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Helena was a virgin when we met, I was the first guy she had ever been with. Being a few years older than her I had experienced sex with other woman before we started dating. After six years of marriage I felt our sex life was stuck in a rut. To spice things up I purchased a cock extension that added four inches to my six and half. During one steamy session we switched to doggy style, I had her move to the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor fucking in and out of her wet pussy. After several minutes I pulled out dropping down to lick her pussy. Actually my excuse to slip the extension on.

Without her knowing I placed the large head of the extension against her wet pussy. I pushed it inside of her as she pushed back not realizing she was about to get fucked by almost 11 inches of cock. Not wanting to hurt her I fucked in and out a few times then decided to see how much she could take. By this time she had realized something was different. She ask me what is that? I lied telling her it was me. At this point everything was inside her pussy. To say the least I was somewhat shocked. I grabbed her hips fucking in and out as hard as I could giving her the full eleven inches. After a few minutes she pulled away turning to see what had been fucking her. Expecting an omg that thing is huge, she didn't seem the least bit intimidated at having been fucked by something so big. At this point I wondered if in fact she had really been a virgin when we met.

While dating she had once talked about a girlfriend of hers having to buy extra large condoms for the guy she was fucking. Looking back I wondered if it had been her and not a friend. A few days later I slipped the extension on again with her laying back on the bed legs spread wide apart. This time she was giving it up although she wasn't really in the mood. After finishing she ask me to not use the extension again, claiming it felt like nothing. Not one to be detoured about three weeks later I was fucking her when I pulled out and slipped it on again. Once again I slipped it inside quickly burring all eleven inches to the hilt. This time she moaned as I fucked her as hard as I could for at least 30 minutes. Needing to cum I pulled out and removed the extension. It's thickness made it impossible for me to cum while wearing it. As I pushed back inside of her wet pussy the term fucking a warm glass of water came to mind. I fantasied that she had just been fucked by someone else, for some reason this made me cum harder than I ever had before. The next time we fucked she complained of it not feeling the same, as it had in the past. Point blank telling me she never wanted to see the extension again.

A few weeks later I slipped on the extension saying to her, this is fucking huge, most woman would have trouble taking something this big. Yet you took it all without any problem two different times. Her reply was, "is that bad". Not Knowing what to say I dropped the subject as she had made it clear that the extension was not to be used ever again. Knowing she could handle me with the extension, I begin wondering if a real life cock close to the same size would be any different for her. Being that my wife is very prudish I figured it would be one of those things that never happened. A few times when she traveled on business for the company she works for I joked.

Telling her to be careful and if something happens to take precaution. She acted as like this pissed her off telling me it wasn't funny. One night during a great lovemaking session I ask her if she had ever fantasied about fucking someone else. I got the typical good wife line that the thought had never crossed her mind. A few days later in bed one night after her rejecting my advances I ask her if she would fuck her favorite singer from a band she has loved for years. She told me no, I then ask her if she would fuck a different guy in the band. To my suprise she told me yes. Intrigued I ask her,if he was here right now, you would spread your legs and let him fuck you. Her reply was yes, I asked her then why won't you fuck me. I'm here and hard wanting to fuck you. Yet you won't fuck me but you would let some other guy fuck you. Her reply was it would be about her, and sex with me was about me.

As time went on I begin to wonder if she would fuck another guy if given the right opportunity. One night during a great lovemaking session I told her it was alright with me if she wanted to experience sex with someone else. I told her, I had sex with others before we met and since I was the only one she had been with, if she was curios I understood. Jokingly I told her that I was giving her a one time hall pass. Much to my suprise she said even if I wanted to picking up a guy at a bar isn't something I would ever do, so that isn't going to happen. I ask her if she would like me to arrange something. She said she didn't want anyone to ever know, and didn't see anyway for it to happen. Where she could keep her identity safe. Said she didn't want some guy showing up at the house a week later thinking he could come over and fuck her anytime. I convinced her I could arrange it and keep her identity safe that I would find someone in a neighboring state, and we would meet at a hotel.

I then placed an add on a popular website looking for a white male between the age of 25 and 42, with a minimum of 9 inches with proof. I recieved several emails of guys claiming to be over 9 inches but without any proof. Of the 50 replies only six showed proof of being over 9 inches. Not wanting my wife to know what was going to be pounding her pussy I only showed her the face shots of the candidates one in particular caught her attention a blonde haired blue eyed pretty boy. Totally the opposite of the type of guy I had expected her to pick. I told her, I would go ahead and set things up. At this point I expected her to change her mind and was suprised when she ask if it could be the weekend coming up. I called the guy and was able to arrange for us to meet on Saturday evening. I was excited at the thought of watching my wife get her pussy pounded by his 10.75 inch cock. The pictures he sent had shown it to be as big around as a coke can.

Much thicker than I had given her while wearing the extension. On Saturday we made the four hour drive to meet up with "Ryan". Arriving at the hotel we waited about an hour before he showed up. I opened the door when he knocked, very nervous and excited at the prospect of seeing my wife fucking another man, I especially wanted see her reaction to being fucked by such a big cock. As they made small talk I stayed off to the side deciding to not interfere. That I would let things just happen. At this point my wife who stands 5'6" and has very wide hips suggests that I go Walk around the Walmart we passed the exit before the hotel. Since I had never made clear to her I wanted to watch, I tried playing it off that I would just stay there and out of the way. They wouldn't even know I was there. Much to my disapointment she told me that she needed me gone.

That she wouldn't be able to relax if I was watching. So for the next 2 hours I waited for my phone to ring wondering what was happening. Finally after a little over 2 she called me saying it was ok for me to come back. Arriving back at the hotel I opened the door suprised to her water from the shower running. I walked in the bathroom to find them both in the shower. Even soft his cock looked huge. My wife said she hadn't expected me so quick. But they was almost done washing off. Knowing I had missed everything I turned the tv on trying to act like everything was normal. After ten minutes I was suprised they hadn't exited the shower yet. Figuring they was talking I walked to the door and listened but heard nothing but water running. Slowly I opened the door not wanting the to know I was there. I quickly realized what was taking so long as my wife, was bending over in the shower. Ryan was behind her placing the head of his enormous cock at the opening of her pussy. Grabbing her hips he slammed his huge cock into her pussy as she braced her hands against the wall. At this point he pushed head down even further as he rammed his enormous cock in and out of her.

At this point I pulled my own cock out stroking it as my wife got her pussy filled full of Ryan's gigantic cock. At this point he rams even harder into her shooting what I imagine to be another huge load into her pussy. Guess the whole thing about using a condom had been forgotten. Quietly I pushed the door closed without being noticed.Five minutes later they both emerged fully dressed. After he left I jokingly told her that sure was a long shower. She told me they was just talking. I told her don't you mean fucking? At first she denied it but when I told her I had seen them fucking in the shower she admitted she didn't plan it. But when he got hard again she decided to give him one for the road.

Being horny as fuck by this time myself I told her it was my turn. After having taken his huge cock twice, I figured she would give me a rain check till morning. She dropped her jeans and panties to the floor and laid on her back with her legs spread. Her pussy was still gapped open from being fucked by Ryan's gigantic cock. I moved between her legs and placed my hard cock against the opening of her pussy I pushed inside of her easily after a few thrusts I shoot a much needed load of cum into my wife's pussy. After cleaning up again I ask her how it was with Ryan, and if she had an orgasm while fucking him. Being the nice wife she told me it wasn't important. Pressing her on the issue she admitted that she came multiple times. Something I had never been able to achieve when fucking her. I told her I was glad she enjoyed her one time free pass. At this point she told me she planned on meeting him again in couple of weeks.

That from know on she would fuck me anytime I wanted so long as I let her fuck Ryan once a month.Knowing that she would continue to fuck him no matter what I said I quickly agreed. On the stipulation that they use protection in the future. She just said no, I don't like the feel of condoms, and I like to feel it when he cums inside my pussy. So here I am writing this story, while my wife is in the master bedroom the door shut and locked where Ryan is fucking her brains out. After he leaves I will go in the bedroom and get my turn. What was once a nice tight pussy is no longer tight for me anyways.

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