Sidekick Moms I

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was just a lucky break, running into my future wife to be in a nightclub. Angie was dressed to look 21 in a short black dress and stilleto heels in a Sunset Strip venue. I eventually discovered I had a "wild one" on my hands but couldn't get enough. She was easy, a submissive fuck and reminded me in many ways of Mom. Quite facially beautiful and and Italian with a Latina flair about her. She didn't seem worldly and had dropped out of school. This was just what Leo was looking for, a project I could handle and sex object I could make into my own. I could design her into Mom's mold.

I found one glitch after enough in my master planning. None of the glitches could override what a fabulous fuck Angie was, and although experienced, I had no idea? That tiny black cocktail dress was borrowed along with the stilletos and it gave way to this raw beautiful look, put upon by a controlling Mother of her own, Sophia. She didn't live with Mom however, and she wouldn't introduce Leo to her for 2 months and not without warning! "You've never met anyone like my Mom, she's controlling and she's a Godmother of many things.

On my first introduction I wondered how bad could it be? I've never met a woman I couldn't handle, and Mom was easy and Sophie was a Mom. When that door opened, my life changed forever. There stood this tall bottle blond with shoulder length straight hair in black skirt and white blouse. She only glanced at Leo, no hugs, no handshake, and turned to scream at the adonis looking boyfriend. "Get the fuckin dog out of the house now!" I had expected this proper setting and dinner but this would become normality in my world with Sophie.

Angie was now my fiancee but we kept it under wraps and I could see why. Her father had custody however it was Sophie's approval that mattered. I took a seat on the couch as Angie and Sophie disappeared into the dining area to talk business, and Sophies doberman instantly went for my nuts. Sophie had this defined, attractive face with pock marks under her cheek bone covered with make-up. She was only 11 years older than her future son-in-law Leo, and 5 years younger than Mom which she would come to relish. For what Sophie lacked in mothering skills, she made up for in competiveness. Sophie and Rita never met until our wedding day, and ended up in the Limo with my Dad in her panties and heels, drunk of course. Mom would never forgive her for that, but it was Sophies way of dominating Mom from the start.

Things only got worse, or better sexually for Leo. Stuck between three hard rocks and Leo was the coveted prize. Two months into marriage and Angie left me for her Moms home and luxury in the Hollywood Hills. I let her go for two days, then the heartbeat began to click inside my cock, so I moved in with Mom for relief. Eventually I went to fetch my runaway wife at Sophias, only to be lectured at the dining table business conference. Sophie was a chain-smoker, had her back turned to me while pouring herself a martini with extra olives. She then sat across from me and asked if I were a grease bowl? She didn't want her daughter standing over a stove frying chicken. She then put her sandal hi heel into my crotch area, "are you fucking your Mom Leo?" I was shocked at the assertion, but how did she know?
"Of course not, why ask such a thing?" I was slowly getting a rise from being dominated, and Sophies toes had this orange polish in nylons with a smokey fragrance of stale perfume.

"You're moving in with me Leo, so go back and get your things, and meet your new Momma." My wife was on the couch, where it all began for Leo. She too was following Sophies orders to a tee. Angie liked no one, not my Mom, her Mom, and my eventual two best pieces of ass for two entirely different reasons. I had never felt dominance before like Sophie loved dishing. I had Rita to thank for this mom fetish, blame it on her, and my coming of age fucking for many years.

I would occassionaly return to my roots with Mom for support. Meeting at the cosmetic counter, lunch, a quick nooner, but Sophie was now having me for herself. Never far behind was the immaturity of a wife and tighter pussy who still wouldn't wear those stilletos for me again. It was like having three gorgeous women fight over me in abstentia.

I came home to Sophies one evening to find my wife, Sophies adonnis boyfriend on the couch and everyone waiting on her return home from a late happy hour. Her boyfriend was so pissed, he left and never returned. Angie asked, "could you go pick up Mom at the Altoona Grill? She's drunk I think. I jumped at the chance to become their hero for an evening and maybe more. Seeing Sophie in action for the second time since our reception with Dad. It would solidify Leo's place in her life as a son, or would it? No, it wouldn't and what I yearned for with her.

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