She Drives Me Crazy Part 1

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I was walking to my car when I first saw her. Her shimmering blonde hair that blew in the light breeze, her tall, curvy figure silhouetted against the light from a window, her graceful posture and the sexy way she wiggled her ass as she walked. I craned my neck to get a better view of her and ran straight into the door of my truck. I staggered a bit, regained my composure, then searched the parking lot for another glimpse of her, but she had vanished.
What was I thinking? I was married for Christ' sake. What on earth had come over me to be so taken by another woman who I'd barely seen for a few seconds? I continuously pondered these things as I opened the front door of my house and was greeted with the smell of a fresh roast in the oven. The thoughts of this mysterious woman melted away like butter on a hot plate as I took my wife in my arms and gave her a long kiss.
"Well hello to you to," she replied after managing to separate her mouth from mine, "good day I presume?"
"Better than most," I replied with a somewhat awkward grin.

I pulled into my customary parking spot at the office the next morning when I saw her again, this time much more clearly. She was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. As I got out of my truck, she walked right past and gave me a furtive glance. I could cut a clear picture of her figure through her thin pink dress; the full breasts, thin waist, and curvy ass. Her smooth, tanned legs protruded from her short dress and walked delicately, one in front of the other, instantly catching my eye. I followed her with my eyes around the corner, then stood dumbstruck for a moment, staring at my shoelaces. Second time in two days...
I slapped myself across the cheek and shook my head fiercely. Jesus, snap out of it man. She's just another pretty woman. But then again...she wasn't just a pretty woman. There was something in the way she carried herself, some air of mystery and intrigue that I was longing for. After all, seeing that I was married I had no more secrets to find out about my wife, or at least I didn't think so. The way that that woman had looked at me, how her pretty green eyes had penetrated into my stirred something inside of me, and not just my loins. I shook my head again and walked to the office, trying desperately to take her off my mind.

"Hey Bossman," my secretary looked up from her desk and greeted me casually as I walked into work the next day, having seen no more of the mystery lady.
"Hey Chris, any calls?" I closed the door to my office but talked to her through the intercom, lounging back in my comfortable leather chair.
"No, but I have a client here to see you, a Miss...uhh...hold on a second," she rifled through a stack of papers and pulled out one near the bottom. "Miss Jessica Hamilton. Sound familiar?"
"Not really," I replied, "have her come in."
"Sure thing."
I turned and began sorting through a stack of files, checking for any record of a Jessica Hamilton. Nothing. A knock echoed at the door and I turned to see Chris and the blonde woman standing in my doorway. My eyes went wide, my mouth went dry, and I could feel something stir inside of me once again.
"Miss Hamilton, sir," Chris motioned for her to enter and have a seat.
"Thank you very much," she spoke. Her voice was amazing, sweet, airy, with a hint of innocence in it.
Chris closed the door behind her, leaving the two of us alone together.
"I...uh..." I stammered, hardly able to form words. I stopped, took a deep breath and began again. "Hi, what can I do for you Miss Hamilton?"
"Well, Mr. Carter..." she began.
"Please, call me Jake," I smiled benevolently, leaning forward and motioning for her to continue.
She returned the smile and continued, "I've been having trouble with..."
Her words melted away in my ears as I gazed at her. I hardly paid attention to what she was saying, her voice was so sweet, her smile so pure, her stature so sexy. Her nipples were so evident in the sheer blouse she was wearing, I couldn't help but shoot quick glances at them.
"Uh, Jake?" she asked with arched eyebrows, "are you listening?"
I realized I was staring right at her and caught myself. I coughed a bit and leaned back, trying desperately to stay professional. It was no use, for when I looked up at her again I fell right back to gazing into her eyes. She broke my gaze by looking down with a smile.
"Jeez, I am so sorry," I said embarrasedly, "please, go on."
I found that I was getting uncomfortable, she was so beautiful and so tempting. I couldn't handle it. As she began speaking again I cut her off, "Oh, damn, I'm really sorry Miss Hamilton, but I have an appointment in a few minutes that I completely forgot about. Could we this another time?"
She forced another pretty smile and said convincingly, "Oh yes, of course."
"I really am very sorry ma'm, it's just," I stood up, walking her to the door and stumbling on my trash can.
"Please, call me Jessica," she gave me one last flirty smile then left the office.

"Honey, could you please stop by the grocery store and pick up some things for dinner?" my wife called me on my cell phone as I left the office that evening.
I felt guilty, and I hadn't done anything. I responded quickly with a yes, and many I love you's, trying to cleanse away my thoughts of other women. I drove mindlessly to the nearest Vons, taking no notice of a squirell that ran to its death under my tires.
As I walked through the store, my thoughts drifted to Jessica. Why did I have to see her again? Was she attracted to me? Did she know where I worked and then hunted me out? No, I dismissed these silly thoughts right away. I mean she might be attracted, for I was quite handsome, but still, couldn't she see the wedding ring on my finger? I tried desperately to pin all blame for our meetings on her, convincing myself I was completely innocent of any impure thoughts.
And then there she was. I saw her in the produce section, picking out ripe red apples that matched the color of her lips. My jaw went slack and I could feel once again the throbs of desire rising inside of me.
"Well hi there Jake," she smiled and waved as I caught her eye.
"H..hi Jessica," I replied sheepishly. She bent over and picked up another apple, so that I saw a hint of her voluptuous breasts in a black bra.
"Fancy seeing you here," a devilish smile formed between her lips, sending a shock through my body.
"Yeah, of all the places..." I laughed half-heartedly, trying to conceal the hard-on slowly growing in my pants.
"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around," she said as she traipsed off toward the check-out counter, her ass swaying back and forth.

"Hey Boss, Miss Hamilton to see you again," Chris's voice rang over the intercom and echoed in my ears loudly.
"Send her in please," I tried to say as calmly as possible.
The door opened and there she entered, wearing a skimpy blue dress that hugged her curves nicely. She sat down and smiled.
"So, I was just...uh...reviewing your uh..." I stopped as she stood up and leaned over my desk, her breasts in full view.
"Uhhh..." I couldn't even make out words. She walked around the desk and sat on top of me, pushing me back and wrapping her legs around me.
"Wha...what are you..." she put a finger to my lips and shushed me. She kissed me lightly on my mouth, then much longer and more passionately. She ran her hands across my smooth face and up through my thick blonde hair.
She stopped, sitting up and sliding her dress down her body, revealing her breasts in a leopard-print bra. I planted kisses across her neck, chest and in between her breasts. She reached behind and unfastened her bra, sliding it off and tossing it under the desk. I teasingly stroked her nipples with my tongue, making rings around them and gently massaging them with my hands. Then I began suckling gently and nibbling softly on the tips.
She moved down my body and unzipped my pants, taking my hardened cock into her hand. She looked up at me with a mysterious, sensual smile and then wrapped her lips around the tip, moving slowly down the shaft to the base. She expertly moved up and down, licking the tip and in the slit, stroking the shaft and balls. I was in pure ecstacy, hardly able to believe any of this was happening.
She began going faster, faster as I moaned in pleasure. "Oooo, my God, oh yeahh...mmmm..."
She sucked harder, faster, ahhh, I was coming so close to...yes, YES, YES!
"Oh God, yeahhh, I'm...OOO" My body tensed, my back arched, I squeezed my buttcheeks together, hoping to God she would keep going and then...
"OOOOO" I blew an enormous load into her eager, awaiting mouth. She pushed her head further down my cock, taking it all in her warm, wet mouth. When I had finished she licked the sensitive tip playfully, lapping up whatever residue was left.
She arose and put her bra back on, then slid her dress up. I sat there, spent and pleasured, with only thoughts of lust running through my mind.
"I'll be seeing you around," she said with a smile and a wave of her fingers as she exited the office.

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