Secre fun of Mother with servant

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Hi incest lovers..This is B_lohar here again. This is a story that is a bit of a switch from my usual fare. In this story a poor Indian widow mother acquires a penis by taking over dose medicine then does not use it very responsibly. This is a small peek into a whole world that haunts my imagination. If you all enjoy this twist perhaps more could follow. I wrote this story with my old style of formatting and put some local languages.

I am Mahesh. I am 19 . I want share my unusual experience with you.Due to draught I was gone Surat for search work. Last month I was returned from Surat. Spend 4 year there . I live in our small rural village home with my mom Her name is Bandana. She is 37 years old widow, my father passed away by cancer some years ago. and she raised me by herself since I was boy. Mom and I got along with lot of difficult, though we are a BPL family .So we always wanted for money. Iím her only child. We are very poor family. In our hut we live three members me, my mother and Babu a village boy. Mom doing labour work. My mother is a very beautiful typical Bihari woman whose world revolved around her son (me) and her household. In villages girls get married at an early age so my mom is just 35. My mother always dressed conservatively just as Bihari women do. There are no houses near our house and the next house is fifteen minutes walk from our house. There is a perimeter wall around our house and so no one can see from outside what is happening inside the premises.
My mom is about 5'5" in height. She is not fat but she has got some fat at her waist that makes her ass heavy and very sexy. Also her boobs are heavy with a little sag. My mom's usual dress is a saree and blouse since women in villages do not wear any bra or panty. When she moves her boobs sway about in her blouse.

Since there are no males in our house other than me my mom always takes her bath in the open near our well. While bathing she takes off her blouse and saree and tied her petticoat around her boobs and pours water over her head. Often she calls Babu while bathing and tells him to put soap on her back. She always keeps her back towards him and clutches her spetticoat to her chest and he put soap on her back.. On such occasions I always feel thrilled and the tool between my thighs stands up. Since I have not seen too many women or girls I do not know why I feel that way. Most of the time I saw her pussy.

She doesnít want to marry another man because of me. She loved my dad that much. The incident happened when I started my school and when I was 19. I was in the home and when I got to the window, I looked out and saw my mother going very quickly towards the well side. Looking down from my room I had a clear view of her body, I knew mother was a fox, sure.

After I returned from Surat One day I sit in my room near the window as I watched her from my window, there was my mom going very quickly with lifted her saree with petticoat up to knee level. When she reach near well she swiveled left and right to see if anybody was watching her. Confident that the high My heartbeat was very high thinking of mother peeing. I couldn`t control myself and saw mother has raised her saree with petticoat and her sexy white milky legs and thighs are in front of my eyes her damn big milky white ass was nude infront of me.

Her ass was so big. Then she bend up to sat in squat position to pee and I surprised to see a huge testicles hung under her heavy ass cheek, is it ball I shoaked. She then sit her ass looked bigger. My heart was beating so fast I was damn hard mother has balls , how it is possible. Is she has penis, I could not imagine more. There was pin drop silence there and when she started to pee. Then she sat there for sometime so that even the last drop of pee drips out and then she stood up and raised her panty, her ass is so big that she was bouncing to make her panty cover her ass and then she lowered her saree. She went towards the door . I am in fully surprised . what I see that was her napkin or balls. Damm !.Days going on .
After two months, It was a winter morning and I had returned from school a lot earlier and finding no one in the rooms I went straight up to the roof. Just as I was going to enter the roof I heard mother and our servant boy Babu speaking. Babu was a village boy who worked for us for the last two months. He was about 19 but as he was a village boy he was very simple. He always called my mother Malkin . He was in his half pants and mother was sitting on a mattress spread on the floor in the sun. She wanted a massage from him and was directing him how to do it.

I watched as mother first gave her arms for him to massage. It was soon over and he moved on to her legs upto the knees. Mom lefted her legs and spreading them she gave them for massage. Her nighty had already fallen to one side and I could see upto her thighs. I knew Babu could also see and he must be getting a kick watching mother display herself. Soon mother got up and remove her saree and blowse. Mom smiled and turned on her belly and told him to massage her back and bottom. Babu took some oil in his palms and started to rub mother's back. He skipping that part he went to massage her soft thighs.

Mom said, "Why don't you oil where the strap is. I will open it", and saying this mother reached behind and quickly undid the hooks. The bra came off and I could see her tits peeking out from the sides. Babu reached there and massaged some oil there.
He asked as he reached her panty, "Malkin shall put oil on your bottom too? It seems dry." 
Mom said, "Ok pull lift up my petticoat and oil on the buns. Rub them well. Last time you left them unoiled."
To my surprise Babu lifted up mother's petticoat and mother lifted her hips to help him. Babu started to rub oil on her bums. He massaged the back of her thighs well and then moved his hands over mother's tight ass. He rubbed some oil on the ass cheeks and then separating the cheeks he reached her tight puckered hole and touched it with his finger. He tickled it a bit and then slowly started to move his finger on mother's asshole.

Mom said, "You idiot what are you doing? Don't play with my hole like that put your finger inside and rub the oil in."

Babu quickly followed her order by parting her cheeks well so that her hole was prominently displayed and then slowly inserted his finger inside. I saw Babu's finger moving inside her hole slowly and then he had his whole finger inside. Mom squirmed in pleasure as his long, slender finger went inside her asshole. Babu was now slowly putting his finger in and withdrawing giving mother pleasure. He continued this for five minutes before mother stopped him. Hey! Come to bedroom and oiled me fully there,
Saying this mother put her fingers on her nips and pinched them and smiled.

I watched mother's big white globes go up and down fast as she was excited by the touch of a young stud. Mom's nipples were almost erect and the aureoles looked so inviting that I myself wanted to barge in and start sucking on them.
Mom picked up her petticoat and wrapping it around her she went to her bedroom with Babu in the tow. Once in the bedroom mother looked at Babu and told to oiled. Babu complied and said, "Malkin will you keep on your towel. You look so beautiful without it."

Mom laughed and said, "Oh my! you love to see your Malkin naked. You want to see your ma's naked beauty. Don't you? You naughty boy. Come I will show you my naked beauty and also feed you."  Babu was already sit on the bed and mother slowly undid the knot of petticoat around her waist and peeled away , and pulled it swiftly over her head. so reveal her naked body to Babu's hungry eyes. He ogled at her sexy body. Mom smiled and slowly and turned toward the me to back Babu. My eyes focused immediately on her huge breasts, They had to be double D"s. My eyes flicked down to her crotch and I expected to see a wet hairy pussy of my mom, but I get the biggest shock of my entire life.There was great surprise between my Mom"s thigh"s was an eight-inch thick limb penis hanging over an equally enormous pair of balls, all covered a thick black pubic hair.

I was still in complete shock. Now my mom was completely nude, It was the first time I had seen her nude in the flesh and I felt both nervous and very excited.

I gasped and straggered back with surprise. Mom had eight-inch cock hanging between her legs. Mom was an woman but she had no vagina, had a big manhood in between her legs. How it is! Mom wasn"t have pussy at all, she was a shemale.
I would read about shemales but I completely seen my mother from my early chilodhood. And I had been disgusted and disturbed by the thought that mom has penis with balls bigger than mine.
My dick was now rock hard in my pants. I pulled it out and stroking , once again I see the entire seen of my mother. There was my loving mother with a penis, I ran my gaze all over to mom"s nude body, Mom took her cock in her and stroking it gently, she smiled herself, then she lifted her arms, thrusting her breasts forward, to run her fingers through her pubic hair.Mom took her her cock in her hand and gently pulled up-ward and down-ward her fore skin.
"Oiled me," Mom said, handing over the oil pot, then turning her back to Babu.

Babu did as he was told, latering up her shoulders and back, then working down to her butt. He was very thorough there, I can probably imagine. He even slid his finger between her cheeks to get every last nook and cranny. When that was finished, Babu knelt down to massage up the backs of her thighs and her calves. Occasionally, Momís legs would part enough to give me a glimpse at the back of her scrotum and he couldn"t wait to get there. Somehow, I knew, my Mom would save that for last.
When Babu was finished with the back of her body, he stood up, and my Mom turned around. Babu began by lifting each arm and massaging her hairy armpits, then he lathered up her breasts until they were fully oiled. He took his time before progressing to her stomach and finally her gorgeous manhood. Or, should I say womanhood?

Babu ran his oily hand between her scrotum and her butthole, which elicited a moan of pleasure from her lips. Then He scrubbed gently at her sac. Finally, it was time to masage motherís cock. He rubbed the oil between his hands , then took Momís penis in both hands. He stroked it gently, masaging it and stimulating it at the same time. Within seconds, Mom was rock hard, and her ten inches jutted straight out. Veins bulged from the penis. The head was a dark shade of purple.
"Thank you," Mom said."My pleasure," Babu told her.Babu oiled Momís cock and her balls thoroughly. Mom leaned back and sit on the bed stall and smiled contentedly. Whatever hang-ups she had about him touching her cock were gone, it seemed.
"Can I suck it?" Babu asked. "No," my mother said, a little sadly. "I don"t think I"m ready for that just yet." Wet a minute. After few minute Mom said, "How do want I to lie?" mom asked. Babu thought for a moment. "On your back," Babu said. "Spread your legs apart a little and I"ll kneel beside you." .

"OK," Mom said, then began to shift her body. Soon Mom was flat on her back with her legs wide enough apart so that her big, fuzzy ballsack was laying against the sheet. Her cock lay flat against her stomach. Babu knelt beside her, gently rubbing her breasts as Babu admired her incredible beauty. "Now get me hard," Mom instructed.

Eager to obey, Babu took her massive shaft in his hand and began to stroke her. Mom was already fairly hard but Babu wanted her as stiff as possible. As Babu jerked My mother off, He could feel the blood rushing into her organ, engorging it. She closed her eyes and cooed softly. Soon, her dick was hard enough to stand up straight on its own.
"Good," Mom said. "Now lick it a few times, just to get used to the taste. Take your time, baby."
"Alright," He said. Babuís voice was a little choked with the excitement and nervousness he was feeling.

Babu lay his face down on her stomach with his head tilted towards her lower body. Her penis was so close He could smell the musky aroma, which he breathed in deeply. Babu rubbed the shaft against his cheek. Then he puckered his lips and pulled it towards him until they made contact. He kissed it again, getting used to the feeling of it against his lips. He stuck out his tongue and closed his eyes as He took his first lick of Mom"s cock. At first, He thought it tasted like ordinary skin, but there was something much richer and meaty about the taste. Babu tried it again. Then a third time.
"Now my balls," Mom said breathlessly.

He sat up enough to bring his head around her cock, then lowered it again. The musky smell was ever stronger here. He repeated the same process as before. First he rubbed his cheek against her sack, which was wrinkly, but still soft to the touch. He kissed her right testicle, then her left, then in between. Babu opened his mouth and let his tongue caress her scrotum. The hairs tickled his tongue but it felt wonderful.
"That"s so nice," Mom said. "Kiss him again "What do I do next?" Babu asked her. "Well," Mom said, "if you"re ready, try sucking on the tip. The tip is the most sensitive part of any man or woman"s penis so that"s what you want to get good at."
"I"m ready," Babu said. "Me too," Mom replied.

Babu knelt beside her, leaning closely over her erect cock. He held it tightly in his fist just below the tip. He stared at the tip which was oozing precum. Although Mom and He had jacked off together, actually putting it in his mouth was a whole new experience. Babu opened his lips wide enough and looked at his mother. Mom gave him a reassuring smile, one of patience and love. She reached out with her left hand and gently rubbed his back. He began to lower his head. He was going to blow his mother and there was no going back now.
Once her cock head was inside his mouth, He closed his lips around it, forming a tight seal. Remembering what his mother had done to him, Babu began to run his tongue along the hole and the outer rim. The salty flavor of her precum hit his tongue, surprising He with its taste and He backed off.

"You"re doing great, sweetie," Mom said. Her fingers dug into his hair and she gently pushed his face back down. Babu opened his mouth wide to receive her. This time, He kept lowering his face, taking as many inches of her into his mouth as he could without gagging which, unfortunately, wasn"t much. Mom had been able to swallow all of mine but he supposed she had more practice.

Finally, He began to suck her in earnest. He raised and dipped his head, making a tight, wet seal with his lips. Babu kept a slow pace at first so He wouldn"t accidentally gag. Mom expected him to make rookie mistakes but He didn"t want to embarrass himself. Occasionally, he would pause from the sucking to work on her tip a little more. As He lapped at the underside of her head, her whole body would squirm and she would moan softly. This was encouraging.

As He continued, He began to notice that their bodies worked in unison. As Babu lowered his head, Mom raised her hips, gently feeding Babu her penis. She began more fidgety and squirmy. Her moaning became louder and louder. She was no longer rubbing his back but digging at the skin with her fingertips. Then suddenly Mom stopped him. but after a few minutes she wanted to try something else so She stand up and ordered him to sit on floor on his back on chair. As ordered Babu sit on the floor then my mom moved into position. She got into a doggystyle, put bith her knee on either side of chair stance with her ass pointed directly at me, presenting her huge wide ass to me. My eyes took in every detail, from the soft skin of her butt cheeks, to the bright, pink hole between them, to the huge penis hanging down with big balls between her thigh. Mom growled to Babu, "Suck it! Use your tongue more! Suck on my big hard cock so I can cum in your mouth . Babu did. As soon as he started to suck on her she let out a loud moan and pushing her cock as far into his mouth as she could, came again. With each shot of come, her body would spasm and jerk. "I never knew orgasms could feel that great!" she gasped when she was finished. "It just keeps building and building then, POW! I'm squirting my come down your throat!" . Mom looked down at him between her legs and it struck her wide ass the fist time how cool it looked with her big, beefy, hunk of girl meat disappearing into his mouth. When you added her breasts with hard nipples to the view it was totally sexy.

Mom started quickly moving her heavy ass up and down on his mouth, she held his head still and started pumping her hips. Mom was in heaven! Her cock felt so wonderful in his mouth, she thought to herself, 'I could do this non stop for hours it feels so awesome! It's no wonder guys like getting head so much!' it had only been a short while since she came, but she knew she was going to come again soon. Mom starts moaning with pleasure Oh . . . Beta . . ." Mom called softly. "That"s . . . so . . . wonderful . . . oh . . . keep going baby . . . you"re . . . such a . . . good boy . . . ooh . . . Mommy loves you baby . . . mmm . . ."
Her moans urged . He sucked harder and faster. Once in a while, Mom would remove her penis from his mouth entirely, so He could lick from the bottom of her sack up the back of her shaft and then take her in his mouth once again. Mom was going wild. Even He was starting to lose control. He didn"t even bother to use his hands anymore.
"I"m . . . gonna . . . cum . . ." Mom said and pumps hard with lifting her huge ass up and down in his mouth My mother took hold of her cock and gave it a few final stoke. Her pelvis writhed. "Oh God," Mom screamed, "Beta . . . I"m fucking cumming . . . oh God . . . oh FUCK . . . Beta . . .!"

Mom gave a final ecstatic cry and her cock erupted with thick, white semen. Before He could react, it splashed all over his chin. Mom"s hips bucked wildly as she shot another spurt into his mouth. Another followed but then Mom began to slow down. The semen oozed for a few more seconds and then the flow stopped. Mom"s body began to relax, although Mom still trembled.
Her body was glistening with a fine sheen of sweat. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as Mom tried to catch her breath. Babu could only watch in awe at what He had done to her.
"Oh his God," Mom sad, "come here baby."

Before Babu could move, her arm was around his neck, and Mom pulled his face against hers. Our lips met and her tongue slithered into his mouth. She sucked mine and He sucked hers, stopping only to take deep, ragged breaths. At last, Mom pulled away, and lay her head back down on the pillow.
"How did I do?" Babu asked honestly.
"That was heaven," Mom said, smiling at Babu.
"Really?" Babu beamed with pride.

"You are a natural," Mom told Babu. Mom stayed there with picking her thick cock in her hand like that for a few minutes more and then said " You are such a nice boy now let us go to the bed and I will help you relieve yourself."
I could not believe my ears that mother was going to fuck Babu.

Just then she looked at his face and laughed. She reached out with one finger and brushed his chin. When Mom drew her finger away, He saw a large blob of cum hanging from it. She opened her mouth and popped her finger in, sucking off her juices.
"Your beautiful cock and the beautiful holder you gave He are the perfect Christmass presents. What He could ask for more? They need to get acquainted." Mom looked at his cock then back to her own. "Wow, my cock is much larger than yours is, I bet mine is like three times as large as yours. Is yours as big as it gets?" Mom asked. Babu looked at her and then reached down and felt his small penis. It was rock hard, but it was only the size it would have been if had been totally limp which was about two inches long. In a confused voice he replied, Mom reached over and grabbed his cock and said, "God Babu, I'd be ashamed to show that to anyone. It's the smallest cock I've ever seen."

Babu heatedly replied, "Well it gets bigger than this any other time I get hard, so it must have something to do with what I've been doing with you!" Mom let go of him and said,
"So . . ." Babu said after a moment of silence. "What"s the next lesson?"
"I think you know what it is, big boy," Mom replied, smiling.
"Anal sex with mom 101?"
"Right on the money, honey. If that"s what you want, I mean."
Mom then revealing her flat and toned stomach, her ten-inch erect cock, and her egg-sized testicles in their pink pouch. Despite all that Mom and He had done together recently, He was still stunned by her beauty.

As Mom had ordered, He lay on his face to his back to Mom. My Mom also lay down on his back parallely in the same position. They both are headed towards the wall and where I am peeping a clear view of Momís big ass pushing slowly on Babuís ass. Momís boobs are on his back and her thick penis was on his ass cheek and slowly mom moving her huge wide ass They were in a spooning position with her directly top of him. As she moved into position, their bodies locked together, and He could feel the penis of her cock running parallel to the crack of his ass. Likewise, He could feel her huge breasts pressing against his back, the nipples poking him. For a few minutes, they simply lay in that position, satisfied with the intimacy of it. Mom kissed his neck softly and nibbled at his ear. He ran his left hand up and down her long, smooth thighs.
"Are you ready?" Mom asked, whispering into his ear.
"Yes," Babu replied.

Mom reached over and presented her right middle and forefinger to him. He sucked them into his mouth until they were wet, then she drew them back out again. Her hand deftly moved from his face to his butt and He could feel the fingers prying He open. As before, Mom gently inserted her fingers into his waiting hole, slowly at first but then harder once Mom was inside. It didn"t hurt as much as before. Apparently, I was still pretty with seen these seen of my mother..
Soon, Mom was finished, and withdrew her fingers from his anus and pushed him back and asked are you ready to be his fuck toy? He gulped and said yes.

She took her enormous cock in her hand and positioned the head between his ass cheeks. (In fact, Mom"s dick was so larger that she had to move her hips away from him just to make room.) She reached under the bed with her free hand and removed bottle of oil which Mom proceeded to put some drops directly on the tip of her fully erect penis and oiled it . Once it was fully lubricated, she gave him one last kiss on the cheek, She took the cig from her mouth and ashed it,and began to enter him.
She moved quickly. Once Mom was inside, it was simply a matter of easing the other seven or eight inches of her girly dick inside him. Once it was in all the way, she stopped, and strated stroking it . When I enter you, it all changes my penis is in your ass and I am in complete dominance, My mother sayís

She slowly began to withdraw her organ from inside his ass, pulling out about seven inches, stopping just before her cock head reached his sphincter - the danger zone, so to speak and grasped her hard cock and placed the tip at his hole. Again, Mom moved back inside him, this time more easily than before. Mom repeated this process many ten or twelve times, each thrust becoming harder, but sliding into He more easily. Tears fell from his eyes but they were a purely physical response to the aching in his body. There was no sadness or regret in his tears.
At long last, my Mom really began to fuck him. In and out, in and out, she thrust her incredible dick inside her servantís virgin ass, deflowering He, making him a man and a woman all at the same time. He tried to speak, to vocalize the intense, wonderful feeling Mom was giving Babu, but He could only create guttural moans.

Their bodies fell into sync and Babu began pushing his ass against her crotch even as she plunged her penis into him. The friction was intense and the heat inside mom was rejuvenating. It spread its blessed warmth throughout momís entire body. Everything seemed brighter and more beautiful. Babu turned his head to face Mom and opened his mouth, offering her his tongue. She eagerly accepted and open her lips and sucked voraciously at it while she continued pummeling his hungry bottom.
Mom was almost overwhelmed with the ecstasy brought on by how great her prick felt as it pumped in and out of his tight ass. Mom was so hypersensitive that she could feel his anal muscles twitching around her thrusting member and then she felt something new. When she pushed all the way into him she could feel very exciting. While she was talking to him she began moving her cock around inside of him trying to get realigned with his anal. Her round breasts were hanging over his back. Mom wanted him to suck on her nipple very badly so she leaned down and let one rub across his mouth. Instead of sucking on her nipple he opened his mouth and wailed.

Mom withdrew slightly and pushed again instructed him to once again bear down and let it out, as Babu did his ass pulled her deeper into him and she moaned and told him what a nice tight fuck hold him had... Mom repeated the slight withdraw and then pushed in again... while it still hurt, her passion was taking over and his cock was as hard as a teenager"s.
Mom lifting her huge ass in air and fucked him hard.. her erect nipples were grazing his back and here tongue was once again slashing at his ear, "You"re much looser now," Mom said, after they broke the kiss. After a minute Mom straightened up and continued the lesson despite her physical exertion. Mom will have to end this pleasure before her orgasm comes, and a little piece of herself will die.
"I"m going to cum soon, baby," he whispered.

"No. Please." "I have to. Here it comes . . ." She had lost control of her body. Every ounce of energy mom had was poured into fucking him. Every muscle in her body was put to this one task. Mom was still speaking, but her words were mixed with grunts and screams of rapturous pleasure. "Here it comes . . . oh sweetie, tell me how much you love me!"
"I love you, Malkin, with all his heart and soul!"
"Tell him again!"
"I love you, Malkin! I love you!"
"Oh God, baby, I love you too! I loves you . . . so . . . much . . ."
Momís words trailed off as she broke into a shuddering cry and rammed her cock deeper inside him than Babu thought possible. Mom was amazed to find herself crying out. Finally, she exploded within him. Mom thrust in again and another wave of her precious semen surged into him. She thrust a third time and Babu could feel as she jizz was forced out of his ass, around her penis. His body simply couldn"t take any more of it. Still, Mom kept at it, until her body gave out at last. Then Mom collapsed on her back, her breasts rising and falling rapidly as she fought to catch her breath.

Mom pull her cock out. She stood up with her cock sticking out in front of him it was shining with cum. "You can at least clean my cock off." Mom said moving towards his head.
That"s when I first really saw Momís cock. It was uncut and huge. Large veins ran down the penis with huge testicles . The head of the thing was just peeking out of the cum covered foreskin and was so black it looked purple all capsed by thick pubic hair. The pee slit was so large it looked like Babu could stick his finger inside of it, a large drop of cum hung there. Mom pushed her cum covered cock up to his lips. Babu looked at it for a second and then quickly sucked Momís penis into his mouth. Big veins, foreskin and all disappeared into his lips. Mom pulled her clean cock from his mouth with a pop. Mom placed a hand on the back of his head and ran her fingers through his hair as Babu did so. When she was clean again, Babu cuddled up against her, with his face resting on her breast.
I looked at myself and saw that I had cum in my pants without even rubbing myself .
One day I lost my control when mom was put her dresses off after return from t work

I was playing hide and seek game with my friends, when I was hiding in my momís room. Mom was unaware of presence to bath. She pull her saree, petticoat and blowse off and tied a towel around her waist like male . Then she going out and I followed her. Mom quickly reach the back side of the room and lifted her towel up to waist with one hand and start pissing . It was amazing that in front me her huge wide ass with other hand she push her huge ass slowly. It was very interesting sight to see her cock, it was about 6 Inch in normal position. After complete pissing Mom took her penis with one hand and leaned twice to drop few drops of pee.

I was shocked to see when Mom pulled off her towel completely and returned to the room fully nude, amazing .. I followed her.
When she entered the room she took her cock in her and stroking it gently, she smiled herself, then she lifted her arms, thrusting her breasts forward, to run her fingers through her pubic hair.
Else Mom decided it was time to masturbate because she was now alone, but she couldn"t imagine that her secret was caught by her son.
She walked nude over to the corner . My eyes were fixed on Mom"s huge wide ass which wiggled delightfully as she walked. The back of her scrotun peaked out from between her thighs, teasing me mom stopped in front of the box and squatted down showing her big firm ass much wider and showing her pink asshole.

Her thick cock hung down with big pair of balls as she put her dresses in the box and stood up. She turned to face towards me. And my eyes moved down Mom"s stomach to her hung which was nisted in the pretty black pubic.
To my amazement, stopping me dead in my tracks, she hold a condom from the box . I stood in amazement as she repeated stroke slowly her dick several times before I came to my senses.
Mom began to open the condom from the package carefully, hold the tip of the condom to squeeze out any air. This leaves some room for the semen. slowly Mom pull the foreskin of her semi-hard cock back and put the condom on the end of her erect (hard) penis.Then Mom keep holding the tip and unroll the condom onto the erect penis, all the way down to the hair.Mom trailed down to her penis and unrolled it slowly .
Causing it once again Mom"s cock reached its maximum size and hardness.

It was a truly arousing moment ,I started to rub my hard dick which was smaller than my mother"s penis. That surprised me, And mom was horny.
Slowly Mom began to stroke her dick. Learning her head back and moaning shortly at the growing pleasure. Her penis felt hot and heavy in her hand.
As she jacked off, and began to masturbate even faster.

I watched in awe and love, as my beautiful mother pumping her penis. I realized suddenly, what a sexy sight she pumping hard her thick penis, the curling wisps slowly rising, framing her face. I had not had the opportunity to see the mature woman, with the exotic element of her having the enjoyment .
Mom was now moaning faster and heavier. Her hands was grasping her cock and furiously stroking it in a Flevish manner. Suggesting she was very close to being sent over the edge. Mean while my own cock was harder . All I needed to reach my climax was for Mom to reach her orgasm.

Mom"s thick penis was wrapped in thick about 10 inch, jui9cy veins, bulbous head released a continuous sterm of pre cum. Mom fondled her massive, base ball sized balls enjoying the feel of their weight in her hand . Mom was nearing to her orgasm, So, she began to pull her dick furiously. Head was swimming. Her heart was pounding. For a moment
Mom was now pumping herself in a steady piston like rhythm. I would have never seen her before talking as dirty as I have ever heard She squeezed her fist tighter around her cock as her arm pumped up and down like an engine piston.Mom felt like crying. Finally I felt it... Mom reached up.

Finally a hot jet of sperm shot out of her penis and splattered into condom tip, followed by second and third load, thick load and more semen continued to shot from her massive cock.
Mom moaned in estacy, her eyes tearing up from the pleasure and her hand as it continued to stroke her thick penis; sighing Mom slide to ground her back against the wall of the Laundry room. And her legs spread wide. Her long thick penis lays on the floor between her leg .
She eventually caught her breath. She slowly stroke her penis with light moaning. Still oozing , Mom closed her eyes. She felt weak from the orgasm, her face was flushed and her body was still trembling, Then she slowly pulled at her penis ; Oh, her cock was so, beautiful; so big and fat, she could barely wrap both hand around it. She leaned over and caught the tip of cock head to her lips, licking the very tip few drop of cum released.

That"s when I first really saw my Mother"s huge penis . It was uncut and huge. Large veins ran down the penis. The head of the thing was just peeking out of the cum covered foreskin and was pink it looked purple. It looked a lot bigger now that it was covered by that condom.
Mom stood up with her cock sticking out in front of me. The used condom of the was all stretched out and hanging down from her cock. The large tip was full of the cum. Mom pulled the condom off with one hand and flung it into the trash can.

Then . So I was surprised when Babu quickly moved his hands on her tits and grabbing them he started to shake them so Mom used a cloth to clean her penis off. Even flaced it was still a very impressive sight to see . Then Mom and Babu dressed and go tot form the room.

After all this I seen I think I was seen my momís pussy at my teen age how it possible that she has penis. Then one day I picked Babu and told him to say whats are going on,. Then he told me detail thingÖ..After you gone for Surat Malkin feel uneasy with her irregular Mens. So, we consult the village doctor. Your mother want to stop it. After listening whole matter doctor give some medicines and warned strictly her for regular and not take over dose. It cause adverse effect to her body..But your mother was a village woman and she doesnot care it. Most of the days she take over dose.

After two month Malkinís mens stopped completely. And she feels slowly her clit began to grow , Immediately we consult the doctor . He ask her how the dose she taken, and after listening detail he got angry. Finally after various check up he tell her that she becaming male . Malkin was fully shocked with this. Then she ask him for any prevent. She request him a lot. Doctor says there is three prevents for you. One is you turned male, second is you gone through a major operation that turned you female and third way is very simple you grown process is stopped and you live as an women with penis. What you wish.

Then We discussed on his proposal that first two processes are could done by Malkin , The operation requires 2 lakh money. Malkin once again request him for any prevent but doctor says if you turned female you must have operation. But you say you are a poor women , so my advice is that you live your life as a women with penis. I give you some medicines that stop the complete turning, your other partís like your boobís, skin, hair, voice, ass, thigh are remain as before but you have a pre mature penis with balls. This cause no side effect. You can live happily.

You are not here so your mother finally agree with doctor, and the treatment starts,Then the days gone slowly. Her body was changing and she feels like male when she aroused she feel it in her small penis. Day by day it grows slowly as your mother has no bad habbits her penis grown to a huge fucking dick with 6 Inch in normal position when it get hard it gets 8 Inch. Her balls are got larger because she does not wear any underwear, So it grows larger than a normal man. This is story of your Mother.
Babu , then stopped and told me that All things are happened after you gone to Surat. Your mother was forced to became a half woman and half man. She has no fault. I ask him is Mom need a pussy to fuck. Yes one day Malkin ask me how to bring a chick and to fuck a pussy, how it feel.

To be continuedÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ.

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