Sharing Black (Part 2)

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11:40a.m. (at home) Saturday 

The next morning I woke up to extremely sore. It felt like I’d been riding a horse all day long and slammin’ my pussy against a rock or something. I felt like I was walking bow legged. I could hardly sit down. Thank god it was not a school night. I fixed myself an egg and went back up to my room. The phone rang and I answered it. 
“Jori?” Sarita called. 
“Yeah, what do you want.” 
“What’s the matter girl?” she questioned. 
“I talked to Black this morning after I left work.” I said and she didn’t say anything. “Don’t you want to know what he told me?” 
“Yeah Jori, what did he say I said.” she replied sarcastically. I told her everything Black told me and she sat there in silence. 
“What, you don’t have shit to say?” 
“What do you want me to say, that I didn’t say it, Yeah, I said it, I said it all!” 
“Then all I got to say to you is…(click)” I hung up. The phone rang again and I answered it. 
“Jori listen, I’m sorry for all that. Black made me do it. He wanted to get with you so he made me tell him things about you.” 
“How could you tell him things about me that wasn’t true Sarita. I thought you were my friend?” 
“I am your friend Jori please understand from my point of view. Let me come over there and explain. Please!!” she begged and I agreed. 

One hour later she walked up to my house and rang the bell. 
“Come in!” I yelled from the kitchen. 
“Jori, now let me explain.” 
“How about from the beginning and the truth this time” 
“Well…” she began and spilled her guts to me. 

In the things she reveled to me she told me that Black was not the father of her baby. It was Mr. Thalbut, the sociology teacher‘s baby. She gave her baby to the Thalbut family to raise as their own. She also reveled to me that what Black said about them never having sex was true. She told me that she was three weeks pregnant and wanted to pin the pregnancy on someone else so she tried to have sex with Black to make him think that it was his baby. The school classed her as the hood hoe and to keep the focus off her reputation she had to use me. She apologized ten thousand times through tears of pain. 

“Will you ever forgive me?” “
I don’t know, cause you really fucked me over.” 
“Please Jori, you are the only friend I have.” Sarita begged. 
“That’s a fine way of treating a friend.” I replied. She hung her head low and covered her face. 
“I was just so jealous of you and Black, I didn’t know what to do.” 
“Me and Black? Ain’t no me and Black, so what is there to be jealous about?” I asked. 
“I’d hear him talking about you in the halls, how you had a fat ass and how he wanted to get to know you better. Then when I heard him ask you to the game I tried to get you to go somewhere else with me. When you refused, I had to think of a plan to get him to just fuck you and dump you. Now that’s the truth and the whole truth. I feel so ashamed.” she shook her head and kept her face hid in her hands. “What time is it?” 
“It’s about 12 why?” 
“I promised Robert I would come in early and help him with some packing and stuff. You think you can give me a ride to work, please?” 
“Sure let’s go.” I hugged my friend of eight years and ran upstairs to grab my keys. 

I questioned her sincerity as I descended the stairs. Just as I was about to closed the door the phone rang. 
“Sup Jori” Black asked, “how you feelin’?” 
“I’m fine!" I growled "I got to go so…” 
“Jori please don’t hang up, let me come over there for a minute and explain something to you?” he begged. 
“NO! I got to go!” I said and hung up. I ran down stairs and flew out the door. I jumped in the car and opened the passenger door for Sarita and sped off. 

“What kind of packing you gone do today?” I questioned her. 
“Well the packing of me full of steak, again.” she smiled. 
“Nasty ass, I hope you used protection.” 
“I did but, the question is did you use protection, last night miss thang?” I felt as I was gonna shit bricks. 
“Did he tell you that we did something’.” 
“Didn’t need to, your walk was self explanatory.” 
“Look, I ain‘t say me and Black had sex Sarita!” I put my free hand in her face. 
“You walk like you just jumped off a horse.” Her reply embarrassed me. 
“Remember what happened to me.” she replied as she jumped out the car before I came to a complete stop. 

On the ride home things started rumbling through my head. I was so into it last night I didn’t use a condom. Damn it I preached condom, condom, condom, all last night to Sarita, then my dumb ass didn’t use one. How could I be so fuckin’ stupid. Damn what if I could be pregnant? Lord I hope I’m not pregnant. What should I do? My mind was racing a million miles a minute. I know I’ll call Sarita, she’ll know what to do. When I got in to the house I picked up the phone. I began to dial the job number when I caught a glimpse of a shadow behind me. I picked up the glass bell that was on the table in front of me and swung it as I turned around. I hit Black directly across the head and knocked him to the floor. He looked like he was dead at first until I leaned over to see. When I kneeled to touch him he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the floor beside him. 

“Didn’t I tell you not to hit me no more.” 
“Black, what the fuck you doin’ here?” I asked him angrily and pulled away from his grasp. 
“I told you that I needed to talk to you. I was just pulling up when I saw you and Sarita pull off. You really shouldn’t leave the door open like that, someone could break in.” 
“Yeah, like now,” I said “let me called the police.” I stood up to pick up the phone. 
“Jori please, let me talk to you, let me explain!” he begged. 
“Get out Black, or I will call the cops!” I threatened and pointed to the door. 
“Girl you trippin’!” he said, got up slowly and walked out. I heard his car engine start and his tires screech off. I was so tired I locked the front door and went upstairs to bed. My head hurting so I laid down and slept another five hours. When I did wake up, it was past dinner time. I fixed myself a bowl of cereal and sat in front of the T.V. set. 

9:22p.m. ( in the house)
“Jori what you doin’?” Sarita questioned. 
“Nothing” “
Well how about coming with me next Saturday huh?” she asked. 
“Robert’s throwing a party and he said I could invite some of my closest friends.” 
“Sure I’ll go.” I agreed. 
“Look Sarita I’ll talk with you tomorrow ok I’m kinda sleepy.” 
“Alright then I’ll talk to you soon.” 
“Alright” I said and hung up without saying goodbye. 

6:45a.m. (Home) Sunday 
“Jori” I heard my grandmother call through my door. 
“Yeah Big Momma?” I said still half sleep. 
“I’ll be leaving for church early today so you’ll have to fend for yourself this morning.” I was so lookin’ forward to Big Momma’s big breakfast. 
“Ok Big Momma thank you” I said and my stomach growled. I only had a bowl of cereal for dinner and I was starving. 
“Oh, and before I forget, we’re having company for dinner!” 
“Who Big Momma?” I questioned. 
“Sister Michaels and her family.” Sister Michaels, I remember her, she was the lady that gave out candy at church all the time to the kids. 
“O.K. Big Momma, did you want me to do something for dinner?” 
“That’s another thing that I wanted you to do. Here’s a list of things I want from the store. I need you to wash the greens, put the turkey in the oven, and make the corn bread fa the dressin’.” 
“Danm Big Momma we doin’ it up right huh?” she smiled. 
“I’ll leave the money on the table down stairs.” 
“O.K. Big Momma.” she turned, left out and closed the door. I got up, still a little sore from yesterday but I was able to walk better. I hopped in the shower and took a quick wash over and put on my clothes. I retrieved the note and the money off the kitchen table and jumped in my car heading for the store. 

8:09a.m. (Store)
I walked through the aisles and retrieved the items on Big Momma‘s list. I was looking at the items on the shelf to find the one Big Momma wanted then I heard some one ask, 
“Big Momma’s at church?” I turned around to see that it was Sister Michaels from the church. She was a hefty woman, she had tit’s and ass galore. 
“Yes ma’am” I said. 
“Good then I will see her at church then. I was going to ask her if she’d mind if I’d bring a peach cobbler to dinner.” 
“I don‘t think she‘d…” I was interrupted 
“Ma, this is all they had.” Black thundered from behind me holding up a can of peaches. “Ok baby, I need two more cans.” she told him. 
“Alright” he said and looked at me. “Ma did you meet my new girlfriend LaJoria yet?” he said and put his arms around my shoulders. 
“I ain’t yo’ girlfriend Black,” I growled, and pushed his arm off my shoulder. He laughed and walked away to get the other cans. 
“She wouldn’t mind if you bring it” I told her. 
“Alright baby, thank you” she said and a look of concern crossed her face. I smiled at her and walked away. I walked down the last aisle to retrieve the final object on my list. “You cookin’ Sunday dinner?” Black asked. 
“Yeah why” I asked him sarcastically. 
“I just asked cause I couldn’t wait to taste yo’ cookin’ so I can see if you’d make a suitable wife.” 
“What the fuck you talkin’ bout? I ain’t gonna be yo’ wife nor are you comin’ fa dinner.” I snapped. 
“Well I’ll just tell momma that you said that we can’t come to dinner tonight.” 
“Fine you do that!” I said and walked away. 

Black must've definitely got his looks from his dad, all except those gray eyes and dark smooth skin. I turned around to see if Black was still standing there but he was gone. I walked down the aisle to see if I could find him. I saw him standing in line behind Sis. Michaels. Black looked at me and tapped his mom on the shoulder. I saw them talking and then Black looked over and pointed at me. His mom looked at me and shook her head and said something back to him. He left the store with his mother . I checked out and went home. 

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