Simple Accounting

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Jo Barlow had been married a number of years when she decided to take a job as and accountant as her husbands job was looking rather insecure.

Jo had slipped into her roll as housewife and mother seamlessly after two years working after university. With a big mortgage and Greg's job looking vulnerable she took the opportunity to get back into acccountancy through a friend.

She slipped into her professional roll easily and quickly caught up on modern day trends and practices. Trying to help her kids with IT projects she had attended a parents course at her sons school and had done MS office course and even a web design course as the kids got older.

In the office she found businesses struggling with their web presence and accountancy and financial problems. After seven years she set up her own accountancy practice specialising in online trading, offering accountancy packages and web design and specialised in online financial peroblems.

Greg moved jobs and supported Jo's growing business, she hand picked her partners and brought in web,html and xml experts to run clients online businesses and offered server packages to businesses using dockland server farm and US based servers. Her business took off and encouraged by two of her younger partners she went to the health centre with them and they got a personal trainer and stylist. Greg thought his wifes new body was stunning and they both enjoyed her new found beauty and confidence,

Jo and Anne were approached by a yachting and property business, after some initial long distance talks and a complicated written proposal Jo was asked to meet with the client at their office. The business involved holday lettings and yacht leasing and yachting holidays. The owners office was a yacht in the west indies, there was a lot of potential for Jo's campany and her secretary booked to flightd to Grand Bahama for her and Pip her IT and web design guru. Pip was aquiet no nonsense guy married with three kids, never one to follow a fashion or attend fashionable bars or gatherings. Jo and Anne often remarked to others that nobody really seemed to know Pip, but he was brilliant and innovative. On arrival they called the GSM number of the client, a small island hopper plane had been booked to take Jo and Pip to the clients current mooring. The carribean beneath them was a stunning blue as the pilot of the small plane called over the engines noise, as he banked they saw the huge twin hulled cat below them. 

A jeep took them from the landing field to a beach where they were met by Angel sat on the side of a small inflatable Rib. Jo guessed she was about 40, a stunning californian blond dressed in a dental floss black bikini. Pip seemed unimpressed as Jo introduced him, if the stunning body did anything for him, you would never have known. "get those off or get wet" said Angel pointing to their trousers. They were needed to help push the boat into the water. Safely stowing their bags they both stripped off, Under his surfer style combats Jo noted Pip's muscular legs and tight arse clad in skimpy briefs as she saw Angel eyeing him up. As they raced to the huge catamaran, Angel apologised that she had sent her partner Jimmy to LA to sort out a new property deal. As she chatted as they sipped a rum punch on the large deck of the sail boat, it became apparent that Angel was the boss of the business. Jo was given a reasoanble sized cabin and Pips was just along frome hers, he was quite tall so Angel gave him the smaller single as the bunk was larger.

As it was only and hour from darkness Angel hurried them to stowew their bags and join her at the control bridge. At a push of a few buttons the Cat moved from it anchorage and the sails rose above them as the yacht picked up speed and swiftly left the island behind them. Anghel took the boat to a samll island bay just over an hours sailing away. In the darkness they could see the towering island around them as the clanking of the anchors dropping to the sea bed broke the silence and they gazed at the moon and stars. Angel had prepared Chicken and A florida style salad for dinner and they drank a nappa valley chardonay or the like. Pip was quite quiet and surveyed the ships computer and navigation set-up and Angel made him call his wife on her Sat Phone as the two women chatted. 
I like to start with a morning swim before breakfast, so we'll have an early night and I'll call you at 6.15. The cool aircon had Jo drifting off to a deep sleep after the long day and flights. "HELLO HELLO JO & PIP. ITS SWIM TIME AND BREAKFAST", Jo jumped at the tone from the speaker as she came to terms with her surroundings and pulled her naked body from the bed, shhe opened her bags and found her yellow bikini. Not bad for 48 she thought as she looked at ther arse in the cabins floor to ceiling mirror and adjusted her tits as she did up the little clasp between them. She nearly bumped into a bleary eyed Pip as he shuffled yawning along outside her door. 

He was in some ridiculous surfer swim pants and his mop of hair 1/2 covered his face, Jo noticed that he actually had a six pack and well developed chest and arms with a deep tan. Somebody in the office had said he was into surfing or something but as he never talked much, his outside work life and interests were a mystery.THe large sliding doors to the deck were open and in the early morning light Angel called out "hi People" she was swimming about 100 metres away. Jo took the ladder to the tender and jet ski platform, she turned to see Pip climbing onto the rear gaurd rail and with a spring of his legs he did a graceful competition style dive into the sea splashing her. He bobbed up and struck out swimmimg like an olympic competitor for a couple of hundred metres in the smooth sea as Jo swam and chatted with Angel. "nice guy and good dive" said Angel, "yes he is a bit of a dark horse I think" said Jo as they swam back to the Cat. Pip had got there and was on deck drying himself with a huge pale blue towel with the boats name on it. If he noticed Angel naked behind Jo he never let on, Jo was quite taken aback as she towelled herself and noticed that her hostess was naked. "How do you like your eggs"asked Angel as she walked to the galley stairway, "SCRAMBLED OK" Yes they both said as they took seats at the table set on the deck, taking in the beautiful blue sea and island as they sipped iced juice.

"Good you found the juices and cereal" said Angel as she reappeared a few minutes later with a covered tray held away from her to clear her ample tits, "full english" she laughed. " I lived in England for 5 years" she added. "you serve"she said to Pip as she turned away to get some knives and forks. Her arse was firm and round and her pussy lips were framed through the crack at the top of her legs. As she turned Jo averted her stare as she noted her smooth brown mound and pussy, the woman was smooth and hairless apart from her blond head of hair amd she had an all over tan. Pip tucked into his eggs bacon and sausage and never seemed to notice theire naked cook whilst Jo and Angel chatted and Jo tried to look her in the face. 

As they finished coffee. Angel asked for them to set out their proposal. As they went to get their stuff she took the tray away to the galley, "OOPS, sorry, I could put a bikinin on if you prefer" she called. "IF IT PUTS YOU OFF" she added. "ugh NO, its OK" Called Jo. "isn't it" she called ahead of her to Pip. Who didn't seem to have noticed the beautiful naked woman before him.

He set up his projector and proceeded to make the web site proposal. Angel got very excited about the layout and stunning graphics as he ran through different scenes for their various options and Angel pulled her legs up feet together laying back Against the back of her white leather couch. Pip seemed to miss a beat or two at his point, he was talking directly to Angel who had one arm behind her head and her left hand rested near her exposes puss, as she seemed to itch her pussy lips with a long nail. At his hesitation she moved her hands behind her head as Pip continued his spiel. Clicking through various options and features not looking at Angel. They broke for coffee and Jo asked if he was not put off by Angel. No its fine, she looks good. And if she is happy that way, we should go along with it. The Sat Phone ringing interrupted and Angel paced taking the call as Pip, took another short swim. "I'll be fine" she said to her caller, see you next month. She put her foot on a chair as Pip sat down, her pussy was clearly in his face as she explained that Jimmy would not be back as their builder had labour problems and a project was now six weeks behind schedule. "He worries when I am alone" she said. They had some lunch and again after a call Angel had to stop and do some emails, Jo and Pip were quite tired after the previous day and took the opportunity to have an afternoon nap, Jo woke and realised the boat was moving, On the control deck. Amgel was now naked above the waste and had a loose thin wrap around her waist as she stared the boat.. We need fuel and water in a day or two so we need to move she said. They anchored at about 9pm off another island, the air was still and hot. Jo assisted by Pip had put togeter a meal whilst Angel sailed the boat. She set the radar to a security mode explaining to Pip what it did and turned off the Navigation and GPS gear as the anchors dropped to the sea bed.

They chatted and ate, "no Aircon tonight, I am to low on fuel" she explained. Have a swim and shower if you get to hot and you'll sleep better she said. As they chatted late into the night about business beads off sweat ran from them and Angels tits and body glistened as she got another drink as Pip emailed for some stuff from the office.

They swam at about 1 am and Jo took a short shower before she slept naked on the bed the port window and door open, Jo thought she heard a noise in the night and voices but went back to sleep, with Angels body Pip would not be bothered about hers if he passed her door. Waking at about 8 as the boat bobbed gently a slight breeze through the cabin. "Hi Jo" said Angel stood naked in the doorway "breakfast is ready, come and have a swim before the wind gets up and we have to move". Jo got off the bed before she remembered she was naked and went to pick up her bikini. "No need for that" laughed Angel. "Come on live free, like me" she said taking Jo's hand amd pulling her out of reach of her bikini. Jo knew she looked good for her age and had allways walked around naked at home in front of Greg and the kids. She giggled and followed Angel towards the main cabin and out onto the deck. Pip had come up from the galley in amother pair of silly long shorts carrying a jug of iced juice. Jo was sure he blinked seeing her naked but he called "mornimg Jo". Angel pulled Jo's hand so that she was now beside her, "get em off buddy" she barked pointing at his shorts. "fair is fair" isn't it she said to JO as her hand instibtively went to cover her neatly trimmed bush. "Um Yeah Yeah, well yes of course" she said slightly shocked. As she turned to the steps to the rear platform she noticed Pip walking naked towards the cabin stairway. As they swam in the warm Carrribean water Angel suddenly clapped and Jo turned to see Pip climbing onto the rear rail again. He steadied himself before he dived as the two womens mouths drpped and Angel let out a low gutteral moan and Jo a low whistle. His cock was fat and quite long as he stood before he dived. Greg had a good six incher and Jo and him had aleways had good sex. "wow, big cock" said Angel. "Agh Yeah, gues so" said Jo. "You ever had one like that" asked Amgel. "Only ever had my old mans" replied Jo without thinking. Amgel laughed and then Pip popped up nearby. They swam and Angel said that here was a weather warning and that they would have to sail to a safer mooring. They swam to the boat as Pip got out ahead of them. He was virtually tanned all over and he obviously tanned naked.

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