Some Jail Fun

(Part 1 from 1)

Jenny was really drunk she had 10 to many shots that night.She drinks when she is spending the night with her boyfriend Justin. Its the only way she gets horney by being drunk and as long as Justin is having sex with her he has no complains. It was wonderful sex but this night when Jenny drunk to much it was because she needed to be horney and she was sick of the same old thing.

That night Jenny drove her car while she was drinking a beer and was really drunk swerving all over the place. A police officer found her car in the middel of a tree the next day. She was sent to the hospital for check-ups making sure she was fine.She woke up confused and with a huge hangover the police officer made sure she was fine so she could go to jail for a week for ileagal drunk driving.

The nurse said she would be fine just that she needed some asprins. So Jenny took them and was escorted in the back of the squad car in handcuffs very confused with a killer head ache,so she dosed off. She woke back up more confused then ever she screamed and told the officer how she wasn't fit for jail and that she was sorry. But all he did was shook his head and walked her past all her fellow jail mates to her jail cell. He pushed her in the cell through the bars and locked it and left.

The whole time Adriana was watching sexy Jenny walk to share a cell with her. She was so happy it was her first sexy bitch in years all she had to do was some chit chatting. Jenny sat down on the hard matress so mad and hopeless Adriana moved closer to herand sat down.

"So what you in ffor? Robbing girl scout cookies?!" Adriana joked
"Look I'm not hair for troubel and I have no clue what I'm in for"Jenny whined
"I'm so sorry I'm adriana and you are" adriana brings Jenny closer to her rubbing her arm to sothe her.
"I'm J-enny" Jenny snifeled

"Its okay so let's cheer you up let's talk bout something weird"
"So how far have you went with a girl"
"Ummm" Jenny blushes "we kissed and rubbed bodies toghter"
"Well now u can do more than that sexy" Adriana grabs Jennys thigh and puts it on hers she moves closer and surprised Jenny with a amazing kiss with a lot of tounge.

Jenny smiled and got instantaly horney she started kissing Adriana harder while Adriana unbotton her shirt and undid her bra exsposing Jennys beautiful sexy 39C cup boobs. Adriana admired them rubbing them in acirular motion while sucking and pinching the other. Jenny moaned and grabbed for Adrianas 36C cup boobs squezzing and caressing the beautiful plump tits of hers.

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