Sharing my wife with the neighbor

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Sierra and I have been swinging together for years even before we were married. We have attended many swinger parties and couples events. We have even gone as far as going to the adult theatre for some fun. Well our neighbor Derek moved in this past week and Sierra had introduced herself and made it a point to tell me how cute she thought he was.

We had a couple of bedroom fantasies about her fucking him and always got off when we did. Then I started seeing him looking at her ass and pussy all the time when they were talking and started to tell her I was sure that he wanted to fuck her. Well she sarted to hang out over at his house more this past week and she began to notice to that he was checking her out.

Last night we were laying in bed and playing with each other and talking about how fun it would be to bring him in on our action. But I wanted to try something new that we had never done so far. I wanted to send her over to fuck him and then come tell me about it. She got so wet thinking about it and agreed to give it a shot.

She was dressed in a pair of comfy pants and t-shirt and went over to his house. They were sitting on the sofa talking and the conversation turned to sex. Well she text me and told me he was interested and she made him show his cock. She text me and told me she really wanted his big monster and sent me a pic of it. Well she came back home because he had to run out for a few minutes. While she was home with me she was rubbing her pussy and telling me she wanted him bad. Well I was pushing her to go fuck him when he got back. She text him and ask if he was up for it when he got back.

Of course his answer was yes. So I made her take off her panties and bra and wear a pair of shorts and t-shirt. He text her he was back home and the front door was open, he was on the futon in the back room. When see walked in and sat down they began to talk for a brief moment then he pushed her back on the futon and stripped her naked. She told him she loved to be fucked rough and choked, he immediately forced her head down on his cock and gagged her till she begged to be fucked. He grabbed her throat and forced his huge dick up her soaking wet pussy.

She came instantly as he fucked her like a little high school slut. They continued to fuck like that for over an hour and I text her to come home. She got dressed and came home and began to tell me the story word for word and I grabbed her forced her to the floor and continued where he left off. Long story short we are now sharing my wife as often as we get a chance. Joseph

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