Shit Storm

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100% fiction!

This story is entirely fictional, and includes extreme sexual situations involving a legal (18 year-old) teenager. Beyond the tags above, I would like to emphasise that the scat and body fluids elements are very heavy.

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Melissa turned the corner and emerged, finally, into arrivals. At midday there was a smattering of people waiting on friends and family; not quite a crowd. She stopped for a moment and scanned the faces, the variations in tone bewildering her slightly after spending so long away from home, the longest she had been in her short life. Yet she soon found the one face she was looking for, the one that was already smiling back at her, and Melissa's heart started beating so fast that it was as if she noticed it moving for the first time.

Claire pushed herself off the pillar she had been reclining against, returning Melissa's shy smile with her own confident grin. Today would be a good day, she thought, as she gently strolled up to the gate to meet her fine young lover. A junior broker at a leading city firm, Claire was only 23 herself, but Melissa was a mere 18 years of age, just young enough, still, to wear a schoolgirl's uniform. And Melissa had of course obliged her request to wear it today, Claire thought with satisfaction, running her eyes up the girl's body lavasciously, with neither concealment nor shame.

Melissa's shiny blonde hair was tied up in perfect pigtails, and her wide eyes, further defined with dark liner, stared back at Claire, her lips curling around the long pink nail that she was gently chewing. The schoolgirl's slim body was perfect, with a tight white shirt wrapped around those hard, medium-sized tits, several buttons open at the top to leave a hint of cleavage showing, and her tie dangling loosely around her neck. Melissa's lower half began with a navy-blue pleated mini-skirt, from which her long, slim legs rapidly emerged, bare until they entered white pull-up socks that extended up above her knees. One calf was held cutely behind the other, and both led down to petit feet encased in girlish leather shoes with a slight heel. Yes, Claire thought, Missy was a truly gorgeous number, especially so at this moment - and Missy was hers.

Melissa was still so caught up in the moment that she had forgotten to move, at least until Claire began advancing up to the gate herself. After a month of nothing but photos and imagination, Melissa's lover, at all times a thing of beauty, had never looked more stunning. Claire's skin was paler than Melissa's, almost white, yet her long hair, which she now wore untied, was raven black. Her smile was accentuated by deep red lipstick, and she wore a black choker around her neck. Beneath, Claire's taut body and large breasts were defined by a tight, black leather evening dress. Her perfect legs extended beneath, through satin garter stockings of the same shade, into the highest of patent leather stilettos, which did nothing to impair Claire's confident stride. Melissa gulped and, walking forward herself, managed to meet Claire just a few feet outside the gate.

The two girls embraced tightly without a word, and then their lips met, and then their tongues. Melissa felt the comfort she had too long sought as Claire pushed hers into the younger girl's mouth, and a second wave of love and lust washed across her as she tasted a dark, earthy flavour already on it, leaving Melissa wildly rubbing her own tongue up against in hopes of finding more. When Claire finally broke the kiss, she continued staring into Melissa's eyes as a strand of brownish saliva extended between them. Smiling naughtily, she said, "Welcome back, little sis!"


They sat on the back seats of a taxi heading home. Claire had sprung for a special cab with shaded windows, and she sat in the back-left seat, with her sister in the middle. They had been apart for far too long to waste any time away from each other now.

Many sisters are close and loving, but Claire and Melissa were far closer than most. Almost four years back, their parents died in a traffic accident, leaving the younger Melissa especially distraught. Claire assumed the role not only of an older sister, but of a guardian to the younger girl, and though Melissa could not be said to have fully recovered, Claire's dutiful love had brought her spirits back sooner than either would have thought possible. This trip, Melissa's first away from home alone since their parents' passing, had been suggested by Claire as a part of that recovery.

"So, how was Australia, sweetest?", asked Claire. Melissa's face lit up again. "Sunny! Very sunny! A lot of animals... And, what you said before, very...conservationist...?" Claire tutted and giggled. "Very *conservative*, Missy. *Conservative*. You didn't...mention anything to cousin Ruth, did you?" It was Melissa's turn to laugh. "No, no! I think she'd have enough of a problem with me having a boyfriend at my age...she looked so relieved when I told her I didn't!" "Oh dear!"

The girls giggled along, swapping stories for some time until Claire broached another subject: "Well, how was the flight?" "Oh, it was fine, they really took care of me. But the meals were kind of, um..." Melissa's stomach cut in with a deep rumble, as if to finish her point. "Maybe I shouldn't have picked the seafood...", she continued sheepishly. "Didn't use the loo?", asked Claire, a little concerned. "I...could have, I guess...", explained Melissa. "It's's been so long, I hoped we could...y'know...straight away..." She turned to Claire with wide, sweet eyes that nonetheless lacked a certain innocence. "Everything in Ruth and Matt's house was so...neat and tidy...and quiet... I couldn't even touch myself, let alone..."

Claire reached her arm around her sister's shoulders and smiled at her. "Shhh...of course we can, sweetest. Of course." Checking that the partition window was blocking the driver's view, she placed her second hand on Melissa's taut tummy. "I've missed you so much, Claire", Melissa whimpered. "I've missed *us*. How we smell, how we...taste... Everything." "As I have missed you, Missy", her sister replied, fingers creeping down the spotless white shirt, across that little pleated skirt.

"Oh, Claire...", sighed Melissa, "Please, please..." She began fumbling with the buckle of her seatbelt, desperate to allow her sister access to her sweltering girlhood. "No, sweetest", responded Claire, pushing Melissa's hand away, all stern guardian for a moment. She held the seat's buckle firmly shut. "Remember what happened to Mum and Dad..." A little flash of fear passed through the younger sister's eyes, and she leaned in to Claire even more closely. "I...I'm sorry...I never want to lose you!" The elder sister softened again. "I'm never going to let that happen", she promised, gently kissing Melissa's neck as her hand returned to its nether exploration.

Claire's fingers passed under Melissa's navy skirt, and clambered along the leather car seat toward the younger girl's gusset. Reaching out, Claire embraced the silky, wettening warmth of her sister's panty-clad vulva, eliciting a small moan with the contact. She softly ran her fingertips up the fabric obscuring Melissa's labia, â towards the hood of her clitoris, juices soaking through where she applied pressure. Her little sister's clit was already hard, and needed little coaxing to reveal, even through the material. Claire smiled as she began to massage it with her thumb, while lowering the long, dark fingernail of her index...

Melissa truly began to ride the waves of her pleasure, sluttishly twisting a nipple through her school shirt while chewing a pink fingernail to keep from crying out enough to alert the driver. All thoughts of fear or danger, or even time, were again lost to her as her beloved sister worked magic on her pulsing crotch. Then, just as she was becoming accustomed to this pleasurable rhythm and seeking to accelerate it, Claire paused in making love to her neck, and whispered in her ear: "Relax, Missy, you're home. Let go..." And on that final beat, her pleasure was punctuated by a sharp, burning shock of feeling, and a sudden need to release her bladder.

Claire began to finger Melissa harder just as she drove the tip of her fingernail through the fabric of her sister's panties, and into her unaware urethra. The unexpected interplay with one of Missy's most sensitive spots was a risk, but she needed to finish the girl off before the taxi stopped, exposing them. Claire watched knowingly as first pure shock passed through her sister's eyes, and then release, as the increasingly intense manipulations of her clit broke pain into obvious pleasure...and her bladder opened...

Melissa was overwhelmed by a small, sharp urethral orgasm that seemed to have come out of nowhere, melting away the initial pain. Her sex was a mass of heat and liquid, as juices sprayed out of her...wait, was that...? "Uh...c-cumming, oh, cumming PISS! Ooh!" She continued writhing in pleasure as several golden jets shot out, splattering the leather partition in front with urine, before collapsing back against her seat in a ruddy mess of perspiration. It was only then that she realised the taxi had come to a stop.

"Everything okay back there?", asked the taxi driver, opening the partition window. Claire had already brought herself up there to block the view. "Well", she said, keeping an admirably straight face, "I'm afraid my poor little sister has had a bit of an...accident. Terribly sudden. Awful flight, you know." The man sighed. "I have to clean those seats myself, you realise..." "I quite understand. Might a small tip would show our sympathies? Perhaps...triple the journey fee?" The driver shrugged obstinately, and Claire closed the window again.

"Are trouble...?", Melissa asked her, worry setting in as her afterglow drained. "Oh, Missy," comforted Claire. "Did the girls from Piss Sluts Gone Cray Cray VII get into trouble? And that was an entire villa. Don't worry about a thing: your big sis is going to take care of this." Claire fished around in her pocket for something, and pressed it into Melissa's small, sweating palm. "Here's the key so you can let yourself in and get cleaned up. I'll bring in the rest of your stuff. Call me up when you're ready to...get dirty again." Claire kissed the top of Melissa's head before watching her scamper off into the house.


A short time later, Claire entered the darkness of her sister's room, shadows interrupted only by light from the occasional scented candle against a wall or shelf. Their frail luminescence revealed Melissa lying back on her bed. Her skin was bare other than her frilly white lingerie, yet Claire noticed with surprise that while her sister had otherwise stripped, her footwear had become less revealing. Melissa's long legs were crossed and clad in black, knee-high lace-up trainer boots, gently waving in the air behind her, as if to welcome Claire in.

"Well, aren't those sweet?", said Claire, sitting down on the side of Melissa's bed, and gently beginning to stroke her sister's shoulders and golden hair. "Sweet?", Melissa giggled. "That's not...quite what I had in mind, but..." "Shhh..", Claire answered, slowly but deliberately placing her forefinger against her sister's lips. "Everything about you will always be sweet to me. Speaking of which..." Claire's clear voice trailed off as she climbed on the bed and brought her head between her sister's legs.

Amongst the ambient scent of the candles scattered around the room, Claire had at first thought she had smelled a darker undercurrent in here, though it always evaded a clear fix from her senses whenever she became aware of it. At the top of the bed, Melissa's perfume had overwhelmed the odour, pushing it out of Claire's mind, but down at the bottom it returned, and with greater strength. Yes, thought Claire: it was unmistakably the scent of her little sister's warm, wet girlshit...but where? Claire brought her head forward in search, lightly sniffing Melissa's crotch before giving her sister's panty-clad cunt an inquisitive lick.

Melissa, seeing that Claire had begun to understand her game, giggled again, whispered, "Sorry, not quite!", and again began to gently cycle her legs in her excitement, raising her perfect buttocks a little off the bed. She had yet to change her knickers since the most unfortunate incident in the taxi, and there were subtle skidmarks on their middle and back, even in the dim light almost as evident from outside as the piss-stains along the front.

Claire felt her heartbeat accelerating as her sister revealed the first traces of her crap, and found herself diving towards Melissa's ass, lavasciously licking at the fabric of her panties, as if trying to extract the small remnants of her waste out through it and onto her tongue. Yet there was no telltale brown lump clinging to Melissa's cheeks. "Not there yet, but you're getting warmer!" she heard Melissa call. Indeed, Claire thought, as she brought the fingertips of her right hand down to rest on her rapidly-engorging clit, I am.

Melissa saw her sister bring her head up from her crotch with a slightly confused expression, which could not help but provoke another fit of giggles from her. She again cycled her legs with gentle mirth, her right calf falling to rest on her sister's shoulder. Claire's puzzlement seemed to persist for just a moment longer, after which a clear look of recognition passed the older girl's face, before it turned towards the boot. Melissa smiled.

Oh, you horny, horny bitch, Claire thought. How I love you so. The scent was still subtle, but so much stronger around Melissa's legs. There could be no mistake. Her hands shaking just a little, Claire brought Melissa's right calf down carefully onto the bed, and began hurriedly unlacing the elegant denim boot encasing it. She untied the knot, hands shaking slightly like a girl opening her most-anticipated birthday present, and gently, gently slid it off.

From beneath the browned tongue of Melissa's boot, the full putrescence of what Missy had done was revealed to Claire. The sight and smell churned her stomach and burned her cunt. Her little sister's long, slim leg was entirely coated from beneath the knee in sloppy crap. Melissa's small foot slipped out with a wet pop, making it clear as mud that the crap was thickest at the bottom; as the girl wriggled her filthy toes in the dim light, small lumps of faeces ran out from between them, and off the tops of her pink-painted toenails.

"Surprise!", Claire heard, but Melissa's voice was somehow distant, and it barely registered. instead, her senses were overwhelmed by foul odors and, as soon as she could possibly manage it, fouler tastes. Claire lay down beside her sister, but in the opposite direction, her face aligned with Melissa's deliciously browned toes. "Indeed, nothing could be sweeter...", Claire told the teen temptress, lowering her face towards them. She paused briefly to inhale deeply, close to the source, before gingerly slipping out her tongue.

As its tip met the stained underside of Missy's big toe, Claire got her first hit of the flavour: deep, earthy and foul. It chilled her as she continued to run her tongue slowly across the surface, while her sister wiggled and giggled. As Claire began cleaning the crevices between Melissa's toes and where they met her sole, she found larger morsels of pure shit and even undigested kernels of corn, either still warm from its emergence, or reheated and marinaded in sweat, deep within her sister's boots. The abhorrent tastes released as she chewed this recycled food and rolled it around her mouth were turning even her tested stomach, and she found herself drawn to self-pleasure merely to keep herself from vomiting. She slipped the ends of her fingers inside her panties, and began running her incipient wetness across her hardening clit.

Melissa, meanwhile, was excited both by the fecal odours exposed to air by the removal of her boot, and the gentle yet gross tongue-bath she was receiving from her sister. She had also begun reaching inside her underwear to explore her shaven slit, already slick with juices and piss. Gently frigging herself, she allowed her sister many minutes of reverie, occasionally playfully smearing her shit across across Claire's lips with her toes and laughing. But when the crap was largely cleared from her foot, and Claire seemed to be fully aroused, she withdrew her legs.

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