Second Chances

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I always hear the term "dirty old man" referring to a lot of older men that gawk pretty young girls. Well no one really ever mentions "dirty old woman" although there are a lot of us out there. I am one of them myself. Here is my dirty little tale.

It was that one summer that changed everything. My husband had died earlier that year and I was left alone in our small country home. My daughter Caroline had just met a wonderful young man whom she would be marrying. Caroline had a very hard youth.

She'd gotten pregnant at the very young age of 18 and the boy who'd gotten her pregnant wanted nothing to do with her. My husband Dan and I were upset just like any parent would be but we stood behind our daughter one hundred percent since we had Caroline when I was only 19. We both helped her raise her beautiful son; our wonderful grandson Luke.

I raised Luke while Caroline went to school and managed to get a great job at a bank. I would cook for him and bathe him just like a mother would. Dan and I grew very close to our grandson and were quite sad when Caroline finally got her life together and moved away. She stayed dated a few men in her years until Luke was about twelve and then that's when she met James. They dated for several years and now they were about to get married. They would often go away on weekends together leaving Luke to stay with me. Now this summer Luke had just turned 18 and was getting ready to leave for college.

I felt sad in a way watching my grandbaby become a man. I figured he wouldn't need his old granny anymore. He'd be off to college meeting new people and moving on with his life. He was my only grandson and I didn't like the idea of losing him already.

Caroline lived in a cozy apartment downtown with Luke and James. She called me up that one Thursday evening to let me know she and James would be leaving early that morning for a weekend getaway in Vegas. I never expected her to say that Luke wanted to stay with me that weekend since I figured he was of legal age to stay home alone.

"He likes your pool mom," Caroline advised me when I was surprised to hear Luke wanting to stay with me.

"Well that's fine darlin'. He can stay with me. It's not like I had big plans," I replied playfully.

"Well I'm sure you'll have plans soon Mom. You're still beautiful after all these years you know that right?"

I beamed while my lovely daughter complimented me. "Oh you're so good to me honey. Right now I'm not looking for any dates. You're father will probably be the only man I'll ever love."

I heard my daughter laugh and some static on the phone. "Oh mom you're too much! I've gotta get going this phone is about to cut off and James and I got an early flight tomorrow. Luke should be at your house early in the morning."

I hung up the phone and sighed. I thought about what my daughter had said about dating other men. How in the world would I ever do that again? Most men my age didn't want 56 year old women like me. They wanted nice pretty twenty year olds with firm breasts and baby smooth skin. It was going to be impossible to fall in love again. I might as well get used to living alone just like the old ladies I used to make fun of when I was young myself.

I was awaken the next morning by a hard knock on my front door. I opened my eyes quickly searching for my glasses. I grabbed my long robe and tied it around me. I knew it'd be my grandson.

I walked towards the door slowly still almost half asleep. I peeped outside and saw my handsome grandson outside. He'd gotten so big! I could see his dark hair was spiky and his green eyes were still droopy from lack of sleep.

"Luke sweetheart!" I yelped opening the door to greet my wonderful grandson.

"Hey grams!" He put his arms around me tightly. I felt I was about to lose my breath.

"Come on in hun. Is you're mother still outside?" I asked peering out the door.

"No, she and James were in a hurry and had to get to the airport quickly."

"Well it's still early hun, why don't you get some sleep and I'll wake you up in about two hours for some breakfast?"

He smiled so sweetly like he always did. "Aww thanks grams. I love your cooking you know that. What room should I sleep in?"

I pointed to the room next to mine. "That's the guest room. The sheets are clean and I think some of your clothes are in there."

"Thanks grams. I brought some of my swimming trunks here and a few t-shirts and shorts just in case," he said holding a small duffle bag.

Luke went on to sleep and I started doing my daily chores. It was the same routine over and over since my husband had passed away. I'd get up early, usually shower and then whip up a small breakfast for me and watch some morning talk shows. Afterwards I'd clean up and do some laundry followed by my usual afternoon walks and then off to bed. It was so lonesome but what else could I do?

A few hours passed by and Luke woke up to the delicious smell of my bacon and eggs. He walked in the kitchen wearing his plaid boxers and a t-shirt. My eyes widened looking at his gorgeous youthful body!

"Hey grams that smells sooo good!" He said closing his eyes and taking the time to smell the food.

I was still left speechless. I'd never realized Luke had gotten so gorgeous. Or maybe I had never paid attention. Either way, he was a very striking young man.

"Grams? Uh are you ok?" He asked looking at me closely.

"U-uh y-yes. Yes sweetie. Here you go. Some nice home cooked eggs and bacon. I'm making some pancakes with that too."

Luke licked his lips and I saw a small silver stud on his tongue. "Oh my sweetie what in the world do you got on your tongue?"

He laughed softly. "It's just a tongue ring grams. I got it last week."

"Why on earth would you do something like that?"

"Well, it's because…because I hear a lot of girls like tongue rings."

"Why would girls like that sort of thing?" I asked confused.

His handsome face turned bright red and he just nodded. "Never mind grams, so what have you been doing lately?"

Luke and I spent that afternoon watching some TV and I felt somewhat uncomfortable knowing he'd rather be out somewhere having fun instead of with his old grandmother.

"Luke sweetie are you sure you don't want to borrow my car to go out with your friends?"

He looked at me with a small frown on his face. "You want me out of here huh? Why is that? You got some man coming over?"

I laughed. "Oh yes I've got a date tonight. In fact I've got two dates," I teased.

He put his strong arm around me and looked deeply in my eyes. "Grams I'd believe that you know. You're still a very pretty lady."

My heart was racing as I could feel his warm breath tickle my skin. "I'm not. I'm just an old hag."

He kept a straight face. "No seriously grams. I mean when a lot of my friends met you, they actually thought you were my mom and that my mom was my sister."

"Well your mother is still very young. I'm over the hill hun there will be no second chances for me."

He sighed heavily. "Yeah right. I bet you have tons of men that are in love with you. I know I'd be in love with someone like you."

I felt my face turn red. Luke just went back to watching TV leaving me speechless.

Later on as the sun was setting, Luke had decided to invite some friends over to swim in my pool. It was a huge swimming pool my husband had built and where Luke learned to swim. He'd bring all his little friends from elementary over and they'd spent hours out in the pool. Now it seemed so arousing to know that he'd be in the pool all wet and half naked. I'd be able to see Luke with his hair drenched and wet swim trunks giving me a slight hint of what he has between his legs…. Ok stop it you dirty old hag I kept reminding myself.

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