Sophie is publically humiliated!

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Normally I write my encounters myself, but this time I have been instructed that my master will tell the story for me.

The first time I saw and fucked Sophie was at a rough gangbang in the woods, my friend invited me and we fucked the slut until she couldn't stand. I decided from that point that she would be my personal sex slave, that I would publically ruin! I found out her phone number and text her..

'SLUT! This is your new master, I fucked you yesterday in the woods. I know you're a little rough around the edges, but I know I can mould you into the perfect little slag! Now you are going to meet me outside the small bakery in town tomorrow, at 12pm, do not be late or you will face the consequences slut! Don't worry, I have plenty of surprised for you.. Hahaha'

I wasn't sure how she would respond, but to my surprise I received a text back from her, she replied with one word.. 'Ok'. Perfect.

I arrived outside the bakery at 5 to 12, and there she was. Wearing 6inch heels, very tight jeans, and a partially see through tee shirt, I could make out that she was wearing a red slutty bra. 'Sophie' I called, 'follow'. I walked about 30 meters ahead, until I was at my car, she arrived 10seconds after me.

'Get inside and remove everything!' I opened the car door and she sheepishly got inside. I watched through the window as she followed my orders, pulling her top over her head, slowly removing her heels, and seductively peeling off her jeans. She knew I was watching, little slut. She unclipped her bra, revealing her DDcup breasts, and slipped out of her red g-string. I gestured for her to roll down the window, and she obeyed.

'I have something else for you to wear', I walked to the back of my car and opened the car boot, I pulled out a carrier bag and handed it to her, 'put it on, and then put your heels on too'. I watched as she pulled out a black g string, and put it on, I could see it only just covered her pussy lips, but the string was all that protected her hole and it was tight in her ass crack!

She pulled out the tiny triangles connected to string that were to just cover her nipples. She replaced her heels, opened the car door, and stepped out. 'Yes, that's better, far more revealing..' I muttered, I reached into my pocked and pulled out a collar and leash. I wrapped the collar around my neck, and attached the leash. On your knee's slut!

Sophie obediently got on her knee's. Her beautiful peachy ass was on show for all of the busy town to see. I began to walk and she crawled behind me, attached to her leash. As we made our way through town, people stopped and stared, men woolf whistled, and some people followed us.

At the end of the high street was a huge, busy asda, I walked my new slave inside. As we got inside I asked a shop assistant to hold her leash. 'On your knee's' I demanded, and she obeyed. I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my huge erect cock, 'suck it!'. She took my cock in both hands and wrapped her lips around my belled, I grasped her hair and forced her head to move back and forth along my cock.

 A crowd of about 50 people, men and women were now watching, 'everyone, this is my sex slave Sophie, do as you wish with her!', everyone around cheered. I removed my cock from her mouth and walked off to the adult section. When I returned with a vibrator in my hand, 3 men and 1 woman were touching her. 2 men were fondling her tits, the other man was grabbing her ass and the woman was rubbing and pinching her clit.

They all stepped aside,' stand whore!', she stood up straight. 'Open your legs!', she obeyed and opened them wide. I turned on the vibrator and gently placed it on her clit, then I pushed it against her harder, her body began to shake. 'You are going to squirt for us all bitch', without warning I shoved the vibrator up her already wet pussy, and she began to frantically shake and moan, I pulled it out and pushed it back against her clit for a moment when screamed with pleasure and her juices began to flow out, leaving a puddle beneath her! 'Now look at the mess you've made! Back on your knee's!'

She fell to her knee's and I grabbed her hair, pushed her face to the ground and rubbed her face in her own pussy juices. 'Back on your feet!' She scrambled up as fast as she could, blushing as she did. 'Now she's all wet, who wants to fuck the slut first?' A black guy came forward, and I instructed her to bend over, he pulled out his huge cock and plunged deep inside her, grabbing her breasts roughly as he did, after a few minutes of smashing her hole he pulled out, leaving cum dripping out of her soaking wet pussy!

'Well look at that slut, you're all wet, I don't want to go in a sloppy wet hole! I'm going to fuck you up the ass!' I went behind her and spat on her tight bum hole. I layed on the floor and told her to put my cock in her ass, but face away from me. She squealed as she did so.

'Now I want any one of you guys to fuck her pussy as I fuck her ass, and one of you beautiful lady's can sit on this sluts face. A tall white guy got on his knee's and shoved his cock inside her, she moaned loudly. A pretty, skinny blonde woman came over she slapped my slut and told her that she wanted to cum all over her face.

She removed her panties and lifted her skirt. She pushed her vagina in my sluts face and my little slut began to lick her pussy. The woman moaned for a while as she had her clit licked, and a tongue shoved up her pussy. Then she lifted her vagina slightly off of my sluts face and shouted 'open wide slut', my little slut kept her mouth open as this blonde woman screamed with ecstasy and squirted all in my sluts mouth!

With this me and the guy fucking her fanny quickly came, he pulled out and I pushed her off of me, so she was standing up. I grabbed hold of her leash and gave it to the tallest guy around us, he was about 6ft5. I instructed my slut to remove her heels. I then asked the guy to lift the leash as high as he could and hold it there. In order to breathe my little slut sophie had to stand on her tip toes. I asked a brunette woman wearing a black dress to hold the vibrator to my sluts pussy as I went off to find some tape.

I returned to find my slut screaming in pain and pleasure, I went behind her and grabbed her arms, I taped them together behind her back. And from my back pocked pulled out a whip I'd found. I began to whip her ass causing her to squeal a little.

After 5mins of this I asked the guy to pass me the lead and told the brunette she could stop pleasuring my slut. 'Now miss' I said to the brunette. ' You have pleased my slut enough today, it is time for her to please you, if you just want to sit down there and open you legs' and she did. I yanked my sluts lead so that her face was close to mine, I slapped her face hard and told her that she must please this lovely woman until she orgasms.

I then pushed her onto her knees and pushed her face into the woman's vagina, with her hands behind her back she could not move away. Sophie began to kiss the woman's vagina over her panties. The woman moved away, so sophie was left face down on the ground. The woman slowly removed her panties, moved back closer to sophie, grabbed her by the hair and pushed sophies face into her vagina.

As this was happening I was stood behind, whipping sophies ass until it was red! Sophie licked the brunettes clit, slowly at first, then she began to suck on it, she slowly inserted her tongue into the woman's hole and wiggled her nose so that it would tingle the woman's clit. She then began to slowly lick up and down the whole vagina, before sucking on the woman's clit again.

The woman moved away again and I rolled sophie onto her back, this allowed me to fuck her little pussy and the brunette could sit on her face. I fucked her until I came once again. 'Brunnette! You look like a little slut yourself, remove your dress and tell me your name' the brunette stood up and pulled her dress up and over her head, revealing her bare B cup breasts, 'my name is kelly' she whimpered. 'Well kelly, you are also going to be my slut today!'. She nodded.

She layed back on top of sophie and as sophie licked and sucked her pussy, she returned the favour. Two hot girls pleasing each other in the super market, not something you see everyday. s

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