Senior Skip Day

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Aaron woke up feeling great, it had been weeks since he had been able to sleep in. School and his after school activities have kept him quite busy. He looked around the light pink guestroom for a pair of shorts to throw on.

Aaron was very far from home, he was a temporary guest of the Davis family. The Davis children were both boys. One freshman and one junior. Aaron was very out of his element, the Davis' high school set up a transfer program where inner city youths could get out of their rough neighborhoods to enjoy suburban life for a while.

Aaron threw on a t-shirt and a pair of boxers and headed down to grab some food from the kitchen. He was supposed to be in school today but he was taking advantage of the schools Senior Skip Day tradition.

As he reached the bottom of the stairs he heard music coming from the living room. Aaron thought everyone was gone for the day, he was a little embarrassed that he wasn't dressed yet. He peaked around the corner to see who else had stayed home. Aaron froze in the doorway. It was Mrs. Davis.

Mrs. Davis is a beautiful woman, petite, tight body. Aaron figured she must be around thirty-six because she had the boys young. Her legs were long and her breasts were just perfect. She always tried to hide her body, but Aaron's hormonal teenage body noticed every sexy inch. She was "warming up" stretching to some relaxing music. She was wearing a long "wife beater" t-shirt that barley covered the light blue boy short panties she had on. Her beautiful ass cheeks slightly peaking out of the bottoms.

Aaron backed into the doorway. He watched her bend over at the waist touching the ground with her ass high in the air. He could just make out the shape of her pussy through the thin material. She then stood up straight and slowly dropped into a split. Aaron's heart was beating faster and faster. His young black monster started to stir. He reached down and gently squeezed his massive cock through his boxers. Mrs. Davis leaned forward into the split placing her hands on the ground. Her ass cheeks poured out of her panties as the material was swallowed into her thickness. She arched her back and gazed straight ahead. That's when Aaron saw it, the big screen TV. He looked into the reflection, Mrs. Davis was looking right at him.

"Hello Aaron, care to join me?" she asked. Holy shit, Aaron thought. How long was she watching me? And more importantly where can I hide this erection?

"Hi Mrs. Davis".

"Call me Jill" she replied. "Come on out here Aaron. I'll help you stretch and then. Maybe you can stretch me out."

Aaron's head was spinning. He stepped into the room doing his best to hide the bulge in his shorts. "What do you have in mind? he asked.

"Touch your toes, that'll be a good start. I'll even help" Aaron reached down, he couldn't believe how bad his flexibility was. Jill walked up to him and pushed down on his back. She raised up on her toes, Aaron's head was down below her knees. He couldn't help but notice her lovely manicured feet, and her toned calf muscles. He wished he could turn his head 180 to see that pussy inches from his head. Jill released her pressure and let Aaron stand. "How about a split?" Jill asked.
"Not possible madam" Aaron laughed.

"Let me help. Lay on your back with your ass against that wall, feet up in the air. Then start a split and let gravity work." She said.

Aaron started to do what she asked then realized there's no was he could hide his big cock. He tried to cover up with his hands, but it was obvious.

"Come on big boy let's see that split, you enjoyed watching mine. It's my turn now" she explained. He opened his legs and slowly lowered his legs down the wall. "Is that the best you got? Let me help you out."

She stood above his head and leaned forward pushing him further into his split. He was growing more and more uncomfortable but from his position he could see up her shirt, and the view of her hardly covered ass and wet pussy was hypnotizing.

"That will never do", Jill said. She kneeled down. The thighs touched the sides of Aaron's face. She leaned forward sliding her hands down his chest, over his abs and into his boxers. She pushed her big pussy down onto Aaron's face as she unleashed the biggest blackest cock she had ever seen. She ran both hands up and down his length, Aaron slid a finger into the damp material of Jill's panties pushing them off to one side. Exposing her beautiful shaved pink pussy. He pushed two fingers into her as he gently sucked on her clit. He picked up his pace and started finger fucking her pussy hard.

Jill opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly took Aaron's blackness into her mouth. Her body pushing rhythmically against his fingers. She took him deeper into her mouth and gently fondled his balls. Aaron thought he was going to explode, he grabbed the sides of her head and started to fuck her throat. He couldn't believe he was going to cum in this beautiful white woman. And just as sudden as it started, Jill stopped. She wiped the spit off her chin and stood up. Jill pulled the t-shirt up and over her head. Her breasts were even more beautiful than Aaron imagined.

Her small pink nipples hard and tempting. Jill pulled off her panties, the material clinging to her wetness. She was stunning, and even though she was completely naked Aaron couldn't help but stare at her perfectly shaped legs, thin ankles, and soft feet. She turned around lowering her pussy closer to his shaft. "Did you want to use a condom?", Jill asked. Aaron just gazed at her pussy. "Me either" Jill said as she lined his cock up with her glistening pussy. Aaron closed his eyes. He could feel her slowly taking him in, how could this bitch be so tight?

"Fuck it's so fucking big Aaron. Oh god you feel so fucking good" Jill gently bounced her ass trying to get all of him inside her. Just as her wet pussy lips touched his skin a jolt of pleasure shot through her body, she could feel the head of his cock pressed up against her cervix. Aaron had completely bottomed out. She started to grind deep and with purpose. Aaron marveled at his black hands on her pale white ass. He pulled her onto his massive cock harder and faster. He pushed his hand against her stomach just below her bellybutton. He could actually feel his cock moving inside her, she used both hands to push his hand into her belly. Forcing his cock to rub against her g-spot.

"Oh god...fuck", Jill's head dropped back. The walls of her pussy tightened around Aaron's shaft. Then a flood of warm fluid gushed from Mrs. Davis. Aaron's stomach and legs were covered. He took the fluid onto his hands and rubbed it over her porcelain white ass, still pumping wildly into her unprotected womb.

Once again Jill stopped, she dropped exhausted off of Aaron's drenched body. She laid on her back, looked over at her lover and simply said, "stretch me out Aaron"

Aaron wasted no time, he was quickly pumping away balls deep into woman who gave birth to his roommates. She sunk her nails into his back. "Deeper...fucking harder and deeper Aaron!" Jill cried.
"I can't, I need a towel or something...I don't have protection" Aaron answered.

"Do I look like I fucking care?" Jill said. And with that she picked up each leg and dropped them each to the side. Her split legs offering Aaron complete access to her nice pussy, her cervix taking a beating from Aaron's massive package. "Breed me, cum in me you fucking pussy. I want your seed inside me.

Aaron lost all control. He emptied stream after stream into Jill's hot pussy. His cum coating the walls of her womb. Jill wrapped her long legs around Aaron. His body continued to shake as she milks his cock for every last drop. Jill kisses Aaron's sweaty cheek and relaxes. Aaron slowly pulls himself from her spent body, cum gushing out of her, and down Jill's ass. Jill smiles as she continues to rub her clit with Aaron's seed. She sits up and sucks Aaron's cock clean, his cum still running down her legs. Jill picks up her shirt to stop the semen leaking from her bottom. "I'm going to hit the shower Aaron, but I have to ask why aren't you at school?"

"Skip Day madam", Aaron replied

"Aaron...skip day is tomorrow... and I have a feeling I'll need help stretching tomorrow too..."

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