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It's been a long hard day at work and I'm heading home, feeling the start of a headache coming my way. All that I can think about is getting home, pouring myself some wine, and getting everything ready for when Della gets home.. As I pull into our drive way I suddenly remember the surprise I have for Della tonight and with a huge grin spread across my face I unlock the front door and step into our warm, cosy home...

As I walk towards our bedroom my cell phone rings "Hello Baby, where are you" I said, answering Della's phone call.. "Jess baby I'm running a bit late tonight, I still have to pick up a few things for tonight," I hear Della smirking on the other end of the line. "Okay babes, I love you". I take a shower washing my body, taking special care of my breast, pinching my already harden nipples, sending shock waves to my throbbing pussy.. I get wet by the thought of what's going to happen tonight, and no it's not the water causing this wetness, it's the vision of Della between my legs eating me out like a hungry lioness... It takes everything within me not to make myself cum right there because I promised Della this morning that she have the honour of being the one to make me cum today, as it is our one year anniversary ... I get out of the shower dressing in some sexy lingerie i bought this afternoon and get ready for when Della gets home...

As I'm making dinner the front door opens "Honey I'm home" I hear Della shout. I quickly go to her throwing my arms around her kissing her passionately. She pulls me towards her, our bodies against each other. As we kiss she plays with the hair in my neck, driving me insane. I smile and pull away from her looking deep into her eyes. "Babes I'm quickly going to shower, it's been a hard day at work. I'll be right with you." Della says kissing me on the nose, and chuckles to herself. I finished dinner, lighting candles, playing soft romantic music and switch of the lights. Della enters the dining room with a grin on her face, taking my breath away with her butchness and the way she's watching my every move. She walks around the table pulling me into her embrace. She kiss me on my lips and take hold of my butt, and pulls me closer to her. She lets go of me and pull out the dining chair for me to sit in. Throughout dinner she drives me insane by putting her foot between my legs and playing with my pussy underneath my dress, all while she looks deep into my eyes. Her eyes betrays her lust, her desire for my body and all I do is biting my lip, holding my breath trying not to give away my lust. After dinner she helps my clean up. "baby," I say to her " go to our bedroom and wait for me on the bed, give me 5 minutes and I'll be with you." "Okay honey, just don't take too long," she says hugging me for behind, kissing me in the neck.

I go to our study room putting on my super sexy outfit i specially bought for Della. I know it'll drive her wild. It's a red thong with a see-through red dress that doesn't even fully cover my ass. I walk to our bedroom wondering why the door is closed.. As I open the door and step into our room I suddenly freeze, mesmerized by the scene in front of me. The room is dimly lit with candles all around the room, romantic music playing in the background, rose petals all over the floor and bed and then I saw her, laying there on the bed, sexy as hell, waiting for me, just for me.. I feel like fainting and walk towards Della, tempting her, swaying my hips side to side as i slowly walk towards her. As i get closer Della's mouth fell open and she begins to sit up. I bite my lip and look her in the eyes. As i reach the bed I put my one knee on the bed and crawl slowly and sexy towards Della and then our lips collide with one another. She lay on her back with me half on top of her while we kiss passionately, our tongues dancing with each other. I feel the anticipation building up inside of me, she play with the hair inside my neck which sends shivers down my spine. I put my hand on her naked skin, caressing her breasts.. She takes hold of my hand and push me on my back and lay on top of me. She close the distance between us, our breasts pushed together, our pussy's colliding with my legs wrapped around her waist.

She start kissing me in my neck, giving me goose bumps across my body. She softly caress my skin with her lips and tongue, moving towards my ear, she nibbles on my ear-lobe and softly whispers "Babes, you look so fucking sexy tonight," she puts my hands together above my head, she softly kiss my lips "I'm gonna make you beg for more, you are going to scream with lust." She bites my neck, "I'm gonna make you my sexy little bitch" she pulls my hair back giving her full excess to my naked neck-skin, she sucks on my neck giving me a love bite, leaving me hungry for more. She takes the blind fold on the bedside table and blindfold me, telling me not to peek. She pulls off my dress and says "you won't be needing that" And then let me lay on my back. I feel her get off the bed and then feel something cold on my wrists. I try to pull away but realise with a shock that Della tied me to the bed.. "oh shit" I think to myself.. I feel her fingers touching my skin softly, teasing me, sliding her fingers across my whole body, barely touching me. With my body full of goose bumps, she pinch my clit which make my body tighten by her touch.

I feel her breath in my neck which makes me hold my breath with anticipation. I feel her stroking my hair and then she takes off the blindfold. She looks into my blue eyes, her lust for me visible through those sexy brown eyes of hers, she's biting her lip lifting up my chin and kiss me full on the lips. As our tongues collide with one another she climbs on top off me, her already wet pussy pressed against mine. She bends forward, only our nipples touching each other slightly. She kiss me underneath my ear with her lips barely touching my skin. She licks the skin in my neck, driving me wild with lust. She makes her way down to my collar bone, pulling my hair so that my head is pulled back. She licks her way up to my lips, caressing my lips with her tongue. Then she begins to kiss me passionately, pressing her body against mine. Della press her pussy against mine, rubbing both of our throbbing pussy's against one another, hard and slow. My breathing gets faster as my pussy juices keeps seeping out of my pussy. Della then gets off of me, walking towards a box on the dressing table. She pick it up, then walk towards me with an evil grin spread wide across her face, which makes me scared and excited all the same...

With my legs and arms tide all tide up, my private parts is fully exposed with Della having full excess to every part of my body. She pulls out a feather, teasing my whole body, taking special care of my pussy lips. Teasing my pussy lips by stroking it up and down, causing me to moan louder and louder with desperation. She makes her way up to my breast teasing my nipples with the tip of the feather which makes my nipples stand up, rock hard, causing me to beg Della to release this lust building up inside of me, with every second that goes by. She then puts back the feather and takes out a small remote controlled butt plug and a vibrator clit clamp. She thrust in the butt plug which make me scream out with shock and pain. Then she clamps my clit with the vibrator. She press the button on the remote which cause the vibrators to slowly start stimulating both my butt and clit. I let out a whimper due to the lust that keeps building inside of me. I beg Della for more but she simply ignores me and returns her attention to the box that now stands on the bedside table.

As my cum keeps gushing out of my pussy I moan, all while the vibrators inside of me keeps driving me wild.. Della pulls out a 24cm strap-on dildo which makes me gasp as she pulls it out. "Baby, my sexy little bitch, you really don't have a clue on what you are getting yourself into right now. And the fact that you can't escape makes it all so much better. I will show you no mercy. I will make you scream, make you plead for me to stop," Della says in a low husky tone which drive me insane "I won't stop until I have had enough and you know all to well that i can continue all night long." And with that she puts the vibrators on full speed and I scream with all the pleasure it gives me. My body tighten, i try to pull myself loose from the chains, but I fail. I experience my first orgasm for the night and I know all to well that it wont be my last one.. My cum flows out my pussy, and down my crack which makes our bedcover drenching wet. "Baby please, I can't take it no more, fuck me, make me your bitch. Make me cum. Let me scream." I shout to Della as she begins to suck and pinch my rock hard nipples.

"Slut you will not tell me what to do, do you understand?" I nod my head "good girl. I will tell you when you may cum. You will obey my orders and I will take my time and do as I please. I will punish you if you don't obey. You'll be my slut for the night," She pulls back my hair and look me in the eye. " Now suck my cock." She thrust the cock down me throat making my gag by the sudden movement. She let me deep-throat the rubber cock and pulls my hair. Everything is driving me insane, making me feel light headed because the vibrators is still on full speed. After about 5 minutes she pulls out the cock and says "honey so far you are extremely good and will get rewarded."

She go and sit between my legs rubbing the rubber cock between my pussy lips. I moan and whimper, knowing it makes Della even more horny which will make her fuck my brains out. She puts only the head of the cock inside of my pussy, bends forward and kiss my breasts without touching my nipples. She makes her way up to my neck nibbling on my ear and whispers in a low husky tone, "baby I want to fuck you all night long. All of your moaning and shouting is making me so horny. Are you ready to receive the fuck of your life". I moan softly biting her underneath her ear whispering sexy "Yes mistress, fuck me. Do with me as you please." She kiss me passionately on my lips and suddenly thrust the rubber cock hard and deep inside my pussy, making me scream out in pleasure and pain. She takes hold of my hips and begin to fuck me slowly, hard, deep, in and out. Going on and on. She speeds up her paste and I scream louder which makes her go faster, harder and deeper. "Oh fuck baby, I'm gonna cum now. Fuck me, fuck me till the sun comes up. I know you haven't given me permission yet , but please baby, can I cum now? I can't hold it any longer." She continue with her thrusting making me gasp for air. "You won't cum until I tell you to." Della suddenly stops leaving me frustrated, on the edge of having me second orgasm. She pulls out the strap-on and my juices keeps flowing out of me. She loosen my right leg only to tie it against my arm, opening up my pussy further for her.

Then again she thrust the rubber cock deep and hard inside of me, making me scream. She leaves the cock deep down inside of me and take hold of my boobs and begin to squeeze, pull and then begin to fuck me slowly, in and out, deep, hard and slow. The vibrating on my clit and the buzz inside my butt, with the thrusts of Della's rubber cock sends me over the edge, makes me sweat, scream and beg for more. She picks up her pace, fucking me with everything she have. I try to pull loose again but nothing helps. She's like a lioness tearing up her prey.

After the biggest orgasm of my life she removes the cock and vibrators. She lets me loose and I just lay there, trying to get my breath back with her hands on every part of my body. She lies on top of me, kissing me on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth. I wrap my arms around her pulling her into my embrace. I kiss her back, slowly and sensually. I take the rubber cock and put it back into my pussy and then wrap my legs around her waist. As we kiss ever so passionately she begins to grind her body against mine, making the rubber cock go in and out of my pussy. She lightly pull my head back by my hair and kiss me in my neck . Her lips moving around my naked skin, her tongue licking as she moves from my one ear to the other. She fucks me ever so slowly making me moan inside her ear. I begin to nibble on her ear lobe, and begin to lightly scratch her back with my nails. I moan in her ear "Della baby I love you so much". With the rubber cock still buried deep inside my pussy she picks me up and push me against the wall, her body pushed against mine trying not to let me fall. With my arms around her neck she takes hold of my legs opening me up further and then the fucking continues. I scream with pleasure and bite her shoulder. As she fucks me with more force I throw my head back screaming, moaning. I pull her towards me, trying to hold on. I feel my cum flowing down my crack, dripping down from my butt. After 10 minutes of forceful fucking me she carries me into the shower.

She opens the water and let the Luke-warm water run over us. We kiss passionately with our hands all over each other's bodies. She turns me around, my butt pressed against her and kiss me in my neck. With my back towards her I put my arms around her neck, turn my head so that we can kiss again. Her hands is roaming over my breast pinching my nipples every now and then. She makes her way to my pussy and begin to play with my clit which make me moan with pleasure. I then feel her bending me over forward. I put my hands on the cold shower wall to support me. I feel her stroking the rubber cock against my but crack. She suddenly puts the head in slowly, trying not to hurt me. She holds me by my waist and puts it in ever so slowly, and careful not to hurt me until everything is inside. She leaves it inside pulling me up by my hear and push my body against the cold wall, making my nipples harden even more. As tears begin to flow down my cheek from the pain and the pleasure she kiss me in my neck. She slowly pulls out the rubber cock and thrust it in hard making me scream and makes me cry. She continues like that and then begin to play with my clit. As she fucks my ass with more force I scream and moan. " Oh my gosh baby, that feels so fucking great." She continues like this for another while and then pulls out. I she turns me around and push me up against the wall. Our tongues dancing with each other and then I pull off the strap-on..

I turn Della around and push her back against the wall while we still kiss and tongues dancing. I move down and begin to kiss her neck making my way down to her nipples. I look Della in her eyes as I swirl my tongue around her nipple while my other hand pinches her other nipple. I begin to suck on her nipple, hard and as I hear her moan my desire for her goes wild. I make my way down to her juicy pussy, kneeling in front of her putting her right leg over my shoulder. I look at her pussy and then into her eyes and lick my lips. With my finger nail I flick over her clit making her moan. "Fuck Jess, don't tease me like that please just eat me." With my index finger I stroke over her pussy lips without entering. While doing that I flick my tongue back and forth over her clit, Swirling my tongue around her clit while watching her eyes. I let Della lie on the floor with her legs spread wide open.

I lie on top of her again and grind our bodies against each other with the water flowing over us.. I make my way down to per pussy again. I lick around her pussy lips without touching her. I then suddenly insert 4 fingers inside of her pussy. I rub her g-spot hard and with me thumb I rub her clit making her moan while I'm doing that I begin to suck on her nipple. "Oh Fuck Jess make me cum please." I start to finger fuck her and take her clit into my mouth. In and out. She begins to climax and then I put my mouth over her pussy and drive my tongue right inside her pussy lapping and sucking up all of her juices. She moans and squirms and takes my head in my head so that I can go even deeper.

We both wash each others bodies and dry one another with the towels. We move towards the bed wrapped in each others embrace. We fall on the bed and kiss very sensually. I put my arm around her waist and let my head rest on her chest , with her heartbeat right Underneath her ear. I give her a hug, she hugs me back and says, "Jess honey I love you so much."

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