Snow Day

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was about two weeks before Christmas and the minor snowstorm that the television weather had predicted was fast becoming a blizzard. At Hillview High School what started as a normal day by 11:00 A.M. had become pandemonium. The school officials had decided that since the snow showed no sign of stopping, the best thing to do was to bring back the buses and send the students home. Excited teenagers were running around everywhere, getting to cars, getting on buses and having more than a few impromptu snowball fights. It was in this chaotic scene that the Morgan twins were trying to get home.

Tara and Katie Morgan were identical twin girls halfway through their freshman year in high school. The girls really were identical and beautiful. People often said that they looked like Kiera Knightly or Natalie Portman, dark hair, beautiful green eyes, and very well developed bodies for freshman, including perfect C cup breasts. They were very popular among their own class but felt like the older kids, especially the boys, didn’t even notice them. With school letting out early the girls decided that the best way home would be to catch their older brother Rob, who was a senior, before he left to give them a ride. They were hoping once again to get to hang out with him so they could meet the hot senior boys that he hung around with. They got to the parking lot just as Rob was driving away with two of his friends making celebratory yelps out the window.

“Wait Rob!” Tara yelled in vain to her brother as his car sped out of the parking lot.

“Give it up” Katie told her twin as she lightly grabbed her arm “it’s like every other time Tara, senior boys don’t want anything to do with us, and our brother doesn’t want to help us. Come on” She continued “We have to hurry if we’re going to catch the bus.”

The girls hurried back to the bus lot and quickly found theirs. They got on and joked and laughed with some of their friends all the time hiding their disappointment. The bus slowly made its way to Maple St. and finally stopped in front of the Morgan house. Tara and Katie made their goodbyes to their friends and got off the bus and headed for the house. They immediately saw Rob’s car in the driveway as well as two of his friend’s cars.

“Great” Katie said as they approached the door “A houseful of seniors that are going to ignore us!” 
“Yeah” Tara replied “I’m actually going to be happy when mom gets home in a few hours, because she’ll kick them out!” The girls both laughed uncomfortably and entered the entered the house through the kitchen door. Rob and his friend Dan were in the kitchen scrounging around for food.

“Hey squirts!” Rob greeted them warmly “Just gathering up some food here. A bunch of us are hanging in the basement.”
His sister’s were hardly paying attention, instead their eyes were firmly planted on Dan Bly a blonde, blue eyed boy who the girls were sure had the most wonderful smile in the world. It also helped that he was a football star like their brother “Hi Dan!” They both said meekly almost in unison.

“Heya girls” Dan replied flashing them his biggest girl-attracting smile.

None of this escaped Rob’s attention. “Hey Dan” He started handing his friend some bags of chips “why don’t you take this shit downstairs and make sure those jokers got all the beer in the fridge, huh?”
“Yeah no problem dude” Dan replied taking the food and heading towards the basement door. When he reached it he turned and flashed that broad smile at the twins “Oh bye girls, see ya later!”
“Bye” both girls replied while almost blushing as they watched Dan head down stairs. Then they both turned to Rob silently pleading to be included.

“Sorry squirts” He said picking up on their unspoken question “No one wants a couple of kids hanging around. Seniors don’t hang with freshman you girls know that.”
The girls looked injured as if someone had physically assaulted them. Their disappointment was clear as it appeared that they were close to tears. “Ok Rob” Tara replied sadly.
Rob Morgan really felt badly for his sisters, he hated seeing them so sad especially since they were usually so cute and bubbly. He thought for a moment and finally said “Well I really am sorry, it’s not me it’s my friends, but I’ll tell you what I’ll let you guys hang out in my room and play vids” He saw the girls’ faces brighten “and you can use my stereo. Ok?”
“Ok Rob” Katie replied happily “At least it’s something fun, come on Tara” She motioned for her sister to follow her and headed upstairs.

Rob watched his cute little sisters scamper off, at least somewhat satisfied by his offer. He hated having to lie to his sisters, but he really didn’t have a choice, at least as far as he was concerned, He and his friends were the most popular guys in school, football players, baseball players, all the school studs. Girls were all over them all the time, and being teenaged boys they didn’t waste their opportunities. The girls they hung with did whatever the boys wanted; hell they usually even got naked without any help from the guys. Girls that hung with Rob and his friends fucked, plain and simple, one guy, two guys, it didn’t matter the girls wanted them and they gave the girls what they asked for. He really didn’t think he could take watching his sister’s getting fucked by his friends, so he had spent the entire semester threatening his friends if they even looked at his sisters. He knew they were cute, hell he thought they were damned close to being the prettiest girls in the school and he was pretty sure that next year’s senior boys would be all over them, but still he didn’t want it to happen on his watch. Convinced that he had once again kept his sister’s away from his horny friends he headed downstairs to join them.

Rob was actually a little surprised when he got downstairs. Most of his guy friends were either playing pool or throwing darts and the only girl was by herself in the corner talking on her cell phone. He was figuring, since there were seven guys, eight including himself, and one girl that she would be getting her brains fucked out with the guys lining up to see who would be next. Instead he was informed that Sara, a cute curvy little blonde with big tits, was on the phone trying to get some of the other girls to come over and join the party. Rob walked over to her to see what was up.

“Nobody wants to go out in the snow storm Rob” Sara explained putting down her phone “Heather might try to walk here since she lives down the street, but it’s not for sure, and she’s the only one that can even maybe come over” Giggling nervously she looked at Rob with a worried expression “I can’t be the only girl with eight guys! I won’t be able to walk!”
Rob laughed giving her a hug “Well Sara maybe you can just blow all of us!”

Suddenly the room was strangely silent and all the guys seemed to have overheard Rob’s suggestion to Sara. They all moved in mass to be closer to the conversation.
“Fuck that Rob!” exclaimed one of the guys named Steve “I’m here top get my dick wet, it’s only 12 and you said we had until 5 until your mom comes home I’ll go get Heather if that’s what it takes but I’m fucking something today man” The rest of the guys mumbled in agreement.

“Hey!” Dan exclaimed all of a sudden “Two of the hottest girls in our school are upstairs! It’s not like they would need much convincing if” he looked at Rob “Mr. tight assed big brother here would take the locks off!”
The guys began to roar in approval imagining the beautiful set of twins, and Sara was looking relived, but Rob cut them off “No way, how many times have I told you guys? My sisters are off limits!”
As if on cue the twin freshman beauties came bounding downstairs emerging in the basement. All eyes in the room landed on the girls making them wonder what was going on. Both girls blushed involuntarily but Tara finally found the courage to speak “Um, Rob um we just wanted to tell you that mom called and she’s stuck in Cleveland because of the snow and won’t be home until tomorrow. Um we thought you’d want to know.”

It was a moment that Rob Morgan gave up. Here they were in the middle of a snowstorm, house completely to themselves all day and night, and other than his sisters there were eight horny high school boys and one girl. He knew then that his sisters might as well be a steak in front of hungry wolves, like it or not he knew they were about to join the party. He shrugged his shoulders and looked at his sisters "Hey thanks squirts that’s definitely cool, hey why don’t you join us?”

Tara and Katie could hardly believe their own ears. Was their brother really asking them to party with a bunch of seniors? It was unbelievable to them it was if they were dreaming. They soon realized they weren’t as a swarm of boys came to greet them and bring them into the party. They noticed immediately that there was only one girl there besides them which meant that they could flirt with as many senior boys as they wanted. They were smiling so hard it looked like they might burst as two boys who they recognized as Mike Jones the captain of the football team, and Jason Reed the captain of the wrestling team ushered them to the couch. They noticed that all the hot guys were there and Dan, Eddie Santelli and Tom Parks all pulled up chairs in front of the sofa encircling the girls. Mark Richfield and Steve Adams the two best wrestlers in the state stood close by smiling at them. The girls noticed that Sara Ford the captain of the cheerleading team was there and was actually getting less attention than they were. They almost felt weak as they finally got attention from the boys they had been drooling over.

Meanwhile Rob watched as his sisters were surrounded by his friends. He had given in to the idea that his sisters were about to be ravished by his friends but at least for now he wanted something else to think about. He saw Sara, who was actually being ignored in the face of the twin cuties, and moved over towards her. Not wasting any time he pulled her to him and planted a deep sexual kiss on her full lips and began to slowly pull off her clothes. He had her naked in less than a minute and moved her to another couch on the far side of the room away from the horny throng around his sisters. His plan was to get Sara nice and wet and fuck the shit out of her. He noticed that she made some signs that she wanted to suck his cock but Rob wanted to fuck her hard. He needed a distraction and fucking the shit out of Sara was going to be it. He tuned out everything else as he spread her legs and stuck his head between her shapely legs to get to the cute bald pussy he loved licking so much.

Meanwhile Tara and Katie were getting lots of attention from the newly accessible senior boys. The boys had made sure that each of them got a beer and were treating them like princesses belying their more primitive motives. It didn’t take long before the girls were feeling relaxed and were beginning to respond to some of the boys touching them gently by touching right back. It was Tara that actually succumbed first to a deep passionate kiss from Jason. At first she was startled she had made out with boys before, but not in front of so many people. Also she recognized that this was not an ordinary kiss, but instead a gateway into sexuality. She resisted mildly.

“Sssssshhhh its ok baby” Jason whispered in her ear “let yourself go nobody is going to hurt you we’re going to make you feel so good baby” he resumed his kiss.

Katie was going through almost the same thing with Mike right next to Jason and Tara. She saw her sister beginning to enjoy it and began to let go herself. It felt like her entire body was on fire. She felt hands on her body beginning to remove her clothes but she was completely unable to do anything to stop it. Her mind was reeling and she instinctually looked for her big brother for reassurance. When she finally spotted him she was shocked to see that he was having sex with Sara on the other couch. She had never had or seen sex before but she wasn’t stupid and knew what she was seeing even if her brain was slow to catch up. In her hormone addled mind she finally understood. Her brother had been protecting her and Tara from the boys. He was keeping them from getting fucked. She also understood that was all over now, she and her sister were going to get fucked just like her brother was fucking Sara Ford. She was slightly nervous but was ready to give in. She looked at Tara and they smiled at each other. Tara had made the same decision.

Rob turned Sara onto the floor and onto her hands and knees and slipped his big prick back into her doggie style. He began to pummel the pretty cheerleader’s pussy hard as she struggled to hold herself up under the assault. She was moaning loudly. Without even thinking he looked over to where his sisters were and saw that it had already started. Tara and Katie were nearly naked and the guys were as well. He noticed Tara taking her first tentative feel of a hard cock. The sight turned him on more than he could ever imagine and he exploded deep inside Sara’s hot cunt

After they both had caught their breath after the torrid fuck, Sara noticed the sight which had caused the huge load that Rob had deposited in her teen pussy. She smiled as she thought that watching his sisters begin to lose their innocence inspired the incredible fuck, she smiled at Rob and said “You like watching your sisters don’t you?”

Rob sighed heavily realizing that there was no use in denying it “Yeah it’s fucking hot, I admit it. They’re hot girls I always knew they’d get fucked but I was trying to hold it off a while.”
Sara laughed “come on Rob, When I was a freshman I couldn’t wait to get fucked, I hardly knew what it was but I was just aching for it, it’s just the way girls are” She reached over and playfully stroked his semi hard cock “Want to go watch?” She grinned at him.

Tara’s body was on fire. There were hands all over her and she felt every one like it was electric. She was naked now and felt fingers starting to touch her round, firm breasts and also fingers beginning to lightly touch her pussy. She had felt wet before when she was thinking about boys, but now she felt so wet that she was sure that she was soaking whichever boy’s hand that was touching her. She had both of her hands on cocks and was surprised at how natural it felt. She heard a voice softly telling her to open her mouth and she did allowing a boy to slip his penis between her lips. She closed them instinctually and began to suck.

Katie was getting much the same treatment as her sister was, but the boy between her legs had began licking her with a vengeance and sticking a finger deep inside of her. She felt her body convulsing and erupting as her first real orgasm overcame her. She felt it in every part of her body including her mouth which was filled with cock. She sucked it like she had been doing it for years and almost immediately after her orgasm had subsided; it exploded in her cute little mouth. She heard someone say swallow it and she did as she was told swallowing as much of the strange salty liquid as she could. She noticed Rob watching and smiling at her.

Rob watched intently as his sister’s became little sluts in front of his eyes. Sara was smiling at him and pushed him into a nearby chair so she could suck his big prick while he watched. He felt his recently spent dick getting rock hard again in Sara’s hot mouth while he saw both his sister’s suck their first cocks. His friends were literally pushing each other to get closer to the freshman twins and have a chance to fuck their sweet little pussies. He withdrew his gaze from his sisters momentarily to look at Sara sucking his tool like a pro. Hell, he thought, she pretty much was he couldn’t even count how many times he had enjoyed her soft mouth on his dick. She sucked him and playfully wiggled her ass behind her as she sucked almost daring someone to fuck her. Eddie took the hint and sank his tool into Sara’s sloppy cunt to the hilt. Eddied had the largest cock among the guys at almost 11 inches and Rob was actually somewhat relieved to see him pummeling Sara’s well fucked pussy instead of being the first for one of his sisters. He was sure that Eddie would tear them in two. He knew that eventually they would love Eddie’s huge love muscle but felt that a smaller prick would be better for their first fuck. Eddie had inadvertently blocked Rob’s view so he couldn’t see how close that fuck actually was, for both of them.

Tara was sucking her second cock already still tasting the first boy but loving every minute. She looked down and saw that Dan was holding his prick and starting to aim it at her virgin love hole. She looked over at Katie and saw that she was in much the same position with a cock aimed squarely at her pussy. Tara watched intently as Dan moved closer and closer to her pussy finally feeling the big head poking right at her tiny slit. She was shocked at how big boys penises were. She noticed that some were bigger that others but all of them were bigger than anything she ever thought. The idea that one was about to be inside her both scared and excited her. Dan slowly began to push more and more of his thick hard dick into her as she watched, never taking her mouth off of the boy she was sucking. She winced as she felt her cherry pop under the assault of Dan’s cock. The pain subsided and Dan pushed harder until the entire length was buried in her little pussy. She giggled slightly on the prick in her mouth as she saw her brother trying to see her and her sister get fucked. A boy was fucking Sara in front of him and he was looking around him to see. Her amusement and her attention on her brother faded as she began to feel the cock inside of her begin to slowly pump in and out of her tiny cunt.

Katie was watching her sister getting fucked intently even momentarily releasing the cock in her mouth. So intent she was at watching her twin she didn’t even notice as Tom’s cock violated her own virgin opening. She barely felt any pain as the boy sank in to his balls. She saw the boy fucking her sister begin to increase his pace his prick pistoning in and out of her like some sort of fleshy machine. Her own pussy was beginning to receive the same treatment and she resumed sucking the prick in her face and let go of any inhibition she had left and just succumbed to the wonderful fucking.

Rob had begun to tire of having to look around Sara and Eddie to get a look at the treatment his sisters were receiving. He finally removed his cock for Sara’s mouth despite the expert cocksucking she was performing. He needed to see his sisters. When he approached the crowd around his sisters he nearly gasped. Both of his sister’s were being pounded by hard cocks. He noticed that Tom had deflowered Katie while Dan had done the same to Tara. As he walked up he saw Mark explode in Katie’s mouth and much to his surprise she swallowed every drop even while receiving a hard fuck from Tom. He felt like he was watching someone else as he saw himself taking Mark’s pace and putting his hard cock right in front of Katie’s little mouth. His sister wrapped her lips around it and Rob realized his baby sister was blowing him. 

Katie was almost delirious from the pounding her freshly fucked pussy was getting. She began cumming all over Tom’s dick just as she noticed that the prick in her mouth belonged to her own brother. She literally exploded in ecstasy wanting to suck every drop of cum out of her big brother. That was all that Tom could take, obviously and he pulled out of Katie’s cunt and exploded all over her little flat tummy. 
Rob saw the opening and despite any moral misgivings removed his prick from his sister’s mouth, turned her over and sank his dick deep inside his Katie’s little puss. He began to pound her hard as he reached under and touched her little clit. She began to immediately cum all over his cock but Rob continued his assault. 

People slowly began to notice that Rob was fucking Katie and a buzz began in the room. “He’s fucking his sister man” “Sister fucking is way hot!” Were a few of the comments he heard. He also heard Tara giggling and saying she was next. Despite the audience Rob continued to fuck his sister into submission her little cunt cumming over and over. Then he heard a new voice.
“Holy fuck!” A female voice exclaimed “he’s fucking his sister!”

Everyone laughed and turned to see who this new voice was. It turned out to be Heather Taylor who Sara had called earlier. Unlike everyone else in the room Heather was fully clothed and stood in temporary shock. 

That was all Rob could take and despite his best intentions to pull out, he blasted a huge load of baby batter into his sister’s newly fucked cunt. After a few moments his prick withdrew with a huge plop. 
“Oh my God Rob!” Katie exclaimed turning to give her brother a big hug! “That was so awesome! You fucked me I can’t believe it!”
Rob bent down and kissed her on the forehead “Believe it squirt!” He smiled at her “And it was one hell of a fuck!”
Tara approached her brother and sister “Well big brother guess you should have invited us before huh?”

Rob laughed deeply “Well Tara I can’t argue with that! Why don’t just the three of us go upstairs and take a shower to get cleaned up. We’ll come back down in a while after all we have all night. Oh and Tara?” He grinned at his sister.
“Yeah Rob?” She replied

“Maybe while we’re in the shower I’ll slip my cock up into your pussy” He chuckled “after all I have to find out if your really identical don’t I?”
“Hell yeah!” She laughed “Besides if she gets your cock so do I! We’re sisters!”

He took each of them by the hand and brought them up the stairs noticing that Heather and Sara were being fucked like crazy. “Well let’s go girls lets hurry up so we can get back to the party, after all our snow day isn’t over yet. You don’t want Heather and Sara to wear everybody out do you?”

They both laughed and nodded no as the three of them went upstairs.

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