Sister's Body Part II

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I had just woken up naked with one of the biggest boners I had ever had in my life and I was in bed with my sister who by the way was staring at it now. “Did I turn you on like that I mean d-did I make it throb like that,” she asked. Great just fucking great I thought. I just wanted to die right there. Here she was looking at my erection with what could only be described as awe and I was about to do the right thing and diffuse the situation instead of fucking her brains out. “P-please let’s just forget this happened I knew I shouldn’t have slept naked,” I said. “You still haven’t answered me did I do that to you,” came her retort a little more bold now. I was in trouble now. “Look men wake up with erections it’s a natural thing,” I said hoping she would buy it. “You’re right I am sorry I should have known better, she apologized “by the way there is nothing normal about that thing,” she said jokingly. I did not know what to say should I say thank you or just be quiet. What she said next stunned me. “No wonder your wife always had a smile on her face you must have really fucked the shit out of her with that monster.” It is true that I am rather well hung but to have my sister saying this really shocked me.

I could swear I could see the twinkle of lust in her eye when she asked a question I was surprised she had the balls to ask. She asked, “How big is it?” Without even thinking, I said “a little over eleven inches.” A slight gasp escaped her lips. “Can I tou..,” she was going to ask if she could touch it I just knew it so I interrupted her. “Look this is not right you should not be looking at my er.. my um.. my penis,” I said. She laughed, “penis, you call that fucking monster a penis bro come on that is a fucking weapon. What you have there is a tool for pleasure that any woman would die to try at least once. Here you are with an amazingly large boner and me half-naked and you want to play Mr. Goody- Goody. I can’t fuck her she’s my sister it wouldn’t be right. Get the hell out of here you selfish bastard that thing is meant to be shared. Now act like a man and fuck my brains out.” I was steamed then she had just insulted me and all I was trying to do was be respectful. I was just about to grab her and give her a true gutting when there was a knock on her bedroom door. Knock Knock. I jumped under the covers knowing it was my niece and my erection subsided.

“Listen I have to drop her at school but when I get back I want to find out just why my sister in-law couldn’t wipe that smirk off her face. She got up and left. After I heard the front door look I went to the bathroom and found some Vaseline I jerked out a huge load. I know she was coming back expecting some but I could not fuck my sister at least not outside my dreams. I felt better my lust was subsiding as I stood there with cum drooling from my dick. I looked into her bathroom mirror examining my face. I looked deep and her words came back to me. I became more and more pissed. So she didn’t think I was man enough to fuck her well I would show her. I cleaned off my dick and got another glob of Vaseline. I was going to stand right in her living room and stroke my cock until she got back so it would be at its biggest when she opened the door and I would fuck her right there on the floor.

“What the fuck are you doing,” she exclaimed as she came through the door. “Waiting for you bitch,” I said grabbing her with my free hand. I pushed her down on the floor while continuing to stoke my now rock hard dick. “Fuck you waiting for take your clothes off I’m gonna split that pussy open,” I bellowed the anger and lust now consuming me. At this point she was no longer my sister she was a hot bitch who was about to be speared. Her face reflected my lust with lust and my anger with fear. Large amounts of pre-cum were now drooling out of my head and as I stood above her some dropped on her. The scene made me harder which I did not think was possible. She was paralyzed and so I grabbed her up off the floor and tossed her over my shoulder. I walked her into the bedroom and tossed her on the bed. She was stunned so I wasted no time I grabbed the sweats she had put on to take my niece to school and yanked them right off. She had not bothered to put on a real to she just had on a jean jacket with snap buttons so I freed those massive tits easily. She went to open her mouth to say something and I aimed my cock and plunged it right into her as far as it would go on the first stroke.

Her mouth, which was opening to form a word, now formed an oval and a slight moan escaped her lips. I looked down at her with her eyes rolled in the back of her head and knew that she was mine. As I pumped her pussy ever deeper the wetter it got I grabbed that large tit and began to suck the nipple. She was moaning louder now. I knew just how to make her feel good I lay down on her then as I stroked her and reached down, grabbed her ass cheeks, and spread them and with them her pussy lips now I had deeper access. Every stroke I pulled all the way out and then took it back until I it her cervix. She was drooling and I knew that I needed to give her more to let her know just what I had. On The next stroke when I dove back in I didn’t stop at the cervix that time I pushed up into her back room. She let out a scream and climaxed instantly. I lay on her till she was done. “That was number one,” I said.

After she calmed down I began my long strokes again. This time they were faster and deeper. Each stroke was to the bottom. It didn’t take long for her to start shaking again this time however I rode her through it. I could feel my dick throbbing and knew that soon I would be ready to nut. I wanted to make sure she never forgot this fucking and I knew just how to do that. I was to big to do her from behind on the first time but I could do her just like in my dream with her ankles at my shoulders. That position would let even a small man seem big. I pulled out without saying a word she looked up disappointed and went to say something. “Shut up you belong to me now and I will fuck you how I want,” I said roughly. The look on her face told the story she thought that I was finished and wanted more the greedy little slut I had been fucking her full steam for about 40 minutes and she still wanted more. I wondered how she ever dealt with some of those little guys she had been with before. I put her legs together and yanked them straight into the air exposing her chocolate cunt lips. They were fat as it was and with my abuse, they had become very red and swollen.

I almost decided to stuff her hot ass looking at her in that position. Damn she has a nice ass I would have to get that later. I hesitated a moment and then without warning shoved all eleven plus inches straight in her pussy. About three strokes later, she climaxed again. I was done with her pleasure and decided to get my rocks off. If she had another orgasm fine if not she had enough anyway. I stood on the floor and held her legs up as I slammed repeatedly into her as hard and fast as I could. I know it hurt somewhat but she was feeling pleasure too because she kept yelling don’t stop do not stop. It was about another seven minutes of constant all the way in all the way out when my dick began to twitch. I could feel my stomach contract and my balls leapt this was going to be a big load. “Want me to pull it out,” I asked breathing heavy. “No, don’t stop until you have to,” she managed through her moans. That’s all I needed I redoubled my efforts to split her in two and the dam broke . My head spun and my knees buckled. My vision blurred and I saw white. I could feel my body stiffen and heard her screams. And it was over.

She passed out at the end so when I came to she was knocked out. I decided that I needed to do that again so since she was asleep I would take a nap too. When she awoke, I was already awake. She looked at me with that look of awe again, “you are going to have to stay here for recovery for a bit longer. I will help you start to feel better. You better call your job.” I looked her in the eye as ny cock began to grow again. She spread her legs. “I already did” I said “I already did.”

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