Sisters share a man

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When Doreen opened the garage door she saw her sister kissing her husband.

"You slut! she screamed.

"If you took better care of him in bed he wouldn't have to ask me for sex" she replied.

"I give him what he wants" she gasp.

"Do you suck his prick?"


"Do you let Jim fuck your asshole?"

That's perverted and nasty"

"No wonder he likes me, I let him do anything he wants"

"It was my fault Doreen, she's kinky like I am and I couldn't resist"

"I thought you loved me" sobbed the woman.

"I do but now I love you both"

"Maybe I should get a divorce and let Karma have you" she snarled.

"You won't do that" said her sister.

"Why not?"

"Because you love him"

Doreen knew her sister was right. She might as well adjust to the situation.

"Ok, he can have us both if that's what he wants"

"Let's go into the house and have a drink" said Jim.

Jim opened a bottle of whiskey and they got drunk.

"I want to get fucked the way you did Karma" said Doreen.

"Do it on the couch so I can see you fuck" said her sister.

Doreen giggled when she took her clothes off, she never had sex with her sister watching.

"Suck his prick first, you'll like it" said Karma.

"I'll try it" she said reluctantly.

She sucked her husband's prick until he filed her mouth with sperm, then she swallowed it and was surprised when she liked the taste of it.

"Isn't cock sucking fun" laughed Karma.

"I should have done this years ago" replied Doreen.

"Butt fuck the bitch"

"Will it hurt?" she ask.

""Jim smeared your cold cream on his prick when he did it to me"

"Get it Karma, I want to try it"

When Jim's prick was greased up his wife got on the bed on her hands and knees. He pushed his prick in all the way to his balls and made her scream.

"Take it out!"

"Don't be a baby, let him get his nuts off" scolded her sister.

Jim fucked her so hard she felt like she was going to shit. He rammed his prick up her rectum again and again until he made her climax. When Jim was done he lay beside her exhausted.

"Did you like it sis?"

"Yes you bitch, you knew I would" she laughed.

"Now that you know how to satisfy Jim do you want me to leave?"

"We can share him"

"That's what I hoped you would say" said Karma.

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