Sex with a my best friend

(Part 1 from 1)

*** Based on a true story.

First things a little detail about me; I have brown hair, slim but toned and tall. Toby is brown haired, slim, decent build and a little shorter than me.

I was with my closest friends, standing in a park when I got a text message from my closest friend Toby as he was too scared to tell me his secret face to face. Looking at the message I see that what I thought was true. Toby was gay. I asked all my other friends to move away so that I could speak to him in private. He was in a state after telling me so I told him my secret that I was bi.

Typically enough he didn’t believe me probably how I used to take the piss out of being gay playing on the straight side of my sexuality.

That was last week. Since then I have spoken to him frequently every day on twitter asking questions and answering them. Now I have started a relationship with him. We have been going out for a couple of months and this was how we first had sex.

Sitting on the sofa with Toby watching some film I never cared to remember I suddenly felt his hand on my thigh shocks of growing pleasure went through me and I soon found myself kissing him our hands wrapped around another feeling each other, our hands steadily going down towards each others cocks whilst I bit his lip causing him to moan.

Our breathing became erratic he then straddled me unzipping my jeans and pulled them off and looked at my cock saying “fuck you look great” and then proceeded and took me in his mouth working his tongue around the head of my cock whilst fondling my balls. Honestly I would like to say I lasted for a while sadly I did not as I was a virgin and with the sensation of him sucking and working his tongue around my cock with accuracy which sent pleasurable waves running through me as I soon cummed and he swallowed it all without difficulty.

I wishing to return the favour made to suck him off instead he said “no I wanna fuck you so bad” I preferred this really as the sight of his cock so hard and swollen with drops of pre-cum turned me on and made me want it so bad. He lubed himself up and then he fingered my ass lubing my hole. As soon as this was done he pressed himself up against my hole and pushed breaking through into my ass and with a gasp and slightly painful feeling he slid in.

Concerned he asked whether I wanted him put I said no and with that he started thrusting into me a feeling of being filled without knowing that I was first empty was the first thing that occurred to me but then the pleasure started to dominate as we both groaned in ecstasy as Toby slammed into me harder and faster his cock soon swelled and filled me with his cum. He collapsed onto me from exhaustion our panting shallow and I said “well that was fucking hot next time I am the one fucking”.

*** Okay please rate and leave a comment if liked and whether you would like a second part if not or if it was badly written or needs some additions then comment also. I shall try and read all comments please note this is my first time writing a story so bearing that in mind I would not like a string of comments with harsh hate.

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