Sexual sleepovers

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Ive had a crush on my best friend hailee for years, ever since our first sleepover. We were in the 4th grade and she invited me over her house to watch some movies, i said yes and came over at about 9, she told me her mom was at work and that we had we had 4 hours to have some fun. By fun i thought she meant watching t.v, and playing dolls or something.

Needless to say i was so wrong, we played truth or dare. The game went from “i dare u to drink toilete water” to “i dare u to touch me "down there" really fast and it somehow formed into me coming over to her house every night at 9 and the dares only got more sexual stuff like " i dare u to kiss me down there" and lick me "down there" it was awesome! Until the day she got her first boyfriend. She stopped inviting me to her house, and every time i brought up truth or dare she would say “i was young then”. That was 8 years ago, now we are in the 12th grade and we dont even talk anymore, but i was gonna change that.

My plan was to re-create our sleepovers that we had in 4th grade, it wasnt gonna be easy, if i would of invited her to my house for a sleepover she certianly would have said no, but if i lied and said it was a party, well shed have to come. So i asked her, she said “yeah” with hesitation in her eyes. I was so happy i couldnt sleep, or think i was filled with excitement.

On the night of my plan i was waiting on my couch 4 hailee 2 arrive when i heard a knock on the door. “come in” i screamed she walkes in and her mouth dropped when she saw me. I was on the couch with a tank top iand undies on, i was watching the same movie we were watching at her house (spy kids) and a said “ my moms at work so we have 4 hours to have some fun.

She didnt know what to do, her mom already pulled off and it was 2 cold to walk home. She looked at me and said “what the fuck are u doing!?” i smiled and said “wanna play truth or dare?” she looked at me, she knew what i was doing. “yea” she said with a semi- smile .

[to be continued]

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