Sex with mother-in-law

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IT all started about 8 years ago when I met my wife Diana. We both worked together in the same restaurant. The first night we went out we ended up at her apartment fucking half the night. She was so good the way she sucked my cock and licked all the cum after I came. Her pussy was so sweet that I could have licked it all night. Then I started wondering what her mom looked like, I found out soon enough. I finally got to meet her parents and we all had dinner. Her mom Heather was drop dead gorguse. She had an ass that I just wanted to fuck. Finally I got my chance. Heather's husband was away on business so I went over to use the pool, not knowing my mother in law was in it. Even at 50 she looked great. We opened a bottle of wine and relaxed in the pool. then as the alchol started to kick in we started fooling around. At first we were just dunking each other, then I slid my hands between her thighs right onto her pussy. At first she was starteled, then she asked if this is what I wanted. I said no this is as I started to help her out of her bathing suit. AS we kissed she gently jerked me off as I fingered her wet pussy. Then I laid her on the deck and started licking her gently. As she moaned she said it has been years since she's been eaten out. As I licked I started fingering her pussy, one finger then two. She came after about 5 minutes.

Heather suggested we go inside so the neighbors can't see. As we walked up the stairs to the bed room I had a chance to check out her ass. She kneeled on the bed and I stoppped her before she could roll over. I gently squeezed her ass as I licked both cheeks. Heather said it's also been a few years since she got to suck on a nice dick. I suggested a 69 and she agreed. As we got into position I thought I was in heaven, my dick getting sucked by my girlfriend's mom and I'm eating her pussy. As she started to suck me I realized where Diana learned to suck so good. I started to lick heather's pussy then slid a finger up to her ass. As I sterted to enter her ass I could feel her doing the same thing to me. Boy did it feel good. After cumming in her mouth I told her I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She said not yet she's never done that, but she wanted my cock to fill her pussy. After making love I went home . This continued for the next two years, but I was never allowed to take her virgin ass. After Diana and I got engaged I thought Heather would stop fucking me once we got married. By the way Diana wouldn't let me fuck her ass either.

The big day came and Diana and I were going to get married. I was nervous and drinking too much. As I went into the bathroom located in the back of the church I could her Heather outside talking to my best man. As I started to leave the bathroom Heather pushed me back in. She gave me a great big kiss and said one last time before you marry my daughter, and dropped to her kneees pulling my hard cock out of my pants and started sucking me off. Right before I came she stopped and asked me to lick her. As she startled my face I licked and fingered her sweet smelling pusssy. She told me her husband wanted to fool around this morning but she wouldn't let him fuck her because she wanted me to eat her out. She said I have a present for you. As I got up she bent over the sink and said take my ass right now. As I lubed up my cock with some of her pussy juice I could just imagine fucking my soon to be wife in the ass. As I started to push my cock into her ass I could feel her body shaking with pleasure. After a couple minutes of fucking her ass I came in it. She quickly pulled up her panties and said she wanted my cum to sit there. As I was standing at the alter saying " I Do" all I could picture is my dick fucking my mother in laws ass on my wedding day. That night my wife let me take her virgin ass, except this one I still get to fuck

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