Sleeping Cutie

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was a sad day when Brian and Emma's father Jack, died. He was their last blood relative and now they only had each other. They did get stuck living with their evil stepmother named Angela though. Angela had married Jack a few years after Brian and Emma's mother died. Although Angela married Jack she clearly had her eyes set on Brian.

Brian was a handsome young man. Being only 17, he was tall about 6'1" and had dark black short hair with smoldering gray eyes. His sister Emma was also very attractive. She was 15 with long dark hair and the same gray eyes as her brother. She was very petite and stood around 5'4" in height. They siblings were very close because they knew they only had each other to lean on.

Angela was a sexy older woman that usually was the target of many young men's fantasies. She was 45 and her hair was red shoulder length. She had almond shaped green eyes and a fabulous figure. She had always had her eyes on Brian because of his youthful face and body. She was crazy about younger men but Brian never paid any attention to her. He was always more focused on school or sports and of course his baby sister.

Emma loved her older brother and always felt some sort of resentfulness from Angela. She always noticed Angela paying extra attention to Brian and hardly any attention to her. She thought Angela was just being stricter with her since she was a girl. She loved Angela like a mother but sometimes felt really hurt when Angela didn't respond the love back to her.

A few months after Jack's death, Angela was now planning the big seduction on Brian. She tried to come up with ideas but the one obstacle that stood between them was Emma! Angela wanted a way to get rid of her so she could take off and marry Brian. It took some time but she figured the only way to make Emma disappear was to kill her! With Emma gone Brian would be all hers.

She wanted to come up with a clever plan but it was hard since almost everyone around them loved Emma so much. She remembered about her witch doctor friend, a black man who lived up in the hills. She'd known him since she was a child herself and knew he was always there for her.

"So how nice and easy do you want this girl killed?" He asked as she visited him early one morning.

"I want something like a sleeping potion that no doctors can detect. Something unexplained."

"Well you've come to the right person my dear Angela. Let's see…." He began digging through a large dusty pouch.

Angela looked closely as his big hands searched for the one thing that would help her get Brian. He searched for a few seconds until he finally pulled out some white looking powder.

"Here love, just put a spoonful of this into her drink, preferably milk, and she'll be dead. Well honestly not really dead, more like sleep. But she won't have a pulse so everyone will assume she's dead. But be careful, she could awaken if she is excited in any sexual way."

Angela scoffed. "A sexual way? No she's only 15 and besides the only ones in the house are her, her brother and me and I know her brother wouldn't do anything sexually to her. He belongs to me."

The witch doctor smiled. "Well then darling here you go. It's enough for a spoonful. Mix it in real good with her drink."

Angela rushed home ready to get rid of Emma. She was thinking of ways to seduce Brian. She knew he'd be upset over his sister's death so she'd comfort him by holding him and eventually kiss him and then she'd really get to have him in bed! Just thinking about his young thick cock inside her was already making her heart race.

It was past four o'clock that afternoon and Emma had just gotten home from school. Angela knew it'd be over an hour until Brian got home from basketball practice. She saw Emma come in humming a sweet folk tune.

"Emma darling, come on in the kitchen. Do you want a glass of milk?" She asked anxiously.

Emma nodded, "Uh no not right now Angela. I've got tons of homework."

"Well you can drink your milk while you do your homework sweetie."

"Honestly I don't like milk Angela." Emma said giggling.

Angela was losing her patience. "Emma please you have to start drinking milk. It's good for you; besides I already have a nice cold glass ready for you to drink it. Please sweetie."

Emma was surprised to hear Angela talk to her like that. She was never this nice to her. Her face even looked sweeter and motherly. Emma felt she was trying to maybe bond with her so she decided to go ahead and take the milk.

"Alright Angela just a little bit."

"Emma don't call me Angela. Please call me Mom. I know in the past I was such a witch with you, but I'm ready for a new beginning. You and Brian are my only children and I want to be the best mother I can be."

Emma's heart rejoiced. "Oh Mom! It's so great to hear you say that. I do need a mother right now. It's hard growing up without one." Emma hugged Angela.

Oh what a foolish child! You stupid little girl! Angela laughed on the inside.

Emma took her milk and her book bag and headed upstairs to get started on her schoolwork. She took one sip of the milk and it actually had a nice sweet taste to it. Maybe Angela had put some sweetener or something so she could enjoy the milk. She drank the whole glass and was just starting to begin to read her biology chapter when her eyes felt heavy. She tried to fight her sleep, but she couldn't. What in the hell did you put in my drink Angela? Emma wondered. She laid her head down and immediately fell asleep.

Angela waited for a few minutes and went up to Emma's room to check on her. Her face showed a wicked smile as she saw her fast asleep in her bed. She went over to make sure she had no pulse and luckily no pulse was felt. Angela danced around the room celebrating her victory. She wouldn't tell Brian anything until later at night when she'd send him to go wake up his sister for dinner. Then he'd discover her dead and it would only be Angela and Brian together.

Brian eventually got home past five o'clock and found Angela happily cooking her famous meatloaf for dinner. He stepped into the kitchen greeting his stepmother.

"Hey Angela. Mmmm that smells delicious!" He said just inches away from her.

He stood there wearing his black wind shorts and black muscle shirt. Angela's drool couldn't have been more obvious. She stood looking at him and he at her for what seemed to be an eternity. Unfortunately the telephone rang interrupting them. She didn't move still wet between her legs. Brian was the one to answer the phone.

"Angela? It's the folks from the funeral home. They say they need for you to go over there right now to fill out some forms that they forgot to give you when my father passed away."

Angela sighed. "Oh right now?"

"Yeah they said it was important."

"Oh alright I'll hurry back in time for dinner. Listen don't interrupt your sister at all. She's busy cramming for an exam coming up." Angela lied.

"Oh I won't bother her at all. I'm going to go watch some TV. I'll wait for you."

Angela smiled and cupped Brian's cute face wanting to kiss him. "Sweetie you're always so nice to me. Please don't call me Angela anymore. I'm your mother."

"Hey no problem Angela. I mean Mom?"

Angela blushed and rushed out to the funeral home, which wasn't far from where they lived. She drove fast almost passing red lights praying to God that Brian wouldn't think of even going up to Emma's room.

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