Sex with Boyfriends Father

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Shobha-an indian girl was all of 19 years old and a virgin. She had been on 5 dates with Sagar and though they were fun and there had been kissing- there was a fire in her which could not be contained. She had desired deeply for him to thrust himself into her and ram so hard that she could see the world from her bed, but that somehow had not happened so far.

And today Sagar gave her a call to come over. His parents would be out- he had said. So Shobha had gone over to the sex shop and had purchased a crotchless pair of panties and a very sexy looking lingerie and had worn it underneath her dress before arriving at Sagar's place.

Sagar opened the door himself and kissed her on the cheeks inviting her in. "Lets go to my room"- he said taking her with him. In Sagar's room- Shobha sat on his table and began to browse through his computer when Sagar came back his face clouded-"Shobha!!! Mum needs me...something came up...gotta back in an hour...please wait..". She felt a pang of bitter disappointment but before she could say anything-he was off and she was all alone in front of the computer.

Shobha felt a wave of anger and decided to walk out of the house right away to teach him a lesson. Despite the burning desire in her loins- she rose up and began walking towards the door- when she saw him. Sagar's father- who was fifty five years old was sitting on the sofa. He was a small thin balding man who gave her a friendly smile and suddenly she knew she could not leave without talking to him. She had to was common courtesy.

"Sit"!!!- he told her and she sat. He began talking to her about general things, high school, examinations and teachers when she sensed to her surprise that she wanted him enter her. She wanted him to fill her up with his hot cum. She wanted him to snake his tongue into her pussy. Her voice became more and more husky and hoarse as desire began salivating her. Fucking her boyfriends father was such a turn on....she was beginning to be wet already. Sagar's father however was oblivious and was talking. Shobha observed that his pants were tight and she could see that his manhood had obviously swollen up.

"Maybe you should leave..."- he began aware that it was wrong to have an erection thinking of his sons girlfriend- when she saw him eye to eye.....and refused to leave. Instead she gingerly touched his swollen area covered by his pants and told him "Can i see it?". He was shocked but before he could say a word- Shoba had lifted her skirt to her knees and with her left hand had guided his right hand to her pussy (covered with her panty). "Shobha..."- he began but she had started stroking her pussy with his index finger still in her left hand and he was speechless.

With Shobha's right hand- she was rubbing his swollen manhood and suddenly he rose with energy unbound. "God!!!!"- he began and stared at her. "Fuck me hard!"- Shobha told him, "I want you so badly to fill me up with your cum...i want you to fuck me so hard..". "God yes!"- he said and dragged her to his bedroom and locked the doors. He had no condoms but he did not care-as for Shoba in the horny heat- she cared two hoots if she had his baby or triplets- all caution was thrown to the winds.

He ripped up his shirt and his trousers and his underpants and she saw him naked. He was a slight statured man but at that moment with the fire all Shobha could see was his manhood which was huge. She began to pull the dress over her head when he rushed at her and laid her on his bed, getting on top of her. His mouth plunged on hers with his mouth- and his tongue gently broke into hers and began to twine with her tongue as his hands pinned hers on the bed. She could feel his hard penis desperately making thrusts against her panty at an attempt to enter. When their mouths released she gave him a light laugh- "This is terrific...i am fucking my boyfriends father". He gave her a smile and gently began to unhook her bra.Her 19 year old breasts were so soft and round that he sucked on each breast for over twenty minutes and worked her nipples so well that she cried out thrice.

He then began kissing her down to her belly, to each thigh and finally after gently pulling down her panties, he began to part her vaginal clits. Shoba begged him not to stop- his tongue was giving her such an orgasm....he was at it so long that she felt tears streaking down her face.....she felt gushy liquid inside and felt it leaking out of her vagina- aware that her shouts were getting louder and louder.

Sagar's father finally stared at her with a grin.She was crying now...he raised his swollen penis and spread her legs apart. He gently began to enter her. She was suddenly infused with pain. She felt him go quarter a way up there and pull back, then after a few similar thrusts, a half way up there and pull back, then finally at this twelfth thrust- he went all the way there by which time- her screams were so loud...and her moans louder. He entered her and began to thrust and ram.....he was aware of sticky fluid trickling down her legs and her knees but he did not care. She was raking his back with her nails and begging him not to stop.

Finally- he turned her around and faced her ass. He was shocked to see his sheets soiled with blood, her thighs covered in dried blood and glanced at her- "Shobha! Are you a virgin"?. She was too moved in her orgasm feeling the fire dying in her and seeing all the colours of the rainbow. She nodded "not have seen to it"- she smiled. He began to lick her ass-"i hope you clean yourself!!"- he asked and she nodded. She felt nothing much when he licked her arse but when he put his penis inside her anal shaft she felt a burning pain and a burst of pleasured agony. He began thrusting deeply and for another four minutes- Shoba was back in ecstacy land-her second orgasm taking her farther and farther apart.

Finally- he exploded into her. White hot cum was gushing down into her vagina and feeling its way into her body and she lay back allowing him to nuzzle against her breasts as he sank into lethargy. She kissed him on the lips hard and snuggled into him. He gently put his arms around her and with his fingers began to stroke her pussy as she sank into a dreamless sleep.

When she woke- she was still naked- and Sagar's father was still cuddling with her. She however was shocked to see Sagar on the chair- his penis covered in cum. "Shobha!!"- he began..."Its my fault..i love to see my father with other women and i have an orgasm when i see him with others- the maids, the other girls. He has no idea of course- he thinks i dont know but i do. I have never had such an orgasm in my life before though- when i saw you guys fucking."

Shobha was speechless but as power of speech came to her she asked him -"How could you have seen us"?. "I have a duplicate key to the room and have rigged up cameras. Yet only when you guys snuggled could i actually cum and Man..what an orgasm..".

Shoba rose from bed but her anger was disappearing. "You said you had an emergency.". "Shobha!!"- Sagar began- "I have incestual relationship with my mom. We fuck around all the time and man..she is so damn hot. In the guilt- i bring my father titbits like you and he feels his passions rising. I have the added pleasure of watching you guys and pleasuring myself to seventh heaven!"

Shoba nodded. She cared for nothing. She lay back and grinned at Sagar. "I want to be your father's only girl...". Sagar nodded..."I promise...". Shoba looked at him again and told him "Now look at your videos and get out of here". Sagar rose and left with dignity. Shobha lay back with Sagar's father and began to dream of tomorrows sexual intercourse that lay ahead- amusing herself with the thought that if she and Sagar's father went beyond sex-she would be Sagar's step mother.

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