Sex with my neighbour

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I had been married 18 years and I hated being on my own. I had met a woman and I moved in with her just to have a bit of company. She was nice enough but I didnt love her and to be honest I didnt fancy her either. Her husband had died suddenly and she was lonely too. One day she told me the woman next door had a dripping tap and she asked me if I could fix it for her. I told her I would go round after she had gone to work so a little later I went to see the divorced woman with toolbag in hand. I went up to the bathroom and replaced the washer which only took me a few minutes. As I finished the job I heard the woman come up behind me.

As I turned she stood right in front of me, so close my face was almost touching hers. I could feel her breath on my face as she spoke which shows you how close she was. Now this was a lady I did fancy and my heart was pounding like crazy. I put my arms around her and we kissed passionately for about 5 minutes. Then she asked me if I wanted to go to bed with her, and straight away I agreed. We went to her bedroom and as we kissed at the foot of her bed. I unzipped her dress which then fell to the floor. I then stripped down to my underpants and we got into her bed. I felt her tits and then removed her bra.

I was amazed how big they were because she didnt look big breasted when she was dressed. I sucked her nipples and she loved it. I then removed her panties and got another shock. She had the hairiest cunt I had ever seen and as I pulled it open I got another nice surprise. Her clitoris and her cunt lips were huge. I spent some time licking her and she had at least three orgasms. She said it was the first time anyone had ever licked her cunt and she loved it. I then asked her to suck my dick and she admitted that was also something new to her. Anyway she did it and did it so well I got close to cumming.

I told her it was time to have a fuck and as I got between her legs she wrapped them around me. I wanted it to last but I was so excited I came very quickly. It was the best fuck I had ever had and for a lady with little experiance she certainly fucked well. Afterwards she told me it had been 5 years since her husband left her and this was her first fuck in all that time. I used to climb through a window at the back of her house so the neighbours wouldnt see me.

We would fuck maybe 4/5 times every week. Then came the serious talk about leaving my girlfriend. Although I wanted to, living next door to my girlfriend wouldnt have worked out. I also felt it would hurt my girlfriend a lot having lost her husband if I left her. The relationship with my neighbour then came to an end I stayed with my girlfriend for another three years.

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