Slechts Groot - Part 1

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When she opened the door, she found a slightly larger room. Its bed was much larger and very sturdy. This type of room could obviously be used for more than two people. Harry was the last one in and he closed the door behind him. By now six other girls were working the lounge.

When Harry closed that door, all six turned their faces to Kees.  Each then looked at Kees in a very accusing, perhaps even slightly hostile, manner. He gave an innocent ‘what did I do?’ response, and then allowed his left hand to fall and cup his mouth and chin. It was a ‘thinking man’ pose. Hidden under that hand was a broad self satisfied smile; this particular smile was Kees’s best example of an unrepentantly pure smirk.


In offering the trial of a new beauty to some favorite customers, he tried to be fair. Not necessarily fair to Jaimie, but fair to high paying customers. Turk and Harry were black men from across the hall. They were members of the much more expensive Slechts Groot. And the three girls in the lounge knew that. Inside the sex room, the plan for Jaimie had already begun. Before the two men did anything, Turk pulled out a blindfold and told Jaimie to put it on. She looked at it, smiled, sighed, and immediately slipped it on. The men quickly stripped, and displayed the first  kind of information that the blindfold stopped Jaimie from seeing: massive black penises.

She was evidently a strong turn on for both men, since both sported rock hard erections that were already between 10 and 11 inches in lengthThey stood Jaimie up, used a small leather strap to tie her hands behind her back and began heavily greasing up both of her holes. The blindfold, and the attention that she did not see coming, was a turn on for her. A pleasantly slick double surprise. All of that action, however, just happened to the first double surprise. Turk laid down upon the bed and flopped his penis upstream, so that it remained flat across his belly as it extended past his belly button. That kept it a surprise just a little longer. 

Harry took Jaimie over the bed, had her straddle Turk’s lower legs and then shuffle on her knees, up to the level of Turk’s pelvis. All that effort, just to make sure that she did not get a hint as to what was up and across Turk’s belly.

As she stood on her knees above him, Turk positioned his penis at her opening. Even while up on her knees, the spread of those knees lowering her, and with Turk’s now straight upward length, his penis already began to touch her lips. A single, “Oh.”And she shivered.

Then Harry began to sit her down onto Turk. Many umms and ahhs at the start of the process, as the head popped into her pussy and began to slide. Her response changed quickly as she kept sliding. Thoughts like, ‘Is there an end to this?’ ran through her mind. She settled down solid on Turk with more than a few inches still to go. With the amount that was in her, Jaimie began oscillating up and down a little and wiggling. That is when Harry, gravity and tied hands began to assist. Harry grabbed her pelvis and began to push her down, while Turk grabbed her knees and spread them apart at the same rate. With her hands behind her back, she could not reach forward for support or easily pull up her ass.


The push and spread method was having its desired effect. Think of it as a little limited impaling. The top of her pussy finally stretched enough to allow her to come down to and sit upon Turk’s pelvis. He disappeared inside the beautiful little thing. Jaimie was gasping, breaking into puffing and, if she received even a minor extra poke, occasionally squealing. Till Turk purposefully twitched his penis, she had not been sure that she was not stuck on a forearm. The twitch confirmed that she was now stuck on a penis that was even bigger than Jim’s! For the moment, being overfilled that way,  she could not oscillate or wiggle much. Harry pressed her forward so that her pretty face and breasts came directly down upon the front of Turk. Both Jaimie and Turk appreciated the extra sensations.

Of course that position and Turk pried her pussy big time. Pushed it back and apart. Her little asshole was spread perfectly. In addition to the lube that was on and in her, Harry lubed his erection. He knew that the multiple dosing of Vaseline would be quite necessary. Jaimie’s thoughts ran through ‘Oh, my God. They are going to double me!’, and that she had so rarely tried even basic anal.‘Maybe, at least, the other guy will be smaller?’

Harry started in, and Jaimie realized that the ‘other guy’ was not smaller. Squealing, a multiple series of ‘ow,ow,ow,ow,ow’, breaking for gasps and then into panting, all done over and over as Harry pushed in. Harry was very thankful for Kees’s invite. In spite of the high cost annual and monthly fees, he was even considering a separate ‘finder’s fee’ for Kees in this case. Each time he looked down at Jaimie’s tight rounded and now splaying ass, he felt even better about where his penis was going. He certainly would not have wanted to miss this. Turk and Harry were in their realm as they, effectively, divided Jaimie. One beautiful leg on one side of a black wall of penises, and another beautiful leg on the other side of that wall. At least that is what it looked and felt like to the two guys. 

For Jaimie, it was a more real division. She never thought about the ability to do such a thing, or more importantly,  to survive such a thing. As Harry, so to say, bottomed out, Turk began moving a lot more. Then Harry started to move back and forth. Jaimie was making one of those laugh or cry decisions. The positive won, and she gasped loud chuckles out of her mouth. Turk thought that was cute. And since she was nailed in place with her hands behind her, he decided to take off her blindfold so that she might start to see some of the action that she already felt so well. As he looked straight into her face her big fluffy black ponytails fell across his chest. He reached around her back and over her arms to pull that beauty closer and tighter.

That allowed both of them to start plungering her in earnest. She screamed a lot now. Everyone in the lounge, music or no music, could her. They could even hear the bed start to shake back and forth. Soon the two men were seriously sawing the young woman. Jaimie made another basic wild animal type decision. Her body started to cum. She could not tell if it was the combination effect, or some single item like a clitoris rub. She was just cuming, and cuming way beyond her control. Turk signaled Harry, that, from her sounds and the look in her face, they had themselves a natural double penetration ‘slut’.

And they banged away. For over 20 minutes, they poked deep, and reamed wide. Her ass and pussy took turns making smacks, slaps, slurps and low frequency thumps. Then, after she lost count of her own cuming, Turk and Harry came in rapid succession. Big jerky cums that produced a lot of goo. They slowly pulled out, and undid the leather tie at her wrists. Volumes of cum dribbled out of Jaimie’s holes. Harry reached down and spread her ass and pussy. Both were, at least temporarily, red, and gaping, with a tiny trickle of blood from each. Jaimie was exhausted.  She was also still trying to fathom the total effect of what just happened. They had been huge, and like nothing that she had even felt for one brief moment. But, here, it was like being held at that highest peak of an orgasm for one continuous half hour. She was now sitting on the edge of the bed, periodically gaining more sense. She spread her legs and looked at her ass and her pussy. The guys watched her check herself out. She looked up, stoned from the sex alone.

No one said anything. Then she smiled, giggled and finally laughed. Both of the guys smiled back at her, and fluffed the top of her head as one might do a beloved puppy dog. Turk and Harry left. As they walked past Kees, they stopped and each shook his hand. Reports of ‘excellent’ were echoed between the two. Harry did palm Kees another 200 guilder as he and Turk left. Kees did not see how much. Rather he crumpled it up and put it into a pant pocket. The resulting attitude might not have been appropriate, but his demeanor became that of a proud father.


Ten or so minutes later, Jaimie came out of the room. She did not immediately go for her outfit. Instead, she walked over the boss. Worked out? Worked out well? But appearing game. Still, rosy facial cheeks, a rosy mons, a rosy slapped look groin and a red ass were the details that well publicized her recent work. Kees looked at all the reddened areas. Everyone in the room was focused on the pair, as he very slowly spun her around looking at her condition. He whispered into her ear, and she turned around toward the lounge booths. 

She gave a strange look to the lounge group; it was a look that included a roll of her eyes. Then she bent over, with her rear pointed up towards Kees face. She spread her ass and pussy, so that Kees might examine their conditions. Her ass was swollen and slightly pouched out, with a red coloration. Her pussy lips were all a deeper red, her center hole still gaped, and was now rough around its edges. Through the gape, her canal appeared moist red.               


“And are you going to survive?”, said with a little baiting sarcasm.

She spun around and up. “Are Turk and Harry regulars?”

“Yes, they are...across the hall, at...Slechts Groot.”

When he saw her start to possibly flame, he realized that he needed to use his best sales techniques. “Jaimie. They are the highest paying type of customer. And Turk and Harry desire to try any new girl. But when they heard of your beauty, they were overwhelmed and said they had to be here today.”

Jaimie knew that little of what he said was true.  Still, there was no major violation in ‘her book’.  But she did not want to let him off the hook immediately.

“Yeah, right. They did a good job of letting me know how they felt all about me and inside me!” Following that comment, she found that she could not maintain a stern attitude.  She displayed one of her pretty smiles.

“So, you are going to be alright.” Kees said it as a statement of Dutch certainty.

During that same moment, he pulled an envelope from his inside jacket pocket.

“Now that was your introduction. You did very well, Jaimie. Take this home with you and tell your husband how things went.  Who knows? There may even be a chance for you to make more sex today.”

Surprised. Actually expecting to be required to have more customers today, she took the envelope. Going into the dressing room, she stopped and checked the contents of the envelope. It contained American currency: four $50 bills, eleven $20 bills, one $10 bill and two one dollar bills. $432.00, in less than 3 hours.

Kees stuck his head into the dressing room at that moment, “Oh, forgot to tell you to be here at 1 PM tomorrow.”




Back in her jean and shirt disguise, she walked to her apartment. As she passed couples and single males, she could not keep herself from wondering about the male. Jaimie, like most young women, had always considered the unique differences in their faces and their builds. But now her wonder more directly involved what might be hiding at in their crotch. For now, she realized that the differences there were just as varied and perhaps more significant.


Jaimie arrived at the apartment at about 8:00 PM. Dave was pleasantly surprised. He had not expected her home so early on a Saturday.  He thought that her starting on a Saturday evening would mean a late night.  She grabbed him and hugged him.  He did not know how to interpret the early arrival home and the hug.

“You’re home early. Did everything go alright? You OK?


“Honey, I’m fine. Just a very different day for me. I think I did well.”And she handed him the envelope.

“Wow.  Let’s see... $432 ! Since 4:00 PM?”

“Kees had 6 men waiting for me.  That works out to $72 each.”

“Six guys! Tell me! Tell me all about it. Every little thing.”

And Jaimie did tell him, with as much detail as she could provide. She watched him get turned on more with every step of the story. That is when she stopped feeling apologetically sinful. Instead, Jaimie started taking delight in what she had done. And the telling to her own husband reinforced the nastiness of the event. She was able to do a kind of reliving through her story telling. In fact, her body seemed to remember some the orgasmic type feelings very well. She would get tingles and almost come just telling some of the highlights.

She would try to tell her actual feelings toward each man. Dave, of course, was most interested in finding out how these first customers of his wife were equipped. He wanted details. And he said that he did not want her to hold back. So, soon he found out that Bob was smaller than he was, and that the other five were all larger than he was.  He asked for the absolute truth about her orgasms, and told her that it turned him on just to hear about her having a great time. She had known Dave about 5 years, though they were just married 2 years as of last month. She considered what he said, thought that he meant it, and thought that he could take the truth.  She even thought, like he was saying, that he would be turned on by the truth.  So, if he asked something, she would tell him that truth, as she remembered experiencing it.

He asked, of the six today, did she cum better with any of those men than she did with Dave. She told him that she remembered cuming intensely with most of the men. At that point, he obviously wanted more information. He wanted to know how many men that day, took her to stronger, longer and more frequent orgasms. She told him that five out of the six did. She was not quite sure why that turned him on more. But she knew that she might soon be learning a lot more about male sexual desires at Aardbei. This evening, such discussion resulted in a very hard Dave. He wanted to have sex.  But he was wondering if she felt like she could still function, so soon after such a workout.


With a little chuckle, “Well, I had better get used to multiples.” And she looked to see when the realization of that hard core pro statement would finally hit.

And within seconds it did hit.  Dave looked up sheepishly. “My beautiful wife is a whore? That’s right. My wife is a whore!”


“Good. Very good. Very nasty. Very good and nasty.”


He took over to the little bed, stripped off her shirt and jeans for her, while commenting that though the other guys got the full nasty outfit treatment, he only got blue jeans. That was all tongue-in-cheek. He really seemed quite jovial. He immediately noted that her nipples were red and slightly stretched. Then, when he removed her briefs, it was absolutely impossible to ignore that her pelvic and ass areas were still generally pink from the action.  He spread her legs.  Her pussy was red and swollen.  Though not pouching out now, and though reduced greatly in degree, her ass still remained slightly red.

“Hey, are you sure that you’re alright?”

Jaimie thought that he was trying to be sweet, but her thoughts also joked around in her head. After all, here was a husband who was more than complicit in sending her off to prostitute, now concerned about what those big bad men did to his little wife. She thought that she would take the drama to a comedic level.

“Oh, honey. It was horrible. Those perverted men beat me over and over with their big penises. They gave me no choice. I mean, they forced me to cum over and over and over!”

“You little shit! Come here.”

And they grabbed each other and rolled around the bed laughing. He got their own jar of lubricant out, carefully applied some to her and then some to himself. She gave an ‘ouch’ look as he entered; but then immediately assured him that it was OK.  She felt tight to him at first. But, when he got past the outer lips, he felt a large amount of space inside her canal. She felt wider to him. And, as he put his entire length in, he noted that his tip did not hit the top of her pussy. It was up there ‘somewhere’. Tonight that was some sort of extreme turn on for this American male.


Jaimie was ‘comfortable’, being back with someone who she knew sexually so well. A husband, a lover, someone who cared about her daily. However, she could not help but notice that Dave seemed very small. The overfill, the stretching, a feeling of a pelvis filled to the top with a powerfully solid connection to another man, all that was still fresh in her mind. But the turn ons tonight were many, and in 10 or so minutes they both came together as a seasoned team.


Dave did prove one thing for Jaimie. Now she knew that she was not out of commission.  Jaimie had an interesting product, one that she thought she could use this evening. She had used it before; but tonight it seemed ultra appropriate. So, after Dave was done, she did a cold douche with herbal anti-inflammatories. Then immediately before bed, she did another. Jaimie’s decision was that it was a very needed product, and, with the new job, she ‘would have to stock up on it’.

A few minutes before 1:00 PM on Sunday, she arrived at Aardbei and went straight to the dressing room. Kees came in as she was removing that day’s slightly less casual ‘go to work’ outfit, black slacks and a white blouse. He asked how she was doing. She made it a non-topic by quickly saying great and matching the words with her facial expression. He gave her a combination for one of the lockers, so that she might really be able to store outfits and personal items. She put on the blue tassel dress and wide blue heels, since she was only seen briefly in it that first night, when she observed only. She really doubted that dresses were going to have much value at Aardbei. But, today, she started out in one.

Kees came back into the dressing room, just as she was about to come out into the lounge. He wanted to cover a few items that he forgot to mention to her. For one, the tally for each girl is done by the older woman at the coat check and main desk. Kees said that she had been with him for over ten years, and that she was incredibly accurate now at detecting who was behind the doors with who.  She turned the tally over to Kees at the end of each shift. They moved out to the lounge while they talked. Just as Jaimie noted that no one was in that lounge, Kees was telling her that today still was not a normal work day for her. He had more special requests for ‘a fuck with the new girl’.

The normal opening time for a Sunday was 2:00 PM. And he had told the customers with the requests for Jaimie to start showing up soon after 1:00 PM. She really did not seem surprised that the schedule was fixed. And she was not only accepting of the situation, she had developed a curiosity about who Kees might choose to line up for ‘the new girl’ on day two. As they waited for the first customer to drop by, she had her own question.

She noted yesterday that near those larger rooms at the far end of the lounge, there was a small stage that rose a couple of feet above the floor. She asked if they had live bands who performed there. Kees said that was rare, and that the stage was used for a 10:00 PM sex show every night. It normally consisted of one of his girls being double fucked by the only paid males on his staff. He described them both as almost 7 feet tall and unusually well hung. The stage fuck involved the only special compensation within the Aardbei Club. Whoever, among his girls who doubled with the boys, got paid double for each guy. So, $288 total. He finished the topic by indicating that sometimes, if the girl had some serious reason to be somewhere else, she might even come in at 10:00 PM, do the show and leave. But, he noted that was extremely rare.

And the first of the fellows arrived. A true Dutchman by the name of Arend, he was married, had four children and dropped by Aardbei three or more times a week. Kees introduced the two, and Arend took Jaimie to one of the closest booths. He ‘just wanted to talk a little’. He acted like he really wanted to get to know Jaimie. Where in the States was she from, how did she end up in Amsterdam, and other pieces of information were covered rather quickly. Then he noticed her wedding band and diamond.

“You are married?”

“Yes, I am. His name is Dave.”

“He knows that you are doing this?”

“Yes, he knows. He is here with me in the city.”

“Oh, I find this so entertaining. Americans have such an independent streak. You do things others do not do. A married couple with the beautiful wife, here, at Aardbei! Very interesting.” In his mind, that fairly summarized a great start. And he took her left hand, rolled her ring back and forth, then walked her to one of the rooms. When in the room, Arend wanted to undress her. She watched his face as he undid her dress, and had her step out of it. He had a broad smile all through the process. He had her twirl around, which she did with her dancer’s grace. She stopped in front of him, with her hands on her waist. The cut of her blue thong was well below her waist. Arend reached over and pulled down the thong. He did stop his face at her mound on the way down. He tickled the front of her pussy with his tongue, giving the clit at least some minor rubs. Off came the thong, and he just stood there again and looked.

“Hooray! (which really is Dutch!) You are beautiful.”

“Thank you very much.” And Jaimie unbuttoned and took off his shirt, then unbuckled his belt and took off his trousers. She smiled up at him as she pulled down his boxer shorts. What jumped out at her was a pleasant surprise to Jaimie.

Arend was one of the big ones. At least he was bigger than average, and average at Aardbei had already been quite impressive. Its in her face action stopped her progress with the shorts.  She jacked it for a few seconds. And it finished getting hard, very hard. Its head was the actual size and shape of a doorknob. Jaimie would later find out that was the name that the girls used in order to refer to Arend - Mr. Doorknob. She licked around the head and sucked on his opening and licked her tongue straight through it. She only then realized that had been her first chance to even give any oral. She untied his shoes, removed his socks, and had him step out of his shorts, as she remained kneeling, and sucking. She went back to jacking along with her sucking, as Arend ran his hands through her dark hair. Today she had it in her standard fluffy puffy do. As great as what she was doing below his waist felt to him, he still was able to stoically pull her up to standing. Now they were both nude, with her hands on his butt, and his hands on her butt.

He smacked her butt as a scene changer. And sat down at the corner of the bed, with his moist penis pointing straight up. He told her to have a seat. And she straddled him and came down upon the doorknob. She was very glad that she had moistened him, because, even with all her saliva, it was still incredibly difficult to start him into her. Though, slowly, it did spread her so wide that it finally popped past her lips. But the sensation did not let up after that. The edges of his doorknob jutted into each and every vaginal ring as it went upward. She swore to herself that, had the pussy and penis been made of most any other material, there would have a ratcheting or clicking type sound at every level that the doorknob passed. Jaimie had already put this fuck in the positive column, just with the touchy feely start. Now he was ringing her bell.

Big deep breaths, ooohs, aaahs, punctuated by ugh, uh, oh. Lots of sound variation coming from Jaimie. Arend loved those sounds. That she was really emotionally and physically into the sex was a great delight for him. His rather, at least locally, famous knob was working its way through a beautiful American. That wonderful progress into Jaimie was building Arend a real sense of accomplishment. A lovely married American woman, cuming a lot because she was being stuck on his knob, the soft moist reward that he so directly received and the anticipation of more, were just a small number of his accomplishments so far.

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