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I'm sometimes amazed at what people will tell you about in chat rooms. The cloak of anonymity helps of course. You know I like to retell and embellish these stories in first person. I guess I just like to imagine it was me. ;-)


This started a couple years ago. But as a prelude, there were troubling things happening inside me. I was 35. When we first met and in the early years of our marriage, my husband and I were like rabbits. Every opportunity, every place, every part of our bodies that could be used for pleasure. Yes, even there.

He's a wonderful man and wonderful in bed, too. But lately, I'd found myself losing interest in sex, even avoiding it by finding other things to do, going to bed after him, and so on. I felt awful about this. I tried to overcome these feelings and show my love for him by having sex a couple times a month, but it just wasn't there for me.

A huge wet snowstorm moved slowly up the east coast just before Halloween. With leaves still on the trees and a foot of snow heavily laden with moisture, trees were brought down across whole states and millions of people like me were out of power. My husband was away and couldn't get home. Huge branches fell across our driveway during the night.

The next morning, as I pulled the emergency release and heaved up my garage door, I saw I was trapped. There wasn't even room to pull the generator outside. Our one battery powered radio warned everybody that it would be days or weeks before power was back.

I made a few feeble attempts to shovel some of the snow and drag the smaller branches away, but all I managed was to exhaust myself. My neighbor across the back yard must have been watching me. Eventually, he came over and offered to help.

Paul is a tall man, 6 foot 4, very strong, and he even brought a chain saw.

We labored for hours, shoveling snow, sawing branches and dragging heavy pieces off to the side. Actually, Paul did most of the work. This may sound trite, but there I was in the presence of a perfect male specimen demonstrating his prowess saving a damsel in distress. OK OK, so what if I wasn't a damsel anymore; I WAS in distress.

And something was happening deep in my tummy. My old friend, lust, was coming back. It was so ironic. Why now? I kept pushing those feelings away. But every time I stood next to him, brushed against him helping to move a big branch, that electricity was there. Me and that big man, both of us covered in sawdust, dressed in ugly winter work clothes. Me and Paul. Me and Paul. No No NO!

When we had a path for the car to get out to the street - which wasn't much use because the plows wouldn't get there for two more days - Paul offered to help me with the generator. My husband had showed me all about the generator and where to run the extension cords so food wouldn't spoil and we could have a few lights. He had even rigged a way to hook up the gas furnace so it could turn on. So I should have said, I'll handle it. But I didn't. I didn't. I didn't.

Except for the flashlights, it was dark in the basement by the furnace. It only took a second to get it running. And there we were. My desires were flaming.

I turned to him. "Oh, Paul."

I lost my voice for a second. Then, "How can I thank you enough?"

Another awkward moment.

Suddenly, I had my courage. I threw my arms around him and started kissing him. The flashlights flicked off and dropped to the floor. At first he'd seemed surprised, but then we were playing with our tongues and, inside my open jacket, his hands were running over my sweater. I could feel his arousal building through his jeans. Our coats fell off next.

I somehow backed up against an old dresser we used to store stuff we should have thrown away years ago. In the dim light from a tiny basement window well, I swept the junk off the top and Paul lifted me up. As I unbuttoned his heavy flannel shirt, he pulled off my sweater. He began kissing my breasts even though I still had long underwear and a bra on. I fumbled with his belt when he stood up. Then his cool hands were under my top unclipping me in back. Soon I was topless.

Paul took forever, kissing my neck, twirling my nipples in his fingers, kissing all around my breasts. He found out how sensitive I am underneath them. Then his lips wrapped around my nipple and I closed my eyes as my first little orgasm swept over me. "Oh god, Paul," I moaned.

As I leaned back against the wall, Paul undid my boots and socks and began kissing my feet. I hope they didn't smell to bad. Then his kisses meandered up inside the legs of my jeans. This man is such a good lover.

When he was kissing the denim between my legs he took a long deep breath and mumbled, "You smell so delicious."

I couldn't wait for him to undo my jeans and slip them off. He began kissing my legs again through my long johns. I could feel everything now when his hand rubbed my lips and his mouth wrapped around my pussy. His hand was so expert, rubbing fast but gently across just the right places. "Oh god. Oh god."

As he peeled the long johns down and started kissing my panties, the cold air told me just how wet they were. I should have been embarrassed - they were plain white cotton panties that I wear on days like that - that I'd been wearing all to often lately.

His ministrations there continued, rubbing, kissing, pressing the fabric between my lips and against my opening, sucking the juices from the fabric. I couldn't control my moaning as he slipped them off and his lips were touching my flesh.

Two huge fingers pressed into my vagina as his tongue played with my clit. A huge orgasm was sweeping over me as I writhed on the top of the dresser. I realized his jeans had fallen down around his boots. "Oh Paul, Paul. Fuck me. Fuck me."

"I don't have a condom."

"It's OK. It's OK. Fuck me."

And he did.

He teased me with his cock against my clittie and then put it in just an inch, with tiny strokes that drove me crazy. Then it was in all the way and we were groaning together in ecstacy.

It would have looked funny if anyone had been looking, me on the dresser naked, Paul with his pants down over his boots and his open shirt still on, pumping away with my legs wrapped around him.

It wasn't long before I felt his seed shooting out inside me. I guess he was pretty excited by then. What amazed me was how long he kept going after everything was spent.

I guess I should mention that back then I had an IUD inside me so I couldn't get pregnant. The pill had bothered me and the doc told me she could give me one even though I hadn't had children.

Paul and I gathered ourselves up and I led him back upstairs with my clothes in my arms and you know what dripping down my leg. He must have liked that!

We were still filthy and sweaty from the work outside (and the "work" inside), so I suggested we should have a drink and then take a shower. I poured him a glass of my husbands favorite scotch and ran to the back to get a robe.

Then I joined him with a glass of a wine that I had open. We chatted for a while - turns out he's divorced and had a girl friend who didn't live with him at the time. I told him truthfully I'd never been unfaithful before, that I loved my husband and would never want to leave him. He could see there were tears in my eyes.

The shower was wonderful. I could see from the light through the window, what a hunk he is. And we both got aroused washing each other off. His hands felt so good sliding over my soapy breasts. My pussy got extra clean, LOL.

Then I turned around and bent over holding onto the hot and cold water knobs. He was inside me again. It felt so good coming from behind like that! My knees were wobbly.

Wonderfully, it was taking forever this time, so I pulled off and turned around. With the warm water coursing over my head, I knelt in front of him and held his cock. I licked his balls and his shaft and then took it in my mouth.

Even in the shower, I could taste myself on his cock. My bobbing head and tightly wrapped lips did the trick. Soon he groaned and his male taste filled my mouth. While he was still shooting, I stood up and turned around and offered myself to him again. He plunged his cock into my vagina and I felt the last few spasms squirt into me.

When it was over - again he managed to keep going even when he was spent - I put on my robe and gave him one of my husband's. I tried to ignore the feelings of guilt as we wandered back to the living room.

Paul and I sat kissing and cuddling on the sofa. The robes didn't stay closed for long. His hands wandered lightly over my entire body while I played with the hair on his chest and managed to excite him again. We were making love cowboy style when my cell phone rang.

It was my husband. I took the call in another room. I told him I'd gotten the generator working and that our neighbor was using a chain saw and came over and helped me clear some branches. "You'll have to thank him I said." I felt so guilty with that half-truth!

The generator ran out of gas in the middle of the night, but Paul was there beside me keeping me warm. I think we'd tried every position known to man and woman late into the evening before.

In the morning he wanted to make love again but I was getting sore. "Let's take a shower. I have something special for you."

We both did our business on the toilet - he watched me - and got clean again in the shower - there was still hot water in the tank. Oh so luscious having his hands sliding everywhere on my body. Poor guy, he was so hard, and I knew he was wondering why I wasn't giving him a bj.

I turned off the shower and used a trick I learned as a school girl before I could afford KY. I poured some conditioner all over his cock and started rubbing it. He loved that.

I surprised him when I handed him the bottle and said, "Put some in my asshole." I bent over like the night before and he used his finger to push some conditioner inside me. Then I positioned his cock where I wanted it.

I tried hard to relax but it was still painful as he shoved his way in - his cock is pretty fat. It didn't take him long to cum - it's so tight back there. I could still feel the soreness inside, but he gave me yet another orgasm.

How many was that!!?

Paul's home is on the main drag and he was able to get gas for both or our generators. It was three days before my husband could get home, every one of them filled with love making.

My lust for my husband improved, too. I tried not to make it too obvious at first, but things got a whole lot better.

Paul and I kept seeing each other. I'm pregnant now, but the little boy is my husband's. Paul and I stopped our affair while I tried to have a baby. But after a few months without him, I couldn't resist calling him. He doesn't seem to mind my growing belly.

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