hair while seizing a breast and crushing the nipple. She screamed in pain. "Do as you're told. You're a whore now and will do whatever you are told. Understand."

He increased the pressure on her nipple. It was agony as he twisted her hair. "Yes, please. No more," begged Carina. "Good. Now suck." Carina bent over his hairy crotch. He had not washed and she could smell him. Closing her eyes she took her cock in her hand and then slowly put her lips around his cockhead. He tasted of piss and sweat, making her want to gag but she forced herself to suck.

"Ha, that's good," he laughed. He made Kelly lick and play with his nipples as her mother worked on his prick. Carina had to pause and spit several times as he leaked pre-cum. The taste of the unwashed erection was awful. She wanted him to come quickly and used her tongue and lips. "Your ma knows how to give good head," laughed the general. "Had a lot of practice, I think." His swollen balls were heavy with sperm and despite his efforts to prolong the pleasure he began to feel himself reaching climax."Swallow, you bitch," he ordered, reaching down to hold Carina by the head.

With a loud grunt and a shout he orgasmed, sending his crud shooting out. The hot, bitter seed nearly choked the Chinese as he ejaculated with his cock pushed as far he could down her throat. He pulled out of her mouth, leaving Carina gasping for breath and spitting out the fluid which splashed onto her breasts. Flushed and with tangled hair and lipstick smeared across her face, she was no longer the elegant, expensively dressed beauty who'd caused so many erections. Kelly was appalled at seeing her mother give head to the pig. It was disgusting.

The general lay back on the bed. "I thought about you doing that to me many times," he said. "When I'm hard again, I'll fuck both of you." Carina and Kelly had to listen as stroked their bodies and talked. "You and the other stuck up bitches will learn manners. Always looked down your noses at me and those like me. Now you will obey us and do what you are told," he said. He had regained his erection and it was time to fuck the mother and daughter. Carina would be first before he took the girl's virginity. He mounted Carina, pushing her legs apart.

Her pale, tear streaked face reflected the turmoil within her as the general positioned himself and then thrust for entry. She groaned as he pushed himself inside, going deep. "Like that eh, you chink putta," growled Sanchez. Kelly watched horrified as he began to thrust, grunting. He was big and filled Carina's hole completely as he got to work. Voicing obscenities, his mouth went to her breasts and he bit down on a nipple to make her shout in pain and buck under him. "Come on. Give me some response, you cold whore" he demanded. The general rode her hard, enjoying the body he'd long lusted after, hearing the whimpering and cries, treating her like a prostitute.

He held back because he wanted to come inside the girl, taking his time, seeing how she reacted to being screwed. It was hell for Carina, knowing that Kelly would soon have to suffer a dreadful deflowering. The fat, heavy bastard crushed the air out of her as he crashed down with each powerful thrust. It seemed to last for ever but finally he stopped and pulled out, his erection wet with her juices.

"Good, good," he laughed. His eyes turned to Kelly who stared back with frightened eyes. Sanchez reached out to feel her breasts. "Now it is your turn, my dear." She felt sick as he pawed her, looking at her devastated mother. "No, no please," she begged as he
pulled apart her legs. "Be quiet. Lie still and it will be easier," he growled. Kelly called out to her mother in Chinese. Carina spoke back, crying and holding her hand. The general mounted her, and she felt his massive erection against her thighs. Sanchez was annoyed by the crying women. His hand played with her crotch and he pushed in a finger.

She was tight and dry. It would be hard to get inside. Kelly tried to struggle and Sanchez slapped her. "Stop it, you little bitch," he shouted. His rock hard cock pushed against the lips of her vagina as he levered himself over the slim body, which was glistening with sweat, and then thrust hard. Kelly shrieked in agony as he penetrated, breaking the hymen. Blood flowed from the violated vagina as he forced himself higher. "Shit you are tight"" he grunted. Kelly was speared on his erection, gasping for breath, shouting and whimpering. Her shattered mother called out and pleaded with the general not to hurt her. "I'm fucking her.

She's just getting the same as any other little whore. Now shut up," he growled. Kelly felt as if she was being split in two as Sanchez began to thrust hard. The pain subsided a little but it still hurt a lot as he raped her. The girl was crushed under him, unable to move. He spared her nothing and was as rough as he'd been with Carina.

Her legs were spread wide around his thrusting hips, head thrown back as she gasped for breath. The general had raped virgins before and enjoyed breaking in young girls. This one was no different. He felt his orgasm approaching, increasing his thrusts and then exploded inside Kelly, sending his hot seed into her belly as she groaned. "That's your first cock, girl. Your pussy will soon get used to having one inside you every day" said the general.

He rolled off the girl and her mother took over, with wipes and towels to clean her daughter whose thighs and snatch were covered in blood. "Now she is a whore like you," he said callously, going to get a drink. Carina did what she could for the traumatised teenager, who whimpered in her arms as she was cleaned.

The general knew that it would take some more training before they were totally broken in, but that would happen. He'd seen it before with other women. After a certain time being fucked and degraded, they thought so little of themselves that they became obedient whores, performing every act. The girl would be a very hot property once she learned to flaunt herself like a slut, while the mother would become a barrack room cunt for the men.

In the room next door, Maria Valquez and her daughters were suffering in the same way. Since winning the Miss South America crown at 19 and being a Miss Universe runner-up, Maria had been one of the women most men in the country wanted to bed. The dark skinned, big chested beauty was now past her best but still hot, with a superb body. She'd taken care of herself and Colonel Marquez couldn't wait to get his prick inside her.

She had great tits, a great ass, great legs and her photos had provoked a million wanks. "Wanted to do this for a very long time," he said, pushing her back onto the big bed. "First you, then your daughters." The famous face was creased with fear, humiliation and despair. The former beauty queen, international model, actress and fashion icon, was now to be crudely whored. First the officers, then the dirty soldiers brothel where she'd sweat her looks away.

She'd worn the most expensive clothes, always immaculately coiffured. Now she was naked and sweaty, hair tangled and lipstick smeared from being kissed by Marquez who was pulling off his clothes. He was fitter than Sanchez, with a hard, muscled body. He'd taken many women but this was special. "Not my daughters, please," said Maria. "Do what you want with me. But spare them." He liked to see the arrogant bitch beg. "I'll do what I want with you and then fuck them," he replied. "You got to learn you're not El Presidente's wife any more. You'are cunt and tits to suck and screw when you're told."

He reached out and grabbed Maria by the breasts, squeezing them in his powerful hands as she winced. "Now you give my cock a good suck before I fuck you." He pushed Maria to her knees, and shoved his large erection in her face. "Suck," he ordered. She had no choice but to take him into her mouth.

Her daughters watched in horror as their mother gave head, moving her mouth up and down on the large cock of Marquez, who sat in a chair while she kneeled between his legs. "Good, good. I heard you sucked a few cocks of the rich and famous when you were young. Boys who could pay the top bucks for a beauty queen fuck. That was before El Presidente got into your panties, eh.

Never thought you were going to end in a soldiers knocking shop." Maria would have loved to bite down on his prick but she knew what would happen to her daughters if she did. He was right. She'd given blow jobs to wealthy men to get up the ladder in show business. Many did. She was at the top of the tree and very exclusive. Only the wealthy could afford her services and she'd quit that life long ago.

"OK, I'll finish off with a fuck," said Marquez. He spread Maria on the bed and parted the famous legs, long and curvy right up to her ass, exposing the glistening slit of her cunt below the thick tuft of black pubic hair. The colonel rubbed her pussy and then mounted her. He penetrated quickly, sliding into the generous snatch which was wet from his previous fingering of her. He buried his face between the legendary 36 inch breasts - which were still firm - to lick and suck before beginning his thrusting. Maria whimpered under him as he increased the strokes. 'Going to get a lot of this," he said, looking into her eyes and beautiful face.

Beneath the paint there were now some faint lines around the eyes and mouth, but she was still a great beauty. Maria panted for breath as he crashed down, giving her a really hard screwing. His balls were heavy with sperm and he fought not to come as he pounded the woman he'd always fantasised about fucking. Juices were running out of her wet hole and despite herself she was starting to come despite herself. Maria was horrified as the spasms began but the stimulation of the big cock and his sucking of her hard and very sensitive nipples brought her to climax. She experienced an involuntary orgasm, crying out as she came and digging her long red nails into his back.

It was not unusal for a rape victim to fetch off but Maria was ashamed. "Ha, you come eh," grunted Marquez. "Hot bitch." Over his shoulder she could see her daughters watching, clinging to each other, both afraid, ashamed and at the same time fascinated by the sight of their mother being humped. The colonel couldn't hold back any longer and with several savage thrusts as he noisely unloaded a long stream of sperm into Maria, who was aware that she had no protection from pregnancy. Marquez rolled off her as she buried her face in the pillow. "Excellent," he laughed, slapping her buttocks. "Next time I will go up your ass but first your daughters will entertain me."

The two girls were very frightened, not wanting to lose their virginities like this. But the Colonel was already getting hard at the thought of the double deflowering of the nubile teenagers. Throughout the hotel, other women and girls were suffering the same fate. From 12 to over 50 they were being fucked in every hole. The ones in the ballroom suffered the most as an endless stream of soldiers queued all night. They were red raw in the vagina and anus but there was no respite. Exhausted and battered, they were just fuck holes for the men. Covered in sweat and semen, lying on the sodden mattresses, they received the pent up lust of the soldiers who'd always wanted to do this to 'fancy skirt."

 To add to the humiliation, the husbands being held in the ballroom to witness the rapes had to tend to their shattered women from time to time, bringing drinks and rubbing them down with wet towels, and washing their violated and bleeding pussies as they were taunted by the soldiers. Their battered wives were covered in bruises and devastated. It was a terrible nightmare. The men were unmanned at being unable to do anything to stop the horror. All the women were deeply traumatised by the endless abuse. When their husbands came to them they felt the full humiliation of what was being done to them.

Formerly powerful men were reduced to tending to wives so they could continue whoring. They also had to look after the children - boys and the very young girls not taken by the officers - who could see what was happening. Connie's son was only two and did not understand, but Karen's sons were only too aware of what was happening to their big breasted mother on the floor of the ballroom. although most of the mattresses were now blocked from view most of the time by the mass of men.

The other husbands also had to bring drinks and towels upstairs. The toppled president Valquez and his defence minister, Pedro Lopez, were not spared this duty. Escorted by two soldiers, they were met by the sight of their daughters and wives in bed with the men who'd raped them. "We get your Chinese bitch when officers finish fucking her," said one of the escorts to Pedro. "She'll get fucked by the whole garrison." The guards stayed outside as he went into the room. Carina and Kelly were lying naked on either side of the general, red eyed and pale faced and bearing the signs of having been roughly bedded.

"Ah, my new servant," laughed Sanchez. He squeezed one of Carina's breasts, then Kelly's. "I have enjoyed both your wife and step-daughter. The chink gives very good head. You obviously married an expensive whore, Lopez." Carina's eyes met her husband's and he could see the pain mixed with disgust. Lopez saw the large red stain on the sheets from where Kelly had been deflowered. "The sheets need changing. As you can see the girl is no longer a virgin. I don't think there are any virgins left in this city now."

Lopez had to replace the sheets, smelling the sweat and fluids on them from the sex. Sanchez had Carina on his knee playing with her while he worked. "See, your man is just a piece of weak shit. Nothing now. Not a big powerful man any more. He's going to prison and you to the soldiers brothel." Tears ran down Carina's cheeks as she watched Pedro carry out the menial tasks.

In the next room former President Valquez was facing similar humiliation from Colonel Marquez. A day before he'd been the country's leader, now he was cleaning for the man abusing his family. Maria was on the bed with her daughters on either side of the general. He was fingering the 18-year-old, Carla, while rubbing the small breasts of the younger Donna. "I fuck your wife, shithead, Made the whore come," he said. Maria bent her head in shame. "Now I'll do your daughters at the same time." "You bastard," shouted Valquez, his temper breaking out, "I will kill you."

He started to move towards the bed but the Colonel pulled out a gun from beneath the pillow and held it against Donna's head. "You are pathetic," laughed Marquez.
Valquez stopped as Marquez called the soldiers. "Take this cocksucker out and make him clean the toilets." The soldiers grabbed Valquez while looking hungarily at the naked Maria and her daughters. "Out. You'll get her to fuck soon enough."

Valquez was dragged away. "Now, let us get down to business. Who is first?" he asked, bending to kiss Donna and then Carla, forcing his tongue into their mouths. He had a hard on again and got both girls to stroke his thick shaft and handle his balls. They were very scared, having witnessed their mother's rape. "I think cute little Donna first." The slim 18-year-old's body was just beginning to develop with small budding breasts, while her elder sister already had the curves of her mother and a good sized chest. Donna began to whimper as he mounted her.

Maria could do nothing but urge the colonel not to hurt her, while Carla whined. "Shut up, all of you," he shouted. "I'm only going to fuck her." The girl stared up at him wide-eyed, her pretty face contorted with fear. The colonel was very excited as he pushed her thin legs wide. He again explored her small opening with a finger. It was a tight fit. The girl moved under him as he moved into position, and pressed his cock head against her pussy lips. She screamed as he sought entry. He had a big prick and it hurt very much as he forced himself into her. Donna bucked and screamed again, then he penetrated and broke her hymen, sending the blood pouring out of her vagina.

The girl writhed in agony as he moved into her as far as he could. Maria was beside Donna, talking to her as the colonel began his thrusts, grunting. "It's hard work busting open a virgin," he thought, but she'll be trained soon enough. He didn't screw her as hard as her mother, mainly because the small, tight little hole could take only about half the length of his cock.

Donna stopped struggling and lay whimpering as he enjoyed the cute teenager. He knew she'd be a hot bitch like her mother when she grew a bit older and many men would have the pleasure of fucking her but he'd always be the first who she'd never forget. Marquez felt himself coming, thrust harder and orgasmed into Donna with a big shout. He pumped his sperm into her belly and then rolled off. Maria took his place, with wipes and a pad to staunch the bleeding as the girl wept. Carla looked on, trembling, knowing it was her turn next.

Downstairs, the woman who was in charge of the existing brothels for both officers and soldiers at the barracks arrived in the ballroom. In her late 50s, Consuela Jimenez was a formidable personality. Large busted and gone to fat, she'd been a whore in her day before becoming a madame for the military. She knew everything about the trade, how to keep jaded whores of all types working, clap free and not pregnant. Most of the prostitutes were local but some were foreigners who'd been trafficked from Europe, the US and Asia. They were on the way down when they were sold to the military brothels but even well used white women were in great demand, first for the officers and, when they needed to be replaced, for the men.

By the time they reached Consuela they were all experienced prostitutes, used to the crudities of the life. Now, the madame faced a different challenge. The mass rape meant she'd have to deal with a large number of hysterical women and young girls .Within a day they'd gone from being high class skirt to playthings of the officers and men. She'd deal with those being fucked by the officers later. Her first priority was the six women being abused on the floor of the ballroom. Consuela arrived to find pandemonium, with hundreds of soldiers milling around and no one controlling them.

The madame looked at the women on the mattresses who'd been pounded for hours, then pushed her way through the crowd to Sergeant Honozan Aquilla. "I am taking over here," she said. "You'll kill these women if this continues." "The boys just want a fuck. You'll get them when they're finished." "They won't be any good to anyone by then," replied Consuela. "Men know nothing about a woman's insides. They won't be able to work again, and there a lot of men arriving from other towns in the next few days who will want their turns. Do you want a riot when they find there's nothing for them?" Aquilla sighed.

"Here," she said, "I have an order from one of your commanders to take over," she said, handing him a letter. "I need you and some of your men to help me get this organised." Under her direction, the soldiers were forced back into proper lines by Aquilla's squad of field police. Several elderly maids with Consuela then went to tend the women. They lay exhausted and open legged, their holes gaping wide from all the cock.

There was the Chinese, Connie, the American, Karen, two Europeans, a French and German, and two locals. Their pussies were all bleeding and leaking, apart from them being black and blue from head to toe. The whores in the soldiers brothel had to sometimes service up to 30 men a day but that was the limit. When an aging white prostitute was transferred from the officers knocking shop she always had queues for several weeks. But Consuela ensured she was kept working, even during her period. It would be the same with the six women now on the floor and those who would join them after the officers had their fill.

The women in her care - already well used prostitutes - quickly faded to slags from the constant wear and tear in a soldiers brothel. But even the older ones among the captured wives had not been working cat houses for years like the usual women, so they were much better preserved and would have a longer shelf life. Indeed, Consuela had found that the common soldiers didn't mind much about looks as long as it was a white woman. The fact that most had children and husbands as prisoners made it easier to handle them. They were not only whoring for themselves but their families as well.

The fucking in the ballroom continued until dawn when finally all the men inside had enjoyed at least one screw, many more. Consuela had the doors blocked to stop others entering. The husbands and children were also herded away to a holding area before being separated for prisons. The six woman lay exhausted on the stinking mattresses, as the last soldiers took their pleasure of the battered bodies. Their holes had just been used as toilets for the sperm of hundreds of men. Consuela knew they'd probably all caught clap and were very likely pregnant from the fucking they'd received before she intervened.

A couple of doctors who regularly inspected her women would check them later but first they had to be removed to the soldiers brothel. Groaning and unable to walk on their own, the naked victims had to be helped into the truck sent to collect them and taken to the grim knocking shop at the barracks. Formerly well dressed, elegant , sophisticated women reduced to well fucked sluts - and a lot more cock awaited them when they recovered.

Upstairs, it was Carla's turn as the Colonel prepared to deflower her. The girl was much more developed than her younger sister and already had a good chest. Marquez had been fingering her pussy while he regained his erection to make her wet for him and sucking the hard nipples. Maria had to watch with the violated Donna as he explored Carla's intimate places. Men had already cast lecherous glances at the 16 year old but this was the first time any man had been able to paw the former president's daughter. "You are superb," said Marquez, kissing her, his tongue forced inside her mouth.

She was sweating and terrified like Donna had been. This and stimulation from the colonel's fingers had made her clit run with juices, spilling onto the bed. "I see you are horny, like your mother," laughed Marquez as wiped his wet hand on the sheets. He could smell her musk and badly wanted to fuck her. Carla closed her eyes as he climbed on top, parting her thighs and getting into position. His mouth licked her breasts and sucked the nipples. She felt his weight and the long, thick shaft rubbing against her, then searching for entry. Carla cried out as she felt him against her snatch before he pushed.

It was easier for him than with Donna because she was wetter and larger. For the girl it was still really painful as he wedged his cock inside her pussy lips and thrust it higher. She screamed out as he broke through the hymen and up into her. He wasen't gentle, only thinking of his own pleasure as he took her virginity. Carla was smothered under his well muscled body, squirming as he began his thrusts. Maria could only watch her second daughter being deflowered. Her face was screwed up in pain and shame as the colonel took her. She knew this was only the beginning of being handed from man to man.

Her life had been ruined and all her hopes shattered. The grunting man on top of her would be the first of the officers to enjoy her nubile, ripe body and she would be turned into a whore. All the officers would want to fuck the former president's wife and daughters and there would be others after them. Carla saw her mother and sister over the colonel's heaving shoulders. They knew what she was suffering. The pain eased a little but it hurt badly as he continued to pound her. Marquez took his time, making the whimpering girl experience a hard fucking.

"Shit she's a juicy one," he thought, gathering pace as he neared his climax. For Carla - like her sister - it seemed to last for ever but finally he shouted out and exploded inside the girl. For the first time she felt hot seed splashing into her belly as he unloaded, knocking the breath out of her as he crashed down, leaving her gasping for breath. The colonel rolled off. "Magnificent," he laughed. "You will make a great little whore." Maria was already cleaning her daughter's blood stained thighs and the torn vagina as the dazed girl lay, eyes closed.

In the ballroom, Consuela was drawing up a list of the women in the hotel. The wives would all be going to the soldiers brothel eventually, while their daughters remained to service the officers and important men in the new regime who needed to be entertained. It was the madame's task to ensure they were trained into obedient, hard working whores. They would be broken in by the treatment they'd received but it was another step to transform them into brass bottomed prostitutes. She had no doubt that she would succeed in her task.

To be continued...

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