Second sex with Mona massi

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Second sex with massi

After the first encounter I had with massi we became a pair and had the best sex of our lives during that period .And the best sex invariably would come on the Saturday night.and the first sex and the second sex could not have been on seperate days.Who could have waited? Not me ,neither massi. Coincidently it was a Saturday .After the great facial i gave to massi in the first encounter i garnered energy after 2 hours to get up and look where massi had gone . I looked around and found her cooking in the kitchen, all nude, just the way i had left her.I wraped my arms around her waist and stuck my again errect dick into her beautiful sexy hips.I held her sexy breasts in my hands as she continued cooking ,letting me fulfilling my cravings. Then she turned around and said, "are'nt you ashamed of thinking of fucking your own massi.Do you know massi actually means maa-si, i.e mother like."

"No, with a massi as sexy as you i would not hesitate even a bit before fucking.I only wish you were my mother.Then we could have started all this much earlier."i said

" You big dicked mother fucker" said massi as she turned around and planted her sexy lips on my lips .Moving my hands all over her back and squeezing her hips repeatedly, slapping them hard i did not let her out of my grasp." I want to fuck you bitch and fuck you hard , right now ", i said sternly looking hard into her sexy eyes.The look said everything and even though she wanted to cook first she came to know that i would not let her go dry.So she started caressing my body and moved her hands to my dick .She started to bend down so as to take it in her mouth , but i pulled her up and said " enough of sucking ,now let me fuck you ".

I was in my elements and nobody could have stopped me from doing her then.I picked her up in my arms and took her towards the bedroom as she switched the gas off.I threw her on the bed hard and got on top of her as she widened her legs ready to take me in. But i kept myself out and instead pressed it hard on to her stomach.She thought i was not able to find her pussy so she held my dick in her hand and tried to guide it into her sexy pussy.But i caught hold of her hand and forcefully held it above her head. With both her arms held above her head I lowered on her boobs, boobs which were the best one could ever imagine to get hold of.Beautiful , fair, round , in shape with small tits .I sucked and licked both her 34 sized boobs one by one and then gently placed my body over hers and letting her arms free I wraped my arms around her back and lokking in her eyes i placed my lips on to hers .

We continued gyrrating in that position ,kissing and fondling each other.And after about an hour of foreplay i held my errect dick in my hand and guide it into her by know wet pussy lips which pulled me in.with my weight on my elbows and full body contact with Mona massi's i slowly started to gather pace and pump her pussy harder and harder.With every push her groans of "oooooooohhhhhhhssssss and aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhsss" grew louder and louder. She also started gripping me harder with her legs wrapped hard around my torso."Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh ..............fuck bitch ..........." i screamed as she grasped my back with her arms entrenching her nails into my skin." come on you dog..............ah .....ah....ah.......fuck me ....fuck your massiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii........ah . ....ah ...oooooooooooooohhhhhh" she screamed as i started pumpimg her harder.

I was now at top speed and knew that i would not be able to hold back for long. But i wanted to satisfy her fully and last for another 10 minutes , so i slowed down intentionally and enjoyed the loss of momentum ." Come on ..........fuck me harder .........please dog......ah.."she screamed as took my dick out of her pussy .After a minutes gap she held my dick and tried to push it into her pussy but i wanted to tease her and delay to give her what she wanted so badly." Please .....come on ......fuck me aaahhhhh......." she requested me as i put 2 fingers into her pusssy to keep her going ." aaaahhhhhh.........ah.....ah....ah.....ahhhhhhhhhhh........ooohhhhhhhhhh........come on now ......get up ..........give me your dick ..........give me all you have............"she groaned rythemically as i moved my fingers in her pussy ." I am going to cum soon ..aaahhhh aaaahhhhh......... come on now please ...............fuck me now jaz...........aaaaaahhhhhhhhh........." she screamed with my dick still out of her .By then i had teased her enough and had also regained my breath ,while she was about to reach orgasm.So i got on top pf her once again and inserted my hard big dick into her cumming pussy and pumped it the hardest i could.So hard did i fuck her that she was being totally dominated by me .

 "aeeeeeeeeee............ooohh.......ohhh.ooooooh.........oooooooooohhhh..........ooooooohhhhhh.........ooooooooohhhhhh.........." she said as she reached the hieghts of pain and excitement. Another 30 seconds of fuck and i was also on top and with one last push i declared " here i come massi ". " Monaaaaaaaaaaaaa ........ah ...ah.........ah.ah.......ah.ah.ah. ah ' i let out as i ejauculated. Both of us cummed almost at the same time and that kept us interested for that much longer. Slowly and slowly i continued pushing my much softer by now dick and finally fell on to massi's side .

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