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It was Summer and it was late, I had a couple girl-friends over and my best friend was always late. As we were waiting for her we all got sort of buzzed. Let me tell you about some of my friends, my closest friend, Ember, is 22, a fantastic body, perfect tits, she'd show them off all the time, she has dark brown hair, and green eyes, my other friend, (Who I met through Ember) Is a little chubby, but a great ass, she's Lilly, another friend, Renae, she had just turned 21, and she was gorgeous, and last and most sexiest, Ashliegh, I met her in 9th grade when she was a nerd, when we got into 11th grade, she had completely transformed, I always had a crush on her, even though I was and am not lesbian. All of my friends at the time were straight, so was I.

Anyway, on to the story...

Ashliegh finally arrived with a shit load of alcohol and a lot of weed. She looked so hot that night, she was wearing the shortest shorts i've ever seen, her ass was basically out, every time she bent over, you could see a little peek of her pussy, it was amazing to stare at. Eventually we were all completely dead drunk, and Ember was complaining about how wet she was and she wanted to fuck, we all just laughed that off and just kept drinking. About an hour later we were all in my big bed drinking and talking, Ashliegh started talking about how much she hates how weak the men are with her, Renae was completely silent, she was sort of an odd one out, she was new to the group, an outcast, and Renae looked up at us and told us how her ex boyfriend used to get an extra girl to eat her out while he fucked her, and we all were shocked that she would say that because she seemed so sweet and innocent, Ember just laughed and said that she always had a crush on me, i'm Emily by the way, blonde hair, blue eyes, and I laughed and looked at Ashliegh and told her I've always wanted to fuck her since 11th grade, and Ember just stared at me and told me she wanted to eat me out.

Renae said she was into Ashleigh and she thought she had a nice clit, but wouldn't fuck any of us, Ember said she was up for a foursome, Ashleigh spread her legs and told me she wanted me to eat her out, Renae was about to leave and I told her that I would eat her pussy if she'd stay, she wanted to leave, but she stayed, we all got undressed, and Ashliegh was the first one to get her clothes off considering she was barely wearing anything from the start..

Ashliegh got on the top of the bed and grabbed me by my bra straps and started licking and sucking on my neck, I was so wet from the moans she was making. Ember got on me and started kissing my tits and playing with my nipples, she was gently tapping my clit with her middle finger and it was a real tease, i've never been more wet!!!

Renae jumped in and ate out Ashliegh while I was getting my clit tapped and rubbed, Ember told me she wanted to have her clit rub against mine, scissoring, I agreed since I thought it was real sexy to have our cum mixed with each others and the motion got me real hot. We got in position and she started going up and down and I instantly came, my pussy was tingling and I told her to eat my pussy and suck my clit now, I needed more orgasms, as I watched Ashlieghs hot moan face, I knew I had to make my move, I started rubbing on her tits, I lifted up my ass and made Ember lay on her back and eat me while I make out with Ashliegh, Renae was still eating Ashliegh out, really good i'm guessing, Ashliegh was moaning and screaming non stop, I could barely take it, I told Renae I wanted to fuck her pussy now, and Renae moved over and took over Renae. Renae and Ember went into the bathroom because they both had a great fantasy of fucking in the shower and have the shower head on the clits, so Ashliegh was laying on top of my bed, with her legs completely spread, and her fingers were tapping her clit and I remember the sexiest thing i've ever heard from her she said 'Please come eat me, and fuck my pussy I swear Emily, I want you now.'

I nearly just came when she said that. I jumped on the bed with my tits flopping everywhere and ate her pussy. I tounged her and put two fingers in her, she said she needed more, she wanted it rough, she's sick of the weak, she wants her pussy fucked raw. So I put 4 in her, she still wanted more. I didn't know what else to give, I just started fisting her pussy, it was amazing, her pussy was so beautiful, I had to eat it again. I ate her again and rubbed my lips on her klit and got her cum all over my lips, as i went to lick it off, she made out with me, sucking all her cum off !! I guided her hand towards my pussy and moaned fuck my cunt baby, she pushed me on the bed and started rubbing my pussy with two fingers, she asked me if I've ever been able to fit a fist in my pussy, I said no, and she goes in the kitchen and grabs a large fresh carrot, and tells me were going to use this carrot as a dildo, and she has a vibrator in her bag that she uses in the bathroom when she gets wet in public, she takes out the vibrator and it looked so exciting, i've never used toys before, so I was excited to feel a vibrator on my clit.
She told me she was going to make the whole carrot fit in my pussy, than rub the vibrator on my clit with the carrot still in my cunt, she said it gave a massive orgasm, so i tried it.

She shoved the carrot half way in, and I couldn't take anymore, she kept pushing and pushing harder and harder, it was painful, but really , it felt good, the coldness of the carrot made it feel better too. Anyway, the carrot just wouldn't go deeper, I had a small, tight little pussy and that huge carrot would NOT fit, but Ashliegh was determined even though I argued with her that it hurt, she told me sex is supposed to hurt, but its more pleasure after the pain, she started eating me again to loosen me up, and it worked, the carrot was in pretty much all the way, it was good enough, I was nearly about to cum already with a giant carrot in my little pussy, I couldn't wait for the vibrator on my clit. She got the vibrator and started rubbing it on my asshole, it felt so good, and she went up to the ending of my pussy hole and i came instantly, she took the carrot out, and she took a bite, it was so fucking hot!!!

Renae and Ember come back and were all sitting on my bed, naked, and still dripping pussies, and we're all rubbing our own clits, and Ember comes up and shoves 4 fingers in me and rubs my tits hard and kisses me, and tells me she has to go, Renae just gave me a peck, and left, and Ashliegh fell asleep and I wanted more of her, I knew she was passed out, and wouldnt wake up even if I put my fist in her, so, I ate her out again, this time, I took my time, and she woke up moaning, and I told her I was just so tempted her pussy is so perfect, and she pulled me on top of her pushed her pussy on my thigh and getting her cum on my leg, she started biting my thigh and told me she wanted to eat me again, so she ate me out and used the vibrator again.

We both fell asleep on top of each other, 2 fingers were actually in my pussy all night until we woke up and she pulled them out and I moaned!! So hot.

Renae isn't friends with any of us anymore, she dropped all of us after that night....
Ember is still a close friend, and sometimes she'll eat me out or i'll eat her out.

And Ashliegh is currently living with me, and every time we get drunk we fuck, which is about EVERY NIGHT!! ;)


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