Short Story, Short Event

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We were seated in a booth at the college-town’s one 24-hour restaurant. My view was of the cash register and the work space where the waitresses picked up food from the kitchen to deliver to customers.

As we waited to order, I could not help but notice the great difference between the wait staff at this joint versus similar in other cities. Usually you got middle-aged, washed-out types to jail-house tattooed single-mom types but not here. In this town where the small college dominated all, every one of the wait staff was young, nice looking, eager and fresh.

As I thought of how attractive they all looked, my eye caught the ethnic anomaly in the group. In the midst of perky mid-western Anglo girls was a petite beauty of Asian extraction. My guess was Vietnamese but that could be wrong.

For about twenty minutes I found myself staring at her as she moved from waiting tables to working the cash register. She mostly stood around the cash register not being busy at all. It was early evening when these types of places are often the slowest. I think we were one of maybe six tables in the place.

She was just so cute. Very good looking and with nice long straight hair. The only defect I saw was that she had lightened her hair as many do. I much prefer the blue-black natural hair so common with those from East Asia.

I was captivated with private fantasy about being a sugar-daddy to this young college girl, buying her sexy lingerie, and stopping by a few times per week for kinky sex. The common male fantasy!

We didn’t even live nearby by so I knew that it would never happen plus, I knew that I’d never bother with making such a thing happen even if we did live there. And, it is doubtful that reality would ever allow such a young sexy college girl to engage in such a situation anyway.

That’s when I decided to be bold. I excused myself from the table to go to the restroom, the entire direction of which was out of site of my wife. I timed it just right to catch the young nymph while she was not busy and just standing at the cash register.

I stopped, smiled, leaned in a bit close, and said: “I just want you to know, that I think you are an absolutely gorgeous woman. If I were a younger man I’d do just about anything in the world to have you as my companion.”

I’ve found such boldness works with a good number of women and in this case it did as well. Vikki, at least that is what her plastic name tag said, smiled broadly and said thanks while looking me in the eye.

“We’re just driving through. How about giving me the thrill of a lifetime?,” I asked with a pause following.

“Follow me to the restroom, and I’ll give you $200 dollars for your time,” I said with a serious expression staring right into her dark eyes.

At this point I knew I’d be either rejected, and with possibly a scene whereby I’d claim she didn’t understand me and all I was asking was where the restroom was. Or, I knew there would be a moment of silence indicating serious contemplation of the offer.

Lucky for me it was silence and I was smart enough to be quite and just gently tug on her elbow in the direction we needed to go.

There was no one seated in the back section and thus we slipped right in restroom together. Fortunately, it had a locking door and was very clean with a large countertop. Just like with the waitresses, there were other things different about this chain restaurant and the others usually encountered.

We had just minutes and so I lifted Vikki up to where she was seated on the counter immediately. I also pulled out 10 twenty dollar bills and pushed them into her pocket.

We kissed with a lot of tongue action as I rapidly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra off of her small breasts. Within a few seconds I was licking her nipples and they were getting very hard.

Time being of the essence, I backed up and unzipped my slacks to free my throbbing cock. Vikki reached out and began to rub the slick semen all around it. I unbuttoned her pants, pulled the zipper and then had her lift her hips off the counter while I pulled down her pants and panties.

As she worked her pants off of one leg, I was treated to the sight of a very well trimmed pussy. Once free of one leg, Vikki spread her petite legs apart and I stepped closer placing my cock against her swollen lips. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her slit spreading lubrication across the area. Then, she positioned my cock for entry and I pushed forward.

I loved the gasping sound she made as I entered her pussy. As I began to fuck her, we both began to kiss. What a pleasure it was to be fucking and kissing this hot asian college girl. And, while it would have been great for it to have lasted, I needed to get back to my table soon.

So, I picked up the pace and shot my load deep into her hot womb. We kissed and stroked each other for just a moment more and then I quickly cleaned up and walked out leaving Vikki with a nice kiss.

Returning to my booth, I put on the long face and made reference to how all this food on the road had me in an unpleasant situation. My wife understood that I was having intestinal trouble and didn’t think twice about my absence.

Back in my seat, I was able to once again stare at Vikki as she worked. Only this time, she was constantly giving me nice smiles while she worked. And this just made me horny again.

It was the lovely Vikki who checked us out at the register asking: “Was everything to your satisfaction?” grinning all the while.

“Fantastic!" I said while handing over my money.

In the parking lot by wife spoke up and said: “That little tart had the hoots for you.”

“Come on,” I said. “I’m old enough to be her daddy.”

“She was sweet though, sweet as sugar,” I added as we entered our vehicle.

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