Seduicng my mum

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100% Fiction

I never found it strange that I had a sexual attraction towards my mother; she was blonde, petite, a cute round plump ass and fantastic firm DD cup titties. I often fantasized about fucking her but would never let her know this. Every chance I got I would catch glimpses of her fantastic body e.g. walking in on her in the shower, walking in on her getting dressed etc…

In my house it was just me and my mum, my dad left home when I was boy and since then it’s just been my and my mum. I knew she had sexual needs because I once found her dildo and it was still damp from being recently used.

It was a hot summer day, my mum just pulled up the drive from being out work and shopping. I helped her in with the bags. She was wearing a tight white blouse which was partially undone showing off her magnificent cleavage, a short skirt which didn’t leave much to the imagination and high heels. She headed into the kitchen to put the shopping away, she bent down in front of me to take some stuff out of the bags. I could see right down her blouse and could see a cute little black bra.

I helped her put the shopping away; she went into the living room with a coffee. She sat down and relaxed after a long days work. While she took of her heels she moved her legs and I caught a glimpse a black thong. She was really tense after work so I offered to give her a back massage. We headed upstairs to her room and I watched her cute ass bounce up the stairs. I waited in my room while she got undressed she shouted me in, she was completely naked with just a towel covering her ass. Her titties squashed against the bed and pushed out to the sides so I could see most off them.

I started to massage her back and quickly worked my way down to her ass. I started to feel my cock harden in my pants. I told her that I had to remove the towel; she asked if I would find this weird, I said that it was okay. I removed her towel and had a full view of her cute ass. I started to work my hands on her ass and onto her thighs. I moved her legs to give her a full massage of her thighs. I could now see her fantastic pink pussy; by this point my cock was rock hard.

I could hear her moaning slightly as I worked my hands all over my body. I moved them back up to her upper back and started to massage the sides of her back and touch her titties. I felt my cock brush past her ass and she quivered. She then stopped me and said she’s fine now, thanks. She must have felt my cock touch her ass.

I went back into my room where I eased off the pressure of cum building up inside my balls while thinking about my mum’s fantastic body. I knew I was so close to fucking my mum and had to get another chance. I heard my mum head into the shower so I followed her in saying that I couldn’t wait any longer for the toilet. I had an erection and had just finished massaging her body. I whipped it out and started to pee hoping that she would get turned on by it knowing that she had given me the erection. It didn’t work.

Later that night I had broken my bed “accidently” She offered me the sofa to sleep on but I told her that I wouldn’t be able to sleep on it and suggested that I could share her bed. She agreed. I climbed into her bed; she was in a thin white nightgown and black panties. I was just in my boxers. She had her ass pointed towards me and I could feel my cock hardening. She snuggled up to me and I could feel my cock pressing against her butt. She must have been asleep and was quite a heavy sleeping.

I started to delicately kiss the back of her neck. I put my hand on one of her titties. I felt her body twitch, I pretended to be asleep. My cock was still pressed against her butt and my hand was on her tit. I could hear her moaning slightly and she then asked me if I was awake. I didn’t reply and she then pushed back against my cock and began to moan more.

She started to giggle and I pretended to wake up. She turned round and said “I know you want this”

She slipped her tongue inside my mouth, she slithered her hand inside my boxers and took hold of my throbbing, thick 9 inch cock. “Ooh you’re a big boy” She moved her head down towards my cock and took hold of my boxers with her teeth and ripped them off. She then delicately licked the tip of my cock and slowly began to spread her lips round the head working her way to the bottom of my cock.

She then started to bob her head up and down becoming faster and faster. She took all 9 inches in her mouth and I could hear her choking. I grabbed the back of head and wildly face fucked her. My cock then exploded with cum inside her mouth and she swallowed it all.

I took of her bra and then used my teeth to rip off her panties. I slipped my tongue inside her pussy and delicately caressed her pussy lips with my tongue. I moved my tongue to her clit and caressed it. She began to moan louder and slipped 2 fingers inside her pussy and wildly fingered her. She was moaning louder and louder.

I moved my head towards her titties and continually fingered her. I started to suck her on titties. I then proceeded to nibble on her erect nipples. At this point she was screaming for more. We were under the covers and it was becoming very sweaty and hot. I threw off the covers. Her body began to violently shake with pleasure, her pussy was increasingly wet and all of a sudden she wildly squirted completely soaking my fingers.

She was screaming my name begging me to fuck her. I took hold of her legs and threw them over my shoulders. I thrust my cock inside her pussy and grasped hold of her titties. I caressed her titties while wildly fucking her. She continually screamed my name begging for more. I felt her nails digging into my back. “Put it in my ass” she whispered.

She moved into doggy position and I spread her ass cheeks. I slipped the tip of my cock and slowly inserted all 9 inches. She screamed with pleasure. She began to finger herself at the same time. I grasped her shoulders and fucked her ass as hard as I possibly could. I could feel cum building up inside me again and was ready to explode. I removed my cock from her ass, flipped her over and exploded all over her titties. She massaged it into her titties like oil. She grasped hold of her titties and started to lick cum off them.

She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in; I fell on top of her. I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and placed my cock back inside her pussy. I took hold of her ass and fucked her hard while passionately kissed her. She once again began to shake with pleasure and had another orgasm.

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