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"My name's David and I've lived in the same neighborhood my entire life. There's always been something kind of off about it though, like something is always looming in the darkness during the nights or something hiding in the woods. " I said as I sat in front of Alan's camera.

"You need to add more emotion to it man, it has to seem real, like you're actually scared." Alan nagged me.

Alan had always been super into videos and movies, he's probably taken every single class related to it that our High School offered. His latest project was a movie that was based in our neighborhood and was supposed to be some type of horror/thriller movie where a killer had been hiding in the woods for years. He picked a horrible setting, I have to say, our neighborhood had nothing scary about it. It was the classic suburban neighborhood and always had been. Perfect kept green lawns, all similar looking houses, honestly if he's going to be producing movies one day he might want to pick better locations.

But I'd never tell him that, we were too good of friends and he'd always supported my dreams so why crush his? I'd tell you how long we'd been friends but I honestly can't remember when I officially met him. We live right next to each other and our parents were really good friends, so I guess our whole lives. We were born four months apart, but you couldn't tell due to our height differences. He was only 5'6 and had a lot of trouble growing facial hair which made him look a lot younger than he was. Myself on the other hand, I'm 6'3 and I can't go a few days without shaving.

"You still haven't made the art for our project yet, David" Alan said as he reviewed all the footage we had taken this morning.

"I'll do it tonight, it'll literally only take five minutes." I replied as I stared down at my phone.

We were sitting in his room and it was way too hot to bare for much longer, but I promised him I would stay until he finished editing the video portion of our project for English. I didn't mind his room, he had grey walls that looked really good with his plaid curtains. He loved plaid, I swear half his shirts had to be plaid. His blanket and pillow cases were also plaid, the blanket was white and black while the pillow cases were white and blue. But my favorite part of his room was the framed picture of the white and black siberian tiger above his bed, it was my favorite animal.

"Mrs. Smith asks way too much of us, it's only the third week of school and she wants a full project? We're finally seniors we're not supposed to be worrying about this shit anymore." Alan complained as he began rendering the video.

"Come on it wasn't that bad, at least we're finally done." I said, still swiping through my phone.

"You haven't even done your part yet." Alan rolled his eyes as he uploaded the video to our

"I'll do it tonight." I said as I got up off his bed, his bed had always been really creaky and it creaked a little bit when I got up. I was on my way out his door when I stopped to ask him "What are you doing tonight?"

"Mrs. Johnson needs me to do something for her, didn't say what but she's paying me $50 bucks so." Alan said as he put his headphones on.

"Oh, alright." I was going to invite him to play some Call of Duty with me but I guess not.

I finally made my way out of his extremely hot bedroom and I couldn't have been happier. I made my way down the stairs of his house and had to pass through the kitchen to get out the door. His mom, Catherine, was standing in the kitchen making something to eat for lunch.

"Hey David" Mrs. Blake said as she cut her sandwich in half.

"Hey Mrs. Blake" I said as I was almost out of the door.

"Honey how long have you known me? Just call me Catherine." She said as she looked up at me and smiled.

"Alright" I replied as I began to open the door.

"Have you talked to Mrs. Johnson? I heard she's been needing some work done around her house and pays pretty good." Catherine said as she sat at the kitchen table and began to eat her sandwich.

"No, but I'll swing by tomorrow before school." I said as I finally made my way out the door.

I cut through our lawns to get to my front door and ended up stepping in a mud puddle that had been the result of the rain from the night before, and it was getting late so I didn't feel like cleaning off my shoes, so I just took them off and left them by the front door. I looked at the clock and it was already 10:04, wow where had the day gone?

All the lights were off in my house so I guess my parents and sister were already asleep, or at least in their rooms. But there was one person who wasn't asleep and warmly welcomed me home, my dog Buddy. He's a Chihuahua and dachshund mix and he's always been really small. His mom, who lives with my grandparents, is also a Chihuahua and dachshund mix. He was the runt of the litter and had lost his tail during birth, which just made him ever cuter than he already was. He ran to me as soon as I walked in the door and jumped at my leg begging me to pick him up. I picked him up as cradled him in my arms, he was so warm and his fur was really soft. He licked my face a couple times with his small tongue before I sat him on the couch and began walking up the steps to the second floor of our house where my room was. I was soon stopped by the sounds of my parents having sex. My mom was a screamer and wasn't trying to be quiet, I guess she thought I wouldn't be home tonight and my sister always had headphones in. I could hear the headboard of their bed banging against their wall as my dad was pounding in my mother. I rushed to my room and quietly closed my door so they didn't hear it.

I got changed, stripping off my jeans and boxers as well as my grey and blue t-shirt. It was hot in my room as well so I just slid some shorts on and crawled into my bed. I didn't want to hear my parents having sex so I grabbed my phone and my ear buds and put on some Drake to listen to as I fell asleep. I was almost asleep when my phone buzzed on my side table.

It was Alan, of course.

[10:38 PM - Alan Blake] Dude I'm over at Mrs. Johnson's house right now and you have to go see her tomorrow. Don't ask questions, just do it.

I started typing but soon fell asleep, I was really tired since I had been up since 4 AM and the day had been way too long. I dreamt I was in class the next day, and Alan and my presentation had gone terrible. Instead of the video we had made for the project, a porn video of a white housewife getting gangbanged was in it's a place and the entire class was laughing and calling us pervs. Our teacher immediately cut it off and sent us to our assistant principles. We were both suspended for a week for our "stunt". I remember being extremely pissed at Alan thinking he did it on purpose to be a clown.

I was awaken by my mom telling me to get ready for school. I groaned as my voice croaked with an "OK" and I crawled out of my bed, dragging half of my blankets off with me. The bathroom was right across the hall from my bedroom so I didn't bother putting on a shirt, I just grabbed a towel and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I dropped my shorts and turned the shower on, it was cold at first so I stood outside the curtain checking my phone for a sec.

[11:58 PM - Alan Blake] 10 New Messages, 3 Pictures

My phone was on 1% and died before I could open the notification. I went to my room and hooked my phone up to the charger plugged into my wall. I my was wet from checking the water in the shower so I did it as fast as I could, wasn't about to ruin a $600 phone or get electrocuted. I rushed back in the bathroom because I could hear my sister opening her door. I hopped into the shower so fast that I almost slipped. I've only ever feel once in the shower and I got a small cut on my forehead from the faucet. I grabbed the Axe - Dark Temptation body was that was sitting on a corner of the tub and squirted a bit of the brown gel on my hand, lathering my body with it before rinsing off and doing the same with my hair.

By the time I got out I could see on a clock in the hall that it was already 7:30 AM and I had to leave in five minutes to go to school. I rushed to my room and grabbed the first shirt out of my closet, a maroon t-shirt with a white nike logo. Dark blue jeans and my white and black Jordan's followed. I grabbed my book bag from the corner of my room where the closet was and unplugged my phone from it's charger, but didn't have enough time to turn it on and check it so I just stuck it in my pocket. I was walking down the steps so fast that I nearly tripped, my sister saw and giggled as she headed out the door to our car. I locked the front door behind me, but left my School ID inside. I was definitely going to be late, I rushed inside and grabbed my school ID off the kitchen table, running out the door and forgetting to lock the front door, I didn't realize until i got in the car but I couldn't waste anymore time.

I started the car and a pop song came on the radio, I didn't recognize the song but my sister immediately started singing to it. I rolled down both of our windows because it was already hot despite it being so early in the morning, it was still summer so the sun came up earlier. Our car was a 2012 Red and White Dodge Charger, it was handed down to me by my dad and I loved it so much. A Charger had been my dream car since I was 12, but I wanted a newer ones. The 2016 Chargers looked so much better and I'd prefer a white and black paintjob with tinted windows, but I guess you can't have everything.

I backed out of the driveway, almost hitting our trashcan because I was in such a hurry. As we drove down the road I saw Mrs. Johnson out on her porch.

"Fuck." I said to myself, realizing I had forgotten to see her about some work she needed done like Mrs. Blake suggested.

"What?" Carol asked as I stopped the car infront of Mrs. Johnson's house. I got out and told my sister I'd be back in to seconds.

"Hey Mrs. Johnson" I said, breathing heavy because I had jogged to her porch all the way from my car.

"Good morning, David." Mrs. Johnson said. She was wearing a robe that didn't do very well at covering her soft, beautiful tits. She had a scar from a surgery she had years ago, I couldn't remember what it was for but Alan had told me about it. Fuck, Alan, I forgot to check his messages.

"Mrs. Blake said you needed some help?" I said, trying to sound casual but talking fast because I knew Carol was waiting and we didn't have much time at all to get to school.

"Oh yeah I was telling Catherine about how I needed my new addition painted. I don't have much money since Bob got laid off but I'm sure I can figure something out for whoever helps out with it." She said, plopping down in a chair on her porch, making her gorgeous tits bounce in her robe.

Mr. Johnson was a lucky man, he was nearly 10 years older than his wife and was growing a bit of a stomach over the years. I haven't seen him around much, but his daughter, Brooke, does have a class with me so I might ask her about it.

"I'll stop by after school." I said, rushing off the porch.

"No, no, come at six." She said, with a little giggle.

"Alright." I said, a little laugh to myself as I jogged back to my car. My sister just rolled her eyes when I got back in and started up the car again. We finally got to school and Carol acted like she had no idea who I was once we got there. She just got out the car and walked away, her ass jiggling a little in her short black shorts, I saw a group of guys turn their heads when she walked past and look down at her ass.

I slightly ran to my English class, and somehow managed to get there before the bell. Alan was already there and waiting for me at my desk.

"Why haven't you checked my messages?" He asked in a whisper.

"Why are you whispering and my phone died before I could." I said, sitting my stuff down next to my desk.

"Dude, just check them, but not here. Wait till after class." He said, walking back over to his desk as the bell rang.

Curiosity got the best of me and I pulled out my phone, Alan saw me do so and shook his head "no" as I turned it on and waited for it to get done. I didn't notice the bell had already finished ringing and my teacher noticed my phone in my hand and walked over to me.

"Give it. You can have it back after your presentation." She said, she was slightly bending over and looking at me, she was already a bit tall for a woman without the heels on, and with her heels she was wearing today she had to be at least six feet. I handed it to her and watched her walk away, I pretended to bend over to get stuff out of my book bag, and I watched her ass sway as she walked down the row of desk back to the front of the class. She was wearing a pink, knee-length skirt and white button up shirt. She was gorgeous, and her ass was really firm for her age. She lived in my neighborhood and on the weekends I would see her running. She always worse a pink sports bra and grey yoga pants when she ran around our neighborhood. She was new to the neighborhood and only knew people there from meeting her student's parents.

"Alan, David, your turn." She said as she sat at her desk, pulling up our presentation of the board infront of the class. No porn video unlike my dream, thank god.

We presented and everything went smoothly, we had done tons of presentations together so everything went pretty smoothly and we had good chemistry. I didn't pay much attention to the rest of the presentations because of what was on my phone. I couldn't handle being in class anymore and asked Mrs. Smith to go to the bathroom. I quickly made my way out the backdoor of the classroom, the lights were off so I didn't think anyone would notice the tent growing in my jeans, and I sat at the back of the class. The hallway was a different story. It was a minute or so walk to the bathrooms on our hall and I hoped to god no one walked out and saw that I had a hard on during class. I made it into the bathroom and noticed no one was in there with me, so I took one of the stalls and sat down. The bathroom smelled like cleaning supplies so I figured no one would be coming in anytime soon. I turned my phone back on and opened Alan's texts.

I couldn't believe my eyes. The three pictures he had sent me were of Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Smith, and a bunch of other women from the neighborhood naked! There was one of Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Smith both giving him a blowjob. Mrs. Johnson had her hand wrapped around his dick as both of them slid their tongues up and down his shaft. The third picture was of another woman on her knees as he had his cock in her ass, taking her doggy style. My cock started to throb in my jeans, to the point that it began to hurt a little and I had to handle myself, I couldn't go back to class like this. I pulled up on my phone and pulled up the first video that came up.

It was a video of a petite Latina. She was on her knees on a bed covered in white sheets, as a white guy stood at the edge of it with his cock sticking out of his pants. She was massaging his shaft, running her hand up and down it as they kissed passionately. She gave him one last soft kiss before parting their lips from each other and lowering her head to his member. Her tongue flicked across the purple head as he slid his hand around her hips, reaching between her thighs and rapidly fingering her. Her moans were way too loud, so I lowered the volume. The girl looked so much like Mrs. Blake and that was the hottest part about the video. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was that guy and the girl was Catherine laying on her stomach and engulfing my cock and pushing it down her throat. Soon my hand was covered in warm, white liquid and I grabbed some tissue and cleaned it off. Letting my cock grow soft before stepping out and washing my hands.

I walked down the hall quickly and knocked on the back door to the class. Alan let me back in and I noticed there was about ten minutes left in class before we'd move on to our next class of the day. There was only four classes a day but they were all an hour and a half long. The final presentation ended at almost the time the bell rang for us to leave.

The rest of the day moved slowly as thoughts of visiting Mrs. Johnson after school swam in my head. Did she really need her walls painted?

Once my last class ended I hurried to the senior parking lot and got in my car, throwing my book bag into the backseat and starting the car, almost pulling out of my parking spot before realizing I had to wait for my sister. It was another five minutes before Carol got to my car and I could finally leave. It was probably the fastest ride home in all my years of being in school. I had no idea what to expect with Mrs. Johnson so as soon as I stepped inside my house I went up to my bedroom and put on some fresh clothes. grabbing some expensive cologne I had gotten from my uncle a few years ago and I had only ever used on two other occasions, my grandmother's funeral, and my grandfather's 100th birthday.

I was going to brush my hair in the bathroom but Carol was in the shower. The door was locked and I could hear water and her singing so I decided my hair was fine how it was and went to the living room and watched some TV. It was only 5:30 and I had thirty minutes to kill. Criminal Minds was on, I'd never been a huge fan, in fact I'd only ever seen one other episode. My girlfriend was a fanatic and was always talking about it so I figured I would leave it on and watch it so I would have something to text my girlfriend about when I got home, she'll be ecstatic.

I almost lost track of time watching the show, because when I looked at my phone the time read 5:54. I nearly jumped up off the couch and yelled up the stairs to my sister that I was going to go help out Mrs. Johnson and that I would be home in a bit. I rushed out the front door, nearly slamming it on the way out and hopped in my car. As I was almost to her house I noticed there was four other cars in her driveway. Unusual since there was usually only one, and that one wasn't even there. There was no space on the driveway so I parked my car on the curb. I stepped out of my car slowly, taking note that all the curtains on the windows were closed. I walked through the freshly cut lawn and onto the porch, taking a second to check myself over before knocking on the cherry red front door. Mrs. Johnson opened up the door with a huge smiled on her face, taking my hand in her much smaller, much softer hands and pulling me inside. Once I was inside she gave me a hug, wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me tight. She smelled so good, I think it was vanilla that she had on but it could have been something else, I just know it smelled really good.

"I'm so glad you're here!' She continued to say with a huge smile on her face. I noticed she was wearing really chill clothes. Sweatpants, baggy white shirt, and white socks.

"No problem, so which room is it?" I asked, looking her up and down and hoping she hadn't noticed me stop for a second to look at her cleavage. The shirt was showing a lot of cleavage and part of her pink bra.

She took my hand and lead me into the next room. It was the living room and there was a lot of people there, six I think, not including Mrs. Johnson.

"What -" I started to say but Mrs. Johnson cut me off.

"I would have told you but I didn't think you would come if I did." She said, wrapping her soft, tanned arms around my waist, pulling me slightly closer.

"You see, the girls and I get bored sometimes and all of us LOVE being with younger men." She continued to say, a sexy smile dancing on her lips.

"And after we had your friend Alan last night, your name was brought up and we figured since Catherine had to be cut out of the fun, we do another tonight." She said, looking over at Mrs. Blake who was sitting on the white sofa. Mrs. Blake blushed and whispered into another woman's ear, I didn't know who personally but I had seen her around the neighborhood.

"If you don't want to." Mrs. Smith said, I hadn't noticed her sitting at the other side of the room. She was dressed in a red dress that barely went past her thighs.

"Don't want to do what?" I asked, a very confused look must have been on my face because a few of the women giggled, including Mrs. Blake and Mrs. Smith.

"Well, the girls and I like to get together and pick a guy, and then share him." She told me, slightly whispering into my ear as her fingers slid under my shirt, lifting it up slowly.

"Oh." I said, raising my arms, letting her pull my shirt off. "This isn't fair though."

"What?" Mrs. Johnson asked as I looked down into her eyes.

"Why am I the only one with my shirt off?" I said as a smirk grew on my face.

"I like this one already." One of the women said in a seductive, smooth voice. She was mixed, probably white and black, and she had long straightened black hair. She was already taking off her white tank top that barely held her giant tits.

The rest of the women followed her lead, taking off their shirts and throwing them across the room. I took in the sight of all of them. Mrs. Blake was wearing a sexy blue lace bra that went really well with her pale skin. Mrs. Smith took off her dress and she wasn't wearing anything under it at all! She had a small strip of pubic hair above her mound, and cute pink nipples that topped her firm breast.

Mrs. Johnson dropped to her knees in front of me, biting her lip as her hands slid down my side. She slowly unzipped my jeans as Mrs. Blake and Mrs. Smith joined her on their knees. Her hand gripped the base of my shaft as she began slowly licking the tip of the head. Her hand began massaging my shaft as she popped the head into her mouth, her gorgeous brown eyes looked up at me. Mrs. Blake joined, her tongue joining Mrs. Johnson's on the head of my cock as Mrs. Johnson massaging my balls, gently playing with them as her finger nails lightly scratched. This was beginning to already been too much for me, I could feel myself quickly racing towards cumming. Mrs. Smith pushed both Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Blake aside and looked up at me.

"I always see you looking at me in class, especially these." She said as her mouth near my cock, her hands gripping her bouncing tits as she moved closer towards me. She slowly took me completely into her mouth, pulling me back out just as slow and spitting on the head of my cock before gripping it in her hand. She quickly jacked me off, spitting on it again before sitting straight up and sliding my cock between her breast. She held them together as I began thrusting slowly between them. Mrs. Blake came back over from the couch and began kissing on Mrs. Smith's neck. They were soon passionately kissing as I noticed Mrs. Johnson's laying on the couch with her legs spread as one of the other women was knelt between them. The women was kissing on her thighs as her fingers massaging Mrs. Johnson's folds. When I looked back Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Blake were would rubbing their gorgeous breast against my cock.

I exploded onto both of their faces. Now all of the women were in front of me on their knees, Mrs. Johnson and the other woman had rushed off the couch and were now licking my cum off of the two women who had just been massaging me cock with their tits.

The fifth woman in the room who had not done much talking was now on her knees in front of me cleaning the cum off the head of my cock. She had red hair, with the freckles on her cheeks to match. As I looked past her face I noticed she probably had the nicest ass in the room, it was round and jiggled when she moved. I was already hard again as she sucked the remaining cum from the head of my cock. I pulled the red head to her feet and lead her over to the couch, she followed, looking into my eyes as she bit her lip and made her hips sway on purpose. I pushed her onto the couch and she spread her legs, biting the tip of her finger as she waited for my next move.

"Oooh Ciara, get it girl" The mixed woman said as she sat on the couch next to us. Mrs. Johnson walked over to us and climbed onto the couch, crouching above Ciara's face.

Ciara immediately began kissing Mrs. Johnson's thighs and flicking her tongue across her folds. I hadn't noticed but Mrs. Smith was now next to me on her knees and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She began rubbing the head of my cock against Ciara's folds. I thrust into her, my arms wrapping around her thighs and pulling her ass slightly off the couch. I begin taking long, deep strokes into her, Mrs. Smith occasionally licking my shaft as it exits Ciaras super tight, warm pussy. It was unusually tight for a women her age, she had to be at least forty but she was still as tight as a eighteen year old.

"Mmmm, yes David fuck her" Mrs. Johnson said as she groaned, Ciara moaning into Mrs. Johnson's pussy as she continued to satisfy her friend.

"Mom what-" Brooke said, standing in the doorway with a bookbag on her shoulder.

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