School detention

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Ben was pissed off, he had been given a 2 hour detention for afterschool and it was a Friday. It was 3:30 and he knocked on the detention room door and went in noticing it was empty except for the teacher. "Hi sir" Ben said to the teacher he knew quite well as he handed over the slip and sat at the back of the classroom. As he got out the work he had been set he was thinking how he should be out with mates, he had just turned 17 a week ago. It was about 5 minutes into the detention when there was another knock on the door and Bens eyes nearly popped out of his sockets. Anna Dortmund had just walked in, she was the girl that every guy in the school dreamed about, she had light blonde hair down to her ass, blue eyes and a great body, Ben guessed her tits were about 32C and she was wearing a white blousse, short skirt,tights and some big heels. "Sorry I'm late sir I forgot" she panted as she handed over her slip and sat down behind the desk next to Bens, "Hi Ben" she whispered. "Oh er hi" he replied. She sat down and pulled out some work.

Every once in a while Ben would sneak a look at Anna and on one of these looks he noticed that her skirt had ridden up her leg enough for him to see that she was actually wearing a pair of black thigh highs instead of tights. Ben could only imagine what else she was wearing underneath and he let his imagination run away with him. 

He was brought back by the teacher standing up "Listen you two, I have to go and do some things, I'll be back at the end of the detention to check your work and dismiss you so don't do anything stupid". Soon he had gone, Ben looked at the clock, there was still 1 hour and 15 minutes to go. He looked across at Anna, she was gorgeous, she was in the same year as him and also in his biology group but normally she went out with older guys so anyone in Bens year had a chance. She noticed him looking and smiled "See something you like Ben?" she asked still smiling. Ben looked away quickly embarassed, "Oh sorry" he mumbled going redder. To his suprise Anna got up and came and sat next to him. "I've heard things about you" she said "Does every boy in our year fancy me?" she asked quickly going slightly red. Ben smiled "Pretty much" he told her, "Does that include you?" she asked moving closer to him. 

"Um I suppose so" Ben said now really embarassed. 
Before anything else could happen Anna leaned foward and kissed him pushing her tongue through his lips. A moment later she broke it, "How about we make this detention more interesting" she said with a twinkle in her eye. Ben smiled and this time he leaned foward and kissed her. As they kissed Anna undid Bens shirt and took it off him thern got to work on his trousers. Soon she had them off and almost ripped of his boxers, "Wow the romours are true" she whispered. Ben knew the ones she was on about, a girl in his year he had shagged the year before had told people how big his cock was and right now the hottest girl in the school was gently stroking his 11 inch piece of meat. 

She got to her knees and took the tip in her mouth and then taking in more and more until to Bens ultimate shock and pleasure she had taken 10 inches of it into her mouth and was using her tongue to deal out tons of pleasure. Not only was she hot but she could deepthroat, this truely was the best ever girl. Soon Ben had his hands on the back of her head and she was taking his cock in and out of her mouth flicking her tongue around. Soon she stood up and without a word hiked up her skirt to reveal a black lace thong, pulled it aside and impaled herself on to his cock letting out a low moan as she did. As she slid up and down his dick Ben undid her blousse and took it off, she was wearing a matching bra and her tits were perfect. Soon Ben could feel the feeling he was going to cum so he grabbed Annas arse and started to meet her with thrusts and soon she was moaning "Oh thats it baby keep doing me yes yes yes oh yes. I want your load inside me" and with that Ben gave a few more hard grinds and they both came with him shooting his load deep inside her. 

She stood up and took of her skirt leaving her in a soggy thong, bra, thigh highs and her heels, Bens semi hard cock nearly got hard again as she took of the thong and bra then scooped out some of the cum in her pussy and licked her fingers. Bens cock was hard again now and he stood up pushing her on to her back on a table with her legs spread apart leaving her pussy at cock height, "Please fuck me" she moaned and without further ado Ben slammed his cock into her making her tits bounce, he brought her legs up on to his shoulders and pumped in and out of her his entire length making her gasp with pleasure. Soon she orgasmed making her pussy walls tighten around Bens cock and this made him cum immediatly so he once again shot a massive load deep inside her. 

They had twenty minutes left until the end of the detention and they sat together hurriedly doing their work as they groped each other. Soon the teacher came back, took their work and dismissed them. "So do you want to go out with me then?" Ben asked her as they sneaked into the alley behind the school to make out, "Oh I suppose as long as I get that cock inside me a lot" she said as she pulled him closer and kissed him.

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