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It was at a party. I was wearing a long gown, a red tube dress. The fabric has a somewhat soft and silky look and it followed the shape of my body in a loose fitting manner.

I saw Mike. We’ve been friends for years. He’s quite good looking and we flirt occasionally but things never get serious. He motioned for me to go over to where he was.

I walked towards him. He was with a group of men around the same age as he is. They were by the corner of the wall.

“Everyone, this is Sherry,” he said to the men. “Sherry, this is Luke, Thomas and Jason.”

The conversation started off great. All the men are good looking, especially Luke and I didn’t mind being the center of attention. Everyone’s been holding a glass, drinking some alcohol. We talked and we laughed.

I noticed Luke looking at my breasts and I looked down and realized that my nipples were poking out of the fabric of my dress and I blush. Luke was standing beside me and he started to whisper in my ear, “You look so sexy.”

I smiled faintly. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him and started to cup my breast in front of the other guys. Mike smiled. Luke kissed my forcefully on my lips as he suddenly pulled down the top of my dress and revealed my breast.

Everyone surrounded around me, covering me from the rest of the people as they pushed me into the corner.

“Those big dark nipples are really nice, Sherry,” said Mike.

“What are you guys doing?” I demanded as I try to break free from Luke but it was useless.

Look started to go down on my breast and lick my sensitive nipple. I can’t help but utter a moan. I am being humiliated and yet I cannot do anything. He pulled down the other side of my dress and exposed my other breast. Thomas came to play with the other.

Mike came to kiss me hard. He slides his tongue forcefully. “I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said. “You’re so pretty, Sherry.”

I was helpless as I stand there on the corner while they touch me. Then they led me somewhere else. We arrived at a somewhat darkly lit room. They made me bend over something I could not tell what it was. My breasts brushed against the rough surface while someone started to lift my dress up.

“Oooh, she’s not wearing panties,” said someone. I was not quite sure who it was.

“And she’s wet too,” I heard Mike say.

My pussy has gotten wet from the licking and sucking of my sensitive nipples. I felt someone roughly started to finger my pussy.


“You like that Sherry?” asked Mike.

“Ahhh!” I could not answer. I just moaned and nodded. I can tell it was not Mike fingering me.

The finger fucked my cunt faster and faster.

“She’s tight,” said someone.

“Oh yes, she is,” said Mike. “She’s a good girl. But tonight, she’s not going to be.”

I felt so humiliated at being called a whore but I could not resist. There I was, bent over with my pussy being exposed to my friend and to three men I hardly know.

“Come here whore,” said another and I turn to face Luke.

He made me bend on all fours. “Do you know how to suck?”

“I’ve only done it once,” I stammered.

“I’ll teach you how to suck you dirty little whore. Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth hesitantly. Luke’s cock felt bigger than it looked and I struggled to take it in my mouth.

“I don’t want to feel your teeth you understand?”

I nodded and did my best. He fucked my mouth roughly before he slid out. “You’re a good cock sucker. You’ll make a good whore.”

All the while he was fucking me, the others has been playing with my pussy. I’m ashamed to admit that I’m extremely wet from their touches.

They were all laughing and having fun with my body. Luke then went behind me teasing my pussy with his huge hard cock while Thomas came in front to make me suck his cock. “You better suck me good,” he said as he rubbed his cock against my cheek.

At that time, Luke entered my cunt hole. I’ve never had a cock as big as his before. He struggled to enter me even though I was already wet.

“Aaahhh!” I moaned out. As I opened my mouth, Thomas inserted his cock into my mouth. I had to moan while his cock was in. I tried my best to suck him but it was difficult from the fucking I was receiving in my pussy.

Luke is so bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with and he fucks me roughly. “You like that you dirty little whore?” His hands on my butt. He occasionally slaps it.

Thomas didn’t want to cum yet and he slid out of my mouth and told Jason to come next. So I sucked Jason next. Luke took a long time fucking me. I was moaning loudly with a cock stuffed into my mouth.

My body started to shake wildly. My head was in a daze. “Oohhhhh!” My juices exploded while Luke was in me and this only made him fuck me harder.

“That’s it, whore. Cum for me. You like being pounded like a cheap whore don’t you? You dirty little slut.”

My juices came exploding one after the other but he kept going until I exploded for the second time and I pulled my mouth away from the cock I was sucking and gave out a very loud scream as Luke came all over my ass.

Luke laughed satisfactory. “What a whore. Cumming like that.”

Thomas went behind me next while Jason was replaced by Mike. He looked at me in the eyes and smiled lustfully. He kissed me deeply before he took out his cock and inserted it into my mouth. “Suck me good Sherry,” he said.

Mike seemed to be in heaven as I suck him. For some reason, I wanted to please him.

Thomas was leaning over to cup my hanging tits. He squeeze hard as he grind his cock against me. Jason was rubbing my back occasionally with his cock. He’s waiting for his turn. Thomas was less experienced than Luke and he didn’t make me climax but he cummed all over my ass.

By now, I was finished sucking Mike. Jason wanted to fuck me in an upright position. I stood up and he holds one of my legs up as he inserted his cock inside me and started to pound me while Mike was making out with me.

“Ohhh, mmmmm,” I moaned.

“Aaahh! Ahhh! Ahhh!” I screamed as I lean onto Mike while Jason was making me orgasm for the fourth time tonight. Mike squeezed my tit tightly that it almost hurt. He licked my nipple while I was shaking and exploding, flicking his tongue over. All this while, Jason was pounding me madly. Our bodies slapping against each other. With each thrust he gave, the sound came.

“That’s right baby, cum for him,” said Mike to me while his fingers were pinching my other nipple.

“Ohhh, ohhh!”

Mike made me kneel down when Jason was about to cum and he came on my face. Mike pulled me up and kissed me again. “Now it’s my turn babe,” he said.

He carried me and sat me down onto a table or so I thought it was. He spread my legs as wide as they would go. He took his cock and slapped it on my fucked pussy a few times. Then he rubbed them against my pussy. I wanted him to put it inside me.

“You want this cock baby?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Beg me for it.”

“Please let me have your cock,” I said even though I knew it would be humiliating.

The others laughed in the background.

“Do you want me to fuck you with it?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me Mike.”

He slides it into me and thrust in and out of me. I can see his cock sliding in and out of my hole. He smiled as he saw me looking.

“You like that don’t you?” He had one hand on my hip and the other on my lower back supporting me. Mike was surprisingly better than Luke. He made me orgasm so much that I lost count. He fucked me for a while before finally cumming inside me.

We all got dressed and went back to the party. I was still in a daze but tried to mingle.

“Give you a ride home?” I heard Mike asking from behind. It’s as if nothing has happened.

I nodded and followed him to his car.

“You were amazing tonight Sherry,” he said. “Want to be my girlfriend?”

I was shocked at his question but he leaned in to kiss me. “I want to be able to fuck you anytime I want,” he said.

“Okay,” I said and he stopped the car in the middle of the road and fucked me right then and there before taking me home.

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