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Like all the stories I will post on here, they are totally true. I am writing down my own experiences…

I once worked in a shop. It was a few years ago and I eventually became the manager of that particular store. At that time I had 10-15 staff working for me, one of whom was a women aged 23, her name Rebecca. She was very attractive and confident, stood around 5’6” tall with long brown hair. She was thin, but beautifully so, not all bones. I would say her tits were around a D, they were certainly enough fill your hand nicely.

Anyway, she had been working for me for around six months when she started becoming very flirty. At first it was subtle. On one occasion Rebecca unbuttoned the top of her blouse so I could see her tits when she bent over to lift some boxes. Over time she got more and more daring and would do things like squeeze past me and carelessly brush my cock with her hand. Perhaps I should have, but I didn’t complain one bit.

On a quiet Friday morning I rolled in to work at 8am. Another member of staff, Sarah, came in at 8:30 and Rebecca at 9:20, she was twenty minutes late. The three of us opened the shop as usual for a Friday but today would turn out to be a very different day. At around 11am I asked Rebecca to come and see in my office. Rebecca was obviously prepared for this because as she walked in I could see she had her blouse unbuttoned so far her tits were barely contained and she wasn’t wearing a bra so I could see her nipples through the material, begging to be sucked.

She sat down in front of me and must have seen that my cock was bulging, trying so hard to escape because she said “I know your probably going to ask why I was late this morning but I think I can show you, follow me.” I did as Rebecca asked and followed, desperately attempting to hide my erection as we walked. She walked in to the toilets and towards her locker when to my shock Rebecca turned and pushed me against the door, locking it as she did. She grabbed my dick and leaned in to whisper, “I’m going to suck you till your balls are dry”.

By now I had had a little time to absorb the initial shock of what was happening.

Rebecca fell to knees quickly and unzipped me, releasing my wanting cock. She wrapped her mouth and lips over my full length using her tongue to tease the tip. I had never felt such skill and I never wanted it to end. I warned Rebecca we didn’t have much time but it was obvious that she was now the one in control here. As she continued licking and swirling her tongue over me one of her hands found it’s way up her skirt and she started to moan, louder and louder as she got closer and closer to her own climax. I couldn’t hold off much more, no matter how much I wanted to so I let out a loud “I’m gonna cum”.

Surprisingly Rebecca stopped. I was a little nervous about what was coming next. But I needn’t be, it was jaw dropping. She stood up, pulled her knickers down slightly and leaned over before saying “this is where I want you to cum”. I was amazed and so so hard. I obliged and pushed my cock deep in to Rebecca’s dripping wet pussy with one long thrust. Rebecca let out a loud and grinding moan of pleasure. Before I even had a chance to get a good rhythm going Rebecca was pushing urgently back on my cock, taking my whole length inside her, groaning with every motion. She pulled my hand round to her clit to get me to tease her. It wasn’t long and Rebecca’s pussy clamped down around my shaft. Her muscles squeezed me trying to draw out my cum. She was now virtually silent because all of her energy was needed for her intense orgasm. As her pleasure subsided Rebecca realised I had yet to cum. She wasn’t having that!

She stood up and turned to face me once more, this time with her knickers half way down. Again, she leaned in to whisper as she started to wank my cock. This time she said “ Oh and I was late because I was using my fingers to imagine your cock inside me.” This was enough and surprised that I had even gone for half the time I started to cum. Letting out a groan I closed my eyes. Rebecca sunk to floor once again and with her hand still wanking me she ran her tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock. Warm cum began to erupt from me and in to her begging mouth. She took her other hand and squeezed every drop of cum out of my balls. I was in heaven. Spray after spray filled her mouth over and over. She was moaning. I had never cum like this. Rebecca carried on licking my cock clean, savouring all the cum she could find.

We both stood up and got back to work pretty quickly realising we’d been far too long, but it was well worth it!

That night I stayed behind to catch up on some paperwork. As I opened my file up there was a post-it left inside saying “I will defiantly be late again! Becky xxx”

Rebecca was late again, quite often too, but we’ll save that for another story…

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