Seconds: A Honeymoon to Remember

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I love watching my wife Gang Banged and having her pussy filled with hot loads of jizz, before I take my turn. She loves me to lick her sweet hole clean after the dirty deed is done. I met my new bride just over four years ago now at a gangbang. To build her trust and gain her love I agreed to arrange all the GangBang’s for her whenever she needed, as long as I got to join in. So why would we do anything different on our honeymoon.

After the reception we headed to the family cabin by the lake. It was the perfect place for a honeymoon; secluded away in the woods and all the conveniences of a home. We said our goodbyes to our guest and headed out. We would have five days all to ourselves out their…at least that’s what everyone thought. For the first two days we enjoyed the woods and fishing in the lake, we did a little hiking and a little some water skiing. Melanie had never been camping before and really loved it. As we ate our catch that night, I told her our guest would be arriving tomorrow and asked if she was looking forward to it. Don’t be silly, Charlie, you know I am.

We woke the next day and Melanie made breakfast while I got the cabin prepped for our Honeymoon adventure. I setting up three different recorders and, extra batteries and a few extra SD cards (I tried to get my hands on a Go Pro, but that fell through, would have been neat though) I set two in the bedroom and one in the front room where the action would begin. The guys weren’t due till at least noon, so we had a little time to kill. We laid out our clothes and jumped in the shower to re-shaved each other and. She’d be wearing her wedding dress and I my tux. Melanie dressed and I pulled on my pants and shirt and made sure the cameras where set.

The guys arrived a little after noon and changed into their suits, and we were all ready as Melanie came out the bedroom and entered the living room.

All three of the guys where in their twenties and they all had nice hard bodies. Rick and Jimmy knew each other and had nice cocks. Albert had the big cock in the room; a thick eight inches with a fat cock head that looked like a freaking’ a purple mushroom; I knew Melanie would enjoy it. All of them had done Gang Bang’s before and swore they could blow at least twice. I’d found them on the web and we’d met for drinks, a week ago to setup the GangBang.

They knew Melanie was my wife, but had no idea that it was our real honeymoon. I started the recorders as Melanie entered the living room.

Melanie entered dressed in her wedding gown, I’d handed each of the guys a glass of Champagne and poured one for my bride. We all stood in the center of the room and the guys raised their glasses and toasted the new bride and groom and threw our glassed in the fireplace shattering them to bits.

We all look at each other and bust out laughing…it helped to break the tension in the room.

Albert made the first move, slipping his hand around her waist and pulling her towards him, he began kissing and nuzzling on her neck as his other hand moved up and felt up her tits. Jimmy moved behind her and began to draw-up her wedding gown from behind and groped at her ass as he fingered her pussy from behind. Melanie bent forward onto Albert's shoulder, and shoved her cunt back onto Jim’s fingers as Rick moved up and began unclasping the back of her dress and let it fall to the floor. My new bride now stood before them naked, but for her faux Pearl necklace, White Lace garter belt and matching thigh-high stockings. The guys quickly discarded their shirts and pants and followed as Melanie moved into the bedroom.

She laid down on the bed, spread her legs wide and motioned for the first guy to come forward, Rick was quick to move forward and dropped to his knees and dove his face into her crouch and began to tongue her moist pussy, sucking her fat little clit between his lips and flickin’ it with his tongue as her rubbed and fingered her cunt hole. Jimmy and Albert climbed on the bed and began to feed her their cocks as Jimmy continued to eat her pussy, they rotated like this for the next twenty minutes and brought her to a couple of thrashing orgasms. Whew, Melanie said as they took a short break to wipe the sweat off their brows, her breast and wipe her dripping cunt clean.

Melanie pulled Rick unto her and he entered her missionary style, come baby fuck me she said as she bucked up to meet his hard thrust. He fucked her for good while and as he got close to cumming, he pulled out and Jimmy took his place, then Albert took his turn. They rotated like this for the next hour or so; their hard cocks slipped in and out of my new bride pussy as her cum dripped down the crack of her ass and covered their balls and the shafts of their cocks. I kneeled at the foot of the bed zooming in on the pussy action before me, my new bride moaned in pleasure and shouted that she was cumming; I caught it on film as her cunt juices seeped from her pink pussy down her ass as the guy pounded her hard.

Her pussy was soaked, and they took a second break. Melanie looked at me, and we both smiled, I climbed up and snuck a quick lick of her pussy. I removed my pants and shirt. You gonna join us Jimmy asked. Just getting’ a Lil’ hot in here I said, don’t you think.

We laughed and Albert hung a thumb towards Melanie saying, Steamy is more like it, he continued, you’re a Lucky man Charlie, to have such a hot wicked wife like that , I’ve fucked a lot of women in my day but man oh man... that girl has a tight fucking pussy and she’s so fucking firm. Makes me want to cum when she clamps down. Jimmy said No lie brother It’s like her pussy sucking my cock. The three guys agreed that Melanie had a fantastic cunt and was maybe the hottest chick any of them had fucked so far. Melanie injected, Well you guys… are you just gonna talk about how good the pussy is or fuck it. Come on who’s up next to fuck me good and hard. I want you all to fill my pussy up with your cum one after the other so my husband’s cock is swimming in your jizz when he fucks me after your done.

Come boys let’s get this train to the station.

She lay back again on her back and one after another; they fucked her hard and fast, as she sucked on the guys kneeled at her head. They each shot their first load then took another turn at her mouth as she licked and cleaned their cocks, getting them hard again for the promised second load. After they had spent their loads, twice deep in her cunt, they gathered up their clothes, I thanked them and told them we’d be getting in touch soon they thanked us both and headed out.

I walked back into the bedroom, my brides overflowing well fucked pussy, spread wide invited an open invitation for my tongue, and I lick and sucked the cum that had dripped down her ass and covered her pussy lips and inner thighs. I climbed on top of Melanie and slowly slid my aching cock deep into her pussy, It was an incredible feeling as their jizz engulfed my prick… it felt so hot. I last only a few minutes before shooting my load in her cunt with the rest of their loads.

I slipped down to get the real prize. Melanie spread her legs really wide and raised her ass of the bed grabbing her ankles and pulling them to her tits. As she pulled them together a huge glob of their jizz began to drip out and I grabbed the camera and made sure the video was still running, I zoomed it in remotely ( a fantastic shot ,that I often jack off too) and snapped several photos for our album.

I placed the camera on the floor and dove into her pussy and ate like a starved man, licking up every it of the sweet cum from her pussy for the next half hour, just as I thought I’d gotten it all, she push and another glob would seep out for me to suck up as my bride prompted me to lick nasty cunt clean.

We lay back and Melanie asked if maybe I liked eating cum so much, maybe I'd find sucking’ a fat cum filled cock as enjoyable as eating it from her cunt. I looked her in the eyes and told her maybe down the road, but for now I was content with sucking it from her well fucked pussy. But with the right girl to edge me on and a long fat cum-filled cock, licking my lips I said... you never know.

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